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8 Best Cockapoo Haircuts For Your Doggo (Pictures Included)

8 Best Cockapoo Haircuts For Your Doggo (Pictures Included)

Cockapoos are truly considered the best of both worlds. Cockapoos are a crossbreed – a mix of poodle and cocker spaniel, and they have inherited the loving, caring, obedient nature from both breeds.

Besides these characteristics, something that cockapoos can pride themselves in is having a beautiful coat.

If you are a cockapoo owner and are having trouble deciding how to style your dog’s hair, we are here to help you out. In this article, we’ll tell you about the top 8 cockapoo haircuts that we’ve chosen to make your decision easier.

8 Cockapoo Haircuts That Will Make Your Dog Stand Out

Before deciding on the dog’s haircut, you should consider your lifestyle first. Think about whether you live in hot or cold areas, are an active person that brings your dog along, or more of an indoor person. This can determine the length and the type of haircut you may give your dog.

Disclaimer: when you decide on a haircut for your doggy, we suggest that you take alonga picture that you can show your groomer.

We can help you avoid any misunderstandings by providing you with pictures of every haircut that you can use to show your groomer.

1. Cockapoo Haircut: Short Face, Long Body

cute cockapoo puppy looking towards the camera

This is one of the best cockapoo haircuts if you want to showcase your cockapoo’s beautiful fur. The body is left untouched, while the head is cut a bit shorter. The shorter head fur makes the dog more comfortable.

You can combine it with longer or shorter ears.

2. Cockapoo Haircut: Lamb Cut

A cockapoo puppy walking and yawning on rough grass

This cockapoo hairstyle is the opposite of the other two. The lamb cut is a bit harder to achieve and it requires more frequent visits to a professional groomer. The body is kept shorter while legs, paws, ears, and head are kept longer giving it that soft and fluffy look.

This cut is easy to maintain. All you need is a good brush and a pair of scissors to correct any imperfections that can arise during the process of hair growth.

Features Of A Lamb Cut

–the body is cut 1 inch (2.5 cm)

–head, ears, and legs are left longer; just trimmed from their natural look

–longer parts need to be blended with the shorter parts so it looks natural

3. Cockapoo Haircut: Teddy Bear Cut

The cockapoo teddy bear cut is quite similar to the puppy cut. Cockapoos naturally have coats that vary in length, for example, some cockapoos can have more hair on their head than on their bodies.

For these types of dogs, a teddy bear cut is a great alternative to a puppy cut. The length of the body is similar to the puppy cut, but the head is usually left a bit longer and shaped more round.

Features Of A Teddy Bear Cut

–2 to 2.5 inches ( 5-6.5 cm) of hair that is evenly cut through the whole body, making this a medium-length haircut

–hair on the head is longer than the body and is usually rounded

–eyes stand out more

4. Cockapoo Haircut: Summer Cut

Cockapoo dog got it hair cut for the summer

The summer cut can also be called the shaved cut since the dog is not trimmed but shaved down pretty short. Your dog will be very thankful if you decide on this haircut during the summertime.

Out of all the grooming styles, the summer cut is the most practical not just for keeping your dog cool, but the visits to the groomer are reduced.

Baths and brushing become easier, and mats and tangles are almost non-existent. It is the most low-maintenance cut you can get.

Features Of A Summer Cut

–hair is cut 1 inch short or even less

–ears and tail can be left longer, or not, depending on the preference or needs of the owner

5. Cockapoo Haircut: Cocker Spaniel Cut

Asian woman owner grooming hair dryer to dry Cockapoo dog hair

This is a perfect haircut if your doggy inherited more of its cocker spaniel parent’s coat.

It’s more suitable for cockapoos with straight hair. However, we must warn you that the cocker cut is difficult to maintain. The suggested time frame for touching up is around 6 to 8 weeks.

Features Of A Cocker Spaniel Cut

–the ears, legs, and belly are left longer ( around 2 inches/5 cm)

–the head is the part that is trimmed the most

–the body fur length is in between the head, ears, legs, and belly fur length. It is kept longer than the head but shorter than the rest of the parts.

6. Cockapoo Haircut: Long And Wavy

Cockapoo Puppy In Long Blade Grass

Longer fur is ideal for the colder weather. It showcases the cockapoo’s fur in all its glory. It might be a bit harder to maintain because you will need to brush it more often, but at least you can avoid seeing the groomer for quite some time.

The only thing that this cockapoo haircut needs is a trim around the eyes and ears.

7. Cockapoo Haircut: Puppy Cut

cute cockapoo dog relaxing on the floor

The puppy cut cockapoo haircut is one of our favorite cockapoo cuts because it’s great with any type of coat, and also any age.

As the name says, this style is usually used as your puppy’s first haircut, but you can keep using it once the dog is an adult.

A piece of advice for cockapoo owners is to use this haircut for the first year of the dog’s life at least. After that, you can experiment with other haircuts, but also continue using this one if you please.

This haircut is ideal for dogs that are very active and spend a lot of time outside playing. If you are the type of person that loves taking long walks in nature, or even hiking on a mountain and taking your dog along, you might consider this haircut.

It is not too short, but short enough that can be easily maintained. Bath and brushing times are shorter, and tangles are easier to avoid.

Features Of A Puppy Cut

– hair is cut around 1.5 to 2 inches (3-5 cm) in length across the whole body(legs, head, ears included) which means that the hair isn’t buzzed and that you can still see the beautiful waves.

– the tail can be trimmed, still leaving it wavy, or left how it is

– belly and paws can be trimmed a bit shorter to avoid matting

8.Cockapoo Haircut With Accessories

Cockapoo dog wearing red shirt

This style can work on almost all cockapoo haircuts, depending on what accessories you want to use. Accessories include different bows, hairpins, and small hats, to even dying your cockapoos fur.

Bows and hairpins are a cute look for female cockapoos. It looks stylish but also you can use them to keep the fur out of your dog’s eyes.Both cute and practical!

Mainly the male cockapoo, but  females can also sport this look, is a small hat that comes with a string that can elevate your cockapoos haircut.

If you want to step out and be trendy, there are animal-friendly dyes. IThe dyes work best on cockapoos with lighter fur.

What To Expect From Your Cockapoos Coat

As we mentioned before, cockapoos are a mix of poodle and cocker spaniel and can have various types of coats. They can inherit more of the poodle side and have curly hair, or the cocker spaniel side and have more wavy hair.

There are no rules when it comes to cockapoo coats. Sometimes the dog owner finds out what type of coat their cockapoo has only after the first puppy haircut.

Cockapoos are for the most part hypoallergenic, and their shedding can be controlled depending on which haircut you choose. The shorter you go, the less they shed. Coat type can also play a big part when it comes to shedding.

Straight Coat

The straight coat comes from the cocker spaniel side. This type of fur is easy to maintain but it comes with a burden. Usually, it comes with a double coat which means your pup is more likely to shed.

For this type of coat, one of the cockapoo haircuts we suggest is the summer cut.

Wavy Coat

The wavy coat comes from both sides equally mixed. It is just in the middle –not too straight nor too curly. It can come with an undercoat and shed a bit, but it can also be a non-shedding coat.

Curly Coat

The curly coat is considered allergy-friendly, non-shedding, and is the favorite of all three. The problem lies in matting and dealing with knots and tangles, especially if you leave your dog with long hair. And you guessed it, this coat comes from the poodle side of the dog’s genetics.

Indulge In Grooming At Home

Little brave shih-tzu puppy defend his toy

As we saw there are plenty of cockapoo haircut styles, which can be overwhelming at times, especially if you want to try and achieve it yourself. If you are too scared to give your dog a full haircut, a little dog grooming might be just enough.

Cockapoo grooming is similar to Labradoodle or Goldendoodle grooming, or any other long-coated dog. We’ve listed here some of the grooming tools you might need for a home grooming session.

Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier


When picking a shampoo, you need to consider your dog’s coat length, whether you want a fragrance-free shampoo or perfumed one, and whether your dog has a flea problem or not.

Detangling Spray

This product can help you a lot when fighting stubborn tangles that this dog breed is prone to. You can also use a conditioner instead of, or in combination with the detangling spray.

Nail Clippers

This tool is considered essential for a good grooming routine. Owning a good quality set of nail clippers will help you, and your cockapoo dog, have the best mani-pedi experience.


A brush is probably the most important tool when it comes to grooming a Cockapoo. Unless your dog has a summer cut, you will need to use it daily. A slicker brush is the best since it is mostly used for dogs with long hair and those that shed.

Dog Clippers

Quality dog clippers can speed up your touch-up session. Whichever of the cockapoo haircuts you choose for your dog, after some time the hair starts to grow again. If you want to maintain the haircut for a long time we suggest you do occasional trims to keep it neat.


Scissors are similar to dog clippers but are used more for smaller details. The Cockapoo face is a bit trickier to touch up, especially when dealing with an energetic Cockapoo puppy, but with the right pair of scissors, and some patience you can do it by yourself.

Ear Cleaning Products

Cockapoos can have hair in their ears which makes them more prone to ear infections.

At Home Grooming Vs. Groomers: 4 Things You Can Easily Do By Yourself

woman bathing cockapoo dog

1. Bathing

Even though bathing is very important, it can’t be done too often. If your dog comes from the dog park all filthy you can slip in a bath or two, but it is preferred to keep it as seldom as possible. Bathing your dog too often strips the skin and fur of their natural oils, resulting in dry, itchy skin.

2. Brushing

Brushing is the most important part of grooming your dog. It’s not just for keeping the tangles away, but it also benefits you and your dog when it comes to shedding. You can also use a brush to remove the dirt from your dog instead of bathing it all the time.

3. Nail Clipping

Doing this regularly reduces potential risks and pain your dog might get into. Long nails can cause them pain when walking, which can cause a series of other problems. You can find some grooming guides for proper nail clipping online.

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4. Ears And Eyes Maintenance

Both ears and eyes are prone to infections. Cutting the hair around the eyes is crucial because it can cause a lot of problems.

If your dog’s eyes need cleaning, just use a washcloth dampened with warm water. After giving a bath, ensure that the eyes and ears are dried properly to prevent infections.


There are many different cockapoo haircuts to choose from. It can depend on your preference, whether you live in a hot or cold environment, or if you spend a lot of time outdoors or indoors.

The most important thing is to often trim around the eyes and ears since it can lead to some problems. Always try to make your Cockapoo as comfortable as possible.

But in the end, Whichever haircut you decide on, we’re sure your well-groomed cockapoo will look cute.

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