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Best Dog Breeders In North Carolina: 14 Amazing Breeders

Best Dog Breeders In North Carolina: 14 Amazing Breeders

Are you looking for the best dog breeders in North Carolina but trying to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders who only thrive for quantity?

In this article, we will offer you a respectable choice of prominent breeders from this state. Feel free to take a look.

On this list you will find both hobby breeders and those who have made breeding a profession. But, they have one thing in common. Their huge love for dogs. And their wish to contribute to their chosen breed.

There are a variety of different breeds on our list. We’ve put in effort to find something for everybody. There are both small dogs and big ones here, and they all come in many different colors. Enjoy!

Puppies For Sale In North Carolina

I do not yet know what the situation in South Carolina is, but there are plenty of choices in North Carolina. Well, when it comes to choosing quality breeders at least.

Here is the list of a few high quality breeders who do their job ethically and transparently. I hope it will be of help.

Top 14 Best Dog Breeders In North Carolina

1. Doodles Of NC

Let’s meet one of the best dog breeders in North Carolina, Doodles of NC, they breed Goldendoodles. They are fully “dedicated to raising healthy, happy puppies from the heart of their home”.

You can find them in Burlington, which is a place not too far away from Chapel Hill or Greensboro and Raleigh.

They started breeding for the love of the breed. F-1B Goldendoodles have a perfect combination of Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle traits. This means smartness, obedience, loyalty, calmness, and affection.

Their first breeding dog, Bella, is now a teacher for puppies. She teaches new puppies to behave well, to socialize, and how to play. That is a special trait of their breeding program.

Dogs live in their family environment. Their aim is to raise a Doodle with outstanding appearance and amazing health. They already have great temperaments and are so good with small kids.

What You Get In The Package

You will find Mini Goldendooles here and you will have to pay $3400 for one. The price is the same for a Medium Goldendoodle puppy. They require a meeting with potential buyers. These people want to make a perfect puppy-human match.

For their first eight weeks, the puppy stays with the breeders, but they send you videos and pictures of him regularly. And they will make a profile of the dog during this time to ease your first encounter and life together later.

You will get veterinary records with registered vaccinations and dewormings.

All puppies pass an early neurological stimulation, which is beneficial for their development. They also pass a puppy culture training program, which teaches them to learn skills such as problem solving, stress response, and other skills they need for a happy life.

He will bring his blanket, food, L.L.Bean tote bag, and support for a lifetime.

And, if you are not able to come and pick up your new dog, they offer personal delivery.

Doodles Of NC Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Goldendoodle

Location: Burlington, North Carolina, USA

Phone: +19199436112

Email: [email protected]

Website: Doodles Of NC

Facebook: Doodles Of NC

Instagram: Doodles Of NC

YouTube: Doodles Of NC

2. Absolutely Pampered Poodles

Second on our list of the best dog breeders in North Carolina, are breeders of Standard Poodles. And they are almost spoiling them with all the pampering and attention they give to them. They take special care of their puppies’ appearance, especially with their Poodle haircuts.

If you want to get yourself one of these AKC and CKC registered puppies, you better contact these breeders quickly. You will need a reservation. So, open up an application and fill in what is needed.

What You Get In The Package

Now is the best time to contact them, because they only breed in fall and winter. And their dogs all have health guarantees for hereditary diseases and are all found to be healthy.

Their puppies are vaccinated and come to their new home with their blanket, food, and collar. And, their tails are docked. You will have to pay $2100 for an animal.

They also offer delivery but you will have to pay additionally for this service.

Absolutely Pampered Poodles Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Standard Poodle

Location: PO Box 371, McLeansville, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27301

Phone: +3365413765

Email: [email protected]

Website: Absolutely Pampered Poodles

Facebook: Absolutely Pampered Poodles

YouTube: Absolutely Pampered Poodles

3. Lake Blue Labradoos

What positions Lake Blue Labradoos on the list of the best dog breeders in North Carolina, is their enormous love for the breed. Their motto is “wagging tails of love from our home to yours”.

That is what their Doodles are like. Kind, gentle, loving, and loyal. And those are the traits that drew Tina and Jim to make the decision to breed Aussiedoodles.

It is no wonder, because Labradoodles are such cute dogs. Especially if you give them an equally cute Labradoodle name. Adorable.

They breed on a small scale. Everything happens in the family. Breeding is their hobby, which means that they do it for love. And, they have to aim high. They want sweet dogs for their grandchildren.

Another goal that they have is to fundraise for the Child Advocacy Center, or to the N.C., Y.M.C.A. If you purchase a dog from here, part of the money will be donated to a charity of your choice. I think that is wonderful.

What You Get In The Package

There is a puppy application form that you will need to fill in if you want one of these dogs. Their price is $3000. They want to raise a high quality dog and that is why they put an emphasis on their pedigree. And, their pedigree is five generations long.

They breed for conformation, temperament, and health.

You will get a dog that is registered at the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (A.L.C.A.) and the Premier Australian Labradoodle Club in the USA.

Your doggy will be microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed. They will have a health guarantee of two years. They will come with a collar, leash, food, a toy, and a blanket of their own.

So, you better run and see if there are any available puppies at the moment or whether you need to put yourself on the waiting list.

They offer shipping but only with a nanny. Alone and as cargo is too risky for these little, precious balls of fur.

Lake Blue Labradoos Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Australian Labradoodle

Breeder Name: Jim and Tina Overton

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Phone: +19197774072

Email: [email protected]

Website: Lake Blue Labradoos

Facebook: Lake Blue Labradoos

4. Louie’s Miniature Dachshunds

Next among the best dog breeders in North Carolina are these Dachshund breeders, where you can find mini versions, English cream versions, and wire haired ones.

They take a lot of care to raise a Dachshund with a sound temperament and astonishing appearance. And also, a funny looking dog with an equally amusing personality that will “leave a footprint on your heart“.

What You Get In The Package

These dogs all have registrations from the American Kennel Club and USDA. And, you will get yourself a cute family pet that is well socialized. The great part about purchasing a dog from here, is that you can choose the color of your dog.

These dogs come from champion bloodlines. Their breeding goal is to produce a dog with excellent health, a sound temperament, and one that is extraordinarily socialized.

They offer you a one year health guarantee without genetic issues. That guarantee is extended to five years if you keep up with feeding their Life’s Abundance dog food in that time.

The dog will have all their health check ups and paperwork done. They also offer the possibility of shipping dogs. But, you will have to ask for a total price.

Louie’s Miniature Dachshunds Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Dachshunds

Location: Andrews, Great Smoky Mountains, Western North Carolina, USA

Phone: +8283604647 or +8283214646

Email: [email protected]

Website: Louie’s Miniature Dachshunds

Facebook: Louie’s Miniature Dachshunds

5. Coock Farm K9’s

Next on our list of the best dog breeders in North Carolina are these responsible breeders of German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. Well, we can tell that they are certainly fond of Shepherds here.

What makes these people reputable breeders is their approach to the process. They work with European bloodlines of all three breeds.

Their dogs thrive in sport, when working as law officials, and as perfect family members in their forever homes.

But, to get one of these puppies, you will have to put yourself on a waiting list, with a deposit of $500. You will have to ask for a price. They make announcements of upcoming litters on their website.

What you get is a perfect puppy with a health guarantee that there will be no hereditary diseases or hip dysplasia. Besides the health guarantee, there is also a working guarantee for these puppies.

Coock Farm K9’s Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherd

Breeder Name: Darlene Cook

Location: 7823 Hwy 150 east, Browns Summit, North Carolina, USA

Phone: +13362793134

Email: [email protected]

Website: Coock Farm K9’s

Facebook: Coock Farm K9’s

6. Creekside Kennel

This breeder from our list of the best dog breeders in North Carolina says that their dogs are not just Labs, they are much more. They are family members, a best friend, and a perfect companion. Come and meet them.

Since 1999, Creekside Kennel’s goal has been to preserve all the best traits of the Labrador Retriever. And, to display their captivating appearance to the public.

That is why these breeders are very passionate about their calling as breeders. They are part of the American Kennel Club and they participate in all of their events with their champions.

Besides having puppies for sale, they also offer studs for breeding. There is also a possibility of sending semen to your address.

And, that is not all. If you need training for your dog, you can get it here. They do basic obedience training, shed and game tracking, and hunt tests.

What You Get In The Package

For a minimum price of $1800, you will get yourself a dog with AKC limited registration and a guarantee of two years for hip dysplasia and overall health.

Your dog will be microchipped and vaccinated. They also offer shipping of their dogs to your address.

Creekside Kennel Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Labrador Retriever

Location: Lumber Bridge, North Carolina, USA

Phone: +9103643069

Email: [email protected]

Website: Creekside Kennel

Facebook: Creekside Kennel

Instagram: Creekside Kennel

7. Ginger’s Maltese

If you are looking for the best dog breeders in North Carolina that breed small dogs, then you are in the right place. You can find Maltese, Malshi, Goldendoodle, and Maltipoos at Ginger’s.

Breeding is a family business here and has been a tradition for over a decade. During that time, this house was, and still is, full of love for these cute dogs.

Their goal for their dogs is for them to be happy, beautiful, and healthy. That is why vet appointments are among their priorities, as well as proper socialization. Their dogs have it all, from toys and blankets to whole days playing and enjoying themselves.

What You Get In The Package

The price of these precious dogs is around $3000. They are registered and veterinary checked. And, you will get their health records, worming schedule, and vaccinations.

They guarantee you that their dogs will be healthy for one year. And your dog will bring their puppy pack along with them. It contains toys, a blanket, teether, food, all their information, and a contract.

Ginger’s Maltese Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Maltese, Malshi, Goldendoodle, and Maltipoo

Breeder’s Name: Valerie Nann and Olivia Craft

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Ginger’s Maltese

Facebook: Ginger’s Maltese

Instagram: Ginger’s Maltese

Pinterest: Ginger’s Maltese

8. Fulbright Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranians show themselves in their full brightness here. It is no wonder because they are raised with lots of love and affection here. And it all happens in the home.

With a breeding tradition for over 30 years, these people know what they are doing. The reviews on their Facebook page say so. Feel free to check them out!

Be sure that these puppies will get all the attention they need before they go to their new home. This means all their health procedures, socialization, and papers. All of this will cost you $1600.

Fulbright Pomeranian Puppies Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Pomeranian

Breeder’s Name: Jean Yount

Location: 1516 Poplar Street Northwest, Lenoir, NC 28645, USA

Phone: +8287811021

Email: [email protected]

Website: Fulbright Pomeranian Puppies

Facebook: Fulbright Pomeranian Puppies

9. My Siberian Husky

At My Siberian Husky, they have been offering purebred Huskies for 18 years. They are family breeders who have a lot of space around their house. And that is very important for the Husky breed.

They are fully devoted to their dogs. They require a lot of grooming, playing with, training, and cleaning to ensure they are a high quality dog. These breeders are so certain in their own quality as a breeder, that they offer a lifetime guarantee for their dogs. And that is rare.

These dogs are as great as home pets as they are as show dogs. They all pass the necessary health exams and a lot of effort is put into their nutrition because it is the base of healthy development.

If you are looking for a Siberian Husky overseas, check out the Best Husky Breeders In The UK

My Siberian Husky Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Siberian Husky

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Phone: +19803499293

Email: [email protected]

Website: My Siberian Husky

Facebook: My Siberian Husky

Instagram: My Siberian Husky

10. Scales Lovable Pups

Scales Lovable Pups set the scale high when it comes to breeding. They are all about providing you with a high quality, new best friend. And, they are very successful in that business.

Before moving to their new home, the dogs get all their vaccines and dewormings and you get a health guarantee that your dog will be healthy. And you can call Cortez any time, day or night, if you find yourself in any kind of trouble.

This is the kind of job that started as a hobby, but ended as a full time job. This means that Cortez is fully dedicated to his little balls of fur.

And he is aware that you are choosing a lifetime friend here. That is why he takes this job so seriously.

Scales Lovable Pups Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Shih-poos, Malti-poos, Yorkies, Poodles, Shih Tzu’s

Breeders Name: Cortez Scale

Email: [email protected]

Website: Scales Lovable Pups

Facebook: Scales Lovable Pups

Instagram: Scales Lovable Pups

11. Premium Chihuahuas

They are so over the top that they go beyond all expectations. These are premium Chihuahuas. And these breeders have both standard and teacup ones.

All their dogs are raised at home, they are sweet, well behaved, socialized, and healthy. Before they arrive at their new home, they are already potty trained and have had all the necessary health check ups.

But, if you want one, you will have to reserve them in advance. You will have to ask the breeders for the price of these premium dogs. There is a number you can call or you can reach them via the email form on their website.

Premium Chihuahuas Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Chihuahuas

Breeder Name: Karen Russo

Phone: +9198911841

Website: Premium Chihuahuas

Instagram: Premium Chihuahuas

12. N.C. Puppies

A professional approach and striving for quality is what puts N.C. Puppies among the best dog breeders in North Carolina. Their specialty are French Bulldogs.

They take special care of the mothers and their puppies here. Both live in a warm environment and eat organic food. During this time, they have constant care and supervision.

Dogs are descendants of champion bloodlines. They all have health certificates and they are all free of genetic diseases. The French bulldog cost is usually high but you should request this information from the breeders to be sure.

N.C. Puppies Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: French Bulldog

Breeder Name: Jessie Waltzer

Location: 92 Cornerstone Drive, 142, Cary, North Carolina

Phone: +2394400951

Email: [email protected]

Website: N.C. Puppies

Facebook: N.C. Puppies

Instagram: N.C. Puppies

13. Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers

Maybe you are wondering “are Rottweilers aggressive?”. Well if they are bred correctly and you know how to handle them, they can be wonderful dogs. If you have decided to get yourself a Rottweiler, then choosing Von Shirkhaus to purchase from is a good idea. They are an AKC registered breeder and will give you a health guarantee for your puppy.

Their dogs are obedient and trained and if you have any problems, they will be willing to give you more lessons. They breed within breed standards and they are committed to the ethics of the profession.

These people work with European bloodlines exclusively. And do not expect a dog with a docked tail here. They do not do that here.

Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Rottweiler

Location: Angier, North Carolina

Phone: +9197105848

Email: [email protected]

Website: Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers

Facebook: Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers

Instagram: Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers

YouTube: Von Shirkhaus Rottweilers

14. Smithland Schnauzers

Smithland Schnauzers are a family business that are able to provide a lot of love and care to each of their dogs. That is why they are so careful to choose who they sell their precious pups. These puppies are excellent choice for many reasons. Maybe you are asking yourself “are Schnauzers hypoallergenic?”. Well, they are. And that is a good reason to get one if you have those kinds of troubles.

And if you are lucky to be chosen, then you will get a socialized dog with a pedigree and an AKC registration. You can come to pick up your puppy or they can ship them to you. He comes with a one year health guarantee, food, toys, blankets, and vet records. But, you will have to ask for the price of a package.

Smithland Schnauzers Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Schnauzers

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Phone: +3365702290

Website: Smithland Schnauzers

Final Words

We have met a few of the best dog breeders in North Carolina in this article. We can agree that all of them are dedicated to one goal and that is to raise a happy, healthy, and high quality dog for you. And they do it with a lot of love and passion.

Although there are many more breeders out there, we have found the most popular ones for Cockapoos, Maltipoos, Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Bulldogs, and others. There are a lot of different breeds here and hopefully everybody will find something for themselves. We hope that you did!


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