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Cockapoo Training: Do It The Right Way

Cockapoo Training: Do It The Right Way

Cockapoo training is just as important as any training for any dog breed. But, there are some things you should pay attention to because this breed comes from the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel.

This designer breed will definitely steal your heart, but it may also steal your slippers if you don’t train them right.

Dog training is more important than you think. Your job is to prepare your dog, whether it’s a Cockapoo puppy or not, to act the right way in different situations and around different people and animals.

No one wants bad or even aggressive behavior. Dog training is there to guide your dog in the right way and make a decent pup out of it.

For a dog to function normally in adulthood, proper training is crucial.

Cockapoo training is crucial.

But, how trainable are these adorable Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mixed puppies? How do you train a Cockapoo?

Sit, stay, and listen. We’re about to tell you all about Cockapoo training!

Are Cockapoos Easy To Housetrain?

Black Cockapoo Dog relaxing on a couch

The parent breeds of this designer dog are the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Both dogs are classified as easy-going breeds and a delight to train.

The Poodle parent originated in the sporting world of retrieving waterfowl. It quickly gained a reputation for being very smart and very affectionate to individuals who they call their owners.

Cocker Spaniels were also bred for hunting. They used to find and flush birds out of the bushes, and retrieve them to hand. These little dogs are quite enthusiastic, and they love learning and working alongside humans.

Their mixed puppy, the Cockapoo, isn’t really of a young age like many designer dogs nowadays. Cockapoo breeding started back in the 1950s. This is still a crossbreed, not a real breed, which means that predicting behavior patterns and character is almost impossible.

Each dog, whether it comes from the same litter or generation, may act differently in terms of physical appearance, temperament, and health.

However, many dog owners claim that Cockapoo training isn’t as scary as you might think. They say it’s fun and easy. Everything should be easy with these energetic and eager-to-please pets.

However, this means that predicting the behavioral traits of the breed as a whole is difficult.

Each generation, each litter, and each individual dog can differ greatly from one to the next in terms of physical traits, temperament, and health.

That being said, the majority of owners say that Cockapoo training is fun and relatively easy. Overall, owners and trainers alike report these pups to be energetic, but eager to please social pets.

If you use a reward-based approach in Cockapoo training, you should see positive results in no time!

Why Cockapoos Are Easy To Train

young red Cockapoo puppy being playful

Sure, Cockapoos are easy to train. But, why are they easy to train?

These are intelligent dogs. They’re great at keeping focused, and they love paying attention to what you’re saying. Simply, some dog breeds are better at locking their eyes on their owner than others. The Cockapoo is one of those dogs that keep its focus until the lesson is delivered.

A Cockapoo’s intelligence is something that helps it understand different movements, gestures, and facial expressions during training.

Combine this with your verbal commands and you’ll have a pup that will learn fast as to where to go potty, when to come inside when you call it, how to walk on a leash, etc.

Cockapoo Training: Why Is It Difficult?

cockapoo looking up at owner

One reason why Cockapoos may be difficult to train has to do with other dogs of the household. If you own other pups, they can be a distraction for your new Cockapoo puppy when you try to train it.

Most dogs will want to play and visit the new dog as you’re going through training lessons. Admit it: this is distracting to you, too!

The best way to solve such a situation is to put other family dogs in a different room when housetraining or obedience training your new puppy.

Another reason why Cockapoo training may be challenging is your puppy’s lack of trust. It’s important to establish a bond with your puppy. You build trust by spending time petting the dog and speaking in a calm voice. Once you see that your dog is relaxed around you, then the training may proceed.

Also, the environment can greatly affect the success of the training. Cockapoo training, or obedience training in the park or in some other public area, is not advisable. Why? Because of all the distractions.

It’s best to do your puppy training at home where no factors can affect how successful your training will be.

How To Train Cockapoos? Does Previous Experience Matter?

Cockapoo dog enjoying a run

If you have no previous experience in handling dogs or in dog training, then learning as you go might increase the length of your Cockapoo training.

The more experienced the owner is, the easier the housetraining process will go.

Usually, most dog owners are new to training, too.

If you keep in mind the Cockapoo’s lifespan, you’ll see that there might only be very few times you’ll need to housetrain your Cockapoo.

Once you master the training, you’ll be ready for another Cockapoo. And, another… and another…

How Long Does It Take To Train A Cockapoo?

golden cockapoo dog

The time it takes to train a Cockapoo varies a lot, and it depends on the Cockapoo owner. If you’re a consistent owner who has lots of patience and understanding, then your training may last as short as a couple of weeks.

Usually, Cockapoo training lasts around four months. For some dogs, it may even take up to six months to become housetrained.

Your Cockapoo’s age is another factor that affects how long the housetraining will last.

If you wait until your puppy is a few months old, you should know that training will take more time.

That’s why many experts advise starting the training the moment you get your puppy home. The best method to housetrain your Cockapoo is the crate training method, but we’ll discuss that soon.

All in all, you can’t put a number on how long your training will last. It all depends on how ready you are.

How To Train A Cockapoo By Using Positive Reinforcement

Cockapoo Black male dog

Positive reinforcement is one of the best training methods for puppy training. Cockapoo training is no exception here.

But, what is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is a reward system for encouraging a wanted behavior to be repeated. For example, if you want to teach your dog to sit, then you should always reward him when he sits.

Soon enough, the dog will find the link between his behavior and the rewards he’s getting.

What you should never do when your puppy doesn’t do the thing you’re asking him to do is use punishment as a method. Responsible dog owners ignore the bad behavior and reward only the good behavior.

These rewards we’re talking about include food, special treats, praise, petting, playing with their favorite chew toy, etc. You should figure out what your dog likes best if you check out how much they wag their tail after receiving each reward.

Before embarking on the journey called Cockapoo training, there are some methods and techniques you should memorize.

Cockapoo Training Guide: Basic Training

cute cockapoo training

Photo from: @__adventureswitharchie

Are you aware of how important early socialization is? Your puppy should start socialization as soon as you get it if it hasn’t been socialized before.

But still, it’s very important to introduce your Cockapoo puppy carefully to new environments, situations, people, and animals.

Cockapoo puppies can be enrolled in kindergarten training classes where they will learn to obey basic commands like sit, stay, come, heel, and down.

Basic obedience training makes these dogs a delight to live with, and it also helps build a bond between the owner and the dog that will never be broken easily.

Cockapoo Agility Training and Competitive Sports

cockapoo training in nature

Photo from: @mango_the_wonder_dog

Unfortunately, Cockapoo dogs aren’t accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC); thus, they can’t enroll in numerous AKC events like agility, rally, or obedience trials.

Still, what you can do is join the AKC’s Canine Partner program in order to boost your training to the next level.

This program features sports that involve both the human and the Cockapoo, like going through agility obstacles.

There are also some other clubs like the United States Dog Agility Association, which offers trials for your Cockapoo to compete in.

Sadly, there are no official Cockapoo clubs, but you can join your local agility training club and take classes where you’ll make your way into competitive sports.

Cockapoo Potty Training: Six Cockapoo Training Tips For First Time Owners

cockapoo puppy standing on a rock

Potty training should be your first goal when you bring your puppy home. It’s important to establish a routine and keep it on schedule. Here are some tricks that all new dog owners will find useful when it comes to puppy training.

Tip 1: You should be consistent. A Cockapoo that receives regular training is more likely to learn its lesson. If you’re housetraining, for example, you should take your puppy out every thirty minutes, so that it can relieve itself. Repeat this for a couple of days and you’ll be surprised as to how fast your Cockapoo learns.

Tip 2: Patience is truly a virtue. From birth, puppies are okay with going potty anytime they want and anywhere they want. But, we’re not okay with it. It takes time to teach a puppy when it’s time to go potty. If you get frustrated (and you will), take a deep breath, and remember that yelling won’t do anything. Your puppy won’t figure out why you’re mad. Just keep repeating the routine and, sooner or later, he’ll get it.

Tip 3: Keep your cool and never lose your temper. Remember what we told you? Yelling is a no-no. Even speaking harshly is counterproductive. Your puppy may become frightened and won’t be able to learn its lesson. Also, such behavior may result in your dog losing trust in you. You can’t train a dog that doesn’t trust you. It’s impossible. Dog training is the best time to bond with your puppy, so use the opportunity to do something good for the both of you.

Tip 4: Use a specific treat as a reward. Remember the wag-o-meter? That thing that tells us by wagging the tail how much your dog loves each one of the rewards we normally use? Yeah, here’s where you use it again. Using treats in dog training has proven its efficiency. So, which treat does your Cockapoo like?

Tip 5: Setbacks are normal. It’s something you should expect to happen. After a few days of perfect housetraining, your puppy may pee or poo in the room. It’s just an accident. It doesn’t mean that your training is meaningless. It may be a result of waiting too long to tell you that it’s potty time. Or, maybe your Cockapoo was just too excited about something. Don’t let one little accident ruin all of your training and make you yell at your Cockapoo.

Tip 6: Verbal praise works like a charm. Combined with treats, verbal praises make the best of the best rewards for successful dog training. Cockapoos are very friendly and loyal to their owners.

Hearing kind and reassuring words from you means the world to them. Make your Cockapoo happy today – say something encouraging!

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Cockapoo Crate Training

crate for dog

After toilet training, crate training is the next crucial training you should cover.

Since Cockapoos vary in size, from 6 to 30 pounds on average, you should find a crate that adjusts in size and has a divider, so you can use it even when your puppy grows up.

Remember: crates are their safe zone in the house. Many dogs won’t even go potty there because it’s their clean post where they sleep and feel secure.

Cockapoo Crate Training At Night

Creating a nighttime crate routine shouldn’t be that difficult if your dog gets enough exercise during the day, along with proper training lessons.

If your dog sees the crate as a quiet and safe place where he can relax, then he might even go there himself after an evening walk.

Getting your Cockapoo to stay in the crate for a long period of time can be a bit tricky. If your dog starts to whine excessively at night, maybe you should move the crate somewhere they can see you – in your bedroom. It will be easier for them to settle when they know you’re around.

Teaching Your Cockapoo How To Behave

cockapoo sitting on a path in a field of wild flowers

Once you’ve ensured that your house is poo and pee free, it’s time to tackle some other basic canine training lessons, for example, how to teach your Cockapoo good manners.

Whether you have a tiny little Cockapoo or a big boy or girl, it’s important to teach them never to jump on people.

Also, biting, although it’s usually a phase, shouldn’t continue later in puppyhood. Your Cockapoo should never nip or bite.

How To Stop Your Cockapoo From Pulling On The Leash

cockapoo leash

Photo from: @betty.the.cockapoo

After mastering some Cockapoo puppy training priorities, you can now move on to some other training essentials.

Does your puppy know commands like sit or stay? Teaching the dog not to jump, but to sit instead curbs nuisance and dangerous jumping. There is nothing better than an obedient puppy that anyone at the dog park can pet, right?

A dog that knows self-control will know how to control its high energy level, too.

Also, leash training is important if you want to go for walks where there are people, other animals, and traffic. You walk your dog. Not vice versa. Don’t allow your Cockapoo to pull the leash. They can hurt themselves, and they may never learn how to walk properly on the leash.

Cockapoo Training Advice: When To Seek Professional Help

red cockapoo standing attentively

If DIY training on your own gives you headaches, and none of the Cockapoo training tips for first-time owners work, then it’s about time to contact a professional in your area.

You can find certified professional dog trainers by checking out the Council for Professional Dog Trainers on the Karen Pryor Academy. They really know what to do, even if it’s the stubbornest puppy we’re talking about – they’ll make it a well-behaved one for sure.

The Benefits Of Training My Cockapoo Puppy

The benefits of housetraining your Cockapoo are rather obvious. Clean rugs. Fresh air. No odor. No hidden “accidents” anywhere, and no accidental stepping in the poo.

Putting your Cockapoo through obedience training has multiple advantages, too.

When you teach your dog to come when called, and to stay and sit, you’re taking precautions and keeping it safe from a possible injury. For example, an obedient dog won’t run out into the street; it will come back when you call for him.

Obedience training also makes your Cockapoo a more welcome addition to the family, especially if you host dinner parties and have other pets visiting. A Cockapoo has a friendly temperament, but you’ll need to make sure that he respects the true authority in the house – you!

As we mentioned numerous times before, Cockapoo training is a way to bond with your dog. Maintaining eye contact, giving verbal praise, and talking in a calm and soothing voice are all bonding actions. From this, it’s only natural that a true friendship will develop.

Cockapoo Care And Training: What You Must Know

cute cockapoo puppy

Photo from: @brockapoo_the_cockapoo

Be prepared for an energetic breed

Cockapoos can be quite energetic around people and dogs. You should teach them to settle early in the training, and then reward them for calm behavior. This is especially useful if you find yourself in a busy environment and your dog starts going cuckoo.

This is fairly simple training that only takes a little practice, time, and positive training methods. Your pup will know when to sit in no time.

What to know before buying

Prior to buying a Cockapoo puppy, you need to make sure that you check out its parents first. Cocker Spaniels and Poodles that are working dogs will produce puppies that are more lively and energetic. If this doesn’t suit you, and you may think caring for an energetic puppy is hard, then you should check out other bloodlines.

The color options are endless, along with sizes. Maybe a miniature Cockapoo would be a better choice for you?

This hybrid has become very popular; thus, there are many breeders that work on increasing their number.

Still, you shouldn’t buy from just anyone. Find a reputable breeder. We’ll give you a hint: it’s always the person that’s transparent and provides all the health test results you want.

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If buying isn’t really an option for you, then you should consider adopting a rescue dog.

Keep them motivated

When going through dog training, always remember that food treats will keep your dog motivated, even when you’re thinking it’s not going to work. Their toys work like charms, too!

Add some spice to your Cockapoo training. Mix it with fun games like playing fetch or tug-o-war. Simply make learning fun and you’ll see how fast Cockapoos learn.

Disclaimer: Fun also means solving puzzle toys. This is an intelligent designer dog that requires proper mental stimulation; otherwise, he’ll get bored or even destructive like the Poodle parent.

cockapoo training

Photo from: @f2cockapoowoody

Cockapoos are very vocal

Cockapoos show how excited they are by barking a lot. Barking can be fine if you don’t have anything against it. But, it may also be quite problematic, especially if you have been trying to curb this behavior from puppyhood.

Barking shouldn’t be reinforced in any way through training.

Encourage positive Cockapoo puppy training methods that will ensure calm behavior, and only give them rewards when they act quietly.

Proper introductions are important

Most dogs jump on newcomers and say hello that way. It’s absolutely wrong and mustn’t be encouraged. Cockapoos can be heavy! Just imagine one jumping on a little kid.

These nasty habits stick with them because they used to jump all the time when they were puppies to show excitement. If you don’t correct this, jumping may become a normal behavior when they become an adult dog. But, it’s not normal. Ever.

Rewards should be given only when all four paws are on the floor.

Grooming and training

The Cockapoo needs to have its coat groomed all the time. If you’re not really handy with scissors, you can trust your dog to a professional groomer. But, what you can do is regularly brush them in order to avoid the coat from becoming matted, especially behind their ears.

These dogs have a curly coat, but they’re low-maintenance dogs. This is quite a bonus trait, especially if you don’t have much time to deal with grooming.

But, grooming isn’t only taking your dog to the salon. Your dog must learn that it’s not okay to jump, bark, move around, or attack during the grooming process. This is exactly why you should start grooming your Cockapoo puppy early, so the dog has time to get adjusted to the process.

Cockapoos and other dogs

Cockapoos are big cuddle monsters that develop separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long. That’s how social they are!

Cockapoos also love being around other dogs. Teaching them to come back when you call them helps a lot in preventing your dog from running away in the dog park. A dog that trusts you completely will never run away, and will walk side by side with you on your daily walks.

Best Cockapoo Training Book

cute cockapoo enjoying

Photo from: @flossiethefluffycockapoo

If you’re new to the world of Cockapoo training and could use some help, we’ve got you covered. There are numerous books on Cockapoo training, and we’re bringing you the top five of them. You can find all of them online on Amazon, so don’t hesitate to place an order.

The Cockapoo Handbook, by Linda Withwam

• Cockapoos – The Owners Guide from Puppy to Old Age

• Cockapoo: Comprehensive Care from Puppy to Senior

• Cockapoos (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual)

• Cockapoo – Dog Expert

Cockapoo Recall Training

apricot cockapoo

Photo from: @maggie_theapricotcockapoo

No one likes a disobedient dog that doesn’t come when called. This is exactly why dog trainers have come up with recall training. It’s another crucial lesson that your Cockapoo must go through.

To make this training easy, here are four steps to follow that guarantee absolute success.

1. Start at home.

Go to your hallway with a handful of treats. One of your family members should hold the dog at one end of the hallway, while you should be on the other end. When you call your dog in a friendly voice, your friend should let go of the dog. As soon as your dog gets to you, you should give him a treat. Repeat this, and exchange places. The dog will think it’s a fun game, but it’s actually a learning process.

The dog learns two good things when he gets called:

• he gets freed from your friend,

• and he gets a treat and praise when he comes to you

2. Training in the yard.

Once your dog learns its name, it’s time to go outside and continue the training somewhere with lots of distractions. But, we must also keep it secure. A fenced yard should be the best choice.

Outside factors may distract your dog, but the treats will keep him focused on the training.

3. Call him when he’s distracted.

Now, let your dog free in a fenced area, but catch him in a moment of distraction, i.e., when he’s sniffing the grass. Call the dog’s name, and if he comes to you, he has finally mastered the recall training.

Instead of ignoring you, your dog has come to you.

This training should be practiced for a while. Sometimes, the dog will be just too distracted and will ignore you. This is absolutely fine. Just give him time to process and continue the practice ’til perfection.

4. Go to the dog park.

The moment of truth happens in the dog park, with lots of dogs around and different distractions. If you call your dog and snap the leash on as soon as he comes to you, then your dog will soon realize that’s the sign to go home. Instead, give praise, some nice words, maybe throw in a scratch behind the ears, and then go home.

Cockapoo Separation Training

red Cockapoo puppy

As soon as you bring your new Cockapoo puppy home, it’s important to establish a routine and introduce boundaries. They will help your cockapoo feel secure and know what to expect from the owner.

It’s very important to spend lots of time with your new puppy, and never leave them alone for too long. But also, you should teach them that it’s okay to be alone in the room if you need to do something in the kitchen.

Begin leaving your Cockapoo puppy alone for short periods of time, and increase that time gradually. But remember, no dog should be left alone for more than four hours at a time, even if they have impeccable behavior.

The trick to successfully overcoming separation anxiety is to give your dog something to do while you’re gone. Perhaps an interactive toy with treats? Or, maybe a juicy chew bone? These hybrids come from a Poodle parent that gets destructive if bored. To avoid this, keep their mind concentrated on something.

Leaving the TV or the radio on is also a good idea, and it will provide background noise, which will seem like you’re around.

Final Words

Cockapoos are an intuitive breed, and they can detect our emotions. That’s how sensitive they are.

If you start Cockapoo training by being nervous or agitated by something, then your puppy will notice it and lose focus. A positive and relaxed approach works much better, and it provides only great results.

If you feel confident, then your dog will feel safe; thus, it will thrive to learn faster and perform better. All in all, training a Cockapoo isn’t really hard if you start on time. These dogs make excellent family pets. They’re loving, affectionate, and loyal. Train them correctly and you’ll have the perfect pooch!

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Cockapoo Training Do It The Right Way

Cockapoo Training Do It The Right Way