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Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Which One Is Better For You?

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Which One Is Better For You?

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When choosing a French Bulldog puppy, there are numerous things to consider. Among those is the gender of your new best friend.

Most of us have wondered whether or not the gender of a dog makes any difference at all. Apart from the obvious physical differences, are there any others?

Is the personality of a male French Bulldog different than that of a female? What about their energy levels? Are Female Frenchies easier to train?

These questions have their merits. After all, there are differences between humans when it comes to gender, so why would it be any different in the animal kingdom?

In this article, we will talk about male vs female French Bulldogs and the key things that separate them. On our journey, we will cover the personalities, temperaments, trainability, and relationships with other living things of the two Frenchie genders.

We will also take a look at spaying and neutering and how they affect each gender, respectively. So, let’s get into the pros and cons of both genders of the French Bulldog breed.

Male vs female french bulldog: comparison table

Larger headSmaller head
Heavier and tallerLighter and smaller
More confidentShyer
More energetic and mischievousMore relaxed
Harder to trainEasier to train
Nip lessNip more
No big mood swingsHuge mood swings while in heat
Humps every dog in the parkHas discharge during heat
Shorter attention spanLonger attention span
Constantly seek validationMore self-oriented
Tendency to jump on peopleBesties with everyone
Mature laterMature earlier
Less responsiveMore responsive
Slower learnersQuicker learners
More dominant and assertiveMore chilled with everyone
Better watchdogsBetter guard dogs
Less expensiveMore expensive

Does dog gender really matter?

French bulldog sitting on couch

While it is true that gender is not the only determinant of whether or not a dog will be a good family companion, we cannot look away from the fact that some biological differences affect a canine’s behavior.

Stanley Cohen, a professor at the University of British Columbia, states that male dogs are found to be more aggressive due to the male sex hormones.

Male dogs often challenge other dogs and animals to assert their dominance. On the other hand, female dogs are more stubborn and territorial.

Female dogs may not be as aggressive as their male counterparts, but when they do decide to show their strength and status among other animals, it often leads to bloodshed.

To address these key differences between the two genders, all puppies must be trained and socialized from an early age. At the end of the day, a dog’s behavior is usually down to its upbringing and living conditions. That said, let’s get into the male vs female French Bulldog comparison.

Are female French Bulldogs smaller than males?

French bulldog lying down tired after walk

Male French Bulldogs

Male Frenchies appear to be miniature versions of the English Bulldog. Their main feature is their “bat ears,” which are large and erect. Male Frenchies have a more massive head than the females, and there are heavy wrinkles just above their short noses.

Another distinguishing feature that sets male Frenchies apart from females is that they are more bully-looking. They have heavy bones and a broad back that make them appear compactly built.

Here are other distinct descriptions of their appearance:

• Male Frenchies’ heads are broad and square with almost symmetrical wrinkles and folds.

• They have wide-set eyes that are brown or dark in color.

• They have broad and deep muzzles.

• Their skull is flat, but their forehead is slightly rounded.

• They have a full chest with a tucked-up belly.

• They have a short and smooth coat and loose and soft skin.

• They have short but powerful necks. The neck is slightly arched and broadens toward the shoulders.

 Here is a detailed description of their size:

• Height: 13 inches (33 cm)

• Weight: 28 to 30 pounds (13 to 15 kg)

• Length: 12 inches (30 cm)

• Width: 26 inches (66 m)

Female French Bulldogs

Some female Frenchies can almost pass as males as long as you don’t take a look at their genitals. These dogs also have a large and square head, perky bat ears, and loose skin on their throats.

In an ideal scenario, their head should be smaller than the males, but some pooches don’t get this standard because of their genetics.

Here is a comprehensive analysis of their appearance:

• Female French Bulldogs have wide-set eyes.

• Their muzzles are laid back and quite similar to that of male Frenchies.

• They have a flat skull, and their forehead is visibly rounder.

• Their cheek muscles are well-developed.

• Similar to males, females also have a broad chest and a tucked-up belly.

• They have soft skin, and their coat is soft and smooth to the touch.

Below are the specifics of their body size:

• Height: 10 inches (25 cm)

• Weight: 25 pounds (11 kg)

• Length: 9 inches (23 cm)

• Width: 22 inches (56 cm)

One thing to remember about their appearance is that, according to the breed standard of the American Kennel Club (AKC), French Bulldogs are not recognized if they weigh 28 pounds and above, regardless of their gender.

Temperament comparison

cute french bulldog standing at garden

Male French Bulldogs

The differences in temperament between the female and male French Bulldog are pretty slim, but some qualities may sway you towards one or the other.

Males tend to be more playful than their female counterparts, and they are also known to be bolder pets.

Below are some of the behavioral characteristics of male Frenchies:

• Male Frenchies are more mischievous compared to females.

• They are confident and energetic.

• They are more likely to showcase an alpha attitude and mark their territory.

• Their mood is stable.

• They can be a bit nippier, but this can be corrected through proper training.

• They are very trainable, even though they have a shorter attention span compared to females.

• Males constantly seek their owner’s validation.

• They are quite dependent on the presence of their owners.

• They can also become destructive if left alone for long periods.

• They love to play and chew things.

• They are very affectionate.

You should keep in mind that a large part of your male French Bulldog’s behavior can be shaped through training. Even though these pups might seem to be very active and mischievous, socialization and obedience classes will make them ideal pets.

But, you don’t have to worry about your male Frenchie going through mood swings during heat cycles, as females do.

That said, keep in mind that this temperament interpretation is just a guide, so you have an idea of what to expect when you bring a male Frenchie into your home for the first time.

French Bulldog lying at home

Photo from @all.things.henry

Female French Bulldogs

It is generally considered that female Frenchies are easier to handle than males, and there is some truth to this. Female French Bulldogs are indeed more relaxed and shy than their male counterparts.

Here is an assessment of their temperament and behavior:

• Female Frenchies tend to be aggressive when young, but they usually grow out of this behavior.

They become gentle pups as they grow older.

• Females are more docile than males. Being a couch potato next to their owner is one of their favorite activities.

• They grow to be more affectionate than male Frenchies.

• They are quite a bit easier to potty train.

• They are more timid in front of strangers and other dogs.

• Females can be moodier.

• They do not exhibit alpha behavior like humping or marking.

• They can show dominating behavior when in heat.

• They tend to nip quite a lot, especially when excited.

• Females can’t be left alone for too long because they develop separation anxiety. If that happens, it can lead to destructive behavior.

Interactions with strangers comparison

smiling woman training french bulldog in city park

Male French Bulldogs

Male Frenchies are extremely social pups. They were originally bred to be companion dogs, which is why they love being around people.

Several anecdotal accounts state that male Frenchies thrive in the presence of others, but the body of research proving this particular behavior is not that vast.

You can often see males in parks running and playing with people they just met. It may even appear as if they are enjoying other people’s company more than their owner’s, which is completely normal.

Despite their ideal behavior towards strangers, male representatives of the breed have a strong tendency to jump on people. As an owner, you may tolerate these jumping tendencies. However, other people might not feel the same way unless, of course, they are into dogs.

To stop your male French Bulldog from jumping on other people, you should try keeping your hands away from them until their front paws are in contact with the ground

Once their cute paws hit the floor, immediately praise and pet them to instill in their minds that they won’t get the attention and love they need unless they keep all four paws on the ground.

Female French Bulldogs

Similar to males, female Frenchies like interacting with strangers. They simply have too much love to give, not only to their humans but to other people around as well.

Many pet lovers consider female French Bulldogs as “best friends with everyone” because they simply are. So, expect to have some trouble having a peaceful walk with your Frenchie, as it will try to befriend any pedestrian that comes close.

On top of that, people won’t miss an opportunity to pet this charming pup whenever they see one. Humans love interacting with them as much as they need pets and praise. It’s a win-win situation.

Some females are timid from the get-go, but they usually warm up after some time. This means that you shouldn’t worry if your female pup doesn’t approach your guests immediately. It is just assessing whether they are threats to anyone’s safety or not.

Are male or female french Bulldogs better at training?

dog looking up to owner waiting to go walkies

Male French Bulldogs

Male and female French Bullies have their own abilities and learning styles, thanks to the difference in their genes. However, males are considered to be a bit harder to train because of their goofiness.

Unlike female dogs, males do not mature early, so many French Bulldog owners and breeders find them stubborn and challenging when it comes to obedience activities.

One other reason why they can be difficult to train is their dominant nature. Males always wage a power war with their new owners due to their alpha tendencies.

The key to success in teaching them to be well-behaved pets is taking a strict stance. You have to show your pup who is really the boss between the two of you by being firm.

Males are also quite hard to house train. They tend to soil their crate, and it can be quite a tough job cleaning up the mess.

You should search for some useful tips on how to train a male Frenchie, or ask a professional trainer for some advice. This might do the trick and make your dog hold its bladder while inside the house.

Female French Bulldogs

One of the upsides of owning a female Frenchie is that they are a delight to train. This is primarily because females mature much earlier than their male counterparts.

The fact that they are more docile impacts how they behave during training sessions. They are more responsive and generally quicker at learning new things.

If you are finding it hard to deal with your female French Bully, you might want to consider having it trained by a professional. A combination of home training and obedience classes facilitated by an expert dog trainer will make your pooch even more stable.

Also, you can have it spayed if you aren’t planning to breed your female pup because this helps balance its temperament. With fewer hormones running rampant, it will be more obedient and will behave better.

Male vs female French Bulldog: Children engagement

 little girl holds a French bulldog in her arms

Male French Bulldogs

Some breeders and pet owners compare the temperament of their male dogs to kids. They are inherently mischievous and playful, and it seems like clowning around is one of their specialties.

The reason behind this behavior is that they do not possess parental instincts on the same level females do. They view kids as potential playmates rather than someone that needs their protection.

It is vital to introduce your male French Bullies to young kids inside your home as early as possible. This will ensure a strong bond between them and prevent your dog from getting irritated when the kid starts teasing it by pulling on its ears or tail. But, it would also be wise to teach your children not to engage in this sort of behavior with dogs, as they risk being nipped.

Additionally, you should also teach your child not to be intimidated by your male dog because canines can sense this and will get an idea that they are on the top of the pack ladder.

Always keep in mind that male Frenchies are alpha dogs. So, if your child shows any signs of fear, a male dog may start bullying them or be aggressive towards them.

Female French Bulldogs

Female French Bullies are very child-friendly due to their maternal instincts. Also, they are not as active as their male counterparts, so there is a very slim chance they would accidentally hurt your kid while running and goofing around.

When introducing a female French Bulldog into your home, consider following these tips:

• Have your children calmly approach the pup but leave enough space so the dog can meet them on its own terms.

• Once the pup approaches, tell your kids to close their fist and offer it for the pooch to sniff.

• If you feel that your female pup is already comfortable with your children’s presence, allow them to stroke her head and neck. However, make sure they don’t accidentally touch her ears, feet, stomach, or tail because those are sensitive areas.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind when letting your children play with your female dog is that Frenchies cannot regulate their temperature during hot summer days because of their short noses.

Remind your kids not to play outside with your dog for an extended period to prevent it from overheating. This applies to male Frenchies as well.

Male vs female Frenchie: relationships with other animals

black french bulldog and a black pug look at each other

Male French Bulldogs

Male French Bullies can be very dominant dogs even after you neuter them. They love asserting their power over other dogs, so it might not be the best idea to adopt or bring home another Frenchie of the same gender.

The reason behind this behavior is that, historically speaking, dogs lived in packs before they were domesticated. Only one male and one female dog in the pack were allowed to breed. Thus, these pups are hostile towards the same gender.

Unfortunately, male French Bulldogs have yet to outgrow this behavior, so they still possess that alpha dog instinct. When it comes to their relationship with other animals, they do not pose much of a problem.

In fact, they will get along great with a new puppy or any new pet you want to introduce into your household.

Female French Bulldogs

While it is usually fine to have a female and a male French Bulldog in the same household, keeping two female Frenchies is a horrible idea. We list out some of the reasons why you should avoid it:

• Two female French bullies that are close in age will compete a lot. They might fight over toys, sleeping areas, food, treats, or other things while their owner is present. This might seem like a normal canine issue, but in reality, it can escalate and lead to serious health issues.

• Having two female pups that are far apart in age is also a risk. The newer dog might see the older one as weak and, therefore, try to take her over.

• Hormonal changes, as well as their heat cycle and pheromones, can impact your dog’s level of aggressiveness.

• Female dogs love fighting for their owner’s attention to the point that it can result in death. This is no exaggeration.

• The combination of two females and one male creates competition for breeding rights, which can lead to huge problems.

Which French Bulldog gender is better for protection?

french bulldog standing outdoors

Male French Bulldogs

Generally speaking, males Frenchies are always more territorial than their female counterparts. You can expect them to pee and mark their walking path even inside the house.

This higher territorial personality trait directly affects their guarding behavior, but unfortunately, males of this dog breed do not have enough aggressiveness to become excellent guardians.

They will bark and alert you that someone is snooping around your property, but that is the full extent of their guarding abilities. They are not that good at deterring criminals because they are more likely to solicit petting from the intruder. Nonetheless, they can be excellent watchdogs.

Female French Bulldogs

While young, female representatives of the breed aren’t as territorial as males. You will usually see them lounging around the house, completely aloof to strangers.

However, as they age, most females surpass the territorial tendencies of male Frenchies and start to become more protective of you and your property.

This behavior is desired by many, but you will probably need to retrain your female pup if it ever gets out of hand. Here are some tips that can help you achieve this.

• In searching for problems in your dog’s personality and behavior, go back to basics. Do a refresher course on obedience training, and remind your pup of basic commands.

• Practice your recall skills or coming when called. This will help you keep her out of trouble.

• Give her lots of praise, pets, and treats for obeying you.

• Try to reduce your dog’s anxiety by keeping her away from potential triggers.

• If possible, desensitize her with her primary triggers. Just make sure you only start when she is well-behaved and ready.

Male vs female french Bulldog: family companionship

couple indoor in their apartment holding french bulldog puppy

Most dog owners would agree that both genders of this breed are great family companions, so we won’t’ be dividing this section to compare them.

Instead, we will present you with a list of reasons why owning one of them is probably one of the best decisions you can make:

• These pups don’t require a lot of exercise, so they are perfect for people living in apartments. Frenchies are even tagged as the top-ranked dog breed in San Francisco, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and New York City, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

• They love nothing more than to be cuddled and pampered by their owners and other family members.

• Frenchies continuously beg for human attention due to their highly social personalities.

• You can bring a French Bulldog anywhere you want. Whether on a walk or shopping trip, these pups will know how to behave themselves.

• These dogs are not prone to excessive barking, so they are less likely to scare away your visitors.

• They are funny-looking, mischievous, and full of humor. Frenchies are just a blast to be around!

DIfferences in health issues

Cute french bulldog lying on grey sofa

Male French Bulldogs

Generally speaking, French Bulldogs are prone to a range of health problems, like any other dog breed. These problems include conjunctivitis, externa, diarrhea, and otitis.

But, a study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) led by Dr. Dan O’Neill revealed that male French Bullies develop more health conditions than females.

After analyzing the health records of over 2,000 dogs of this breed located in Wales, Scotland, and England, the veterinary college found out that male Frenchies are more likely to acquire eight out of the twenty-six common diseases of their breed.

This is a serious thing to consider when choosing the gender of the pup you want to bring home.

Female French Bulldogs

As you might have already figured out from our previous description of the male Frenchie’s health situations, females are believed to be the healthier gender of this breed.

In fact, based on the results of the same research, out of the twenty-six health issues that French Bulldogs can face throughout their lives, females are not likely to get any of them.

Dr. Dan O’Neill stated that this is possibly due to the two sexes’ different body sizes and hormonal profiles. These sex-associated differences when it comes to health are also reported in German Shepherds, Border Terrier dogs, and Rottweilers.

Are male or female French Bulldogs more expensive? Frenchie puppy price

French Bulldog puppies on the grass

Male French Bulldogs

Male French Bullies are less expensive than their female counterparts, with an average cost of $1,500 to $3,000. Of course, the price will vary based on a number of factors, such as the coloring, location, and health of the pup.

If you are searching for male French Bulldogs from top quality breed lines, you can find them at reputable breeders for around $5,500 to $10,000.

This price tag doesn’t include all the other initial amounts you have to pay when you bring a pup home.

Female French Bulldogs

Female puppies are way more expensive than males, with an average price of $5,000 to $15,000. This is mainly because of the two following reasons:

• Female French Bullies can reproduce if the owner chooses not to spay them. This means that they can have offspring that can then be sold.

• Breeding them is quite expensive as they require artificial insemination and cesarean section.

Now, if by any chance you think that we are joking about these price tags, you will be disappointed. The reality is that no matter what gender of French Bully you are looking for, you can expect to spend a large amount to buy one. In fact, some refer to Frenchies as “dogs of the elite” because they are that expensive.

Are male or female french Bulldogs better for you?

French bulldog in nature

Sometimes a comparison topic such as male vs female French Bulldog is there to help us choose the gender of our new companion. However, if you’ve come up to this point and are still undecided, we don’t blame you. We couldn’t decide either!

Choosing between a female and male French Bulldog is tough because they are really quite similar. But, here’s an idea. Instead of choosing between female and male, why not get both?

Two is always better than one, and here is why:

• They can be left alone longer. Two pups will keep each other company, and this will greatly reduce separation anxiety.

• They will help keep each other fit because they will get quite a bit of exercise playing each day.

• Frenchies are social animals that thrive with company.

With regular training and socialization, a Frenchie can become the best pet you ever hoped for, regardless of the gender you choose!

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Which One Is Better For You?

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