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Reasons Why You Must Own A Mini Cavapoo

Reasons Why You Must Own A Mini Cavapoo

Do you have a big family with a lot of kids around who also happen to be the biggest dog lovers? They just adore puppies, but you are afraid of a dog’s unpredictable nature?

Well, you can put a smile on your face, because we found the perfect dog breed for you!

A Mini Cavapoo is a small breed that will make everyone around you happy!

This is a mixed breed designed for a family, indoor life. The breeders tried to design a puppy out of the best traits of the dog parent breeds – the poodle and the spaniel.

Many big families with small kids own this puppy because it perfectly fits into homes. It easily adapts and learns how to behave around people.

What Is A Mini Cavapoo?

brown mini cavapoo puppy sitting outdoors

Photo from: @cactus_doods

The Mini Cavapoo, also known as Cavoodle, or Cavadoodle, is a designer dog that’s a cross of the Mini poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This interesting mix was designed by breeders who wanted to put together the greatest traits of both of these breeds.

The Cavapoo puppy is a small dog weighing twenty to thirty five pounds. Among the Cavapoo breeds, the Mini Cavapoo is the biggest, which is funny because none of these dogs even qualify as big.

There are also toy Cavapoos and teacup Cavapoos that happen to be even smaller than the Mini one.

Check the Cavapoo growth chart to find out more about these dogs’ size.

Mini Cavapoo puppies are family pets, perfect for your cozy, indoor life. Kids love them because of their toy appearance, but the bond goes both ways! Cavapoo puppies adore kids!

They make a strong bond with their owners and are true companion dogs.

Their teddy bear resemblance and floppy ears give the Cavapoo the ultimate sassy look that makes this breed unique and irresistibly cute.

Mini Cavapoo Parent Breeds

mini cavapoo sitting in the garden

Photo from:

The Cavadoodle is not a purebred dog. It derives from two perfectly combined dog breeds – a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier Spaniel. Each of them is unique in its beauty, calm temper, and intelligence.

Miniature Poodle

The Miniature Poodle comes from the Poodle family. This is a graceful dog breed known for its class. It is widely represented all over the world. The Toy Poodle breed is easily trained since poodles are indeed highly intelligent dogs.

This is maybe one of the most popular dog breeds in various dog contests and it has also been AKC registered for a very long period of time.

One of the reasons the Poodle breed is often mixed with other breeds is that their physical look is pretty low maintenance. Even though they have long, curly hair which is their ultimate trait, their coat is low-shedding.

Grooming is not recommended more than two times a month.

Mini Poodles are fifteen inches tall at most and they weigh up to fifteen pounds. Even though this is a small dog too, a Poodle’s life expectancy is around ten to eighteen years.

Their distinguished physical features are what the successors – Mini Cavapoos – inherited.

The poodle breed is a favorable one for cross-breeding. The main reason is their trainability trait. That is why we have designer dogs like goldendoodles, or labradoodles all around the world.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier Spaniel originates from Britain and is also categorized as a toy breed. It is also an AKC registered dog breed.

This tri-color puppy is known for its various coat colors, such as ruby, brown, white, tan, or black. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a playful and extremely social dog.

Even though it belongs to a small dog breed, the Cavalier Spaniel’s temperament is fearless and its energy level is high. You can always find them running around the house and entertaining themselves.

The house and an indoor life is just not sufficient for their playful nature.

The Cavalier Spaniel’s weight is up to eighteen pounds and they are around twelve inches tall. Its coat is silky and smooth, a little shorter than the Poodles’. They are also less likely to shed, so their grooming process is low maintenance.

Cavapoo Puppies – Heart-Melting In Their Appearance

three mini cavapoo puppies sitting outdoors

Photo from: @cactus_doods

When you first look at the Cavadoodle puppy, I bet a big, heart-melting smile will be your first reaction! That’s just the way it is.

You simply can’t be neutral about the Cavapoo puppy.

This teddy-bear-like little pup appears in many different colors. However, the most frequently represented are apricot, cream, and white. The Cavoodle has a round face with cute, floppy ears. They are low-shedding dogs with medium-long, curly hair.

They are kind dogs that have a great relationship with kids. Families easily attach to this cute little puppy and their bond is as strong as it can possibly get.

The fact that Cavadoodles are adored by their parents revolves around the fact that you can find numerous Cavapoo printed accessories available on Amazon.

The cavapoo breeders emphasize the quality of the Cavoodle’s coat, which is a trait inherited from its parent – a mini poodle.

The Cavapoo’s Adorable Temper

cute mini cavapoo dog lying on a terrace

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If you had any previous doubts about the Cavapoo dog’s temperament, do not worry! The Cavapoo puppies are indeed as adorable as they appear. This is one of the rarest dog breeds that has this fact working in its favor.

We can say that the Cavoodle puppy boasts the best traits of both of its parents. This puppy enjoys an indoor life and cuddling has a special place in its heart.

It is very affectionate and attached to the family, so it won’t be a problem if the Cavapoo puppy spends the entire day within the walls of your cozy home!

On the other hand a trait inherited from a spaniel dog breed is playfulness. Your new puppy enjoys various activities and games. Its natural intelligence makes the game even more entertaining and fun.

They easily learn new stuff and always seek new ways to entertain themselves.

In the following parts of the article find out everything about the Cavapoo behavior!

Cavapoo’s Behavior

This mixed breed is easily adaptable and not at all a territorial dog. They do not have problems with changing their habitat, even though they share great amounts of love to their puppy home and family.

Since this is a smaller size puppy, sometimes it feels threatened by a big breed and becomes uncomfortable. This is a trait mostly inherited from the poodle, since the Cavalier Spaniel often acts bravely in these kinds of situations.

Their barking is their alert sign when in danger. However, they bark because they want attention and feel ignored by their parents, too.

Mini Cavapoos in their adult age can endure 6-8 hours of being left alone in the house. However, their clingy nature can be triggered if left longer than that. These cute little canines can suffer severe separation anxiety, so beware!

Is The Cavapoo Breed Aggressive?

mini cavapoo puppy in the yard

Photo from: @cactus_doods

Absolutely and one hundred percent NO! The Cavapoo breed is not aggressive at all. They are rather friendly and affectionate puppies. It’s a trait that originates from their dog parents – the Cavalier Spaniel and the Poodle.

In fact, all the poodle mixes are commonly an easy-going breed with zero aggressiveness in their behavior.

If you have friends that frequently come over to your house, you should know that this designer dog breed will welcome them in the best way possible. This is not a territorial dog and it will happily share its home with anyone, especially with kids!

However, if your Cavadoodle puppy shows slight aggressiveness, there must be a good reason for that! It is probably because they sense a potential threat and feel alarmed. This will be a good reason to react and protect your puppy!

Mini Cavapoo – A Perfect Dog For Kids

The Cavoodle lifespan is characterized by being a family dog. This is the only way they know how to live, because the Mini Cavapoo does not do well in herds, or in a wild life.

The Cavapoos are recommended for developing the social skills of your kids too. They are good companions and their presence around kids who struggle with socialization can be of huge importance!

There are cases where these little puppies helped kids who suffer from autism to improve their overall state of being. Cavapoos sense all types of emotions and could be a good detector of human behavior.

This trait shows Mini Cavapoos’ gentle side. All family dogs, in their essence, feel happiness and sadness equally. The Cavadoodle buddies will do anything to cheer you up if you’re feeling down and this is why they are true friends to humans.

Mini Cavapoo Health Issues

mini cavapoo at vet sitting on an examination table

Photo from: @cactus_doods

In essence, mini Cavapoo puppies are healthy dogs with a long life expectancy. Out of other Cavapoo breeds, they usually live the most. However, there are some slight health problems they might come across.

Allergy sufferers

Although Mini Cavapoos are, by default, hypoallergenic, there might be times when they suffer from allergies. For instance, a dander allergy can occur in a shedding period.

However, the Cavapoo puppies come from a Poodle family which is known for its hypoallergenic nature.

Most of the time, your Mini Cavapoo will not experience this issue at all considering its low-shedding nature. This is especially the case in those mixes where the percentage of the poodle genes is slightly higher than the genes of Cavalier Spaniel.

However, if they still develop an allergic reaction, the regular check of your vet would suffice.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is often related to big dog breeds. However, the Cavapoos can suffer from hip dysplasia too. It is a condition usually inherited from their dog ancestor – the poodle.

It represents the disease of hip joints grinding against each other. It causes pain and walking difficulties.

Hip dysplasia is not that hard to detect – if you see your puppy having difficulties running or jumping, that might be it.

This condition is often detected in the early stages of a Mini Cavapoo’s life, so be careful when picking a breeder. You should definitely avoid unverified or shady breeders!

The Cavapoo Interesting Facts

mini cavapoo puppy looking into camera indoors

Photo from: @conkledoodlepoos

The Cavapoo Was Originally Crossbred For Allergy Suffering People

The Cavapoo puppy dates back to the 1950s. This crossbreed was designed with the goal of creating a dog breed with low-shedding traits to suit people who suffered from allergies. It turned out to be the perfect choice for families too.

The Cavoodles Are Excellent therapy dogs

Their social and kind temper helps people who suffer from depression and anxiety. The Cavapoos nature revolves around their dog parents and they have a strong ability to sense different types of emotions.

Cavadoodles Enjoy Music

The Cavapoo puppies can be subjected to routine and are used to voices. When left alone, dog shows and music helps them relax! Otherwise, they feel abandoned and suffer from separation anxiety. The Cavapoo does not enjoy deep silence!


If you are seeking a family dog that gets along with kids, a Mini Cavapoo is a must have puppy in your home! They are kind and gentle little fellows that inherited the best traits of both of their dog parents.

They do not demand a lot of maintenance as their coat is extremely low-shedding.

They enjoy both an indoor and outdoor life! The Cavapoo intelligence will never cease to amaze you.

If you enjoy spending some quality time playing various games with a puppy – do not hesitate! Go to the nearest certified breeder and get one of these beautiful canines.