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5 Excellent Red Nose Pitbull Breeders From The USA

5 Excellent Red Nose Pitbull Breeders From The USA

Have you heard of Red Nose Pitbulls or Blue Nose Pitbulls? If you haven’t, here is the opportunity to learn more because we are going to search for Red Nose breeders from the USA.

But, before we do that, we will give a small introduction on the Red Nose Pitbull.

A long time ago, Red Nose Pitbulls were called Old Family Dogs. They came to us from the lovely green island of Ireland.

The first thing that should be clear is that a Pitbull is not a distinctive breed you will find in the registers of the American Kennel Club (AKC), but rather, an umbrella term for many breeds.

Ancestors of these breeds were probably pets of Shakespeare’s Hamlet or something… they are that old. With careful breeding, today, we have many breeds with different traits, and one of them is the Red Nose Pitbull.

Let’s see where we can find him!

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Red Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale In USA

Here are five reputable breeders that specialize in producing this lovely variation of the Pitbull dog.

All of them are raising only one variation, and they are good at what they do. Let’s check them out!

1. Bryant’s Red Devils (Georgia)

close shot of Red Nose Pitbull

Bryant stands for a family name here, and we all know that every family has its tradition and its past.

The same is with these Red Nose Pitbull breeders from Georgia, who are following the famous line of preserving the past and transferring the fire of desire to breed outstanding bloodlines.

So, let’s see what they are about!

A Bit About Them

It is an old family business here, and by that, I mean that these dog breeders are trying to preserve the old family red nose lines.

To succeed in their goal, they cooperate with breeders who have the same goal in mind – to breed male and female red nose Pitbulls with outstanding quality.

What does the American Pitbull Terrier look like? Many people are not sure about this so they confuse a lot of breeds with a Pitbull breed because there are so many dogs that look like Pitbulls.

But, at Bryant’s Red Devils, they are well aware of the perfect appearance of the Red Nose Pitbull, so there, you will find dogs that are athletic and muscular, and selected carefully. So, let’s see how they do it!

The Way They Breed

Jennifer and Mike have been producing the best guard dogs for us for twenty years. And, they are not the only ones because there is a whole list of Red Nose Pitbull breeders they are cooperating with, and who have the same mission.

They don’t skip any steps. These dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), and the ADBA, with the title of Grand Champion Red Nose in the genetic background.

They are serious about this process, and they don’t go big on it. This means only one litter a year, and if we are lucky, there might be two.

So, what do they aim for?

They aim for sound temperament because any kind of Pitbull like the American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier is a breed that needs a quality socialization to make them socially adaptive.

They also aim for gameness to make them the ultimate Pitbulls.

How To Buy

If you want to buy one, you have made a great decision because you have chosen a beautiful dog, with a great temperament, conformation, very smart top working ability, and also a lifetime companion family pet.

All of this is important so that your Pitbull’s lifespan will be as long as possible.

So, if you are ready for your purchase, prepare a $500 deposit and wait for the call. That is for the reservation of the puppy.

And, once you get the call, you will have to prepare $2200 to pick a puppy and get it shipped or come to pick it up when it is seven weeks of age.

Bryant’s Red Devils Breeders’ Details

Breeders Name: Jennifer Bryant

Location: Adairsville, Georgia

Phone: +14703130633

Email: [email protected]

Website: Bryant’s Red Devils

Facebook: Bryant’s Red Devils

Instagram: Bryant’s Red Devils

2. Real Deal Chocolates (Florida)

Red Nose Pitbull looking up

As the name suggests, if you want a real deal when it comes to Red Nose Pitbull purchasing, then Real Deal Chocolates should be your cup of tea.

They are putting some real effort into the process, and it shows results – we have some serious Red Nose Pitbull breeders to talk about here.

Let’s see what they are all about!

A Bit About Them

If you were wondering what they are about, then let me tell you more.

They are always striving to upgrade the Pitbull dog breeds, and they have their support in the buyers and owners of their dogs.

They are going for some competition titles, and the results are more than good. Every accomplishment is more than significant.

It is no wonder why so many want these dogs for family companions.

Maybe you would like a champagne Pitbull or a black and white, blue fawn, blue, or gray Pitbull. I don’t know… you will have to ask these breeders, but before you do, let’s get to know them a little bit better.

The Way They Breed

They are definitely people who set the bar high when it comes to APBT breeding.

The first thing here is a breeding ethic, and then everything else falls into place.

And, if you were wondering what their aim is in breeding, let me tell you that it is drive and producing the best athletic dogs.

They want to be at the top of the task, and that means producing dogs that will be able to compete against the best in their niche.

Their puppies have all papers like those that prove medical procedures that the dog has passed, an Official Health Certificate, and an RDC Health Record.

Constant improvement is on their mind so when it comes to Bully breeding, then this program is one of the top programs.

This is why the cost of one of their puppies is $2000.

They are very helpful, and if you have any questions, they will be more than eager to share their expertise if you reach out to them.

How To Buy

The first thing is to reserve a puppy, and you can do this by filling out an application form. You will know that you have done it when the feedback email comes to you.

Then, you have to prepare $350 for the deposit in order to finish this part of the process.

You will know that your puppy has arrived in this world because they post pictures of their newborn Pitties on their page.

After three weeks, you will be able to check out the individual puppies.

By the seventh week, these dogs will have gone through some basic checkups. They will have been given their vaccines, tested for worms, and will be starting to have some individual traits that make them distinctive.

At seven weeks of age, the future owner must decide if he is going to purchase the dog or not. And, if he decides to purchase, he will have to pick the puppy up or get it shipped for $500.

You also have to take care of all the supplies that are necessary for the trip (crates, bed, bowls, harness, and training collars).

Real Deal Chocolates Breeders’ Details

Breeders Name: Elisabeth

Location: Lake City, Florida

Phone: +13523188161

Email: [email protected]

Website: Real Deal Chocolates

Facebook: Real Deal Chocolates

3. Northland Pits (Wisconsin)

Red Nose Pitbull sitting outiside

With the tradition that had its beginnings in 2002, Northland Pits definitely has something to say about the topic of Red Nose Pitbull breeding.

Red Nose American Pitbull Terriers are their thing for sure, and now they will share some knowledge with us, and we will see what they are all about.

A Bit About Them

Located in lovely Wisconsin, these breeders are worth the countryside trip.

They are doing it all by procedure so they have a license for their kennel.

And, their kennel is the place where the magic happens.

What you will find here are awesome working dogs that are not just awesome workers, but also perfectly-looking family companions.

And, why are they perfectly looking? Because these dogs really look good… they are beautiful at sight, and that is one of the aims these breeders have.

What their dogs are excellent at is weight pulling and hog catching.

I don’t know if there is someone who is still into dog fighting (not to mention the ugly idea of a bait dog), but these breeders are definitely not, and they emphasize that it is not acceptable at all to use their dogs for anything that is illegal.

The Way They Breed

The first thing you should know is that their pups come with all the UKC registrations. And, if you were wondering whether these dogs have gone through a medical examination – yes, they have, and they have a health guarantee to prove it.

All of these dogs are microchipped and vet checked.

They are striving to produce and raise dogs that will suit you and be well adjusted to a family.

I know it seems a bit odd at first glance, but Pitbulls, Bulldogs, and American Bully dogs can be great family pets.

On their webpage, you can see that most of the dogs that are being bred are brindle dogs.

All in all, what they are trying to achieve is creating a purebred dog that will have few health problems.

Their goal is to avoid health issues that are common, such as hip dysplasia, for example.

How To Buy

If you are thinking of getting one of their dogs, it is time to check out their page and choose which one you want.

You will also need to prepare a deposit of $500, while the total price will cost you $2000.

If you decide to purchase, then you will have to wait for a month and a half for your newborn puppy to arrive at your home.

Prepare some dog food for kibble, a nice and comfy bed, a crate, a harness, some toys, and a blanket. Later on, you might need a shock collar for your Pitbull.

All in all, at this Pitbull kennel, you will get yourself a dog from fine Pitbull bloodlines and with powerful jaws.

Northland Pits Breeders’ Details

Location: Augusta, Wisconsin

Phone: +7152100723

Website: Northland Pits

4. Anchor Chain Kennel (Missouri)

Red Nose Pitbull lying outisde

Do you know the devotion they have at Anchor Chain Kennel in Missouri? Definitely, their devotion is producing top of the line Red Nose American Pitbull Terriers, connecting the past with the present.

They are awarding themselves with the title of “home of the finest line bred Red Nosed APBTs”. Oh… such a lovely title. Let’s find out more.

A Bit About Them

They take their job as a mission… a mission of preserving the old and pure bloodlines of Red Nose Pitbulls.

These Red Nose Pitbull breeders are definitely worth a check.

You can contact them via their website form or their phone number, email, or even Facebook page.

This mission that they have is to present us with a dog that is a true sight.

Since all dogs are of old lines, you will find the connection between ancestors and descendants. But, I will tell you a bit about that a bit later.

You can be sure that these dogs are so versatile that they will be able to show themselves in conformation, as guardians, and as family pets.

But, the best performance they give is as a working dog where they will show you how good they are in weight pulling, how determined they are, and how high of a drive they have.

The Way They Breed

You can be sure that they aim for the best when it comes to breeding. Here, you will find dogs that have Grand Champion Purple Ribbon-Bred bloodlines.

Since they are cooperating with the Old Family Reds and Hemphill/Wallace foundations, you can be sure that these breeders are not fooling around with their mission.

Their mission is to continue the line of fine dogs, which is why I have already said that their pups are similar in appearance to their ancestors.

This means that they inherit green or goldish-colored eyes, a muscled body, heavy bones, and reddish coat hair.

The other and more important aim in breeding than for looks is the personality of the dog.

Here, you will find a dog that has a sound temperament, a dog that is smart, a dog that is good in conformation, and a dog that is agile.

How To Buy

As in many other places, if you want a puppy, then you will have to make a deposit of $450.

They are one of those Red Nose Pitbull breeders who will post pictures of a new litter so you can track the situation and choose your pup.

You will see those pups at two weeks of age, at four weeks of age, and at six weeks of age.

You have to make your decision about purchasing when the pup is at six weeks of age or earlier.

There is no puppy application – you just have to call or send an email in order to gather some information about their dogs.

You will have to prepare $3,500 or more for a puppy.

This price includes shots, a health guarantee, registration, and all the rest of the necessary papers.

There is also the possibility of shipping if you are not able to come and pick up the puppy personally.

This will cost you $550 or $750 more, plus the nanny for the transport.

Anchor Chain Kennel Breeders’ Details

Breeders Name: Charles Adams

Location: Farmington, Missouri

Phone: +13146065840

Email: [email protected]

Website: Anchor Chain Kennel

Facebook: Anchor Chain Kennel

5. Southern Inferno Kennels (Georgia)

Red Nose Pitbull posing for camera

Even though the name sounds utterly intimidating and not a place you would want to be, it is actually a lovely place full of love and devotion to these intimidating, yet lovely animals.

What is their aim at Southern Inferno Kennels? Well, we can definitely say that they are one of the Red Nose Pitbull breeders who are fully devoted to preserving the American Pitbull Terrier for the future just as he was in the past.

Let’s check if they are succeeding in their aim.

A Bit About Them

What do you think is the most important goal with these Red Nose Pitbull breeders? They claim that it is the well-being, happiness, and joyfulness of their doggos.

And, it seems to be true because you can see how devoted they are to producing high-quality dogs that will thrive, and how hard they try to keep the bloodline of this dog high-quality, too.

That is why they need the right owner for their dogs who will also be able to put extra attention into the right approach and training, and give his dog the care that he needs.

The Way They Breed

You won’t find quantity at this kennel because they are directed in achieving quality, and quality must be the focus if you want to also achieve it.

This means that in order to fully devote to your dogs, you can’t have many litters at once, or many in a year.

That is why these people are trying to give all their attention to the present puppies that are going to be presented for sale.

You will find a dog that has a high drive, and that is very smart, and he needs an equally smart owner to handle him.

What they aim for in breeding is great temperament, structure, and soundness. They also aim to produce excellent working dogs.

And, they are working with some reputable bloodlines of Hemphill/Wilder, OFRN, and Chavis blood.

This also means that you will find a catch dog here, and one that is specialized in catching wild boar.

How To Buy

If you have decided to purchase one of these Pitbulls, you will first have to fill out a puppy application.

You will then need to put down a deposit of $400, but before you do that, they will ask you to contact them so they can inform you a bit more about the breed and its requirements.

And, if you think that they will sell you a pup just like that, you are wrong. They want to make sure that you are the right kind of person for such a task.

If you are not able to come and pick up the dog personally, they can ship it to you. But, they prefer a personal approach.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for your new friend. Set everything up – a dog bed, collars, a crate, a blanket, a brush (Pitbulls shed), bowls, and some good Pitbull dog food and just wait for that sweet call.

Southern Inferno Kennels Breeders’ Details

Breeders Name: Dave

Location: Georgia

Phone: +7062546087

Email: [email protected]

Website: Southern Inferno Kennels

Facebook: Southern Inferno Kennels

YouTube: Southern Inferno Kennels


All of these Red Nose Pitbull breeders are giving it their all to preserve the true Pitbull spirit in the bloodlines they raise.

This includes careful selection of the lineage, a lot of medical and genetic examinations, vet checkups, cooperating with other respective breeders, and careful selection of buyers.

I hope that this article will ease your journey of finding the perfect breeder who will provide you with your future furry friend.

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