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Top 6 Amazing Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders In Colorado

Top 6 Amazing Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders In Colorado

Are you on the exciting quest of searching for Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Colorado state?

If you are, then come and join me because I have found six amazing breeders who are in love with this breed as much as I am.

There are not many people who can resist this huge but gentle dog. It is a big ball of fur full of love and care. And, Colorado is the perfect place for living because the climate resembles that in the Swiss Alps.

But, enough with the chit chat, let’s see those breeders .

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale In Colorado

There are many places to purchase a Bernese Mountain Dog in Colorado, but are they all reliable? It is very hard to distinguish good breeders from those who are not so good, but there are a few traits that differentiate them.

They are mostly willing to answer your questions, they have a respectable price that is not too low, they have proof that their pups have all the necessary registrations and health checkups.

They have enough experience to recommend if this is the right breed for you, and if the female or male Bernese Mountain Dog is a better choice ? Or, maybe you should go for a Mini Bernese Mountain Dog ?

1. Tanzanite Bernese

Bernese Mountain puppy stands and looks in front of him

Let’s meet the first Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Colorado . At Tanzanite Bernese, these mountain dogs are their whole world. And, they have ruled that world since 1991.

About Them

At Tanzanite Bernese, everything is about knowledge. They emphasize the idea that you must inform yourself on the breed, especially one like the Bernese Mountain Dog, before you decide to get yourself one.

They are willing to educate you, then you should make contact with a dog and try to build a connection.

The “Kennel” in the name does not stand for its usual purpose here because their dogs live in their home environment, and they are treated as family members.

These dogs are family dogs first, and then they are all that a Bernese Mountain Dog can be – a working dog that does herding, carting , rally, and obedience.

Breeding Process

When it comes to the breeding program , it is all based on love here. It is love for the Tanzanite dogs first, then love for the Bernese Mountain Dog breed, and love for the puppies that are getting their new home . And, those homes should be full of love, too.

At Tanzanite, they breed for the betterment of the breed. They want to preserve all the original traits of this noble breed, and produce healthy puppies. That is why they are not going for profit, which means they don’t have many litters of puppies a year.

Their central idea is that their dogs should be part of AKC conformation shows. This means that breeding is focused on achieving the breed standard . And, this goal is met here as many AKC Champion titles testify to that.

Responsible breeding includes testing for health issues both in puppies and in the breeding dogs. This is the point where cooperation between buyer and breeder is needed.

For full health screening, it is important to have X-rays of hips and elbows examined via OFA . They also check eyes and cardiac systems regularly.

How To Purchase

There is a website form you need to fill out to get a copy of the questionnaire. Or, you can also send an email with additional questions, such as how much do Bernese Mountain Dogs cost ?

There is no classical waiting list at Tanzanite, and they do not take deposits for future puppies . Choosing a puppy happens usually at eight weeks. That is the time when the color of the eyes can be determined as well as its temperament and other BMD traits.

Tanzanite Bernese Breeder Details

Location: Colorado Springs , Colorado , USA

Email: [email protected]

Website: Tanzanite Bernese

2. Golden Mountain Dogs

Golden Mountain lies in the green grass

Next on the list of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Colorado are true Golden Dogs. Meet the Golden Mountain Dogs, from Loveland.

About Them

In this place, you can find three types of dogs, and they are all wonderful. There are adorable English Cream Golden Retrievers, amazing Bernese Mountain Dogs, and their wonderful cross of Golden Mountain Dogs.

This is a family affair, and they are lucky to be surrounded with other beautiful families who do the same thing. This way, they support each other on their breeding path.

Their goal is to achieve excellence in all three breeds.

Breeding Process

Conformation , type, and temperament are the main traits that are taken into account during the birthing process. All dogs are of high quality bloodlines that are selected from different parts of the world and imported to the USA.

All dogs pass OFA tests for hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. Those are standard tests. But, they also conduct testing for specific hereditary diseases in order to be sure everything is clear in that area.

In the breeding process, selection of the best traits in the parents is the milestone for successful breeding.

How To Purchase

If you want to buy one of these beautiful dogs, you will have to set aside $2,800 for one, and also make a deposit of $500.

But, before you do that, make sure you get in contact with them. There is a form on their website that will help you out. You can also reach them via email or call them directly.

They are ranch people, and they spend a lot of time outside. If you can not reach them at the moment, then leave a message and they will call you back.

Golden Mountain Dogs Breeder Details

Location: 6488 City Lights Lane Loveland, Colorado 80537

Phone: +9706249266

Email: [email protected]

Website: Golden Mountain Dogs

Facebook: Golden Mountain Dogs

3. Colorado Berners

Bernese Mountain puppy runs

The next Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Colorado are “ taking on the world one backyard at a time “. Let’s meet them and their beautiful Bernese !

About Them

Brayden and Allie are newlyweds, and while they are crazy in love with each other, they are also crazy in love with quality Bernese Mountain Dogs , which is why they have decided to produce them.

That love started with their first Labernese. It was an endearing dog with all the beautiful traits of a Bernese Mountain Dog. This means they are perfect for families . Their main characteristics are gentleness, a fine temper, and loyalty.

Puppy buyers love them because they are equally good at home and during outdoor activities.

Breeding Process

The goal at Colorado Berners is to produce a healthy puppy with a pedigree that will have all the best traits of the Bernese Mountain Dog .

That is why they offer a one-year guarantee that the dog will be healthy – o f course, if you take proper care of him, too. The h ealth aspect is the most important, so the dog gets all of its vaccinations, dewormings and AKC registration before it goes to his new home.

How To Purchase

Since these two young people are very serious about their dogs, their top priority is to find the perfect match between a puppy and the potential buyer. So, they would like to meet you in person before they decide that they will sell a puppy to you.

The first step is to fill out an application form on their website, and then you will get yourself on their waiting list. And… then they will call you and you can come and pick your puppy! But, this is not what actually happens. It is the puppy that picks you out, which is the best part! Adorable!

When you reserve your puppy, you will make a deposit. Then, you will pay the full difference when you come to pick up the puppy. You will also have to sign a spay/neuter contract.

Colorado Berners Breeder Details

Location: Golden, Colorado , USA

Phone: +17202910644

Email: [email protected]

Website: Colorado Berners

Facebook: Colorado Berners

Instagram: Colorado Berners

4. Haystack Acres

Welsh Corgi puppy sets around the garden

Haystack Acres is the next Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in Colorado that we are going to present here.

About Them

It is not only Berners that you will find here, but also Welsh Corgis and horses. That is one truly joyful company. All of their dogs live in the family environment, which is important for a dog in order to be well socialized.

There is 40 acres of land around the house, where dogs can run free and play with other animals and humans. They are spending their time well, and eating good, natural food. Certainly, they are enjoying life.

Breeding Process

Achieving high breeding standards requires a serious approach from the breeders . Since Bernese Mountain Dogs are originally European breeds, these breeders put in a lot of effort to import the best European bloodlines.

This means cooperation with European breeders who have a long breeding tradition, and who have passed all the testing and law regulations that are required.

How To Purchase

At Haystack Acres, they prefer meeting in person or at least over a phone call. That is why they do not have an application form. If they do not answer immediately, just leave a message.

When the introduction is done, it is time for the waiting list . Everybody wants these adorable dogs, so you will have to wait for one a bit. And, after all everything here depends on mother nature. When all of this process comes to an end, it is time for you to come and pick up your puppy.

Haystack Acres Breeder Details

Location: Haystack Acres , 6060 Niwot Rd, Longmont , CO 80503

Phone: +7205300783


Website: Haystack Acres

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5. Serenity Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain puppy is lying on the couch

Serenity is the next Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in Colorado on our list. Located in Springs, they offer high-quality BMDs .

About Them

They are a small-scale breeder, and their dogs are being raised at home. They do not do kennels here. Their dogs are family, and they enjoy all the benefits of family life.

Because these breeders are so fond of their dogs, they are very careful when selling them. They like to estimate if this dog is right for you and your family, or maybe some other breed might suit you better.

Breeding Process

From the moment they are born, these dogs enter the Super Dog program. It is a program developed by the military, whose most important part is handling dogs from their birth. This way, they learn how to adapt to simulations from the outside, and also, to new situations.

The next step is introducing dogs to the Puppy Culture Protocol. This part of the process does not include only the breeder and the dog, but also the buyer. There is a lot of video material involved on how to teach a dog to behave the best he can.

How To Purchase

They are not a large-scale breeder, so there is only one litter available per year. There is a puppy application, but sometimes the interest is too big.

So, it would be good to keep up with the updates on their website or their Facebook page. If you are lucky and you succeed in reserving one of these dogs, you will have to ask about the price because it is not noted on their website.

Serenity Bernese Mountain Dogs Breeder Details

Location: Colorado Springs , Colorado , USA 80905

Phone: +13035962847

Email: [email protected]

Website: Serenity Bernese Mountain Dogs

Facebook: Serenity Bernese Mountain Dogs

6. High Country Kennels LLC

Bernese Mountain puppy lies in the green grass

The next Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Colorado live high up, and they want to introduce you to their pretty Bernese dogs. Let’s meet them.

About Them

At High Country Kennels, they are dedicated to breeding high-quality and exceptionally healthy Bernese dogs. They started back in 1997, and their love for this breed was increased after they found a connection between their Swiss ancestors and this breed.

Their dogs are of Swiss and Belgium bloodlines. They get all the attention, and therefore, they are well behaved, happy creatures. The place where they live is perfect for a Berner because it resembles the Swiss environment.

Breeding Process

The most important thing in their breeding process is their long-term will and wish to improve. That is done by constant learning and applying best breeding practices.

That is why they have the finest Bernese dogs in the High Country. They are all AKC -registered, which means they are bred by the highest standards. All of their dogs are vet checked and microchipped, and all of their breeding dogs have pedigrees .

How To Purchase

If you want to purchase one of these dogs, you will have to put yourself on their waiting list , which will cost you $400. This is a nonrefundable deposit, but it can be transferred to another puppy or litter.

If you want a dog that would be a loyal pet, but not much of a show dog, you will have to pay $2,800. If you want a show dog or a dog that is suitable for breeding, then it will cost you $4,000.

There is the possibility of shipping if you are not able to pick up the dog. The cost of shipping is an additional $500.

High Country Kennels LLC Breeder Details

Location: Livermore, Colorado , USA 80905

Phone: + 9702154726

Email: [email protected]

Website: High Country Kennels

Facebook: High Country Kennels


Whether you are looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog , one of these Bernedoodles, or a Schnauzer, or a Poodle , finding a reputable dog breeder is not always an easy job.

Trust me – I have been searching from Texas to North Carolina , and from Fort Collins to Denver to the Rockies. It is a serious job, and there are a lot of things to take into account.

The same is with Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Colorado . There are not many breeders who you can fully trust, but these few that we found are of high quality.

We hope that our list will be helpful to you, and that you will find the most perfect puppy.

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