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Is The Mini Cockapoo Puppy A Right Fit For You?

Is The Mini Cockapoo Puppy A Right Fit For You?

Small dogs are always a good pick for any individual. They are becoming more and more popular, as most modern people are moving to city centers and living in apartments.

Companion dogs are needed in our fast-paced lifestyles. They often remind us that we have to take time out for ourselves and enjoy a walk in the park or just a lazy night-in while watching TV. And guess what? These dogs will be happy to follow you around, doing any of these things.

I suppose that you, much like myself and any other person reading this, had a small dog or teddy bear toy that guarded you while you were asleep. And when you first laid eyes on this dog breed, you probably saw the resemblance.

The Mini Cockapoo puppy is so adorable and unimaginably cute that it can be easily mistaken for a stuffed dog toy! However, being an actual living dog, it does enjoy cuddles a bit more than the stuffed dog that we all owned as a child.

To decide if the Mini Cockapoo is the right fit for you, you have to research this dog breed’s temperament, health, lifespan, and many other important things associated with it.

Lucky for you, we have all of the important information regarding the Mini Cockapoo to help you decide if this dog is the right fit for you. Enjoy!

What Is A Mini Cockapoo?

cute cockapoo dog relaxing on the floor

The Mini Cockapoo is a designer dog because specific dog breeds were strategically bred to create this dog breed. This mixed breed has particular parent breeds because the breeders wanted to create a dog that looked and behaved as they intended it to.

This is definitely not a purebred dog. It doesn’t have an ancient descendant you can read about in some dog encyclopedia or online. However, the breeds used to create this specific dog breed do.

You have probably also noticed the word ‘Mini’ standing before the Cockapoo. Mini is actually there for an important reason: Minis are smaller than standard Cockapoos, a few pounds lighter and a few inches shorter.

Mini Cockapoos are called mini for a reason. A Mini Cockapoo is the crossbreed of a Miniature Poodle (or a Toy Poodle) and a Cocker Spaniel. Sometimes, they can also be a cross between a Mini Poodle and another Cockapoo.

This intentional crossbreeding created a dog that has very specific characteristics that suit many people, which we will learn about later on.

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The Cockapoo’s Origin: Which Dog Breeds Created the Mini Cockapoo?

The Mini Cockapoo is not an ancient breed. It was actually made recently, in the ‘70s, by breeders who crossed a few dog breeds to create the Mini Cockapoo. We can say that this is more of a designer dog breed.

Although not a recognized breed in and of itself, the Cockapoo is a highly common crossing between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. These adorable puppies also go by the names Cockadoodles and Spoodles, and yet Cockapoo is the name that has gained the most popularity.

The word “Spoodle” is used to denote a Cockapoo that has been bred from an English Cocker Spaniel. The word “Cockapoo,” however, is frequently used by breeders and owners to refer to any dog that is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Standard Poodle.

The Mini Cockapoo’s secret ingredient is Mini Poodles, not Standard Poodles. This is specifically done to reduce the dog’s size. Cocker Spaniels already fit into the category of small dogs; however, they often use runts or generally smaller dogs when breeding the Mini Cockapoo.

The Miniature Cockapoo is also sometimes called the Mini Cockerpoo because the name sounds very logical: ‘Cocker’ from the Cocker Spaniel and ‘poo,’ which indicates that there is a trace of Poodle too.

This Mini Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix is often bred with another Mini Poodle/Toy Poodle or an American Cocker Spaniel to achieve a certain look or just to prevent health problems.

Appearance: What Does A Mini Cockapoo Dog Look Like?

cute cockapoo puppy looking towards the camera

This hybrid dog breed looks just like a cute stuffed animal. They have that cute puppy face even when they become adults. When you see their begging eyes while you are having dinner at the table, you probably won’t be able to resist giving them a piece of your food.

They have adorable floppy ears inherited from the Cocker Spaniel side of the family and slightly longer yet curlier hair. Size-wise, they fit into the category of small dogs. However, they come in a variety of beautiful colors.

Their curls can be thinner and a bit more on the wavy side or curlier and a bit thicker. It really depends on the dog litter because parents and their genetics play the biggest role. This is decided by their Poodle parent. However, their fur is characterized as low shedding. This is also inherited from the Poodle.

What is interesting is that these dogs don’t shed. If they do, it is in such small amounts that it is almost unnoticeable. Their coat is specifically selectively decided upon by dog breeders for reasons that we will talk about a bit later on.

Size Variants Of The Regular Cockapoo Dog And The Mini Cockapoo

The regular-sized Cockapoo is definitely bigger than the Mini Cockapoo dog.

According to the Cockapoo growth chart, the regular Cockapoo is considered a medium-sized dog, and the Mini Cockapoo is considered a small-sized dog. However, it is good to compare their sizes if you are deciding to get one yourself.

The standard-sized Cockapoo is a handsome mid-sized dog that weighs around 15–20 pounds. They are also around 14–20 inches tall. They fit perfectly into the medium-sized dog category, being sturdy, strong, and agile.

The Miniature Cockapoo is usually 11–14 inches tall, and they weigh up to 15 pounds maximum. This is the standard version of the Mini Cockapoo size.

There are also teacup versions of this dog breed. The Teacup Cockapoo can reach up to 12.5 inches tall and weigh up to 12 pounds.

The Toy Cockapoo is also one of the many names and nicknames for this breed. So, don’t get confused if someone refers to the Mini Cockapoo as a Toy Cockapoo – they are both names for the same dog breed.

Variety Of Mini Cockapoo Colors

cute toy cockapoo outdoor

As both the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel (or the American Cocker Spaniel) come in a variety of colors, so do Mini Cockapoos. They come in the monochrome solid color variant, two-color variant, merle, and tri-color variant.

When it comes to monochromes, Mini Cockapoos come in a variety of solid colors that are common in the Poodle and Cocker breed. Those colors are black, white, chocolate, golden, apricot, champagne, and red.

The most popular monochrome Mini Cockapoo dog is definitely the apricot and golden. They are the most common pick for families who want a new family member. Maybe because they look like the beautiful Goldendoodle? Who knows!

The Mini Cockapoo also comes in a two-colored and tri-colored coat. There are many different combinations in these two versions of the color of their coats. When they are in three colors, they tend to be in the combination of black, white, and apricot like their distant dog parent the Cocker Spaniel mostly is.

Merle Coat In Mini Cockapoo Dog Breed

The merle coat in the Mini Cockapoo is something you need to be wary of if you are about to become a dog owner. This unique colored coat is something you need to pay attention to because it concerns more than just looks.

The merle coat is a genetic trait that can carry potential underlying health issues. But don’t panic, “potential” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually there!

If you are interested in a Mini that is merle colored, you need to get to know the breeder and your Cockapoo puppy’s parents. If it happens that both of them are merle, please politely cancel the purchase of your puppy.

Breeding two merles together creates puppies that have a shorter lifespan and who can potentially carry unfortunate gene combinations that lead to early blindness, deafness, and brain dysfunctions.

This is why it is very important to meet the dog breeder in person and to actually visit the dog parents and see their general well-being together with their coat color.

Cockapoo Vs. Cavapoo: Key Differences

The key difference between these two dog breeds is that the Cavapoo is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Because of this, they are occasionally smaller (check the Cavapoo growth chart for more information!) and have somewhat shorter lifespans than Cockapoos, albeit the difference is tiny.

A Cavapoo needs less activity than a Mini Cockapoo because it is also often a bit smaller and a bit lazier. But they are both good picks for apartment living because both come in the ‘Mini’ version.

Another distinction between Cavapoos and Cockapoos is that the former are often calmer and more laid-back. The Cavapoo is content to unwind at home, in contrast to the Cockapoo’s temperament of assurance and seemingly limitless activity.

These canines also have a similar appearance, but the Cockapoo has a longer muzzle. Both dogs have comparable coat patterns and coats that are low-shedding.

What Does The AKC Say About This Breed?

happy cockapoo running

Mini Cockapoos are one of the most popular crossbreeds, together with the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle, and are becoming more popular by the day.

The American Kennel Club does not approve of this dog breed as a purebred. Therefore, they are not on the list of AKC-approved dog breeds.

There are many dog breeds that were made in the last 40–50 years that are far less popular than our Mini Cockapoo, making the Cockapoos closer to being recognized as an approved dog breed than some other breeds.

What Is A Cockapoo Club?

The Cockapoo Club is a club made out of members who are firstly dog lovers but also enthusiasts, experts, breeders, and owners of the Cockapoo and Mini Cockapoo.

There is a certain number of Cockapoo Clubs worldwide. They all work together to ensure the Mini Cockapoo and the Cockapoo dog become recognized as purebred.

Some of the most famous Cockapoo Clubs are The American Cockapoo Club, The Cockapoo Club of Great Britain, and The Cockapoo Club of America. They, of course, see the Cockapoo and Mini Cockapoo Dog as a recognized dog breed.

This network of dog lovers, breeders, experts in this dog breed, and already accomplished owners can be a good starting point for you if you wish to get a Mini Cockapoo yourself. And since you’ve read this article up to this point, I guess you are in for these intelligent dogs.

It would be a good idea to connect with owners from these groups because they already have the experience of owning this dog breed, and they can give you good advice and recommend a dog breeder that they trust to you.

Behavior: Are Mini Cockapoos Good Dogs?

Mini Cockapoos are an extremely intelligent dog breed. They inherit their intelligence from both their Poodle parents and Cocker parents. As Poodles are considered in the top three smartest dog breeds, it is not unusual for Mini Cockapoos to inherit this characteristic.

Besides being intelligent dogs, they are also high energy. They are always up for a good, long walk and even a run if you are an athletic person. However, this doesn’t have to be a must if you are considering owning one – they will be perfectly happy to chill with you and watch TV.

They are also really goofy dogs who love to play, have fun, and make you laugh. Don’t be surprised if they randomly get the zoomies and start running around endlessly through your house or apartment.

What I have noticed in this dog breed is that, when they are in a playful mood, they love to tease their owners. If you are sitting or lying down, they often come and look at you and immediately start running. That means that they are up for playing catch with you!

They also emotionally connect with their owners or the family they live with and can sense your emotions. Their puppy-faced expressions will put a smile on your face even on your worst days. They make the perfect companion dogs.

Are Mini Cockapoos A Good Fit For A Family?

Mini Cockapoos are characterized by a variety of good personality traits. Aside from being playful, silly, and emotional, they have a bunch of other qualities that fit into family life.

The Cockapoo dogs are intelligent dogs who know the difference between a child and an adult human being. They will know that they need to be gentle with small children, but you need to make sure to also educate children on being gentle with your Miniature Cockapoo.

Because of their looks and size, children can think of these family pets as toys. It is important to introduce kids to the dos and don’ts when it comes to the new puppy.

They are an extremely friendly dog breed that will easily accept your family friends as if they are their own family. They will always be in the mood to play and have fun. However, it might surprise you that Miniature Cockapoos are very vocal dogs!

Combining the notion of a high energy and high-vocality dog, you can also get a great watchdog. They will most likely notify you whenever someone is passing near your door or house!

They are generally a great fit for both families with children and single owners. They can easily adjust to all living conditions, except living outside, which would be cruel for this small dog breed.

Is Early Training Recommended?

Cute Cockapoo Poodle sleeping

Although different personalities might influence how simple trainability is, most Cockapoos are eager to please and rapid learners. This is because their parent breeds are working gun dog breeds like Poodles and Cocker Spaniels.

They are very clever canines who have a strong work ethic and a desire to please their owners. Cockapoos were developed to take advantage of this love of people, producing not just a cuddly pet but also a canine that is smart, trainable, and eager to please its owners.

Even if you don’t professionally train them, they will learn from your habits and the habits you implement into their daily schedules.

Early training, such as potty training, is recommended for every house dog to ensure an easier life together. If you decide to teach them some tricks, their trainability will be of an advantage.

What is most interesting to me is that, generally, dog breeds with a Poodle parent have a distinct desire to communicate with their owners! Some dog owners have actually experimented with talking dog buttons, which resulted in extremely significant results that showed their intelligence.

For example, to make communication easier, owners make a dog button that says ‘hungry’ and train the dog to push it when they are hungry or want a treat.

Although this button can be overused by this intelligent dog, buttons such as ‘potty,’ ‘thirsty,’ and ‘intruder’ are great when communicating with your Miniature Cockapoo.

The Cockapoo’s Health: Is The Mini Cockapoo A Healthy Dog Breed?

adorable mini cockapoo on the floor

Even though the Mini Cockapoo is a crossbreed, that doesn’t make it a dog breed with many health problems. In fact, thanks to the good genes of both parent breeds, the Mini Cockapoo is a healthy dog breed.

They do suffer from just a few health problems that may occur as the dog gets older. The most common are hip dysplasia, ear infections, and luxation.

Ear infection is inherited from the Cocker Spaniel and can be easily avoided through regular ear cleaning.

The other two health problems are connected to the joints and bones. Luxation is when the kneecap dislocates from the joint, making it difficult for the dog to walk without any pain. Hip dysplasia is the most common health problem in dogs in general, which is characterized by hip dislocation.

You will be happy to hear that this dog breed is considered one of the healthiest dog breeds with a long lifespan. They will be your loyal companions for at least 10–15 years, making them a great family member that will be by your side for a long time.

That is one of the many benefits of owning a small dog – longer life expectancy and fewer health problems in general.

Vet Checks And Diet

Regular, yearly vet checks are advised, which you, as a dog lover, probably already know. Even though this breed doesn’t have major health issues, their parent breeds do. Because of that, it is important to keep track of the parents’ medical records and keep an eye on your new puppy.

Aside from this dog breed being one of the healthiest dog breeds out there, you still need to maintain their health.

One more important thing regarding maintaining your Mini Cockapoo’s health is quality dog food. Since these dogs are usually very active and playful, the least you can do for them is provide quality dog food and good nutrition.

Whenever you are making eggs for breakfast, be kind enough to put the eggshells in the dog’s food bowl so that they can get some extra calcium. It is a good thing to do because of their predisposition to luxation.

Check our suggestions for the best dog food for Cockapoo dogs.

Mini Cockapoos And Separation Anxiety

happy cockapoo puppy

Cockapoos are highly social animals who like being around people. Adult dogs who have acquired the right training are able to be left on their own for a short period of time, but once you get home, they will require a lot of effort and love. Only brief absences should be permitted for younger dogs.

Separation anxiety can manifest in the dog being extremely vocal while you are away or it nibbling on furniture, pillows, or toys for comfort.

Due to their propensity for separation anxiety, Cockapoos must be thoroughly trained before being allowed to be left alone. This will assist them to remain calm, stop undesirable behavior, and behave appropriately.

If your dog shows symptoms of separation anxiety, it would already be a well-established behavior by the time you became aware of it. Because of this, it is advisable to train your new puppy early on that being alone isn’t terrifying and that you will return with love and hugs soon.

Allergic To Dog Hair? Well, Don’t Consider That A Problem!

The good characteristics, both personality-wise and health-wise, never end with this dog breed. If you happen to be allergic to dog hair but have always wanted to be a dog owner, this dog might be just the right choice for you.

These dogs are actually hypoallergenic, which means that people who are allergic to dog hair will not suffer around this dog breed. Your sneezing, stuffy nose, and heavy breathing when around dogs have come to an end with the Mini Cockapoo!

The amount of dander that a regular dog sheds is incomparable to the Miniature Cockapoo. All dogs shed dander and dandruff, regardless of them shedding hair or not.

However, the amount of dander the Cockapoo sheds is so small that these dogs are considered hypoallergenic.

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To Conclude, Is The Mini Cockapoo The Right Fit For You?

Although not a recognized breed in and of itself, the Cockapoo is a common hybrid between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Because it is impossible to predict the traits, hues, and appearance that the puppies of any litter of Cockapoos will acquire from their Cocker and Poodle parents, no litter of Cockapoos will ever be exactly the same.

The adorable Cockapoo attitude is one trait that will carry over into every litter of pups. These playful, intelligent, and sociable family dogs adore spending time playing and snuggling with their human families.

In recent years, the Cockapoo has become one of the most loved dogs. Their popularity has soared as a result of their warm personalities and adorable teddy bear charm, which have won many hearts.

They are among the healthiest dog breeds and the most desired dogs as an additional family member. Thanks to little to no health problems, they are a dog breed with a long lifespan.

Even if you are a person who struggles with allergies, especially if you are allergic to dog hair, with this breed, you can become a dog owner and have an additional family member.

A Cockapoo puppy would be a great addition to any family or even singles. Thanks to their calm yet cheerful personalities and them being intelligent dogs, you will be surprised how this dog can easily fit any type of family!

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