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Cavapoo Growth Chart: How Big Will This Dog Get?

Cavapoo Growth Chart: How Big Will This Dog Get?

A Cavapoo, often called a Cavadoodle or a Cavoodle, is a mixed breed dog that derives from crossing a purebred Poodle with a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a medium-sized breed of dog. The purebred Poodle, on the other hand, comes in three different sizes: miniature, medium, and standard size.

In order to develop a Cavapoo puppy, the breeders needed to mix the Miniature Poodle with the small-sized Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
As a result, the Cavapoo dog comes in two main sizes: small and medium.

A Cavapoo growth chart includes the dog’s weight chart that follows its growth rate. Growth charts are nothing more than estimates for new dog owners to help them visualize how big their new Cavapoo puppy will get.

Explaining the Cavapoo sizes will help you understand this mixed breed better. It will also help you choose a Cavapoo puppy that will be suitable for your lifestyle.

Different Sizes Of The Cavapoo Mixed Breed

Cavapoo dog lying on a wooden floor

The lovely Cavapoo designer breed is considered a small- to medium-sized dog.

Its size is like this because the Poodle parent used in the breeding program can be either smaller or larger in size.

Mixing the small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with larger breeds isn’t recommended. Because the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog is small-sized, breeders prefer to breed them with toy or miniature Poodles rather than standard Poodles.

So, depending on the Poodle parent, the Cavapoo puppy can be either a toy or a miniature.

Toy Cavapoo Vs. Miniature Cavapoo

The Toy Cavapoo is a very small dog. This designer dog is developed by breeding a smaller-in-size Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Toy Poodle.

So, it’s only natural that this combination will result in a smaller dog.

Even though they are both small dogs, the Mini Cavapoo is a bit bigger than its Toy counterpart. The Miniature Cavapoo dog is a result of crossing a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a purebred Miniature Poodle.

Both parent breeds of the Miniature Cavapoo are small dogs. But, these parents are still not as tiny as the parent breeds used in creating a Toy Poodle.

The main difference between these two crossbreed dogs is their size. The growth rate from both breeds is very similar.

When it comes to other physical characteristics, the Toy Cavapoo dogs and the Miniature Cavapoo dogs are very much alike.

Cavapoos can inherit a long and curly coat, whereas some may inherit a short and straight coat. That depends solely on genetics.

Overall, it’s very difficult to compare these two designer dogs. The most reliable way to distinguish the Toy from the Miniature Cavapoo is by comparing their height and weight.

From a small puppy to an adult dog, we will go through different growth rates and patterns. So, let’s start off with the puppies.

Cavapoo Puppy Growth Chart

cute cavapoo puppy dog with sweet eyes

Cavapoo puppies are adorable little crossbreed dogs that seem to grow very fast. But, these relatively small dogs don’t grow in size as fast as some giant breeds like the Great Dane. However, they do mature faster.

Overall, you don’t have to worry about ending up with a large dog!

However, a big growth spurt in the Cavapoo Puppy growth chart can be seen.

Let’s head on the puppyhood journey of the Cavapoo crossbreed!

Toy Cavapoo puppies

Because the Toy Cavapoo mixed breed produces very small dogs, we’re going to measure their weight chart in ounces.

When they are born, Toy Cavapoo puppies weigh around 10 ounces. They are very tiny and light!

During the next few weeks, the Toy Cavapoo puppies will grow very fast. Reaching four weeks of age, their weight gets up to 14 ounces.

When a Toy Cavapoo puppy reaches eight weeks of age, that’s when you will notice changes in weight gain. After eight weeks of age, the Toy Cavapoo puppy weighs 22 ounces and continues to gain weight in the upcoming weeks.

Even though they are small puppies, the growth spurt is expressed in this tiny dog breed. Upon reaching six months of age, the Toy Cavapoo puppy should weigh around 50 ounces.

The Toy Cavapoo puppy has almost grown to its full size. Toy Cavapoos reach adulthood quite early, at around seven to 11 months of age. It is normal for every small breed to reach full size at an early age, so don’t panic if you notice that your Toy Cavapoo has stopped growing.

At ten months of age, the Toy Cavapoo weighs between 60 and 65 ounces, which is as little as four pounds.

Miniature Cavapoo puppies

The Miniature Cavapoo puppy is a combination of a small dog of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed and the Miniature Poodle dog breed.

So, because of the larger Poodle used in breeding this designer dog, the Miniature Cavapoo puppy is slightly bigger in size than its toy counterpart.

In the first four weeks of age, the Mini Cavapoo puppy weighs around two to three pounds. This mostly depends on the gender because male puppies are larger than female puppies.

As the Miniature Cavapoo puppy grows bigger, it starts to gain more weight, especially when transitioning from its mother’s milk to real dog food. Alongside gender, proper nutrition plays a key role in the Miniature Cavapoo puppy’s weight chart.

At eight weeks of age, the Mini Cavapoo puppy should weigh three pounds on average. It might seem that the puppy isn’t growing as fast as you have expected it to grow, but don’t worry. In the next few weeks, you will notice a puppy growth spurt.

Upon reaching three months of age, the Mini Cavapoo puppy will now weigh four pounds. Once the Mini Cavapoo puppy hits six months of age, it will weigh around nine pounds, which is almost half of its full size.

At about this time, the Miniature Cavapoo puppy will gain two to three pounds each month until reaching its full size.

The Miniature Cavapoo should reach its adult size at 10 to 12 months of age. The usual puppy weight at this time is from 13 to 25 pounds, and 12 to 16 inches in height.

Cavapoo Growth Chart: Adult Size

Cavapoo dog in the park

If you’re deciding between large breeds and small breeds, keep in mind that a dog of a smaller dog breed will reach its full size earlier than any other dog from larger breeds.

For example, large breeds like the Labrador and the Golden Retriever, the Great Dane, and the German Shepherd, as well as medium-sized dogs like the Cocker Spaniel, the Beagle, and the Border Collie reach around two thirds of adult weight at 12 months of age, when our little Toy Cavapoo and the Mini Cavapoo have already grown to their full size.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when a puppy reaches sexual maturity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has reached social and mental maturity.

Here’s how big your adult Cavapoo will get!

Adult Toy Cavapoo size

Upon reaching full size, the now adult Toy Cavapoo weighs five to seven pounds on average. Although some Toy Cavapoos can grow up to 10 pounds, it all depends on how big their parent breeds are.

This also depends on whether the Cavapoo puppy is a male or a female. As in all mammals, male dogs are usually larger than female dogs.

If you’re eager to get the smallest dog possible, you should consider getting a female Cavapoo dog. Female Cavapoos have more petite bodies and a more refined, elegant stature.

But, the overall difference in size between male and female Cavapoos isn’t very visible.

Even though male Cavapoos are larger, they do not show bulkier and sturdier bodies. The main differences between a male and a female Cavapoo can be seen in head shape, height, and weight.

When it comes to height, an adult Toy Cavapoo will stand between nine and 16 inches tall… or, should I say short!

Adult Miniature Cavapoo size

The Miniature Cavapoo will reach its adulthood and its full size at around 11 to 12 months of age.

The adult Mini Cavapoo usually weighs 12 to 25 pounds. The weight of an adult dog will depend on early puppy weight. Say, if you had a puppy that wasn’t developing as fast and as healthy as it should have, the adult dog won’t reach its full size.

Miniature Cavapoos are not much taller than their toy counterparts.

An adult Miniature Cavapoo measures around 12 to 16 inches in height. So, the Minis are just a few inches taller than their Toy counterparts.

Cavapoo Lifespan

The Cavapoo mixed breed is a small breed of dog. It is generally known that small dog breeds usually live longer than larger breeds.

Considering that the Cavapoo is a mix between two small dogs, this little pooch will spend lots of years by your side. The life expectancy of a Cavapoo is anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

Toy Cavapoos might live longer than Miniature Cavapoos, but Mini Cavapoos might also live longer than Toy Cavapoos.

Life expectancy is just an estimate, and it depends on many factors that affect your Cavapoo dog’s quality of life.

Among the most important factors affecting the life expectancy of this designer dog is the lifespan of both parent breeds – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.

What Affects The Cavapoo Puppy’s Growth

Cavapoo dog resting in the sun at the park

In order to understand the Cavapoo puppy’s growth and weight chart, as well as any other dog’s development process, it’s important to state a few factors that affect its growth.

All of the factors that we are going to mention are intertwined with one another and will play a key role in your Cavapoo puppy’s development.

Most first-time owners don’t understand why their puppy stopped growing all of a sudden. This might be directly impacted by both external and internal factors.

Here is what you have to take into consideration before deciding on getting a new puppy.


Genetics play a key role in each living organism. Genes moderate and regulate everything in your puppy’s body.

Whether your Cavapoo puppy is going to have blue eyes or brown eyes will depend on the parent breed’s genes that are passed on to new generations of Cavapoo puppies.

Not only do genes play an important role in the appearance of a Cavapoo puppy, but they are also important for your puppy’s health.

Selective breeding of purebred dogs like the Cavapoo’s parents – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle – has led to the development of specific health problems.

As you are already aware, all purebred dogs have inherited health problems. Therefore, mixed breeds can also inherit their parent’s health issues to a certain extent.

Overall, mixed breeds like our little Cavapoo dog are considered healthier than purebred dogs.

They inherited many different genes from both parent dog breeds. This means that these dogs have a more diverse gene pool that battles many potentially inherited diseases.


Different breeding practices play different roles in the Cavapoo puppy’s development. Considering that the Cavapoo is a mixed breed, it inherits both parent breed’s traits to some extent.

How breeding affects the Cavapoo puppy’s growth will depend on the quality of the purebred parent breed’s bloodline.

Reputable breeders encourage breeding pedigree dogs whose health problems are known, and through selective breeding reduced to the minimum.

Unethical breeders and puppy mills produce puppies with questionable backgrounds. When trying to create the famous teacup Cavapoo, some breeders might take a runt from the litter and breed it with another dog. This kind of breeding should not be practiced.

Runts are most likely already born with certain health problems. By purposely selecting and breeding runts, unethical breeders come up with unhealthy and weak dogs.

These dogs usually have health problems throughout their life. Some may develop a disease as early as two years of age.

So, breeding is an important factor to keep in mind before deciding to get a Cavapoo dog. Make sure to search for reputable breeders in your area who put the Cavapoo’s health before its price tag!


cavapoo dog playing with yellow ball

Environmental factors are closely linked to genetics. For example, your Cavapoo puppy might have an amazing genetic predisposition, but suffer from lack of development due to environmental factors.

A perfect example of an environmental factor is the sun, which is the main source of life. Without it, no living being could survive.

For healthy and natural growth, a small Cavapoo puppy requires the sun’s rays. Not only do they make this pooch warm, but sun rays provide bone and tissue development.

Because of the natural lightning, the body accepts plenty of vitamin D that is needed for healthy growth.

Other environmental factors include proper housing, temperature, moisture levels, as well as food availability.

What could happen if my Cavapoo puppy isn’t exposed to natural light?

Well, it may develop health problems in terms of stagnation in growth. The deficit of vitamin D, calcium, and other minerals will lead to rickets in Cavapoo puppies. These dogs won’t develop bones that are strong enough to endure the puppy’s weight.

So, keeping your dog indoors most of the time is NOT recommended. Cavapoos, as well as all other dogs should be regularly taken outside for walks and some fun in the sun!

Physical activity

Physical activity goes along with the previously mentioned factors. You can’t take your dog outside and expect it to sit all the time, right?

Daily walks and quality playtime are crucial in your Cavapoo puppy’s growth. The development of muscles and normal bodily functions depend greatly on the puppy’s movement.

During the period of five to 10 months, Cavapoo puppies are extremely active and require a lot of regular training and playtime. So, if you think you can’t keep up with its tempo, you might want to think twice before getting a Cavapoo puppy.

Because the Cavapoo puppy is so small, new dog owners should be cautious around them – make sure not to accidentally step on their little paws. It’s also important to keep them from falling from the couch and other furniture that’s too tall for their size.

The Cavapoo adult dog will be active throughout its whole life. In its senior years, you might notice decreased levels of physical activity, which is normal for older dogs.


Socialization and regular training go side by side. Early socialization is an important part of a Cavapoo puppy’s life.

How socialization helps the Cavapoo’s growth is described through both mental and physical development

When Cavapoo puppies are introduced to other dogs and pets at an early age, they learn how to behave around new acquaintances. In other words, the Cavapoo develops mental strength through early socialization.

Physical development is described through changes in male and female Cavapoo dogs during puberty and the heat cycle. During this period, the Cavapoo will manifest seconday sex characteristics.

These secondary sex traits are under the influence of female and male hormones. These traits include increased muscle mass and a blockier body in a male dog. The female Cavapoos will have more refined physical features.


Cavapoo puppies are extremely delicate during their first weeks of life. In the first seven to eight weeks, the Cavapoo puppy will nurse until the weaning process begins.

After the puppies are completely weaned from their mother, they should gradually start the transition from their mother’s milk to puppy food.

During this period, new paw parents should do their research well. Try to find the best dog food you can for your little Cavapoo puppy that’s growing pretty fast.

Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are found in high-quality dog food, whereas canned wet food is usually poor in nutrient value. So, it’s best to search for quality puppy kibble.

Proper food intake and overall nutrition helps build bone and muscle mass. It also keeps your Cavapoo’s coat shiny and smooth. Not only that, but food is the fuel for all of the above-mentioned activities.

The Cavapoo is an energetic small dog that requires quality dog food that’s rich in proteins and energy levels. Sometimes, regular dog food just isn’t enough to meet this little dog’s needs.

In this case, it’s best to incorporate supplements in the Cavapoo puppy’s diet that will help it grow healthy and happy!

Remember to consult with your veterinarian before getting supplements for your Cavapoo puppy. You can also check with veterinary nutritionists that can help you make a diet plan for your puppy. It is also a good idea to check foods and drinks that are toxic and harmful for your little Cavapoo. You can never be too careful!

How Can I Guess How Big My Cavapoo Puppy Will Get?

adorable cavapoo puppy with flower on ear

Photo from: @preciousdoodledogs

Well, you can never be 100% sure. But, there are some ways you can predict how big your Cavapoo puppy will get.

One way to predict the puppy’s weight and size is by doubling its weight at six months of age. As we already mentioned, the Cavapoo puppy’s weight at six months of age is half of its adult weight.

Another option is to find a reliable puppy weight calculator. These weight calculators are relatively easy to use. You just need to type in your puppy’s breed, current weight, age, and gender. Puppy weight calculators are usually accurate, but most will show you only the estimated values.

What you can also do is speak to the breeder you got your Cavapoo puppy from and check the previous generations of his Cavapoo puppies. If previous litters had small dogs, it is possible that your new Cavapoo puppy will also inherit small genes.

It’s quite difficult to predict the size of a mixed breed dog. Using genetic screening, selective breeding, and DNA tests has proved to help predict the puppy weight and size of mixed breed dogs.

Final Thoughts

cavapoo dog sleeping in his bed

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and fun experience. But, there are some preparations that have to be done before bringing your new Cavapoo pooch home.

This also includes estimating the Cavapoo’s size. Whether you decide to get a Toy or a Miniature Cavapoo puppy, the Cavapoo growth chart is a handy guide that will help you predict your new Cavapoo puppy’s size.

The Cavapoo puppy will adapt very well to different living spaces. These adorable small dogs are perfect for smaller apartments.

The Cavapoo will thrive alongside its active and outgoing owner, showing much love and affection to all of its family members.

Remember that each dog is unique – some will grow faster, and some slower. When getting a mixed breed like the Cavapoo dog breed, make sure to do your research on the parent dog breeds. That way, you will find it easier to predict your Cavapoo puppy’s weight and size, as well as its temperament and personality.

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