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Cockapoo Colors: How Many Adorable Variations Are There?

Cockapoo Colors: How Many Adorable Variations Are There?

If you are looking for an adorable little puppy, this sweet little pooch named Cockapoo will definitely steal your heart from the first encounter.

You might also find them under names like Cockerdoodles, Spoodles, or Cockerpoos, but regardless of what people call them, they will always be the same cute pups that everyone simply adores. So, let’s see… what exactly is a Cockapoo?

The Cockapoo puppy is a striking hybrid of the highly intelligent Poodle and the beautiful English Cocker Spaniel – two purebreds that make the most amazing companion dog ever. If you are allergic to dog hair, don’t worry because this breed is actually non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

These pups have become very popular in recent years, and it is no wonder why. Besides their gorgeous looks, amazing family-oriented temperament, trainability, and intelligence, they have one of the most amazing coat color pallets in the whole canine world.

Cockapoos can come in many adorable color variations… so many that it makes it very difficult to decide which one to choose.

But, don’t worry – we are here to save the day. If you are interested in learning more about these crossbreed shades… Cockapoos have them all, from standard to some more rare ones — read on and see what the most popular Cockapoo colors are.

14 Most Popular Cockapoo Colors

If you are wondering how it is possible that such a small breed can actually have so many color variations, well it is fairly simple. Just remember where they come from.

Both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels can come in various coat colors, and this is definitely a trait that has been passed onto Cockapoos. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes fifteen standard Cocker Spaniel colors, whereas Poodles have eleven.

Given the fact that both parent breeds can actually come in so many different colors and coat patterns, it is normal for their hybrid to have even more coat colors to choose from. Let’s see then… what are those popular Cockapoo colors!

1. Apricot Cockapoo

Cockapoo puppy looking at camera

Let’s start with one of the most popular and stunning Cockapoo colors — the apricot shade, which can come in many variations between dark and light apricot hues. Either way, it is definitely a stunning color that has many admirers.

Although very popular, this Cockapoo color is not that easy to achieve since both parent breeds need to be the carriers of the apricot recessive gene.

This requires a skillful breeder to get the shade correctly, but fortunately many specialize specifically in this color, so it shouldn’t be so difficult to find a good breeder near you. If you need some help, definitely check out our list of 23 best Cockapoo Breeders In The U.S.

Apricot Cockapoo Appearance

As I have already briefly mentioned, apricot Cockapoos can come in many shade variations. Dark apricot pups can resemble red, while those lighter apricot ones can be similar to cream or white Cockapoos.

It definitely takes a skillful eye to recognize the difference between the different shades. People usually describe this color as light brown, with peachy undertones, or as the shade that most closely resembles the inside of an apricot.

When it comes to other characteristics, apricot Cockapoos can have a liver-colored nose, lips, and eye rims, but other than that, nothing else changes in regard to the pups’ temperament or coat type.

2. Black Cockapoo

black cockapoo lying on sofa

Next on our Cockapoo colors list is, of course, the color, black. It wouldn’t be an accurate list without the most popular dog shade ever. Almost every dog breed has its black variants, and since both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels can have a solid black coat, it is quite expected that many F1 Cockapoos will come out as black.

Black Cockapoos can come in various sizes, from standard to mini, and it all depends on their parents’ genes. However, it is always good to follow the Cockapoo growth chart in order to be sure that your puppy is growing nice and healthy.

Black Cockapoo Appearance

Black Cockapoos look like any other Cockapoo except for the black shade. Depending on the coat type and the texture, the color can be shiny or dark matte – either way, it is definitely gorgeous looking. These pups also have dark-colored eyes and a black nose, which just adds to their black look.

Black Cockapoos often also inherit a Poodle fading gene, which means that as they grow up, they can start fading to a dark gray, silver, or bluish tint. This is completely normal, and you shouldn’t be worried. It is not a sign of any health issue; just a normal occurrence caused by genetics or aging.

3. White Cockapoo

white cockapoo inside

Is there anything more magical and elegant than a white Cockapoo? I don’t think so. These white pooches have such an adorable and pure look to them that many people simply cannot resist them.

However, they are not for everyone. You have to keep in mind that this pure white gets dirty all the time, and if you want to keep your pup tidy and clean, you’ll have to bathe him regularly. So, if you don’t have time for such a high-maintenance dog, maybe choose some other coat color.

White Cockapoo Appearance

White Cockapoos are, of course, the lightest among all colored pups. They don’t fade to any color – they are simply white from the moment they are born.

Their whole body is white; however, some parts like the ears or muzzle can be a slightly darker-colored white than the rest of the fur. Some other lighter-colored Cockapoos (such as beige or apricot) may also fade to a whitish color, but they will never turn to pure white.

4. Beige Cockapoo

cute Cockapoo

The color, beige, usually does not have very good connotations. People think of it as boring… the color of indecision. However, when it comes to a small puppy in beige color, I don’t think that the color is boring at all.

Their enchanting and loving personality, along with this coat color, gives this shade a new meaning.

Beige Cockapoo Appearance

When puppies are born, they are usually brown colored, but slowly, as they start to grow, their coat color fades to the hue of beige, or as experts say, “cafe au lait” color, which can be best described as silver-beige.

Usually, around six weeks of age, they should have already turned completely to this shade of beige – cafe au lait. Most of the time, they will have a brown nose and paw pads, which gives them a nice contrast and makes them look more interesting.

5. Chocolate Cockapoo

Cockapoo sitting on bench in park

Chocolate (or dark brown) is one of the most popular and common colors that you will see on first-generation Cockapoos. Since both parent breeds also often come in this solid color, it’s no surprise that you can find these colored doodles nearly everywhere.

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The fact that these doggies look like teddy bears certainly helps this color to be this popular. Who can resist a real-life teddy bear? I definitely can’t, and especially if you have children, they will also love them so much.

Chocolate Cockapoo Appearance

Brown Cockapoos definitely don’t come in just one shade. There are many variations of this pigment, from dark chocolate to lighter shades of brown. Chocolate Cockapoos have dark-colored eyes, and a brown nose as well.

It is also possible for these puppies to inherit the fading gene, just like black Cockapoos, which means that as they age, they can fade to light brown (coffee with milk) or a silver-beige color. Whatever color they become, their personality and loving nature will definitely not change.

6. Champagne Cockapoo

Champagne Cockapoo

If you want a dog with a unique color and a beautiful contrast in his fur, don’t miss out on Champagne Cockapoos.

In the past, they have been called “blonde”, but as they got more popular, color experts wanted to give them a name that would better describe their unique and stunning fur color. Champagne as a sparkly color by itself felt like the perfect solution for this color outfit.

Compared to other, more common colors, this one is not that easy to find, but more experienced breeders should definitely have this, although it will probably cost you more.

Champagne Cockapoo Appearance

This unique color outfit is not easy to describe, but I imagine as soon as you see a photo, you’ll get the picture of what they look like. Their fur is almost like a cream, but with many variations that run through, making it lush and vivacious.

Champagne Cockapoos have a lighter-colored coat, but some parts like the ears and the muzzle are usually slightly darker colored. They usually have a black or brown nose, and striking blue eyes that give them a stunning and very handsome appearance.

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7. Golden Cockapoo

Cockapoo puppy sitting on grass

Golden Cockapoos are definitely one of the most famous Cockapoos out there. With the stunning looks that they inherit from their Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents, and their gorgeous golden shades, it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

They are definitely among the most popular dog breeds in general. With their amazing temperament, non-shedding properties, and adorable looks, it is completely obvious why they are the first choice for many dog lovers.

Golden Cockapoo Appearance

There is not much to say about this beautiful shade – we all pretty much know what golden dogs look like since they are one of the most popular colors in the canine world, from world famous Golden Retrievers to many Goldendoodles.

They can either inherit a curly or a wavy coat from their Poodle parent (which does not shed), or a flat coat if the Cocker Spaniel gene is more dominant, but most breeders will try to achieve the popular curly Cockapoo coat look.

If they inherit the gene that is responsible for color fading, golden Cockapoos might change to beige or cream Cockapoos; however, their fading is not as drastic as is the case with other darker-colored pups.

8. Red Cockapoo

close shot of red Cockapoo

If you want a stunning Cockapoo puppy, then you should definitely choose the color, red, since it is certainly the one that immediately catches everyone’s attention with its beautiful range of different pigments.

Red Cockapoo Appearance

There are no two red Cockapoos that look exactly the same, and this is greatly due to the concentration of melanin pigment that gives each pup a special charm.

The spectrum of red can go all the way from warm chocolate/brown to reddish or auburn tones. One thing you should keep in mind is that the red coat color is often associated with a more aggressive (or, better to say) feisty nature.

If you think that this is just an old folk tale, unfortunately, it is not. A lot of research has been done on this subject, and it has been actually proven that red is a hereditary factor in Cocker Spaniels that causes more aggressive behavior.

9. Merle Cockapoo

Merle Cockapoos are beautiful-looking dogs that have a multicolored, swirling pattern on their fur, which gives them a unique appearance. This pattern is the result of a certain merle gene that is also known as a dilution gene.

Merle puppies are quite rare, and there is good reason for that. Unfortunately, it is very hard to produce these pups without them having many health problems.

For example, only one parent can have a merle gene because if both parents have it, their puppies will be born deaf or blind, which no one wants. Even if you have one parent carrying the gene, there is a possibility that none of the puppies will have a merle pattern.

Merle Cockapoo Appearance

Merle Cockapoo puppies are usually a combination of three colors; for example, they can be blue merles (dark-colored fur with bluish patches or swirls), or red merles (light fur with reddish patches or swirls).

Most often, these pups also have blue eyes and a pink nose, giving them an even more spectacular look. However, always make sure to get these pups only from reputable breeders since, as we have explained above, they are prone to many health issues.

10. Sable Cockapoo

Sable Cockapoo

Photo from: @mabel_the_merle_cockapoo

The sable pattern is one of the richest and most striking ones on this list. Every puppy that has a sable pattern is beautiful, but this one combined with adorable Cockapoos is definitely a sight to see.

Sable Cockapoo Appearance

Sable Cockapoos usually have solid, darker-colored fur as the base (black, brown, or red), with the tips of the hair in the lighter shades of those colors, or sometimes even white. This rich blend of darker and lighter shades gives the dog a stunning ombre effect.

This pattern is more visible during the puppy stage because as with many other colored Cockapoos, these are also prone to fading as they age, so the difference between the lighter and darker shades will be less and less noticeable.

11. Phantom Cockapoo

Phantom Cockapoo

Photo from: @bailey_the_cockerpoo_official

Phantom Cockapoos are a very rare sight to see. You can only get the phantom pattern from the Poodle parent, which is why they are so difficult to breed.

Phantom Cockapoo Appearance

A phantom Cockapoo is a charming blend of colors that makes this pup stand out from the others. Usually, this pattern has a darker-colored base, such as brown, black, or even dark red, with patches of lighter shades, such as cream, white, or apricot.

The patches of the lighter shades are usually on the dog’s chest, muzzle, legs, throat, or above the eyes. These pups can also inherit the fading gene, which means that as they age, the patches will be less visible.

This beautiful-looking pup with an amazing color scheme definitely deserves a unique name, so if you need some inspiration, make sure to check out some Cockapoo name ideas that are as sweet as this breed.

12. Roan Cockapoo

Roan Cockapoo

Photo from: @kirstyb84

Roan is one of the unique dog coat patterns that gives your pooch a spectacular color combination. They are quite rare, although not as rare as the merle pattern.

Roan Cockapoo Appearance

The Roan Cockapoo has a darker-colored base (black or chocolate), with white hairs dispersed throughout its fur. This pattern is very unique, and it has such a wonderful blend of darker colors, with white hairs that (in the end), the fur seems to give a bluish/brown-gray tint.

A blue roan Cockapoo is a variation of the roan pattern, and it is called this because the black base, mixed with white hairs and balanced perfectly, gives out a blue hint. Sometimes, it is possible for this pattern to also have solid black patches somewhere on the coat.

13. Parti-colored Cockapoo

Parti-colored Cockapoo

Photo from: @woodywoofss

Parti-colored Cockapoo is just a fancier way of describing a multicolored pup. They can be either bi-colored or tri-colored Cockapoos, which is basically a combination of two or three solid coat colors; one of which is always white.

Let’s see what they look like, and which color combinations can be found?!

Parti-colored Cockapoo Appearance

The Black and white Cockapoo is the most common parti Cockapoo that can be seen around. It is an equal combination of two solid colors rather than just random splashes of either color. Usually, the color, white, covers the legs and the chest, while black appears around the eyes, ears, and tail.

If you add one more hue to this color scheme, you get a nice pattern that represents a tri-colored Cockapoo. The colors that are used are black/brown, tan, and white. The darker color is mostly predominant, while the lighter shades can be found in patches.

14. Tuxedo Cockapoo

Tuxedo Cockapoo

Photo from: @kobibear_

Last on our Cockapoo color list is the pattern called tuxedo. If the sight of the real clothing item popped into your mind, then you are on the right track because this is exactly what this Cockapoo looks like — a true gentleman dressed in a tuxedo.

Tuxedo Cockapoo Appearance

You read it right – a puppy that looks like he is wearing a tuxedo — can it get any cuter?

Tuxedo Cockapoos have a solid, dark-colored coat that has a small patch of white hairs only on their chest. This patch usually starts very small when they are born, but it gets bigger as the pup grows up.

Do you need some ideas on how to style your Cockapoo’s fur? Check out some Cockapoo haircuts (pics included) that will make your pup look dashing regardless of his coat color.

Cockapoo Fading Gene

As you may have noticed when we were discussing different Cockapoo colors, many Cockapoos might fade to a much lighter shade as they age. Why is that so, and how does it happen?

This is due to the fading gene that these pups can inherit from their Poodle parent. Not all Cockapoos will change color, but most of them will. Since this is a mixed dog breed, you can never be a hundred-percent sure which genes will be dominant.

Usually, if the puppies do have the fading gene, the dilution of the color will start at around six months of age, and it should stop when they are two years old.

This means that around this time, your puppies’ color should be set for the rest of its life; however, it can also happen that it changes slightly throughout its lifespan.

This fading gene affects mostly darker colors such as black, brown, or red, but given the fact that this is indeed a dominant gene, it can actually affect other colored Cockapoos (except white, of course, since there is nothing to fade into).

Which Color Should You Get?

This is definitely a very interesting feature of this breed that gives it a special touch. However, if you specifically want a certain color, you’ll have to be really careful because you can always end up with something completely unexpected.

Over the years, there have been many Cockapoo clubs formed in an attempt to try to regulate the breed and its many color variations.

While many colors don’t affect the health and the temperament of the puppies, some shades and patterns are actually very difficult to get, and they can result in many serious health issues. Be careful – choose smart!

Many people are stuck between getting a Daisy or a Duke. If you are one of them, make sure to read our male vs. female Cockapoo article, and I’m sure it will help you greatly with your decision.

To Conclude

Mini Cockapoo standing outside

Cockapoos are indeed a beautiful breed. Not only are they absolutely adorable tiny furballs, but they also have one of the most incredible personalities you can ask for; a sweet and loving nature that will make everyone fall in love with them.

When you add various beautiful Cockapoo colors to the mix, you get a pup that conquers everyone not only with his personality, but also with his appearance.

I think that all Cockapoo colors are beautiful and unique in their own way, but the choice of which one to get is solely on you and your preferences. Whatever color you get, you will definitely not regret it.

Tell us which color is your favorite? Or, perhaps you already have a puppy in some of these colors?

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