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7 Reasons Why The F1B Cavapoo Should Be Your Fur-ever Friend

7 Reasons Why The F1B Cavapoo Should Be Your Fur-ever Friend

All designer dogs are special in their own way. But, not as many are adorable as the F1b Cavapoo.

The sweetheart among the Doodles and other multigenerational crossbreeds is becoming more special and more popular around the world.

The F1b Cavapoo is bred to get a better, hypoallergenic and non-shedding version of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. Did the puppy outmatch the parents? Absolutely! How did the puppy outmatch his parents? You’ll see soon.

Now, get ready to have your heart stolen by this delightful puppy!

Breeding: What Does the F Mean and What’s an F1b Cavapoo?

Cute cavapoo dog lying down against a white background

All generations, before they become multigen, have the letter F before the dog’s breed name. This letter stands for the crossbreed dog, or a hybrid, meaning filial (lat. filius and filia, son and daughter).

The number part is easy: it stands for the number of generations. The F1 Cavapoo is the first generation, the F2 Cavapoo is the second, the F3 is the third…

Things get a little trickier when we introduce the letter b. The b stands for breeding the first or second generation back to a purebred (a Poodle or a King Charles). This process is called backcross, and it usually involves the Poodle as the original parent.

The F1 Cavapoo is the first-generation Cavapoos – the love child of a purebred Poodle and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There’s a 50-50 ratio of both parents in this puppy.

Our pup of the hour, the F1b Cavapoo, is a backcross of the F1 Cavapoo and the Poodle or Cavalier Spaniel. Usually, the Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle is used to get the Cavapoo.

The ratio says that 25% belongs to the Cavalier King Charles while 75% is the Poodle’s.

Introducing the Poodle back in the genetics pool means that the puppies will have a tight-curled coat and even more of a chance to be non-shedding.

A curly coat type means more brushing and trips to the groomer’s place.

Since the F1b Cavapoo is 75% Poodle, it’s only logical that the pup resembles more of the Poodle side of the family.

This means that the pup’s legs will be longer, and the energy level will be as high as that of the Poodle’s.

The F1b Cavapoo does have the hybrid vigor trait, but it’s not as big as the F1 Cavapoo’s. It’s there, but somewhat hard to reach the surface.

cute little F1B Cavapoo dog lying

Photo from:@cheddar.cavapoo

The F1b Reverse Cavapoo is another backcross. This time, the F1 Cavapoo and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed, resulting in a pup under the F1b Reverse Cavapoo.

The Poodle parent has 25% while the King Charles has 75%!

The F1b Reverse is more like the Cavalier as far as looks and temperament. They are typically much more like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel both in terms of looks and temperament.

The biggest advantage of an F1 Reverse Cavapoo is that the Doodle lover can have the looks of a King Charles and his wisdom while he keeps the healthiness of a hybrid vigor.

Another highly important generation is the F2b Cavapoo. There are also F1bb Cavapoos, F2bb Cavapoos, and F3 multigenerational Cavapoos.

The F2b is a backcross just like the F1b Cavapoo. There are two ways that this could be achieved:

• breeding an F1 Cavapoo and an F1b Cavapoo. When talking about numbers, the F2b Cavapoo would have 62,5% Poodle and 37,5% King Charles

• breeding an F2 Cavapoo with a purebred Poodle. The ratio will be 75% in favor of the Poodle and 25% for the Cavalier Spaniel.

Both options will result in a coat that’s tight, curled, low-shedding, and allergy-friendly!

The breeding, along with the backcrossing over and over again, might be confusing. How on Earth would you choose your favorite Cavapoo generation?! Only you can be the judge of your desirable generation.

Depending on what you need, whether the generation is 100% hypoallergenic or non-shedding, you’ll know what to do. After all, the differences between the generations are almost invisible.

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1. Unique Personality: The Sweetheart Pup

Cavapoo lies and rests in the grass

It’s a golden rule that all dogs should be socialized from an early age. Start the obedience training with the positive reinforcement approach. Following both steps will result in showing all the positive traits the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle have while limiting unfriendly and bad behavior.

Since the Cavapoo is a mix of two purebred dogs, it is only natural to look at each parent’s general temperament characteristics.

The purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is well known for its intelligence, and its loving and gentle temper. One can absolutely say this dog is a people dog and a pet for people, too! The King Charles will get along with pretty much anyone.

This dog breed is an amazing family pet that suffers if there’s not enough love and affection from its owner.

Still, there’s a teensy tiny something that might bother you. The King Charles doesn’t behave well off the leash because of his curious trait. Anything can lead this pup off the path; even a tiny beetle!

The Poodle is a more gracious and elegant pup with the intelligence of a brainiac. Training this dog breed is quite simple and troubleless, all thanks to the aforementioned traits.

Much like the other parent, the purebred Poodle is excellent around people, pets, and small children. Even though this dog might fuss about some things sometimes, nervousness and brattiness aren’t the Poodle’s general traits.

Going back to our Cavapoo…

Coming from two spectacular dog breeds with a terrific personality, it’s only normal to assume the Cavapoo will be another amazing crossbreed!

Here’s a list of the Cavapoo’s best personality traits:

• they’re great with children and family members

• they’re not hostile towards strangers (in fact, they’re very loving)

• they’re one of the calmest Doodles

• they’re quiet and love to cuddle

2. Cavapoo Puppy: The Healthy Hybrid Vigor

Cavapoo resting on bed

Purebred dogs are more prone to different health issues due to their pure lines and potential inbreeding problems from the past. Still, breeding to improve the dog’s body shape can lead to lots of problems with the bones and joints, like elbow and hip dysplasia. Take teacup Cavalier King Charles for an example: it was bred to become small-sized which caused multiple health problems.

All dogs have different health problems, so here’s what troubles one of the parents, the Cavalier King Charles:

• MVD (Mitral Valve Disease)


• luxating patellas

• hip dysplasia


• cataracts

• severe allergies

MVD is a progressive polygenic condition that affects up to half of King Charles Spaniels before they reach the age of five. If, by any chance, the King Charles reaches ten years of age, it’s 100% certain that MVD will strike.

It is shown that this health condition is up to twenty times more prevalent in this breed, and the biggest reason for a shorter lifespan.

Syringomyelia is an inherited neurological condition that has been on the rise since the early 2000s. It affects up to half of the King Spaniels, and it’s not limited to the line, country, or breeders. The bad news is that it seems to be getting worse with each generation.

Syringomyelia refers to the cavity within the spinal cord, meaning the cavities fill up with fluid. This can be diagnosed with an MRI scan.

This condition is also known as the neck scratcher’s disease since neck scratching is one of the symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. However, some dogs aren’t that affected by this condition and lead a normal life. Sadly, there are severe cases that end up with dogs being put to sleep.

The Poodle seems to have a much better health condition than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The Miniature Poodle is considered to be the healthiest one of the three Poodle types because they have more genetic diversity than the Toy or Standard Poodle.

Here’s what the Poodle pooches are usually prone to:

• bloat

• Addison’s Disease

• hip dysplasia

• epilepsy

Although it may sound like nothing serious, bloat is a severe condition that can escalate to fatality in a blink of an eye.

Also called Gastric Dilatation and volvulus (GDV), this problem occurs when the stomach twists, causing gas to stay locked and pressure to build up.

All deep-chested pups suffer from bloat, but Poodles are especially prone. Indeed, surgical intervention is necessary, but good news: the researchers from Vets Now came to the conclusion that around 80% of operated cases recover well.

To recognize bloat in time, pay attention to symptoms such as dry retching, hard stomach, or excessive drooling.

Pacing, restlessness, general discomfort, and distress are just some bonus signs to help you detect bloat. All in all, we’re lucky this condition can be recognized easily.

We’re also very lucky to know a few tricks to help prevent bloat from happening. First and foremost, the meals should be small and more frequent.

Also, exercise time after feeding is a big no-no. You want those bowls to stay at ground level for at least an hour before and after food.

Besides bloat, Addison’s disease is the most common health issue in Poodles. This is a hormonal disorder that prevents cortisol production in the adrenal glands.

Cortisol is a major contributor to stress; hence, the obvious Addison symptoms in a stressful situation.

Young- to middle-aged dogs are prone to this disease. The symptoms can progress over time or flare up all of a sudden. Addison’s is incurable, but still manageable with medications.

To spot Addison’s in time, look for the following symptoms:

• depression

• lethargy

• loss of appetite

• diarrhea

• vomiting

All in all, the Poodle parent is the healthier between the two that make the Cavapoo. Our adorable Cavapoo teddy bear is healthier than both parents, all thanks to the hybrid vigor. This means that the Cavapoo will also have a longer lifespan than the parent breeds.

3. The Incredibly Beautiful Crossbreed

Red Cavapoo Puppy lies in the dry grass

Coming from two parents who have so many different coat colors, the Cavapoos will, of course, try to outmatch the number of coat-color variations.

The Cavalier side of the family has four standard colors according to the American Kennel Club:

• black and tan

• black and white

• Blenheim

• ruby

On the other side of the family, the Poodles come in ten incredible coat colors. The most popular choices are:

• apricot


• blue

• brown

• cream

• grey

• white

• silver


• red


The Cavapoos have numerous coat-color variations, all equally beautiful (if not even more) as their parents. The Cavapoos will come in:

• apricot

• tan

• white

• red

• black

• bi-color

• tri-color

All Cavapoo puppies change coat color as they get older. The coat color fades or changes the shade slightly, and this is called clearing!

Some Cavapoos do keep their puppy coat color as it only changes a bit. This is called holding.

A pro tip is to choose your Cavapoo in a darker shade, so when and if it fades, the color will still resemble the one you originally chose.

This colorful, soft, fluffy, and curly coat is believed to be hypoallergenic. Thank you, Poodle!

The coat doesn’t shed, but it does release loose hair and traps it underneath, which means lots of brushing awaiting you in the future!

4. Family’s Favorite Pooch

Cavapoo runs around the garden

The Cavapoo or Cavoodle is a family dog that enjoys being with the family more than chasing cars!

They’re adorable, affectionate teddy bears who make the ideal pet for families with small children or other pets, e.g., cats.

If you have a toddler, your Cavapoo will definitely be on the same energy level. Good thing they have the company to tire themselves during the day.

A Cavapoo’s favorite game is to chase anything. A bug, a ball, another pet, your kid, a slipper… you name it! It runs in their blood since the Cavalier Spaniels were once used to chase rabbits. Some habits surely die hard.

To sum up: the F1b Cavapoo is loving, caring, and affectionate towards anyone. Is this such a good thing? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for from a dog.

This puppy is absolutely not for guarding. No thief would be scared of such a cute face! He’ll sell you out for a belly rub and some kisses!

Seriously, these are lap dogs who have only one aim in life: to give love and receive it in return. Want a guard dog?

Try other adorable guardians like the Golden Retriever or the Labradoodle. Or, better yet, a German Shepherd!

5. Bid Your Allergies Buh-Bye!

Cavapoo puppy is lying on the couch

People who don’t suffer from severe allergies have no idea what it’s like. Those who do, well… they’re in trouble around many dog breeds.

That’s why choosing hybrid dogs over purebred ones is the better choice for people prone to allergies.

The main culprit or the allergy trigger is the dog’s coat. Fortunately, the Cavoodle takes a lot after the Poodle parent.

Even though a long and straight coat is possible, it’s more likely for the pup to inherit a curly or wavy coat.

Since one of the parents is a non-shedding dog, the Poodle, it is possible for your puppy to have this gene. However, it’s not guaranteed.

The F1b Cavapoo will be either low-shedding or non-shedding, which is often described as hypoallergenic.

Many people who are prone to severe allergies have been around Cavapoos without any problem.

Since it’s not 100% sure if the Cavapoo is hypoallergenic, it is best to spend some time with the puppy before you get it. A quick playtime session would be enough to tell whether to buy a Cavapoo or not.

6. Sit, Stay, Speak: The Training Was Never Easier

Cavapoo puppy runs around the garden

One of the Cavoodle parents, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is considered to be a highly intelligent creature… and a stubborn one, too!

Teaching the King Charles tricks and commands is quite easy unless it decides to simply ignore commands.

On the other hand, Poodles are also super intelligent and need mental stimulation all the time. You don’t want a bored poodle, trust your gut.

Having such a great and obedient parent has made the Cavapoo also very docile. These dogs are super easy to train and master commands with a snap of the finger.

Even the youngsters can teach them commands like sit, down, come, wait, shake, rollover, etc.

If you want a pup who listens to you, then you will have to start working pretty much the moment you get the puppy home. And, remember: no punishment treatment will work better than positive reinforcement!

7. Empathy or Cavapathy? A Cavapoo’s a Gentle Soul

Cavapoo in a woman's arms

When the Poodle and King Charles fell in love, no one had assumed their puppy would be so gentle and sweet. Hardly anyone can imagine the amount of sweetness these dogs have.

The Cavapoos are a sensitive breed. They will recognize if something’s wrong with you or if you’re feeling down. This is the pup that will lick your tears away and stay by your side until you feel better.

In the end…

There are many hybrid dogs and Doodles like the Cockapoo, Cavapoochon and the Goldendoodle, but not one of them is as sweet as the F1b Cavapoo.

Indeed, Cavapoos are a chest full of treasure traits. You’ll never know which one will shine today, but you’ll know that all of them are worthy.

If you want a dog that everyone on the street will love and look at with affection, then look no more. The F1b Cavapoo, one of the best Cavapoo generations, is the right dog for you.

A cute-looking face? Check!

A cool teddy-bear-like coat? Check!

Love and affection? Check!

Kindness and calm temperament? Check!

Intelligence and obedience? Check!

What else can you wish for?

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7 Reasons Why The F1B Cavapoo Should Be Your Fur-ever Friend