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Best 5 Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders In California

Best 5 Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders In California

The Bernese Mountain dog breed is one of those rare breeds you don’t usually find in dog parks. If you want to be in the center of attention and get a dog that will be such a great conversation starter, the BMD is the right pick.

Not only will you be getting a dog worth admiring – you’ll be getting a gentle soul trapped in a giant body.

But first, you’re gonna need some good Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California.

And, I’ve got just the right crew for you!

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale In California

From Southern California to Northern California – they’re all covered! I’ve got five top-quality Bernese Mountain Dog breeders In California just for you! Take your pick!

1. Magic Berners

When they first got their Bernese puppy in 1982, Diane and Bruce didn’t expect that it would change their lives so much. Sure, their lives were enriched with a lovely Berner puppy, but they never thought pups would become the center of their lives.

In 2000, the couple began participating in dog conformation shows. Five year later, important examples of the breed were introduced to the Magic Berners breeding program. Berners from all over Europe, including the Chec Republic, Italy, England, France, and Norway, became Magic Berners.

Bruce and Diane like to say that Berners run their home. They’re absolutely in the center of their world. What’s interesting about this breeder is that their dogs are never alone. Along with their breeding facility, the couple has a veterinary hospital run by Bruce.

They make sure their puppies are always of premium health.

The Magic Berners staff walks with puppies, exercises with them, and keeps them perfectly socialized until it’s time for adoption.

A rich breeding stock of seven Berner girls and five Berner boys produce premium Berner puppies. I can say with every right that these are the best Berners in the area, all thanks to Bruce and Diana’s hard work.

Breeder’s details

Website: Magic Berners

Phone: 949-431-6619

Email: [email protected]

2. Sunshine Bernese

Don and Celia, along with their children, some sheep, and cows, have decided to dedicate their lives to Bernese Mountain Dogs. It’s not a rare thing for this dog breed to be such good friends with other animals, and Sunshine Berners are living proof.

On a big farm in Northern California, Don and Celia have been breeding dogs since 1984. They’ve been in the business for quite long.

Their adventure first began with Labrador Retrievers, then they switched over to Berners in 1992. Over the years, the Sunshine breeders have produced over 50 champion dogs!

They’re very proud of their Berner imports from Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and Canada. They’ve produced the finest Berner puppies in California, and they don’t plan to stop the practice.

If you want a safe choice, you know who to visit.

The quality of their hard work is also proven by the fact that both Dan and Celia are AKC judges. They’re not only making superstars, they’re very capable in finding them among numerous dogs at the show.

Sunshine Bernese has come a long way from their first show to being on top of the game, all thanks to the family’s dedication.

Breeder’s details

Website: Sunshine Bernese

Phone: 1-530-549-4623

Email: [email protected]

3. Country Feels Ranch

Breeders based on a big ranch are my favorite! I don’t discriminate against others – I just find living on a ranch to be spectacular. I bet the Berners from the Country Feel Ranch feel the same. Here, it really feels like some distant time when nature was the focus of everything.

Well, today, living on green fields is the focus of these Berners. These are all happy pups, thrilled to have so much freedom and feel so much love on this ranch, all thanks to Tracy and Tim, the owners and breeders of Country Feels.

In a short period of time, Tracy and Tim managed to climb up the ladder and become one of the finest BMD breeders in California.

All of their pups will be screened before they go to their new home. Their puppies are free of the most common hereditary conditions. They’ve got OFA, DM, and VWDI health guarantees to prove it.

Besides Berners, other farm animals like horses, cows, and chickens live on the ranch. This ensures proper socialization with other pets. Also, the puppies are submitted to ENS, making sure they’re perfectly capable of fitting into any lifestyle in the future.

Breeder’s details

Website: Country Feels Ranch

Phone: +1 951-532-9372

Email: [email protected]

Social media: Facebook and Instagram

4. Expressions of Grace – a.k.a. Parrot Ranch

For over 30 years, Grace, from Expressions of Grace (or Parrot Ranch), has been raising pawfect Berner puppies. Her home in Lakeside California is also the home of many happy pups. They all live together, share love, and get prepared to meet their future mommy and daddy.

Grace’s puppies live alongside horses, birds, chickens, and fellow Pembroke Welsh Corgis on a five-acre ranch. Yes, Grace also breeds lovely Corgi puppies. She managed to bring to perfection both of her breeding programs.

This is a reputable breeder with great experience, so having two breeds shouldn’t worry you. They’re not scammers or puppy mills, which we try to avoid.

Grace is a hobby breeder, but her dedication to Berners is beyond professional.

If you’re interested in buying a Berner from her, you should pay $2,800 for a pet Berner. One with breeding rights will cost you $3,500, so pick what you really need.

These puppies also come with their dew claws removed, completely free of parasites, and have up-to-date vaccinations. A microchip and AKC paperwork is also included in the price!

Grace guarantees you that your Berner puppy will be safe from any hereditary condition for one year after its birth. If, by any chance, your pup does develop a condition, Grace will gladly give you another puppy as a replacement.

Breeder’s details

Website: Expressions of Grace

Address: 11623 Moreno Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040

Phone: +1 619-561-9169

5. Estes Kennels

Lastly, we have a breeder from Bakersfield that fell in love with Berners and Rottweiler pups!

Estes Kennels has been breeding Berners with a pedigree since 2018. This is a fairly new breeder, but with lots of knowledge, and to prove this point, they’ve got the AKC’s Breeder of Merit badge. But, that’s not the only thing that sets them apart.

Estes Kennels breeds healthy puppies of Berner and Rottweiler parents. Sometimes, they will have their cross puppies – Bernweilers! They might not be as popular as Bernedoodles, but they’re equally cute!

Two studs and three females produce the sweetest Bernese litters in this part of California. You won’t find cuter critters in L.A., San Diego, or Sacramento!

Estes Kennels are the breeder to visit if you want a reliable source and someone who would love to stay in touch with you. All of their pups are a part of one huge family. Why don’t you become a part of it, too?

Breeder’s details

Website: Estes Kennels

Address: Bakersfield, CA 93312

Phone: 661) 301-5472


How Much Is A Great Bernese Mountain Dog In California?

California is an expensive state to live in. The cost of life here is significantly bigger than in some other states like Utah. But, compared to New York, it’s around the same.

That’s why it’s only natural to learn that the cost of Berners in this state is approximately $3,000. The price can drop down in some cases to $2,500.

However, since this is a fairly rare dog breed, the price will remain at the higher end. Also, it costs a lot to raise these pups since they’re so big. No wonder why breeders list them for higher prices. Imagine what it’s like to feed a dozen growing Bernese puppies!

If you stumble upon a Berner that’s listed for as low as $1,000, think well before purchasing it. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Where Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Come From?

Berners are giants from Switzerland – the land of Alps. They were bred as a working dog breed. And, let me tell you something: they were of great help. There were numerous cases when Berners rescued people in danger. They’re truly hero dogs!

The first Bernese Mountain dogs arrived in the states in the 1900s. It took them almost 40 years to be recognized by the American Kennel Club as purebred dogs with their own breed standards. Soon enough, the official Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America was founded.

Why A Bernese Mountain Dog Might Be For You

There are plenty of reasons why a Bernese Mountain Dog might be the right choice for you. Just like some other dog breeds, Berners have a somewhat intimidating appearance. I mean, they’re huge doggos, but the only thing bigger is their heart.

What I’m about to tell you will either help you decide whether to get a Berner, or make you fall in love with them even more!

Sweet Temperament

Berners, despite their big size, have a pretty lovely temperament. These are sweet-natured dogs that mean no harm. So, forget about all that nonsense of Berners being big and scary. They’re not aggressive. They’re peaceful.

You can easily bring a Bernese into a home with kids or other animals. They will become their friends pretty soon, and you all will be one big, happy fam!

Obedient Dog

Berners are very intelligent and good judges of character. If you want a dog that will listen to you and follow all your commands, this is the dog for you.

Berners obey commands, and they do the tasks you give them because they want to show themselves as useful pups. And, of course, they’re exactly like that.

I do have to add that there are other dog breeds ranked better on the intelligence scale, but the Berner’s intelligence will still amaze you.

Their Strength

A Berner’s strength can be its down side, too, but let’s consider it a plus side.

Berners are big and strong, which makes them excellent dogs for many tasks. They love pulling carts. I’ve seen a bunch of photos featuring Berners pulling carts with family kids. And, it’s TO DIE FOR! What a fun activity for the entire gang!

Why A Bernese Might Not Be For You

Let’s be honest: a Bernese Mountain Dog is not the dog breed for everyone. They might be sweet, but first-time owners might have a hard time handling such a large creature.

Before you decide to get a Berner, you should know all the flaws of this dog breed. Here are some major ones.

A Short Lifespan

All future dog owners want to live as many years as they can with their pets. Sadly, Berners are not blessed with a long lifespan. They’re also full of potential health problems that can significantly decrease their quality of life and expectancy.

Berners usually live for six to eight years. That’s really not a long time for anyone.

Do whatever you can do to make your Berner’s life fantastic.

Big Size

You should either get a bigger house or a smaller dog because Berners can’t stand tiny spaces. Their giant size makes them a good fit for families with a large back yard. If you live in the city, and your place is rather small, bringing a Berner into it will only make your pup miserable.

And, of course, this will bring you lots of broken vases, memorabilias, and furniture.

Separation Anxiety

There’s nothing these big dogs fear. Oh, well there is one thing: being left alone.

Berners are very prone to separation anxiety. If you leave them alone for too long, chances are you will find a wrecked living room. You must either get your dog to day care, or bring him along with you.

Final Words

Now that you know which Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in California to trust, tell us your decision!

Will you get a Berner puppy from Magic Berners, or will Grace, from Parrot Ranch, be your choice?

It really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’ll find excellent Berner puppies with all of these listed breeders.

All of these people have good breeding programs that produce only the finest puppies. All you’ve gotta do is choose a cool name for your new BMD!

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