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Cavapoo Cost: Is This Doodle Worth The Price Tag?

Cavapoo Cost: Is This Doodle Worth The Price Tag?

Have you heard about the Cavoodle? How about the Cavapoo? Well, they’re one and the same! This new puppy is a crossbreed or a Poodle mix with the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. If you haven’t heard of our Cavapoo, you’re missing out on a lot.

These are small size dogs, excellent family pets because of their temperament. But, why people love them more than other doodles, like Cockapoos or Goldendoodles, is because of their hypoallergenic coat.

Cavapoos have long and fluffy hair you’ll fall for immediately. But, does this Cavapoo cost much? I bet a dog this awesome is worth a pretty penny!

Well, yes, they are pretty pricey. There are many aspects that affect the Cavapoo cost. But, getting a Cavapoo is not a one-time purchase. You’ll be investing in many things like training sessions, vaccinations, toys, dog food, etc. Bringing up a Cavapoo puppy costs a lot.

Luckily, only the first year is tough. The costs get easier with time. You won’t be getting new crates and dog beds all the time. But for a first-time owner, this price guide will help a lot. Here’s where you’ll find what you need, what kind of budget you will have to set, and what affects the price of this popular dog.

Let’s crunch the numbers and find out if the Cavadoodle is the best dog for you.

What Is The Purchase Price Of A Cavapoo?

golden Cavapoo puppy

The typical purchase price of a Cavapoo puppy is around $1,200 to $2,000.

This is the average price range, but, of course, sometimes you’ll find cheaper dogs, and also, more expensive ones. It all depends on the source you’re buying from. Lesser-known and backyard breeders will list their Cavapoo puppies for less.

Those Cavapoos that come from a shelter or rescue center can be adopted for only $500, including all initial vet costs.

One of the downsides of buying a Cavapoo from a shelter is that these dogs are quite rare. In other words, not many people give up wonderful Cavapoos easily.

Cavapoo Puppies For Sale: Real Life Prices

The Cavapoo is a mix of two purebred dogs, but the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize Cavapoos as a breed of its own. But, that doesn’t affect the Cavapoo cost. As we said above, the cost of Cavapoo puppies can vary from one breeder to another.

Here are some real-time prices from quality breeders we managed to find in the States. Some have Toy Poodles as parents, while some have Miniature Poodles.

Brown’s BabiesHenagar, AL$800–$1,650
Howdee KennelsLynden, WA$1,000
Best CavapoosGreenville, SC$900–$1,800
Beside Still Water PuppiesLancaster, PA$1,500
Superior Hilltop KennelsMillersburg, OHStarting at $1,795

Cavapoo Adoption Costs

Cavapoo puppy with stick in his mouth

Sometimes, Cavapoo dogs arrive at dog shelters and rescue centers, but it doesn’t happen that often. Consider yourself lucky if you see one of these pups in such an institution.

Your best chance at finding a Cavapoo is checking Poodle or King Charles Cavalier rescue centers. Since the Cavapoo is a relatively young dog breed, don’t expect to find a shelter dedicated only to them.

Adopting is always less expensive than buying from a breeder. The average initial cost can be as low as around $200 to $400, but it depends on the dog’s age and health condition.

The biggest downside of adopting from a shelter is that you will only find older dogs here. Finding a Cavapoo puppy at a shelter would be a miracle.

Cavapoo Price When Buying From A Breeder

When buying from a good breeder, you can expect to pay more money upfront. Your budget should be set at $1,200 to $2,000.

We only recommend buying from a reputable breeder since these people screen their dogs for genetic and breeding-related health issues.

Also, reputable breeders will do temperament tests before they breed their dogs. This is why many Cavapoos are non-aggressive and loving puppies.

Factors That Determine The Price Of A Cavapoo

cavapoo litttle puppy on the grass

Numerous factors determine how much a Cavapoo puppy will cost. Let’s talk about them!

• Location. Where you live affects how much you’re going to pay for a Cavapoo puppy a lot. If your area only has a few Cavapoo breeders, then the puppy will cost more since there is higher demand.

But, if the area has a lot of Cavapoo breeders, then those puppies will cost less. However, buying from an area further away might not be a good solution because the shipping or travel costs may add up. Also, there’s quite a difference between the west coast and the east coast. For example, Cavapoo puppies in California will cost more than those in the Midwest.

• The breeder’s reputation. This is one of the biggest factors that affect the puppy’s price. If it’s a reputable breeder, the puppy will cost more because these people invest time and money into their puppies, their parent breeds, and their health. When paying for a Cavapoo puppy from a reputable breeder, you should know that you’re also paying for a friendly temperament and a good health status.

• The generation of the Cavapoo. This also determines the price of the puppy. First-generation puppies cost less than second or multi-generation puppies. The more generations a Cavapoo is, the more hypoallergenic and non-shedding the dog will be.

• The time of year. No, we’re not talking about whether puppies are more expensive around Christmas. Cavapoo puppies bought in the warmer months mean puppies in winter will be cheaper.

However, supply and demand dictate the price the most.

What Is Included In The Initial Price Of A Cavapoo?

Cavapoo dog in his bed

When buying from a reputable breeder, you’re not only buying the puppy – you’re also buying some other miscellaneous things. It’s pretty common for breeders to include the following items in their final price:

• Health guarantee, usually for a year or two

• Microchip

• First vaccinations


• A small bag of dog food or treats for a smooth transition

• Puppy toys or blankets with the mother’s scent on them

This is the minimum a good breeder has to offer you.

What Are The Shipping Costs?

Shipping is usually quite pricey. Some dog breeders will have different contracts that may include the shipping price.

If your breeder lives far away from you and doesn’t have a shipping option, you can use a standard shipping service, but the cost will depend on the distance. The shipping cost can range from $150 to $500.

As you can see, the shipping price can make quite a difference. We always recommend driving to the place to pick up the Cavapoo puppy in person.

Do Cavapoos Shed A Lot? Cavapoo Grooming Cost

Sweet Cavapoo Puppy Dog

Cavapoo dogs have a lot of fur, but they don’t shed. Their soft and beautiful coat needs proper care to stay non-shedding. This means you should visit a dog groomer once or twice a month.

Luckily, grooming Cavapoos is not too expensive since they’re small dogs. Every visit will cost around $80. You should set a grooming budget of about $400 per year.

If you don’t take your Cavapoo to the groomer, the dog’s coat will become a tangled and matted mess. Matted hair is uncomfortable and painful. Besides, if you’re picking this breed, you should realize grooming is a must for them. If money’s tight, buying dog clippers and learning how to groom a dog will be your salvation.

Healthcare: Are Cavapoos Expensive?

beautiful cavapoo dog outdoors

As much as we all would like it, getting a 100% healthy dog is impossible. You should always be ready for something to go awry. Every new dog owner must be ready to face vet bills. Keeping a dog healthy is a pricey task. There’s always an unexpected cost that might kick you off the tracks. Many dogs suffer from hip dysplasia, but there are tests a breeder can run to rule out this disease.

Also, the Cavapoo is prone to having heart conditions like damage to the mitral valve.

Expected costs of a Cavapoo puppy include vaccinations and heartworm and fecal tests. Once the puppy turns one, these checkups should be once a year.

Expected healthcare costs can range from $100 to $400, depending on your vet.

You will also need to keep your dog flea-free and buy heartworm preventatives to stop parasites. These aren’t expensive meds, but your dog should use them for life.

This is the initial health cost, but no one said anything about injuries and surgeries. That’s why you should consider investing in a pet insurance plan – a good insurance plan can cover surgeries costs that can go as high as $10,000!

Cavapoo Cost: Nutrition

Cavapoo puppy in the backyard

Every Cavapoo should eat quality dog food. Food gives them energy, builds up their bodies, and keeps them healthy. In other words, good health means a longer life. The best way to choose appropriate dog food is to ask the breeder or your veterinarian for recommendations.

Of course, high-quality dog food will be more expensive. But, there are lesser-known brands or small businesses that make excellent kibble or wet food. Pay attention to the ingredients.

There isn’t really an average number here. Buy the food your budget says is okay. However, you shouldn’t let your dog eat human food like paprika or spicy food like salsa.

Cost Of Cavapoo Puppy Training

Training is optional, but if you want a well-behaved dog, it should be a must. Investing in your dog’s training is a wise decision. Whether you and your puppy take a class at the local dog school or you hire a professional trainer, success will be guaranteed if there’s devotion. Positive reinforcement helps a long way.

Behavioral issues are one of the biggest reasons why many dogs are rehomed or left at a shelter.

Training classes usually cost $100 to $200, but you’ll most likely need several classes.

Are Cavapoos Expensive: Pet Supplies

cute cavapoo portrait looking at camera

Whether you own a puppy or an adult Cavapoo, you will need additional supplies. Sure, all dogs can live without them, but living with them is so much easier for both of you.

Here’s a list of all the musts you’ll need:

• Dog crate

• Dog crate pad

• Dog toys

• Leash

• Collar

• Name tag

• Dog treats

There are many options at local pet stores and online on Amazon, but don’t get carried away. Think it through: does your dog really need another adorable collar? Get only the necessities. What your dog really needs is love, care, attention, exercise, playtime, socialization, and mental stimulation. Oh, and a lovely name to go with its cute looks!

Where Can I Get A Cavapoo?

adorable little Cavapoo puppy lying in the backyard

The question of where to buy a Cavapoo is probably the biggest of them all. There are several sources you can use, but it doesn’t mean you should use them all.

You can find a Cavapoo at a local backyard breeder, but you can also work a bit harder and find a reputable breeder in your area.

But, how do you recognize a reputable breeder?

The most obvious clue is the price, but the number of puppy litters a year is also a telling sign. Unreliable breeders have several litters a year. A reputable one will have only one or two. The smaller the business is, the more dedicated the owner. However, you should do your research and ask questions no matter what.

If you have any luck, you might find rescue Cavapoo dogs in your area. They’re usually not that common, but rescue Cavapoos are still way better than cheap Cavapoos or those from puppy mills.

Why Are Cavapoos Expensive?

Cute fluffy cavapoo puppy lying down on a sofa looking sleepy

It may puzzle you why a mixed breed dog like the Cavapoo is this expensive. Is the price justified?

Well, for starters, Cavapoos are no ordinary mixed mutts. This adorable teddy bear-like dog is a designer breed, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They’re small to medium in size and can grow between 9 and 14 inches. Since they’re mixed breed dogs, it’s hard to tell how big they’ll grow. Miniature and Toy Poodles are used for the Cavapoo breeding process.

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Since Cavapoos are part of the Doodle family, they’re low shedding dogs, which means they’re more desirable. Besides, Cavapoos have that adorable look and loving personality that only adds to the final price. They’re popular among families and make excellent best friends!

Cavapoo coat colors come in many varieties, including brown, cream, gold, apricot, chestnut, and white. Color combinations can include two or even tricolors. Which Cavapoo color you choose will also affect the price since some of the colors are more expensive than others.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Cavapoos

adorable cavapoo dog lying on the ground

Photo from: @ziggy.parklee

When buying a dog, remember that you’re buying yourself a friend. Getting the cheapest deal might not be the best decision. Here’s where you shouldn’t save money. You get what you pay for. It’s only natural to pay big bucks for a good dog.

Well, this works both ways. Getting a cheap Cavapoo may mean you’re getting a dog with issues, be them behavioral or health-related.

Before buying, it’s crucial to do your research and stay away from some Cavapoos that might save you a penny or two. It only means you’ll save money in the short term. You can end up with a puppy that will grow up to be an adult Cavapoo with many health issues that don’t show up in early puppyhood.

A reputable breeder would never allow this.

If this doesn’t make you steer clear of cheap Cavapoos, the following reasons will.

Several Good Reasons To Avoid Buying A Cheap Cavapoo


As a rule, a cheap dog always comes with some health issues. They don’t come with any type of health guarantee.

Sure, no breeder can guarantee your dog will never get sick, but reliable breeders work with good bloodlines and screen the parents frequently, which gives you a year or two window of being free of genetic diseases.


Cheap dogs don’t have good bloodlines. They usually come from puppy mills where dog breeders only care about how many puppies they can sell.


Many temperament traits are inherited from the puppy’s parents. Responsible breeders only mate dogs with the best temperaments and kindest personalities.

An unreliable breeder is more likely going to sell you a Cavapoo puppy with a poor temperament, despite all the training. You don’t want a dog who will bark excessively or have separation anxiety as soon as you leave the room.

Short Lifespan

Cavapoos are designer dogs with a long life span. You can expect them to live a long life of 13 to 15 years. Fun fact: some Cavapoos have been known to live to be even 20 years old!

If you purchase a cheap Cavapoo, you might not get these 13 to 15 years.

Cheap puppies mean poor health, and poor health means a shorter life. As simple as that!

Cavapoo Puppies For Adoption

Cavapoo resting on bed

Many people prefer to adopt and not shop, and that’s absolutely wonderful. To give a hopeless dog a forever home is one of the kindest things one can do. If you’re lucky enough to find a Cavapoo at your local shelter, don’t think twice: adopt!

Sure, you won’t get much info about the dog, its history, or health issues, but you will save a life. And that counts more!

Cavapoo puppies can be found at one of the following websites, so make sure you pay them a visit:

• Keystone Puppies

• National City Puppy

• North Shore Animal League America

NorCal Poodle Rescue

The Adoption Process

Cavapoo dog in the park

The adoption process is not simple. You can’t just walk into a shelter, point a finger, and take a dog home with you. If people did this, many dogs would be brought back to the shelter.

These rescue organizations work hard to take care of these dogs, so they want to know that you’ll be a suitable dog owner. They’re not handing out puppies like candy!

There are steps you need to take prior to bringing your rescue Cavapoo home.

Here’s what really happens at the shelter:

• First, you select the dog.

• Then, you fill out an adoption application.

• You go through an interview.

• You agree to a home visit.

• You prove to the evaluator that you have a suitable home for the dog.

• You pay for sterilization if it’s not already done.

• Lastly, you pay the adoption fee, which can be from $200 to $400.

Then you can take your rescue Cavapoo home.

Many rescue centers or shelters have an agreement all future dog owners must sign stating that if the owner is no longer capable of taking care of the dog, the dog will be returned to the shelter, no questions asked.

Cost Of Cavapoo Puppy Supplies

We hope this table of Cavapoo expenses might come in handy when going shopping for your first puppy. Remember, the first year is difficult, but puppies get easier, and so do expenses.

SuppliesCost estimate
Crate$40 to $200
Small hard crates$35
Decorative crates$100 and $600
Harness and leash $10 to $100
Play and chew toys$5 to $100
Feeding and water bowls$5
Doggie bed$30 to $100

Cavapoos: Are They Worth Their High Price Tag?

Cute Cute Cavapoo in the house

The first step every potential dog owner has to do is to research whether that dog breed is the right choice and if they’re worth the price tag.

Cavapoos are definitely worth the price tag. They’re excellent canines with lovely personalities and a great desire to share love and happiness with their owners.

If you’re okay with how much Cavapoo costs, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get one.

Conclusion: So, How Much Does a Cavapoo Cost?

At the moment, the Cavapoo cost is pretty high. They’re expensive puppies because they’re highly in demand.

You can expect an average Cavapoo cost to be around $1,200. But, it’s not uncommon for a reputable breeder to charge over $2,000 for a Cavapoo puppy.

The initial price is only a drop in the ocean. Raising a dog is an expensive sport. You should be prepared for every unpredicted expense. You want your dog to live a happy life, don’t you? Then be ready to provide what it takes for your Cavapoo to be happy.

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