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Black And White Pitbull: A Sweet Dog That Breaks Stereotypes

Black And White Pitbull: A Sweet Dog That Breaks Stereotypes

Although bad publicity tells the opposite, Pitbulls are a dog breed that’s very loved and appreciated by dog lovers all over the world. They’re smashing and adorable thanks to their lovely coat color and the cutest Pittie smile ever!

Pitbulls come in a variety of coat colors, but today, we’ll be talking about a very handsome one – the black and white Pitbull.

Black and white Pitbulls are normal Pitbulls with a specific coat color. Still, they’re not as rare as you might think. Most Pitbulls have a dominant black shade in their genes.

What makes these dogs so special, besides their incredibly good looks, is their even lovelier personality.

Let’s talk about how great the black and white Pitbull is and, once and for all, break stereotypes!

What Is A Black And White Pitbull?

Black And White Pitbull lying in his bed

Photo from:@panda_cow_the_pit

A black and white Pitbull is a Pitbull with a black and white coat. The combination can be either black with white specks or white with black specks. Usually, these dogs sport a black and white coat that’s black everywhere but on the chest, where there’s a huge white spot.

When we talk about Pitbull colors, we usually go over major coat color variations like dogs with red and blue noses. A black and white Pitbull is just somewhere in between an all-black and all-white Pitbull coat.

Another marking that’s quite recognizable is the even marks of black and white all over the body.

The black and white Pitbull is a Pitbull dog like all the others, but a teensy bit more charming than any other dog.

Black And White Pitbull Appearance

cute black and white pitbull

A black and white Pitbull looks like a normal Pitbull, but it only sports a lovely two-colored coat.

This Pittie also has a smooth, short, and glossy coat. They’re very muscular due to their active nature. They have sharp-looking eyes and pointy ears. However, the nose color depends on the genetic make-up.

As we already mentioned, black and white Pitbull coats can either be white specks, small or large on a black background, or black specks on a white background. There isn’t a rule about the ratio of black and white on the coat. It all depends on the parents’ genes.

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Are White Pitbulls Rare? Are Black And White Pitbulls Common?

beautiful White Pitbull standing by the pool

Photo from:@nuxpup

Although you may think they’re rare because of their wonderful appearance, black and white Pitbulls aren’t that hard to find. Many Pitbull breeds, as well as Pitbull mix dogs, sport a black and white coat. Usually, the American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers have such coats.

What is rare are the blue coats and white Pitbull dogs. Also, tri-colored Pitbulls are becoming popular these days, even though they’re very rare.

Are Black And White Pitbulls With Blue Eyes Possible?

Absolutely! Black and white Pitbulls can have blue eyes. In fact, any Pitbull can have blue eyes because they may have an eye pigmentation due to the parents’ recessive genes. However, usually pure white Pitbulls have blue eyes.

Many Pitbulls are, in fact, born with natural blue eyes. However, when they begin to grow, the melanin state changes and the blue color disappears with time.

The melanin pigmentation is also responsible for pure white coats and red noses. It’s more likely to see a blue-eyed Pitbull with an all-white coat.

What you shouldn’t do is buy a puppy based on the eye color because it’s susceptible to change.

Today, there is a debate whether blue-eyed Pitties are desirable or not. Many breeders prefer the blue, but many of them are against it.

Differences Between A Black And White Pitbull And Pitbulls

Black And White Pitbull lying outdoors

Photo from:@panda_cow_the_pit

A black and white Pitbull is different from other color options. Some Pitbulls can have brindle, brown, solid black, white, or a red color. Black and white Pitbulls have a two-color combination.

The biggest difference between this color variety and other coat colors is in the parents’ genetic make-up. If a puppy inherits both dominant color genes, there’s a big chance it will be born black and white.

Recessive traits are defined by pure white coats, which is quite a rare case in Pitbulls.

Another difference between the black and white Pitbull and other Pitbulls is the location of their specks and marks. White-colored specks are usually seen on the chest, while the others have white marks that spread to the face.

Black and white Pitbulls, especially those with black as the dominant color, are usually marked as aggressive. This can be traced way back to the days when they were used as fighting dogs. This is absolutely a stereotype and has nothing to do with the dog’s nature.

Aggressive behavior is triggered by outside sources and cannot be related to a dog’s coat color. Also, training affects dog behavior the most.

Black And White American Pitbull Terrier: Does The AKC Accept Other Pitbulls?

XXL American bully enjoying the sun in a field

Only two Pitbull breeds that sport a black and white coat are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Those dogs are the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

However, the AKC doesn’t recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bully, but the United Kennel Club (UKC) does.

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a solid body, a short coat, and a well-defined smooth musculature. They’re powerful and athletic.

These Terrier puppies come in a variety of coat colors and patterns, except merle. Thus, an American Pit Bull Terrier with a black and white coat is absolutely acceptable.

American Staffordshire Terriers

The American Staffordshire Terrier, otherwise known as the AmStaff, is a bulky and muscular dog. It can be as tall as 18 to 19 inches at the shoulders.

Black and white AmStaffs are very common, especially those with black and white patches on the chest. This is a result of the breed’s genetic mixing. Originally, these pups come from the English Staffordshire Terriers.

US-based breeding made them larger than the English Staffies. The breed, as well as the black and white coat, were recognized by the AKC in 1936.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Staffordshire Bull Terriers or Staffies are the smaller versions of AmStaffs. They can stand tall at 14 to 16 inches, which is a bit shorter than the AmStaff.

Also, they’re lighter than the American Staffordshire Terrier and weigh only 31,5 pounds.

As for their appearance, they have similar jaws, eyes, and bodies as the American ones, but they’re generally smaller.

The Black and white color combination is common and accepted by the AKC.

American Bully

The American Bully is the bulkiest of the Pitbull breeds and the most muscular. However, they have short legs, making them smaller than the AmStaff and the Staffy.

A Bully can reach 13 to 21 inches in height. It’s the heaviest of them all, ranging from 70 to 120 pounds.

The AKC accepts all Bully colors, except merle.

American Bullies can usually be seen sporting a black and white coat.

Black and White Pitbull Genetics

Black and white pitbull

The black and white colors in Pitbulls are the result of dominant genetic traits. Most dogs of this breed will carry the same coat characteristics. A recessive trait is the white color and blue eyes.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a pure white Pitbull.

When breeding Pitbulls, it’s most likely you’ll end up with a black and white puppy. It is recommended to breed two healthy black parents. Since the dominant trait is obvious from both parents, the litter may result in the same color as the female and male Pitbull.

The hardest thing to predict is where those white markings will be. Some puppies won’t even show white markings if the dominant trait is too strong.

Usually, black and white puppies have white patches on their chest, which sometimes extends to the dog’s face.

Black And White Spotted Pitbull Temperament And Personality

spotted pitbull

Pitbulls have a notoriously bad reputation. Back in the day, they were used as fighting dogs, which made them look aggressive and hardheaded.

Many people stereotype black Pitbulls, assuming they will be aggressive and more likely to bite. However, this is just a myth that’s been busted recently.

There are no valid claims that support a link between aggressive behavior and coat color.

In fact, Pitbulls are one of the most loving dog breeds ever! They’re excellent guard dogs, very loving, and affectionate to pet owners. Their urge to protect their family is strong, making them one of the best dogs any dog lover could ask for.

If you give them proper socialization, Pitbulls can be excellent in dealing with kids as well as with other dogs and puppies.

Pitbulls are athletic dogs, so be ready for some extensive training and long runs.

Black And White Pitbull Health Issues

beautiful Black And White American Pitbull

Photo from:@panda_cow_the_pit

Just like the Poodle, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, and many more, the Pitbull isn’t a 100% healthy animal. No animal is! There are always some health issues dogs are prone to.

Since black and white Pitbulls are athletic dogs, they need a huge amount of physical exercise. This breed tends to live longer, with an average lifespan of 11 to 14 years. Compared to other dog breeds, this is quite long!

Still, don’t think your Pittie might not show signs of any illnesses. Here are the most common health issues and how to spot them:

• Hip dysplasia is a hereditary disease that results in improper hip placement. It can lead to tremendous pain and difficulty in movement.

Thyroid problems are a common issue for Pitbulls. Thyroid problems can lead to significant weight gain and create numerous skin issues due to hormonal deficiencies. Also, it can lead to unwarranted aggression as well as mood changes for the dog. To detect thyroid issues, you should have your vet run blood tests and some screening procedures.

• Cataracts are common with Staffordshire Terriers due to their genetic make-up. As soon as you notice your dog has vision problems, you should visit the ophthalmologist. Cataracts are either hereditary or developed over time. Surgery is a must to remove this issue.

Heart problems are deadly and must be detected as early as possible. They’re responsible for many Pitbull deaths. To catch them early, go for regular vet checkups.

Black And White Pitbull Puppy Price

A black and white Pitbull can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500. Getting a Pitbull puppy from a champion bloodline means you’ll have to pay out almost $10,000! That’s quite a number.

Compared to other Pitbull colors, the black and white Pitbull is somewhere in the middle cost-wise. The most expensive ones are tri color Pitbulls with an incredible price range from $2,000 to $20,000! Red noses are also rare and can even cost $2,000 more!

The rarest Pitbull color is the one with a bluenose and blue coat color. They also cost a pretty penny, $3,000 or more!

Always keep in mind that purebred puppies with a champion bloodline will cost more.

Black And White Pitbull Puppies For Sale

Black And White Pitbull Puppy

Photo from:@maijor179.954kennels3kfla

When it comes to finding Pitbull puppies, there are three sources, some of which aren’t the best of choices.

You can always find a Pitbull puppy in a puppy mill or buy one from a backyard breeder. But, how ethical is this? To put it in other words, why would you buy from someone who only cares about profit and not about the dog’s health?

Puppy mills are, basically, a dog factory. People who run them don’t do health screenings or care about the dogs’ health. They only serve for a quick transaction.

The other source, backyard breeders, have zero to no experience in raising pitbull puppies. They act irresponsibly by having their dog breed multiple times without being spayed or neutered.

These people only want to remove the responsibility of additional dog care, hence why they sell the puppies.

The source you should always use when buying a puppy is a reputable breeder. These people have at least some experience in the industry and are licensed by the AKC to operate.

Here are some Pitbull sources that might have the Pitbull for you!

American Kennel Club Marketplace

The AKC Marketplace has the best offers in Pitbull breeding and caring. All breeders listed here are reputable and provide health certificates as well as certificates for their efficiency and hard work.

For a breeder to be listed here, full AKC certification and requirements are a must. Meaning, only the best of the best will be listed on the AKC Marketplace. Sure, these pups may be on the pricier end, but you’ll be 100% sure you’ve got yourself a healthy Pittie.

The biggest downside? They don’t recognize the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT), so don’t expect to find one here.

Bossy Kennels

Bossy Kennels is probably the most trusted breeder, locally and internationally. They have a huge collection of differently-coated Pitbulls, as well as rare blue noses. Check also some other reputable Blue Nose Pitbull breeders.

The Incredibullz

The Incredibullz is a privately-owned kennel operated by the United Kennel Club and American Bully Kennel Club.

They’ve been in the market for over a decade now, building a good reputation and proving their worth. Only top-notch Pitbulls are featured on their website.

How To Adopt A Black and White Pitbull

black and white pitbull (1)

Buying from a reputable breeder isn’t your only chance for getting a Pitbull puppy, especially if money’s a bit tight. Adopting is always an option. Many shelters and rescue centers carry Pitbulls. If you can’t find one sometimes, just wait. Eventually, a Pitbull will pop up on the radar.

Try checking out the most popular Pitbull shelters and rescue centers.

PAWS Adopt a Pitbull

PAWS is a non-profit organization. It focuses on rescuing and finding new homes for Pitbulls. It’s a reliable and trustworthy website for adopting a Pittie.

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Pit Bull Rescue Central or PBRC is a virtual shelter for Pitbulls. They have listings for dogs that are up for adoption.

The group’s goal is to end cruelty to dogs, especially to Pitbulls, by giving them forever homes where they’ll be happy and safe. Definitely check out this website if you’re planning to adopt a Pitbull.

Where Can I Get My Pitbull Ears Cropped?

We’ll tell you exactly where, just wait.


It’s a needless and painful medical procedure that serves only to make these poor pups look more dangerous. Unfortunately, many people believe Pitbulls are dangerous; thus, they crop their ears to make them look more ferocious.

Did you know that cropping was once done to prevent other dogs from biting them during dog fights? Terrible!

This practice is absolutely unethical and should be banned once and for all.

Final Thoughts

black and white Pitbull dog sitting outdoors

Photo from:@maybach__bentley

A black and white Pitbull is a charming dog that will knock you off your feet once you meet him. This breed might look tough and aggressive, but their nature is wonderful and their hearts are as soft as a marshmallow!

Give a Pitbull love and respect, and you’ll have the best friend you could ask for.

A future dog owner must always know that saving up some cash and buying from a notable breeder is a whole lot better than getting just any Pitbull. You’ll need a healthy and happy puppy to live a long life as your sidekick.

We hope the stereotypes you may have believed about the black and white Pitbull have been broken. Now, what will you name your new black and white Pittie? Bark back some ideas!

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Black And White Pitbull A Sweetheart That Breaks Stereotypes