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The 10 Best Dog Breeders In Michigan You Never Knew Existed

The 10 Best Dog Breeders In Michigan You Never Knew Existed

If you’re just starting your search for high-quality reputable dog breeders in Michigan, and you need some help finding the right one for you, look no further because we’ve got you covered.

If you are serious about introducing a new puppy into your family, you need to make sure that it comes from an ethical and trustworthy breeder with transparent breeding practices and good references.

What sets apart high-quality dog breeders from unreliable ones is that they adhere to breed standards, and do everything they can to ensure that puppies from their litters are as healthy as possible.

That said, finding good breeders can be a difficult task when just starting your search, but that’s where we come in!

All of the breeders we mention in our article are top-quality, reputable, and trustworthy, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with backyard breeders, puppy mills, or other types of unethical breeding kennels.

Puppies For Sale In Michigan

golden retriever puppy

Whether you’re a person with an active lifestyle who needs a high-energy dog like the Labrador Retriever or the Australian Shepherd to keep up with you, or you’re a person who’s more into chilling on the couch most of the time and you want a smaller breed like a Poodle or a Shih Tzu… our list of the 10 best dog breeders in Michigan has the right dog breeds to meet all your needs!

So, without further ado, here are, in no particular order, the 10 best places you can turn to for your new furry companion!

The Top 10 Best Dog Breeders In Michigan

1. Michigan Elite Labradors.

happy Labrador Retriever sitting outside

Our first pick of the litter is Michigan Elite Labradors, located in Wheeler, Michigan.

They are an AKC-registered, family-owned dog breeder with over fifteen years of experience in breeding and raising wonderful Labrador Retrievers in their own home.

Michigan Elite Labradors are dedicated and ethical hobby breeders who focus on producing healthy Labrador puppies with great temperaments and good conformation, and they can be regular old family pets, great field workers, and even champion show dogs.

All of their Labrador puppies are extensively health-tested for potential genetic illnesses, dewormed, and vaccinated to ensure they are as healthy as they should be. You will also get a health guarantee with every puppy.

In addition to that, their puppies are put through early socialization with people and other animals to ensure they grow into well-behaved dogs.

If you decide to go with Michigan Elite, what you’ll get is a healthy AKC-registered purebred Labrador Retriever puppy that will keep you company for years to come!

Michigan Elite Labradors Details

Location: Wheeler, Michigan

Website: Michigan Elite Labradors

Youtube: Michigan Elite Labradors Youtube Channel

Contact: +1 989-326-7928

Email: [email protected]

2. Lynn Kay Kennels.

Newfie puppy looking up

If you’re yearning for a larger dog breed that has a gentle disposition toward its loved ones, the Newfoundland dog might just be your new best friend!

Located in Mount Morris, near Davison, Michigan, Lynn Kay Kennels is owned by Linda Ward who is a reputable home breeder with almost 40 years of experience in working with Newfoundland dogs!

Lynn Kay Kennels focuses on producing high-quality Newfie puppies with excellent health, good temperament, and great pedigrees. They treat every Newfie pup with love and care like they are a part of the family.

They have a wide array of male and female Newfie puppies that come in Black, Brown, Gray, Fawn, and Landseer colors.

Each of their Newfie pups is health checked, dewormed, and vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian to ensure they are healthy enough before you decide to give them a new home.

Check out Lynn Kay Kennels’ website for more information about available puppies and go get your new family dog!

Lynn Kay Kennels Details

Location: 9271 North Irish Road – Mount Morris, Michigan 48458

Website: Lynn Kay Kennels

Contact: 810-223-1457 / 810-631-4042

Email: [email protected]

3. Michigan Puppy/Pinegrove Kennels.

Yorkie sitting in grass looking into distance

Our next pick on the list of the best dog breeders in Michigan is Pinegrove Kennels, located in Hershey, Michigan.

They are trustworthy, family-owned breeders with an excellent breeding program established back in 2004. Pinegrove Kennels specializes in breeding a variety of both designer and purebred puppies that make great family members. They currently offer Yorkies, Morkies, Maltipoos, Shichons, parti Poodles, and more!

Their facilities provide their puppies with plenty of space to run around freely, and play with other pups, kids, and adults, so they are well socialized before going to their forever home.

All Pinegrove Kennels puppies receive their vaccinations, a microchip, and deworming, and are given a full health check by their on-site veterinarian.

They even offer a health certificate with every pup as well as a home delivery option, so if you decide to purchase one of their puppies, you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

Check out their website for more information on available pups and previous customer testimonials.

If you go with Michigan Puppy, rest assured your new pup will arrive happy, healthy, and ready to cuddle!

Michigan Puppy/Pinegrove Kennels Details

Location: Hershey, Michigan

Website: Michigan Puppy

Contact: +1 989-424-1449

Email: [email protected]

4. Great Lakes Kennel.

goldendoodle sitting outside

Our next spot goes to Great Lakes Kennel, located on Lake Huron, in Caseville, Michigan.

They are an ethical small hobby breeder with great references and nearly three decades’ worth of experience in breeding and raising Golden Retrievers, Old English Sheepdogs, Goldendoodles, Yorkidoodles, Bernedoodles, and more!

Although they are passionate about raising healthy, happy puppies with calm temperaments and great looks, the team at Great Lakes Kennel does not breed dogs solely for conformation or title. Their main focus is on providing families with loyal and loving family pets for life.

Some of their puppies have even gone on to become certified therapy and service dogs.

They make sure to provide their pups with all the necessary health tests, vaccinations, deworming, and socialization, so that the puppies’ transition into their new home is easier.

Contact Great Lakes Kennel for more information about the various dog breeds they have in store. They’ll be happy to answer any question you might have and provide you with your new pawsome companion!

Great Lakes Kennel Details

Location: Caseville, Michigan 48725

Website: Great Lakes Kennel

Contact: +1 989-551-6742

Email: [email protected]

5. Kolenda Kennels German Shepherds.

German Shepherd sitting outside

Our next pick is Kolenda Kennels, located in Dorr, Michigan.

Owned by John and Susan Kolenda, they are outstanding breeders who specialize in high-quality, AKC-registered purebred German Shepherds.

Kolenda Kennels was established in 2000 by serious German Shepherd enthusiasts who are devoted to maintaining the world-class German Shepherd pedigrees and heritage. Their commitment is only matched by their love for this extraordinary breed.

Their breeding program utilizes German Shepherd breeding dogs imported from Germany out of original high-quality West German Sieger bloodlines, resulting in puppies that are prime examples of this magnificent breed.

Of course, all of their GSDs are health tested, vaccinated, dewormed, properly socialized, and trained before being put up for sale.

If you know you want a highly intelligent and loyal German Shepherd to be your pawfully wedded companion, get in touch with Kolenda Kennels and see what they have in store for you!

Kolenda Kennels German Shepherds Details

Location: 2157 138th Ave Dorr, Michigan 49323

Website: Kolenda Kennels German Shepherds

Contact: +1 616-681-2825

Email: [email protected]

6. Jessicah’s Frenchies.

French Bulldog sitting on path outside

If you’re a lover of small dogs with big attitudes, why not go with a le French Bulldog?

Our next spot on the list of the best dog breeders in Michigan goes to Jessicah’s Frenchies, located in Howell, Michigan.

They are an ethical, small hobby breeder that specializes in producing uniquely colored French Bulldogs.

They are not your classic puppy kennel; they pride themselves on being a home breeder that produces small litters of puppies, which enables them to devote enough time and attention to each pup.

They make sure to love and spoil their little cuties from day one until they find their forever home. All of their Frenchies are AKC-registered, microchipped, hip, elbow, and joint tested, vaccinated, dewormed, and come with a certificate of health guarantee.

Also, if you decide to go with Jessicah’s Frenchies, what you’ll receive in addition to your puppy is a new puppy starter kit that includes a blanket with the mother’s scent, a food starter bag, a puppy collar, and a toy with its littermates’ scent to ensure your puppy will adjust well to its new forever home.

They also provide lifetime puppy support just a phone call away. Check out Jessicah’s Frenchies’ website for more information!

Jessicah’s Frenchies Details

Location: 2099 Chilson Road Howell, Michigan 48843

Website: Jessicah’s Frenchies

Facebook: Sproull’s Fabulous French Bulldogs

Contact: +1 517-404-5542

Email: [email protected]

7. Jubilee Labradoodles.

Our next pick is Jubilee Labradoodles, located in Onsted, Michigan, on a farm with over 12 acres of land for their pups to explore.

Owned by Rick and Carla Walker, they are a small, family breeder with experience in working with Labradoodles for over 25 years and counting!

They specialize in mini- and medium-sized multigenerational Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. The puppies they raise are well-socialized with other animals and humans, as well as given lots of early neurological stimulation to help develop their young personalities toward becoming well-balanced family pets.

All of their breeding dogs are fully health-tested, and they provide a three-year health guarantee against any genetic health issue that might arise down the road.

If you decide to purchase one of their lovely puppies, you’ll also receive a puppy care package with all the essentials your puppy needs in its first few weeks.

If you need a cuddly Labradoodle by your side, check out Jubilee Labradoodles’ website for more information!

Jubilee Labradoodles Details

Location: 9731 Onsted Hwy. Onsted, Michigan 49265

Website: Jubilee Labradoodles

Facebook: Jubilee Labradoodles Facebook Page

Contact: +1 517-902-9808

Email: [email protected]

8. Michigan Spinone.

Spinone Italiano puppies standing outside

Our next spot goes to Michigan Spinone, located in Albion, Michigan.

They are a small, but trustworthy, family-owned home breeder that specializes in breeding high-quality Spinone Italiano puppies.

They work hard to produce puppies with an excellent temperament, good conformation, and great health. All of their pups are health-tested, vaccinated, dewormed, and socialized.

They have worked hard for years to become reputable breeders who uphold the high standard of the Spinone Italiano breed. All of their puppies come with a health guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about potential problems that might occur later on in your puppy’s life.

Check out Michigan Spinone’s website for more information!

Michigan Spinone Details

Location: 2656 Eaton Rapids Rd. Albion, Michigan 49224

Website: Michigan Spinone

Contact: +1 810-599-5627

Email: [email protected]

9. A.K.A. Bernese Mountain Dogs.

happy Bernese Mountain Dog standing in field of flowers

Our next pick on the list of the most reputable breeders in Michigan is A.K.A. Bernese Mountain Dogs, located on a 20-acre farm in Holland, Michigan.

Owned by Tracy Bolman and her husband, Doug, they are a small hobby breeder with a high-standard breeding program that has been in the business of breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs for over 12 years now.

They pride themselves on breeding healthy purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs with excellent conformation, strong drive, and a great temperament, which are bona fide representations of the BMD breed standard.

Their Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are adequately socialized with humans and other pets alike, as well as health-tested, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and AKC registered.

If you’re a lover of large dogs with calm dispositions, check out their website for more information on available Bernese Mountain Dog puppies!

A.K.A. Bernese Mountain Dogs Details

Location: 4472 48th Street, Holland, Michigan 49423

Website: A.K.A. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Contact: +1 269-214-1741

10. Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels.

German Shorthaired Pointer standing outside

Our last, but certainly not the least pick on the list of the best breeders in Michigan is Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels, located in Gladwin, Michigan.

Owned by Michael and Karen Stumpfig, they are ethical and trustworthy breeders who specialize in producing high-quality German Shorthaired Pointers. Serakraut Kennels is committed to preserving the good name and breed standard of these beautiful hunting dogs.

Their perfectly balanced, highly intelligent GSPs make great field dogs, hunting dogs, and excellent family pets.

Eulenhof Kennels focuses on breeding German Shorthaired Pointers that are resistant to genetic health problems. All of their dogs are health tested, vaccinated, and dewormed, and come with a written health guarantee.

If you need a high-energy, loyal companion dog like the German Shorthaired Pointer, get in touch with Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels for more information about available pups!

Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels Details

Location: 3726 Ziemer Road, Gladwin, Michigan 48624

Website: Eulenhof/Serakraut Kennels

Contact: +1 989-426-4884

Email: [email protected]

In Conclusion

goldendoodle puppy lying on white sofa

Photo from: @canterburycanines

Getting a new puppy to be a part of your life is a big decision, and it should be regarded as such. You should always do the research to find the type of dog breed that best suits your lifestyle, as well as look into the background and references of the breeder you’re purchasing your new puppy from.

Whether you’re looking for a large, high-energy dog, a small, laid-back lap dog, or anything in between, we hope our list of the top 10 most reputable dog breeders in Michigan helps you in your search for your new family member.

Now, go out there and find your pawsome new puppy!

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