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17 Best French Bulldog Breeders In North Carolina

17 Best French Bulldog Breeders In North Carolina

Quirky, playful, and energetic — French Bulldogs are the epitome of dogs with a great temperament and a loving personality. They have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the last couple of years , making them quite easy to find.

But, having a lot of breeders does not necessarily mean that they are all automatically good breeders . Finding a responsible and reputable breeder is not an easy job!

However, if you are a North Carolina resident, or you live somewhere nearby, and you are in search of the best French Bulldog Breeders in North Carolina, then you can consider yourself lucky because we have made this list just for you.

Check out our best French Bulldog breeders in North Carolina guide and find out everything that you need to know about them!

French Bulldog Puppies For Sale In North Carolina

They are perfect for families with children and as companion dogs because they love human company and are extremely sociable. They are known for their playful personality and the fact that they rarely bark.

The most common Frenchie colors are cream , fawn, and white; however, they may also have a unique coat such as brindle patterns, chocolate or piebald .

If you are also in love with this breed and want to get yourself a French Bulldog puppy, keep reading to find out which breeders made our list of 17 best French Bulldog Puppies in North Carolina for 2022!

1. Diamond French Bulldogs

a french bulldog sitting on a laminate

Diamond French Bulldogs is a North Carolina breeder that focuses on breeding exceptional French Bulldog puppies that are superior in structure and color. Besides physical beauty, they also equally focus on personality and temperament.

From the moment these puppies are born, they make sure that they are surrounded by love and affection in order for them to grow up as equally loving and affectionate dogs.

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Their breeding program uses only pedigree French Bulldogs in order to produce high-quality, healthy, and happy puppies that would make the perfect addition to your family.

All their puppies come with AKC registration papers, and if you are interested in purchasing, a good thing to know is that flight nanny delivery is available worldwide.

Text or call them if you have any additional questions regarding their French Bulldog puppies!

Diamond French Bulldogs’ Details

• Address: Wilmington , NC

• Phone: 910-446-3949

• Website: Diamond French Bulldogs

• Email: [email protected]

2. Winsome French Bulldogs

a French bulldog walks the field

Winsome French Bulldogs is a small hobby breeder from Hendersonville that strives to produce healthy and quality puppies that will be excellent companions to their family.

Their goal is to breed standard breed type, physically sound and healthy dogs with correct temperament. In order to ensure the perfect health of their puppies, they health screen all their dogs before breeding.

However, one thing that makes them really stand out as a responsible breeder is the fact that they make sure their puppies end up in a nice home and with people that will care for them and love them unconditionally.

If you choose this breeder, you can be assured that you will have their lifetime support and guidance throughout your dog’s life.

Winsome French Bulldogs’ Details

• Address: Hendersonville, NC

• Phone: 828-335-3727

• Website: Winsome French Bulldogs

• Email: [email protected]

3. Rippling Water

the French Bulldog lies and rests

This French Bulldog breeder, located in the beautiful mountains of west North Carolina , has been breeding puppies for more than 35 years. Their dogs are their whole life. They live with them, breed, potty-train, and show them, and they are happy to experience the joys of owning these dogs.

Since each of their breeding is carefully planned, they have only a few litters per year, and every litter consists of only a few puppies in order to produce healthy, sound, and athletic dogs for shows and their future family.

If you are interested in their puppies, you will have to register for one (you can find a reservation request on their website), or if you have any more questions, you can contact them by phone or email.

They also welcome visitors, and they would be more than happy to show you around and introduce you to their dogs.

Rippling Water’s Details

• Address: Bryson City , NC

• Phone: 828-488-2091

• Website: Rippling Water Kennel

•Email: [email protected]

4. Stars Above Us Frenchies

a beautiful girl holding a french bulldog

Stars Above Us Frenchies is a family breeder that raises all their dogs in their home, which ensures that their puppies are perfectly socialized both with children and other dogs.

All their dogs are health and color tested, and they offer a one-year health guarantee. Before leaving for their new home, their puppies are vaccinated, microchipped, and checked by a veterinarian.

They are open to meeting locals, and they use a flight nanny or any other safe delivery method. Additionally, all new owners receive a gift box with their puppies — some goodies to help them get started.

Stars Above Us Frenchies’ Details

• Address: Fayetteville, NC 28306

• Phone: 910-638-6896

• Website: Stars Above Us Frenchies

• Email: [email protected]

5. Royalty Pets North Carolina

french bulldog sets in the park

Royalty Pets NC is a small, family -owned business that breeds American Kennel Club ( AKC ) French Bulldogs , Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Miniature Dachshunds.

All their puppies come with a one-year health guarantee against any genetic disease. While they are still with them, they get all the vet care possible, health checks, the best dog food for Frenchies, and lots of love in order to be able to grow into sociable and smart dogs.

If you purchase one of their puppies, you can be assured that they will be there for you if you need anything and for as long as you need it. If, by any chance, something happens and you are no longer able to take care of the dog, they will take him back no matter what.

Royalty Pets Of North Carolina’s Details

• Address: Greensboro , NC

• Phone: 336-392-6639 / 336-558-6887

• Website: Royal Pets North Carolina

• Email: [email protected]

6. Ethical Kennel

french bulldog puppies walking in the park

Ethical Kennel is a small French Bulldog breeder that is extremely passionate about dogs and what they do. They started this breeding program because they understand the stress and frustration that comes with trying to find a responsible breeder in the sea of scams and puppy mills .

They are focused on socialization and improving the breed in general, which is why they work extra hard to provide you with healthy and socialized Frenchie puppies that would be the perfect fit for your family.

All their puppies are socialized and health tested by a certified veterinarian before they are listed for selling.

If you choose Ethical Kennel, you must know that they donate a portion of the purchase to an organization of your or their choice , so you will not only be getting a new family member and doing a good deed, but potentially saving a puppy also .

Ethical Kennel’s Details

• Address: 5540 Centerview Dr, Raleigh NC, 27606

• Phone: 919-213-8160

• Website: Ethical Kennel

• Email: [email protected]

• Facebook: Ethical Kennels

• Instagram: Ethical Kennels

7. Adore Frenchies

a French bulldog puppy stands and looks around

Adore Frenchies is a small show kennel that is focused on improving the health, temperament, and conformation of the breed.

If you check out their website, you can find pictures of their Frenchie puppies , and if you are interested, you can contact them via email for additional information.

They occasionally have companion puppies for sale, but they will go only to approved applications and appropriate homes.

Adore Frenchies’ Details

• Address: Triangle Area, North Carolina

• Website: Adore Frenchies

• Email: [email protected]

8. French KissaBulls

a french bulldog puppy sitting in the grass

They have been raising and breeding French, American, and English Bulldogs for more than 20 years. They fell in love with this breed because of their playful, affectionate, smart, and easy-going nature.

All their puppies live with them, which means that they get a lot of love and socialization from the start, which then makes the transition to the new home much easier.

Their goal is to breed, raise, and in the end, sell only top-quality French Bulldogs that will end up in a loving home.

Since it is really important for them to match clients with perfect puppies for them, they would like to talk with you about your choice of owning a French Bulldogs puppy. Feel free to contact them and schedule a pup appointment.

French KissaBulls’ Details

• Address: 128 Mac Jones Rd, Moyock , NC 27958

• Phone: 352-269-1222

• Website: French KissaBulls

• Email: ncfrenchkissabulls

• Facebook: French KissaBulls

9. NC Puppies

french bulldog puppy running on the beach

NC Puppies is a professional French Bulldog breeder that produces some of the highest quality Frenchies . All their puppies are AKC -registered, and therefore, you always receive an AKC certificate of the puppy’s bloodline.

Since they are a local breeder, they make sure that their puppies are raised in their home, and that they receive all the love and attention in order to grow up to be healthy and sound dogs.

Besides the bloodline certificate, new French Bulldog owners also receive a health certificate, proving the health of their puppies.

With a new puppy, you also get full-time support up to two years after you purchase the puppy. If you have any questions, contact Jessie through the information below and find out why they are considered as one of the most reputable breeders in North Carolina .

NC Puppies’ Details

• Address: 92 Cornerstone Drive 142, Cary , NC 27519, USA

• Phone: (239) 440-0951

• Website: NC Puppies

• Email: [email protected]

10. Happytail Puppies

french bulldog puppy standing on the beach

Happytail Puppies is made of 30 loving families that all have only one mission, and that is to raise the healthiest and happiest puppies possible. In these licensed and inspected families, the puppies are raised in a loving environment with a lot of care and affection.

With Happytail Puppies, you get a puppy:

• with a lifetime health guarantee

• raised with hands-on care

• licensed and inspected

If you are interested, check out their website and find available puppies and all other information about their breeding program and dog breeds .

Happytail Puppies’ Details

• Address: 2911 Oak Ridge Rd, Oak Ridge, NC 27310, United States

• Phone: 855-762-4213

• Website: Happytail Puppies

• Email: Info@ happytailpuppies .com

• Facebook: Happytail Puppies

11. Charlotte Dog Club

Charlotte Dog Club is a club of loving and responsible breeders whose goal is to find perfect homes for their puppies. They are focusing on breeding the healthiest puppies possible, which is why they have a ten-year health guarantee.

The health and welfare of their puppies is their top priority, and because of that, they abide by AKC good breeding standards .

They make sure to match puppies with loving homes, and they offer you a long-lasting relationship and to be there for you in case you need any help.

Check out their website for information about upcoming litters and availability of puppies!

Charlotte Dog Club’s Details

• Address: 1800 Ostwalt Amity Rd, Cleveland, NC 27013, USA

• Phone: 704-323-7929

• Website: Charlotte Dog Club

• Facebook: Charlotte Dog Club

12. Premier Pups French Bulldogs

a French Bulldog puppy with a red bruise

At Premier Pups, you can find some of the best French Bulldog Breeders nationwide. Since they want to provide their puppies the best quality of life, they make sure to only work with carefully selected breeders who are able to provide a healthy, loving, and safe environment for their puppies.

They make sure that all their puppies are health tested and certified, which is why they also offer you a ten-year health guarantee.

If you check out their website, you can find all possible information about the breed, FAQs, and videos of the puppies that are 100% real and unedited.

Premier Pups French Bulldogs’ Details

• Address: 13326 Miller Rd NW, Johnstown, OH 43031, United

• Phone: 740-809-3074

• Website: Premier Pups French Bulldogs

• Facebook: Premier Pups French Bulldogs

13. Tailor Made Frenchies

a French Bulldog puppy sits and looks around

The main goal of Tailor Made Frenchies is to breed high-quality puppies, and thus, maintain good genetics, health, and structure.

Their dogs are their number one passion, and they devote all their life to them by offering them unconditional love and care. They are raised in their home, and they are perfectly socialized with other pets and children.

At Tailor Made Frenchies, your new pup will come with:

FCI & AKC registration

• Health certification

• Up-to-date vaccination

• A microchip

• A puppy pack

If you are ready to be a new French Bulldog owner, fill out the application form that you can find on their website. They offer hand delivery, flight nanny, and international shipping. Just be aware that they require a $1000 deposit in order to reserve a puppy.

Tailor Made Frenchies’ Details

• Address: Greensboro , North Carolina

• Phone: 336-303-1399

• Website: Tailor Made Frenchies

• Email: [email protected]

• Facebook: Tailor Made Frenchies

14. MJ Frenchies

a French Bulldog puppy walks

MJ Frenchies is a small family breeder that breeds quality French Bulldog Puppies from health-tested parents.

Julie has always been an animal lover, but when she first got a French Bulldog puppy in 2017, she immediately fell in love with its personality and clown-like antics.

Their dogs are raised in her home as family members , and they have full freedom to run around and be free. They strive to breed quality puppies in standard colors as well as in some rare colors, and they make sure to breed only healthy dogs that will be able to grow up into beautiful adults.

If you have any questions about French Bulldogs , puppies for sale, or anything else related to this breeder , don’t be afraid to ask. They will be more than happy to help you.

MJ Frenchies’ Details

• Address: Woodstock, VA 22664

• Phone: 540-325-2292

• Website: MJ Frenchies

• Email: [email protected]

15. Parker’s Precious Puppies

a French bulldog puppy sitting in the green grass

This family-owned business has been active for more than 25 years, and was able to provide many families with healthy and happy puppies. All their puppies get individual love and care, which makes them excellent in temperament and socialization .

Their dogs come as health tested, vaccinated, groomed, and carefully checked by a licensed veterinarian. They get a lot of exercise, playtime, and outdoor activities.

For more information about their puppies, or if you want to schedule an appointment to meet the available ones, give them a call.

Parker’s Precious Puppies’ Details

• Address: 5550 B J Hoisery Mill St, Hickory , NC 28602, United States

• Phone: 828-238-7687 / 828-238-6235

• Website: Parker’s Precious Puppies

• Email: [email protected]

16. Bentonville Pets

a French Bulldog puppy is playing with a toy

Bentonville Pets is a small, home-based kennel whose desire is to breed healthy and socialized puppies at reasonable prices.

All puppies are vaccinated and dewormed before they are sold, and every owner gets documentation proving this.

They are focused on breeding only companion dogs, which will make perfect family members . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write or call. They are available 24/7. Also, check their email daily, so you will for sure be answered.

Bentonville Pets’ Details

• Address: 329 Britt Rd. Four Oaks, NC 27524

• Phone: (919) 915-6720 / (919) 915-2240

• Website: Bentonville Pets

• Email: [email protected]

17. Queens Of The South

a French Bulldog puppy sits with his tongue out

Kim Nutzi, from Queens of the South, is the breeder who offers top-quality AKC French Bulldogs . She loves dogs, and she makes sure that all of them are raised in her home and treated as family members .

In order to ensure healthy and long-living puppies, they breed up to the highest standards, and undergo all genetic testing.

How do you get a puppy?

Well, if you are interested in their puppies, you can apply through their website. You will be asked to say something about yourself, your home, and what you want from the breeder, so they can find the perfect match for you and your family.

Once you apply, Kim will get back to you with all the information regarding the available puppies, pricing, and everything else that is important.

Queens Of The South’s Details

• Address: Rocky Mount , NC

• Website: Queens of the South

How Much Should A French Bulldog Puppy Cost?

In the last two decades, French Bulldogs have become extremely popular among dog breeds . Their price depends on the age, color, breeder , location, and bloodline, of course.

On average, a French Bulldog puppy will cost around $2000 , but in some cases, their price can go up to $4,500 . A Frenchie that has a unique coat and comes from a prestigious bloodline will cost a whopping $10,000.

However, the price can vary based on popularity and availability in certain states. In North Carolina, you can expect to pay around $3,500 for a Frenchie.

If you are unable to pay this much for a puppy, you can always check local shelters. Because of their popularity, it is very likely that you will find one. Their price in shelters goes on average between $300 and $500 .

How Do You Find A Reputable Breeder?

Finding a reputable breeder can sometimes be really difficult. However, there are some tips that can help you with choosing one:

• Meet the breeder in person

• See the puppy’s parents

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions

• Ask for full medical documentation

• Ask for pedigree documentation

• Check for AKC or similar awards

• Be patient and careful

Final Thoughts: French Bulldog Breeders In North Carolina

We know how stressful it is to find a good breeder who will provide you with healthy and sound puppies, and also be able to have a good relationship with you. It is important to have one that you can call anytime if you need some help, especially in the first couple of weeks.

French Bulldogs, like any other breed, can have some health issues, so it is important for breeders to always breed healthy male and female Frenchies in order to prevent genetic diseases from happening. Also, vaccination , deworming, and other health tests are equally important.

If our list of the best French Bulldog Breeders in North Carolina has helped you and made your process of getting a Frenchie a little bit easier, we are extremely happy and proud to have been able to help. You are more than welcome!

Don’t forget to appreciate all the joys of having a new puppy, and come back to us again if you ever need any help!

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