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Cockapoo Growth Chart – How Large Will My Cockapoo Get?

Cockapoo Growth Chart – How Large Will My Cockapoo Get?

The cuddly cockapoo is the kind of designer dog breed everyone adores, as it is a cross between the beautiful standard poodle and the sweet cocker spaniel.

It also doesn’t hurt that it is hypoallergenic and looks like a goldendoodle!

People might be familiar with how big its ancestors can get, but confused about how large a cockapoo might actually become, as it is a blend of the poodle and the cocker spaniel that can come in a variety of sizes.

However, cockapoos aren’t known to be large dogs.

The cockapoo is known as the first designer dog, being first bred in the 1950s, and even today, it is among people’s favorites among poodle mix breeds, having become highly popular.

Some even say they are the best dogs.

You might be worrying about whether your cockapoo is hitting the marks in the size and weight department to make sure all is in order, which is why we’ve prepared a cockapoo growth chart just for you!

And, hey, we get it — sometimes you just want to make sure that your adorable pup is hitting all of the marks so that you feel certain that it is one healthy dog.

The first couple of months with your new cockapoo might be stressful as well as exciting — you might be tired of trying to keep up with its needs and asking yourself if you’re being the good dog owner that you should be.

Many different factors play into how large your cockapoo puppy might get, and it can be bewildering to try to figure it out all by yourself.

This is why using a cockapoo growth chart and weight chart are fantastic ways to make sure you are doing everything you can by being a responsible dog owner who has your pup’s best interests in mind.

Please make sure that although they are a great thing to make use of, growth charts are estimates and not precise predictions about how large your pup will get.

A Cockapoo’s size is determined by a variety of factors, but we have prepared these general observations that people have noticed in their pups!

So, let’s get into the details of it all, shall we?

Cockapoo Growth Chart – So, How Big Will My Dog Become?

cute cockapoo in nature

When Will My Cockapoo Be Fully Grown?

There are a couple of things to know about the cockapoo that will determine its weight and size, especially what kind of cockapoo you’re getting. All cockapoo pups come in different sizes!

While this question might seem pretty simple, there isn’t an easy way to answer it. There is more than one kind of cockapoo poodle, so how big your dog will get will depend on the type you’re getting.

Generally speaking, a smaller cockapoo will reach adult size when it is about six months old, which is a trait of smaller dog breeds.

However, a larger cockapoo that has been bred with a larger poodle and a cocker spaniel can continue growing until it is a year old. Exciting, isn’t it?

There are many other factors that also play into when you can confidently claim you have an adult dog, especially the genetics of the dog’s parents. So, you can’t expect the growth charts we give to you to be the most precise information — only estimates here!

A good way to determine how large your cockapoo will be is to also compare it to its parents (in the case that your cockapoo has been directly bred by other cockapoos).

You can ask your breeder for that information because it is assumed that your pooch’s final size will match its parents.

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You can also assume that your cockapoo won’t grow much larger after the first year because that isn’t characteristic of this dog breed.

There are three different kinds of cockapoos we are going to look at that will determine their weights and sizes: the maxi/standard cockapoo, the miniature cockapoo, and the toy/teacup cockapoo.

The Maxi/Standard Cockapoo

The standard cockapoo (also known as the maxi cockapoo), as the name itself suggests, is the biggest of the three recognized kinds of cockapoos.

They are larger dogs compared to the miniature cockapoo and the teacup. If you take a look at the standard cockapoo weight charts, you will realize that they reach the weight of seven pounds by the eighth week of their life.

When the standard cockapoo reaches six months of age, it should weigh approximately 15 pounds, and the average final height of this kind of cockapoo should be between 15 and 18 inches, measured from the shoulder.

Your standard cockapoo should reach full height and size by the time it is between nine and 12 months of age.

Nineteen pounds is considered the average adult weight for a maxi, which should be a useful starting point for comparing your own cockapoo’s weight.

The Miniature Cockapoo

This dog type is the cross of a miniature poodle and a cocker spaniel.

Minis are tinier than the standard cockapoo and bigger than the teacup cockapoo. When they are two months old, they will weigh approximately five pounds, and grow to be around eight pounds by the time they hit four months of age.

Of course, every puppy is different, and these values are good for comparison if your own pooch is following a growth curve.

When you consider your cockapoo pup’s personal growth curve, you can expect it to reach the final weight of between 13 and 18 lbs. at around the ninth-month mark.

A mini cockapoo will be around 11 to 14 inches tall when it has reached its full height.

The Toy/Teacup Cockapoo

Cute, tiny, and irresistible! Teacups are small dogs which are even tinier than the mini! When you cross a tiny miniature poodle with a small cocker spaniel, you will get this pup!

When you look at the teacup cockapoo growth chart, you will want to search for the age of your puppy and match it with the weight value that meets it.

If your puppy weighs a bit more or less depending on the age you match it up with, you don’t have anything to worry about because a teacup cockapoo weighs less than five pounds until it is six months of age on average. They’re quite tiny!

You can expect them to weigh less than six lbs at full height, and they are less than 10 inches tall by that time as well.

Cockapoo Weight Chart

adorable cockapoo

We have created a weight chart for each of the three types of cockapoos to make the process of determining how big your pup should be easier for you.

The standard cockapoo weight chart

1 month4.5 lbs
2 months7 lbs
3 months9 lbs
4 months11 lbs
5 months13 lbs
6 months14.5 lbs
7 months16 lbs
8 months17 lbs
9 months18 lbs
10 months18.5 lbs
11 months18.5 lbs
12 months19 lbs

The miniature cockapoo weight chart

1 month3 lbs
2 months5 lbs
3 months6.5 lbs
4 months8 lbs
5 months9.5 lbs
6 months11 lbs
7 months12 lbs
8 months12.5 lbs
9 months12.8 lbs
10 months13.2 lbs
11 months13.7 lbs
12 months14 lbs

The teacup cockapoo weight chart

1 month1 lbs
2 months1.8 lbs
3 months2.5 lbs
4 months3 lbs
5 months4 lbs
6 months4.5 lbs
7 months5 lbs
8 months5.3 lbs
9 months5.4 lbs
10 months5.6 lbs
11 months5.8 lbs
12 months6 lbs

Cockapoo Growth Chart

This cockapoo growth chart will help determine how big your dog should get in greater detail. Here, you will know what to expect from your dog in the size department depending on their developmental stage.

0 – 2 weeks of age

When a cockapoo puppy is born and squirming, it will generally weigh less than a pound — its average weight will be around 11 ounces. However, it will also grow quite quickly. Some of them even gain one pound within the first couple of weeks.

Of course, this will also depend on the type of cockapoo your pup is. You can expect teacup and miniature cockapoos to weigh less.

During this age period, your cockapoo pup will depend entirely on its mother when it comes to milk and nourishment. It won’t be able to move around independently at this stage.

3 – 12 weeks of age

This time period will be a shock to you as a cockapoo dog owner. You can expect your pup to grow a whopping three pounds by the time it hits three weeks of age (considering you have the standard cockapoo).

By the end of this time period, you can expect your cockapoo puppy to weigh around 10 pounds. It also should be entirely reliant on dog food by the end of this period, having been weaned off of its mother’s milk.

4 – 6 months of age

Since the cockapoo is a small dog breed, you can expect the growth rate to slow down around this time period.

At the beginning of this time period, the standard cockapoo can be expected to weigh about 12 lbs. At the end of the six-month mark, it could weigh as much as 15 lbs.

You should still be feeding your cockapoo three meals a day during this time period, but you can reduce that to two by the end of the sixth-month mark.

7 – 9 months of age

Between the ages of seven and nine months, your puppy’s weight gain will start slowing down. The standard cockapoo at seven months of age will weigh around 16 pounds, and by the end of this time period, it will weigh 17.

If you have a smaller cockapoo, there won’t be much growth on its part. It might have reached its full adult size by this time period.

10 – 12 months of age

Even with the standard cockapoo, weight gain will drastically decrease by this time period, reaching around 18 pounds at the tenth-month mark.

There will not be much growth occurring in your pup’s development at all, especially in the smaller breeds.

By the end of this age period, even your standard cockapoo might be finished growing, having reached adult size.

When it comes to feeding, make sure that you feed the appropriate amount of calories depending on your dog’s weight in order to prevent it from becoming obese.


Like we have mentioned before, the adult size of your pup will depend on its cockapoo type.

Smaller cockapoo dog breeds will have reached adult size by the sixth-month mark, whereas the standard cockapoo will have completed its development by the twelfth-month mark.

Your adult standard cockapoo will weigh approximately 19 pounds in adulthood if it is following the growth curve.

But, remember not to worry too much about approximates — as long as your pup follows his natural growth curve, it should be fine.

Is There Any Way To Know How Big My Cockapoo Will Get?

cute cockapoo puppy in grass

When we talk about the cockapoo puppy, you can tell it’s difficult to precisely determine what size it will be. You might be thinking the pup will grow to be a certain size, but later, find yourself surprised.

Because cockapoos are a mixed breed between a poodle and a cocker spaniel, it is difficult to estimate the size your pup will be.

Poodles, in particular, come in various sizes, and if you aren’t sure what line of poodle your puppy comes from (or if your pup is a third or further generation of cockapoo), it will be difficult to determine its size without the use of a DNA test.

You probably won’t be able to have a DNA test done until you adopt your dog. However, you can consider having one done after you adopt your pup to find out precisely how large your dog can become.

For instance, if you realize your puppy has a toy poodle ancestor, it will be smaller than if your puppy has a standard poodle ancestor.

Factors That Affect Cockapoo Growth

The most important factors that can affect your cockapoo puppy’s growth is nutrition, genetics, and exercise.


Dogs are much like people in that they depend on nutrition when it comes to how large they can become.

If your cockapoo has improper nutrition, it won’t necessarily impede your puppy’s growth, but it can definitely cause other health issues.

For instance, if your cockapoo is not getting enough nutrition for its joints or bones, it can develop conditions, such as arthritis as it gets older, which is no fun for you or your pup.

With better nutrition, your puppy can grow to become stronger and healthier, setting it up for a better life.


We already spoke about this factor a little bit earlier, but you might be willing to learn more.

Genetics is a huge factor when it comes to determining the size of your adorable cockapoo puppy!

As we have mentioned earlier, because poodles come in a variety of sizes, your puppy’s size will depend on the size of its ancestors.

Since there are variations in poodles, the final size of your puppy can vary drastically.

The toy cockapoo, for instance, will most likely have a toy poodle ancestor, whereas the standard cockapoo will have a standard poodle ancestor, making drastically different sizes — there is a huge difference between the two!

Of course, you can’t be sure about what kind of poodle your cockapoo is bred from (or the final size it will be) until it has reached adulthood or until you do a DNA test to find out more about its ancestry.

Another thing that some people might not know is that cocker spaniels also come in different sizes, which can additionally affect your pup’s final size.

For instance, the English Cocker Spaniel is larger than the American Cocker Spaniel, so it is much more likely that your pup will be larger if it is bred from the former than from the latter.

You might also get additional information from your dog’s breeder. As well as having knowledge about different health issues your dog might have, breeders should also know more about your dog’s lineage.

Breeders breed dogs having a certain ideal in mind; they are likely to know more about your pup’s ancestry if you find that you can’t do a DNA test until later!

Activity and health

Surprise, surprise — exercise can also affect your puppy’s growth. It isn’t good for your pup’s development if it becomes obese due to a lack of exercise.

When a puppy is obese, the extra weight pulling it down doesn’t only do so metaphorically, but it can cause strain on its poor joints, causing multiple health conditions.

A healthy puppy will get a lot of exercise through proper physical activity. It will also have the critical eye of its vet who monitors its health regularly in order to keep it in check.

Just remember that even though smaller cockapoos might have longer lifespans, they are more delicate than their bigger siblings, so be more mindful when playing with them!

What If My Cockapoo’s Weight Doesn’t Seem Right?

Okay, but what do I do if my puppy’s weight isn’t ideal? That can be worrisome, right?

We get it. A common worry is what to do if your cute cockapoo isn’t the weight it should be. The typical thing to do is panic, but we’d advise against that.

The most important thing is to make sure that your cockapoo is growing along its growth curve. It doesn’t matter what the average is in this case. If it’s following the curve, there is no need to worry about your puppy’s weight.

If that doesn’t ease your mind or you need more information, you can always talk to a professional (such as a vet) to see whether they think you need to do something unique during your puppy’s growth period.

As the fantastic dog owner you are, you will go to check-ups regularly, so why not bring these questions up during a visit if there is something off in order to make sure whether or not you should be concerned.

Litter Size

Maybe you might be wondering about the availability of cockapoo puppies, and you would be right — some are easier to come across than others.

Cockapoos will have a litter of four to seven puppies on average at a time.

Of course, it is possible that a cockapoo might have more than seven pups or have as few as one pup in a litter.

However, in the case of cockapoos, the larger dog types, such as the standard cockapoo, will also have larger litters in comparison to the mini or toy cockapoos, following the same rule as the standard and toy poodles.

This means that the maxi is easier to come across if size isn’t such a concern for you when you wish to purchase your pup.

Conclusion: My Cockapoo Growth Chart

cockapoo in nature

Overall, cockapoos are adorable dogs that we all love and cherish. They are sweethearts that are sociable and joyful to be around, and they can be the best household pets as they get along with other dogs and people.

We know that size can definitely matter when it comes to addressing what sort of dog is best for you and your family’s concerns (or, perhaps you just want to learn more about your pup!).

You might have been worried about your pup’s final size by looking at the cockapoo growth chart, but hopefully, we have addressed your concerns if it hasn’t been following what seems to be ideal growth.

It is important to remember that even though there is an ideal weight for the cockapoo, it doesn’t have to be worth panicking about if your cockapoo doesn’t hit all of the marks as it is growing.

Sometimes, your puppy might just be following its own growth curve.

If you still end up worrying about your cockapoo’s weight, the best thing to do about it is check with a vet if there is anything to be concerned about.