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150+ Cute Cavapoo Names For Your Cavalier Poodle Mix

150+ Cute Cavapoo Names For Your Cavalier Poodle Mix

Cavapoos are adorable family pets that have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are a crossbreed between Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, making them one of the cutest mixed breeds out there.

After picking up your Cavapoo puppy from the breeder or shelter and buying him all the necessities, it’s time for the next big step: Choosing between the best Cavapoo names possible for your new puppy.

Picking the best Cavapoo name can be overwhelming. How will you know what name will suit your pooch the best? What if his personality changes, so the name no longer fits? All of this is even trickier if you’re trying to be unique.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 60 male and female Cavapoo names that we thought you might like. We’ll also explain whether it’s important to thoroughly consider a dog name or if it only matters to the dog owner.

Let’s begin.

The Cavapoo Breed

adorable cavapoo puppy on the grass

As mentioned before, a Cavapoo dog (also known as a Cavoodle or a Cavadoodle) is the crossbreed of a Toy Poodle or a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. While it isn’t entirely clear when this designer breed was first created, some records state that it might’ve happened in the late 1990s.

The Cavapoo is a tiny dog that many people consider a living teddy bear. They are small, curly, and adorable.

Just like most other Poodle mixes (but not Labradoodles [mix with Labrador retriever], Bernedoodles [Bernese Mountain Dog], and Goldendoodles [Golden Retriever]), the Cavapoo is considered a hypoallergenic dog – no matter the generation. An F1 Cavapoo, F1B Cavapoo, and even F2B Cavapoo, all are suitable for allergy sufferers because they don’t shed much.

This is because both the Poodle and the CKCS are non-shedding dogs that won’t cause issues for people with dog allergies. At the same time, they don’t drool too much, making them a nearly perfect hypoallergenic pet.

If you’re looking for more hypoallergenic dogs, you might also want to check out the Maltese, Havanese, Bichon Frise, or Shih Tzus.

Also, just because a pup has a short coat doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t give you allergies. Some dogs, such as Bulldogs, tend to drool a lot – and drool is a common allergen in dogs.

Others, such as the Doberman, have a short coat that tends to shed. Of course, many dog breeds, such as German Shepherds or Siberian Huskies, noticeably shed a lot, making them a poor choice for allergy sufferers.

Cavapoos can come in many coat colors and patterns. While the CKCS is a colorful breed, they are still no match for the wide range of Poodle colors available. Poodles can come in many colors, such as merle, parti, red, blue, bicolor, or tricolor. This also means that hybrid dogs with Poodle genes are rather colorful.

Cavapoos overcome the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s biggest disadvantage: their short lifespan. Thanks to hybrid vigor, you’ll end up with a much healthier dog than if you were to buy a purebred pup.

These popular dogs are sometimes confused with another similar Poodle mix – the Cockapoo. However, the Cockapoo is the crossbreed of a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. Similarly, there is also a Cavapoochon, which is basically a Cavapoo but with added Bichon Frise genes. However, all three mixed dog breeds are different crossbreeds.

Keep in mind that Cavapoos aren’t registered by any major dog kennel club, such as the AKC, FCI, or UKC. This shouldn’t turn you off from getting one of these amazing family dogs. Unlike purebreds, no crossbreed is registered, as creating a breed standard is tricky for a new breed.

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Is A Dog’s Name Important?

Cute fluffy cavapoo puppy lying down

When choosing a Cavapoo name, you might not think it’s too important. In the end, your new dog won’t even know what his name is, right?


There is an entire science behind why it is important to choose the perfect name for your Cavapoo puppy. Sure, you can name these small dogs any way you’d like, but there is a reason some Cavapoo dog names are better than others.

To help you understand this, we’ll explain the science behind choosing the right Cavapoo name and how this will help both you and your pup.

Names Are Essential For Dog Training

adorable cavapoo puppy outdoors on the grass

While everyone wants to express themselves through the Cavapoo name they choose, you need to consider another important thing before choosing what to call your puppy – that names are essential for dog training.

During obedience training, your doggie will hear his name repeatedly, and he’ll learn to respond to it. This is how he’ll learn new commands. In fact, experts agree that dogs learn to recognize their names because they know that something happens right after they hear them.

To make things more clear – a dog will know that his name is a cue for something. Sure, he might not know that the name identifies him, but this might be even more important.

Your Cavapoo will know that he should respond to his name to have good things happen to him. This is why it’s important to choose a name that you can easily repeat over and over again.

The best way to teach your dog to respond to his name is to give him plenty of treats after you call him. Find some dog food he really likes and reward him with it. You might even try some healthy human snacks, such as peppers, tuna, or fish sticks.

Sit next to your Cavapoo and wait until he looks at you. Once he does, call him by his name, then give him his favorite treat. Then, call him when he isn’t looking and give him a treat when he turns. Repeat this until he learns that he’ll get what he wants by responding to his name.

Dogs Prefer Some Sounds Over Others

adorable cavapoo puppy indoor

Not all Cavapoo names sound alike. Some particular sounds will be more pleasant to the dog’s ear, making them respond quicker.

For example, short and choppy sounds will make your dog react, while slow, soothing tones will often be ignored. For example, ‘Buck’ is a much better dog name than ‘Lawrence.’

Many experts agree that having a name with a hard consonant sound, such as K or C, will also help your dog differentiate it from sounds in nature.

However, you need to watch out that your Cavapoo name doesn’t sound too much like a specific command. For example, ‘Kit’ might sound too much like ‘sit.’ This will confuse your dog, making him react inappropriately or stop him from reacting at all.

How Short Is Short Enough?

Cute Cavapoo dog in the house

If you’ve been to a dog show, you’ve probably noticed that most dogs have long, fancy names. This is a common practice for many breeders and exhibitors. In fact, the AKC allows your dog name to have 36 letters, but for an additional $10 fee, this name could be 50 letters long!

The main reason behind this is that breeders want their dogs to stand out from the rest. No one will remember another Misty or Rex. However, name your dog ‘Ch. Warren Remedy,’ and you’ve already got something memorable.

However, this isn’t a useful practice. A dog won’t answer to such a long name. In fact, even such breeders will instruct their dogs using a shorter name (for example, just ‘Warren’).

If you want your dog to respond to his name, you should keep it short and simple. The name should have two syllables, as this will allow you to pronounce it quickly, and it will be different from most commands.

If a name has only one syllable, your dog might get confused. In fact, most dogs will be alerted after the first syllable. However, it is the second one that will set them into action. At the same time, if they miss the first part, the second one will be a clear confirmation.

As we’ve mentioned, sharp-sounding consonants are also a great choice. Stick to letters such as K, D, and P. While you’re saying these letters out loud, they might remind you of the sound a clicker makes. These sounds create a lot of energy and serve as excellent attention grabbers.

According to science, sharp consonants stimulate the pup’s acoustic receptor neurons in the brain. This will make your dog jump into action right away.

Should You Give Your Dog A Human Name?

Cute fluffy cavapoo puppy lying down on a sofa looking sleepy

There is an ongoing debate on whether you should give your pup a human name. In fact, if you look at the list below, you’ll see that most of the names we’ve listed are human names. Is this a good practice?

Some dog trainers believe that by giving your pup a human name, you’ll assign too many human qualities to your Cavapoo. This might lead to you not realizing that you’re subconsciously behaving as if your dog is a human.

However, with how popular this practice is, it seems that this isn’t an issue for most dog lovers. In fact, there is no evidence to support that dogs with human names are more spoiled than dogs with more animal-like names.

Should You Change A Dog’s Name?

Many dog breeders don’t name their litters. However, if you have adopted your Cavapoo from a shelter, chances are he already has an assigned name. Should you change it if you don’t think it’s fitting enough?

Experts from pet insurance companies as well as scientists say: Go for it!

While it might take you a while to teach your Cavapoo puppy that his new name isn’t ‘Fido’ anymore but ‘Charlie,’ he’ll quickly learn to respond to whatever it is you’re calling him. It’s no big deal, even if you change the syllables or the name sounds entirely different.

The main thing you need to do is spend time teaching your pooch to recognize his new name. However, there should be no problems later on – even if the dog you’ve adopted isn’t very young.

Cavapoo Puppy Names

Cavapoos are cute and fluffy dogs, and most Cavapoo names reflect that. In fact, if you look at other popular dog names, you’ll see that there is a difference between naming your Cavapoo or naming your Border Collie, Pitbull, or Irish Setter.

Below is a list of the 30 best dog names for your male Cavapoo and 30 female dog names to choose from.

Female Cavapoo Names

A cute Cavapoo puppy outdoors

If you’re looking for a good name for your lady Cavapoo, here are some popular girl dog names:

1. Abby

2. Annie

3. Bailey

4. Bella

5. Betsie

6. Candy

7. Cassie

8. Cindy

9. Clover

10. Coco

11. Daisy

12. Darla

13. Destiny

14. Ellie

15. Gabby

16. Gigi

17. Harper

18. Hope

19. Ivy

20. Jackie

21. Lady

22. Lola

23. Maddie

24. Missy

25. Poppy

26. Primrose

27. Shelby

28. Tilly

29. Trixie

30. Zoe

Male Cavapoo Names

adorable Cavapoo puppy on the grass

Here are some of the best names for your boy Cavapoo:

1. Adonis

2. Baron

3. Beau

4. Bear

5. Benji

6. Bruno

7. Chico

8. Chuck

9. Dante

10. Duke

11. Eddie

12. Finn

13. George

14. Gus

15. Harry

16. Hugo

17. Jake

18. Jax

19. Kody

20. Leo

21. Luke

22. Miles

23. Ollie

24. Oscar

25. Percy

26. Roscoe

27. Teddy

28. Thor

29. Wilbur

30. Winston

30 Unique Cavapoo Names

happy Cavapoo dog in nature

Photo from: @sir_p_thecavapoo

Not all people like to give their dogs popular names. Some would like to be unique – and with a dog like the Cavapoo, it’s easy to see why.

Here are 30 unique names for your Cavapoo puppy:

1. Iven

2. Weimar

3. Rhine

4. Kiel

5. Alda

6. Curls

7. Bijou

8. Crumpet

9. Fleecy

10. Mocha

11. Shwartz

12. Rusty

13. Milda

14. Della

15. Zelda

16. Gertie

17. Koda

18. Desmond

19. Felipe

20. Noir

21. Rufus

22. Lulu

23. Jax

24. Ziggy

25. Gizmo

26. Kobe

27. Andre

28. Babette

29. Bebe

30. Cosette

30 Food-Inspired Cavapoo Names

mixed -breed puppy of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Here are 30 food-inspired names for your Cavapoo puppy that is so gorgeous you almost want to eat it:

1. Pepper

2. Oreo

3. Biscuit

4. Cookie

5. Peanut

6. Mochi

7. Peaches

8. Bean

9. Taco

10. Pumpkin

11. Cinnamon

12. Pickles

13. Waffles

14. Nacho

15. Basil

16. Muffin

17. Cupcake

18. Coconut

19. Nutmeg

20. Marshmallow

21. Fudge

22. Jelly

23. Nutella

24. Tofu

25. Bagel

26. Miso

27. Sweet Potato

28. Butter

29. Clementine

30. Fig

30 Names For Your Fluffy Cavapoo

brown cavapoo dog panting and sitting in the grass with a red toy

All Cavapoos are cute and fluffy, but some seem to be fluffier than others. Here are some amazing names for your cuddly dog:

1. Lint

2. Snowball

3. Dove

4. Nimbus

5. Stormy

6. Noodle

7. Ringo

8. Taz

9. Shaggy

10. Simba

11. Wookie

12. Scruffy

13. Woolly

14. Ruffles

15. Ewok

16. Chewbacca

17. Fluffy

18. Curly

19. Silky

20. Velvet

21. Grizzly

22. Panda

23. Furball

24. Softy

25. Fuzzy

26. Moose

27. Captain Floof

28. Paddington

29. Bigfoot

30. Beowulf

20 Classic Cavapoo Names You Can’t Go Wrong With

Cavapoo dog resting on the sun at the park

There are also some dog names that you simply can’t go wrong with. These names defy time and dog breed, and they work for just about any puppy.

Here’s what they are:

1. Scooter

2. Scamp

3. Beethoven

4. Lassie

5. Skip

6. Cooper

7. Buck

8. Toto

9. Blue

10. Champ

11. Lucky

12. Rover

13. Scout

14. Fido

15. Duke

16. Charlie

17. Daisy

18. Max

19. Rex

20. Lola

30 Descriptive Cavapoo Names

Cavapoo dog in his bed

Does your Cavapoo have a certain trait that makes him stand out from the rest? Whether behavioral or physical, some features simply have to be a part of your pup’s name! Here are 30 descriptive names you might consider:

1. Spot

2. Patch

3. Blackie

4. Brownie

5. Socks

6. Coffee

7. Cocoa

8. Ginger

9. Bandit

10. Red

11. Scruffy

12. Goldie

13. Tiny

14. Rusty

15. Copper

16. Snow White

17. Angel

18. Wag

19. Joker

20. Joy

21. Sparky

22. Speedy

23. Scamp

24. Glutton

25. Spot

26. Fuzzy

27. Cocoa

28. Happy

29. Kisses

30. Blink

How To Know if You’ve Picked the Right Name

Cavapoo dog sitting on the snow

After all this, how can you be certain you’ve picked the best name possible?

It’s perfectly fine if you want to give your dog an original name. Even a long name is good but just think of a short nickname that your pooch will respond to.

If you’re in doubt, a good idea is to stand in a room and shout out all the Cavapoo names you can think of. Which one rolls off your tongue the easiest? Which one seems the most natural pick?

Which one won’t embarrass you at the local dog park?

In the end, you should always pick a name you love. Your dog’s name should bring you joy and happiness, and you want your dog to respond to it with that same joy. If you’re happy after saying a specific name, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

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