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Male Vs Female Pitbulls: Everything You Need To Know

Male Vs Female Pitbulls: Everything You Need To Know

The Pitbull is considered an extremely loving and devoted breed of dog, which is one of the many reasons why people are interested in getting them.

Despite popular media, they aren’t really known to be protective dogs because they are so excited to meet new people.

After deciding that you want a Pitbull as a dog, you might ask yourself whether you want to get a male or a female Pitbull.

This question can be important as there are differences between the two that might affect what kind of dog you want to get to suit your family’s needs as well as your own preferences and lifestyle.

For instance, if you are more into getting a family dog that will snuggle up and play, you might want to get a male Pitbull, whereas female

Pitbulls are known for their protective streak towards individuals — they can make good companions.

However, whichever you choose comes with its own caveats and limitations.

Depending on your dog’s characteristics, it will have varying needs and treat others differently, so you will have to be ready to respond appropriately so that your dog is happy.

You want to make sure that your dog is comfortable enough to adjust to its new forever home.

The male vs female Pitbull question isn’t a hard one to solve when you have the information — and we’ve got you covered!

We will try to provide an in-depth answer to the male vs female Pitbull question in this article.

We will talk about the differences between the male Pitbull and his special female counterpart when it comes to characteristics, health issues, how they treat other people, and more!

Let’s find out which one is best for you!

Male Vs. Female: An Overview

Female Pitbulls

Male Pitbulls



Height: 17 to 20 inchesHeight: 18 to 21 inches
Weight: 30 to 50 lbsWeight: 35 to 60 lbs
Cost: approximately $2,000 – $20,000Cost: approximately $2,000 – $20,000
Longevity: 12 – 16 years of ageLongevity: 12 – 16 years of age
Build: Thinner than male counterpartBuild: Have more muscle mass than females



Assertive, intelligent, friendlyAssertive, intelligent, friendly
Hostile towards other female dogsHostile towards other male dogs
More cautious around strangersLess cautious around strangers
Less attention-seekingMore attention-seeking
Better at protecting individualsBetter at protecting groups
Less difficult to train when puppiesMore difficult to train when puppies
More likely to show affection towards individuals as opposed to groups like family membersMore likely to distribute affection equally towards everyone in a group
Less hostile when eatingMore hostile when eating
Less playful (with children as well)More playful with children and adults
Lower energy as puppies Higher energy as puppies
Less headstrong and determinedMore headstrong and determined
Less clever and agreeable Cleverer and more agreeable
Tidier and neater overall Less tidy and neat overall
Will have a harder time being friendly with other female dogs at the dog parkWill have a harder time being friendly with other male dogs at the dog park

Male Vs. Female: Physical Appearance

Male Pitbulls

At first glance, you will realize that the two aren’t that different when it comes to physical appearance, but there are some key differences you can pay attention to.

One such difference is that male Pitbulls tend to look bigger than their female counterparts. They can weigh between 35 and 60 pounds, and their general height is 18 to 21 inches on average, which are all larger values when compared to female Pitbulls.

Male Pitbulls also have bulkier builds due to the larger amount of muscle mass when compared to females. They are actually unique when compared to other dog breeds when it comes to the ratio of muscles per unit body weight.

Even the muscles in their head and neck are thicker when compared to other dogs.

When you compare them to female Pitbulls, you will notice that their head shape is larger and wider. They also have bigger jaws, which is one of the most unforgettable traits of the Pitbull.

Female Pitbulls

Compared to males, female Pitbulls are a tad bit tinier in size. They weigh approximately between 30 and 50 pounds on average.

When comparing heights, you will notice that they are shorter — only as tall as 17 to 20 inches on average.

When compared to other breeds, Pitbulls are still considered larger dogs, but the female is smaller than the male in the height and weight department.

If you take a good look at a female Pitbull, you will notice that her back is slimmer and longer when compared to a male, as well as her head, which will be narrower.

It might not be obvious at first, but you will notice that there is also a small difference between the female and the male when it comes to eyes and hair right around their mouth.

Females’ eyes will be set apart at a wider length than their male counterpart, while the hair around their mouth will also be tighter in comparison.

Personality Differences

pitbull wearing a red collar

Male Personality

Males, especially if you choose not to neuter them, can display more assertive tendencies than their female counterpart.

However, they are very friendly and love to play with family and friends when compared to females. You shouldn’t be mistaken, though — they can be quite independent as well!

They will probably choose to mark their territory in order to assert their dominance and show who’s boss! They also might demonstrate more hostile behavior towards trespassers.

However, generally, they shouldn’t be considered as hostile dogs towards humans and other pups. Usually, they are quite easy-going and agreeable, eager to please their dog owners.

They love to play with other people, and will become easily excited when that opportunity presents itself as opposed to females.

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They are more likely to show affection than females as well, and they might bounce with joy to play with a newcomer.

But, we know that you might be worried because certain Pitbulls are known to have a troubling personality when it comes to getting along with others.

Research shows that certain pups might get their mean streak, so to speak, from their ancestors — so that kind of personality would technically be wired into their DNA.

Such behavior might come from the parents, who were forced to behave as hostile dogs.

Certain owners would force their Pitbulls to participate in dog fights for fun, which, we agree, isn’t all that cool.

As well as past owners treating these Pitbulls as fighting dogs, environmental factors could have also affected dog aggression. Dog cruelty does a lot to shape a dog’s behavior.

They could have been raised in very sad conditions and had terrible interactions with other pups and humans.

A dog’s aggressive behavior can also arise through other factors, like how much stress momma Pitbull experienced throughout her pregnancy.

Male Pitbulls will also have higher energy levels when compared to female Pitbulls, but after they are about a year old, those energy levels drop.

Because they are so easy-going, they also can be a bit less cautious and tidy when compared to female Pitbulls.

Female Personality

Female Pitbulls, like males, will also venture to claim their own territory, but this doesn’t happen as often as with males.

If a female Pitbull is spayed, she will probably not mark her territory at all.

What a lot of dog owners become anxious about is the time period when the female experiences what is commonly known as the Estrus.

What occurs is that the female Pitbull will typically start bleeding or go into heat, during which she will feel uneasy and a bit edgy. She also might be prone to urinating quite a bit.

The Estrus occurs at around approximately every six months.

As opposed to male Pitbulls, female Pitbulls don’t have the tendency to squabble with other dogs depending on whether she is pregnant or not. If your female is pregnant, she might become more aggressive, even when she gives birth.

In order to put a stop to such behavior, consider spaying her. There are pros and cons to sterilization that we will get into later.

Most dog owners report that their female Pitbulls are oftentimes more bonded to them as opposed to male Pitbulls. This means that they might be more needy in terms of attention, but hey, some dog owners love that kind of affection!


pitbull running

Male Training

Male Pitbulls, depending on whether they are neutered or not, can be quite easy to train when they are young. They will be more challenging to train if they are unneutered as they tend to wish to assert their dominance and can be hardheaded.

What can also be a challenge is their aggressive behavior, so we suggest you neuter your dog at an early age to make the process easier.

If you don’t neuter your dog, situations might occur which frustrate him. For instance, as you are training your male Pitbull, he might be able to sense a female that is in heat at a nearby distance, even though he is in the house.

In this case, because he isn’t able to pursue her, he might become upset and aggressive. He will, in turn, be less willing to listen to your commands.

If you are worried that you don’t know the warning signs of a Pitbull behaving aggressively, some include growling, teeth gnashing, or quick movements.

Like other dogs, Pitbulls tend not to attack before showing these warning signs that they are upset — you will likely be able to recognize if your Pitbull is becoming irritated before it chooses to lash out.

Male Pitbulls also tend to get kind of silly and distractible when you are training them, so you will need to be tolerant of your dog’s behavior as you are training him.

This makes them harder to train than female Pitbulls, especially if you are attempting to house train your pet.

Female Training

Female Pitbull training is much more easily executed. Like humans, female Pitbulls tend to mature more quickly than males. You can have them start training at an early age as opposed to males.

They are more concentrated and resolute during training, and they also acknowledge attempts at positive reinforcement better than their male counterparts, so we suggest you make use of that!

The down side to female training can be their irritability during their Estrus period or while they are in heat.

They will probably do their own thing because they are feeling uneasy, and will not wish to obey your commands during that time. Overall, though, they can be trained more quickly than males.


woman holding a pitbull puppy

Male Health

Male Pitbulls are known to be quite healthy dogs. They live around twelve to sixteen years of age, but it is important to know that all breeds have unique health challenges that might come up if you don’t keep them in check.

However, this doesn’t mean you should worry as not every Pitbull will get these illnesses, especially if it is getting its checkups regularly and receiving the care it needs.

Nevertheless, it is still important to educate yourself concerning common health problems that might arise, and to be prepared for them.

Male Pitbulls, when compared to females, are more likely to get bone injuries, including hip and joint issues because they are so energetic by nature. They can also have knee issues and hip dysplasia.

They don’t pay much attention to themselves in the midst of a fun game, so even while your doggo is trying to catch a frisbee, he can accidentally tear a ligament or receive injury.

Another issue that might occur more in males than in females is the presence of struvite bladder stones.

Here is a list of other health problems your male Pitbull might be at risk of having:

• Ichthyosis

• Thyroid Problems

• Parvo

• Cleft Lip or Palate

• Nerve Disease

• Blindness

• Balance Problems

They are also more likely to suffer from different skin issues like tumors, mange, and allergies because they have a short coat.

Female Health

Like male Pitbulls, females are also regarded as healthy dogs on average. They can also experience the health issues we have mentioned above, but there are also unique ailments that only they experience.

Female Pitbulls may experience pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus. This can occur as a result of certain hormonal fluctuations in their reproductive system.

Unfortunately, female dogs may experience a range of symptoms due to this infection — the worst being death — which is why we encourage you to spay your female Pitbull. This will prevent such an illness from occurring in the first place.

Other diseases, such as breast cancer and mammary tumors can occur if you don’t spay your female Pitbull.

We understand that there are also risks to spaying your dog that may (in certain cases) drastically affect the health of your female Pitbull.

Some of these include:

• Hypothyroidism

• Torn Ligaments

• Obesity

• Urinary incontinence

• Hemangiosarcoma

• Hip dysplasia

• Bone Cancer

However, we didn’t put this info out here to scare you.

If you take proper care of your female Pitbull, take her for regular checkups, and talk to the vet about what you can do for her health, many of these issues are entirely preventable.

Pitbulls and Children

Male Pitbulls Around Children

Like we have mentioned before, male Pitbulls are great with children, mostly due to their hard build, high energy levels, and patience. Since they are super goofy, they can be your child’s favorite playmate.

However, you still need to be present while your child is playing with your male.

Since they are so heavily built, they can hurt kids if they bonk into them while they are running around, or stumble over them.

You might be worried about what they say about aggressive behavior when it comes to male Pitbulls, but the truth is that they can be just as safe as other dog breeds.

You just need to make sure you train them correctly by putting them in a good environment and having them properly socialized by having them receive correct socialization coaching.

You also need to make sure to properly house-train your male Pitbull for best results.

Males can be sweet and cuddly as they are prone to being especially protective over groups — which, in this case, is your family! This is what makes them such great family pets.

You still need to err on the safe side of things by teaching your children how to behave around your male Pitbull so they don’t encourage aggressive behavior — every kid should know it isn’t a good idea to pull Rex’s tail!

Another important lesson to teach your kid is not to attempt playing with dogs when they might be napping or eating — it just isn’t a good idea to grab a dog’s food while they are preparing to have a snack!

Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for your Pitbull to have his own privacy from time to time in a place where your children don’t have access.

That will stop him from feeling that he has to lash out if he is overstimulated by your children’s high energy levels and what he sees as unpredictable behavior.

Female Pitbulls Around Children

Because female Pitbulls reach maturity more quickly than males, they also happen to be more careful and composed when they spend time around young children.

They will also be playful with children, but they will not have the high energy levels of their male counterpart.

Instead, you will notice that they will be more prone to taking sanctuary in the private space you set up for your dog when the children get a little too unpredictable for them.

Another good thing about spaying your female is that it will prevent unwanted behavior caused by hormonal fluctuations in their reproductive system, which might affect the children.

It is also a good idea to teach your children about treating your female Pitbull.

Even though they are less aggressive than males, they will still probably not feel good about kids tugging on their body parts, and they might lash out.

Don’t be surprised if your female Pitbull picks a favorite family member to spend most of her time with as females tend to get attached more to a single individual than to a group of people.

But, also don’t be surprised if her natural motherly instincts kick in. Then, she will do anything to take care of the whole family.

Pitbulls Around Other Dogs

woman and two dogs in a park

Male Pitbulls Around Dogs

As we have mentioned before, an unneutered male Pitbull tends to be more hostile towards other dogs in comparison with the female Pitbull.

This characteristic will be most obvious in his incessant attempts to mark his environment as his own in order to show who is the alpha male.

However, not all male Pitbulls behave in this manner.

You might be surprised when you find your male behaving in a friendlier way towards other dogs and people when compared to your female Pitbull.

As long as you have your male properly trained and socialized, you can expect him to be the fun dog you knew he would be.

Pitbulls, in particular, need to start socialization training as soon as they can because they differ from other dog breeds in terms of aggression.

Female Pitbulls Around Dogs

Female Pitbulls are known to be less prone to trying to convince other dogs that they are more assertive through hostile behavior for the first time.

However, they are also more likely to keep to the side when they meet new dogs instead of going off to play with them.

You should still monitor how your female Pitbull acts around other dogs while she spends time with them.

Usually, female Pitbulls will only display hostile behavior when they are undergoing hormonal fluctuations associated with their heat cycles or with pregnancy.

During these time periods, female Pitbulls will not be comfortable with louder sounds and unpredictability in their environment.

If you have several dogs, you might even notice that your female Pitbull tends to prefer the company of other male dogs, which suggests that she tends to get jealous of other females.

This, in turn, can also cause some hostile behavior.

Pitbulls Around Other Animals

pitbull sleeping next to a cat

Male Pitbulls Around Other Animals

Pitbull owners will recognize that it is possible that their males can get along famously with other pets in their house. If your male Pitbull has received proper socialization, he can be just as friendly to other pets as he is to other dogs.

However, you must monitor your male Pitbull when he plays with other pets — especially if they are smaller than he is — because there is a possibility that he might see your other animals as prey and do them harm.

Make sure you are well aware of how your male Pitbull displays aggressive behavior so you can put a stop to it if other animals are involved.

On average, you will notice that your males can be just as friendly and tolerant of other pets because they tend to be caring and loving by nature.

With good socialization, aggression should not be an issue.

Female Pitbulls Around Other Animals

Just as in the case with other dogs, females tend to generally be more wary of other animals, but also less likely to engage in any sort of conflict if unnecessary.

However, this may not be the case if she is undergoing hormonal changes, such as her heat cycle.

If you realize she is not going through any changes in the hormone department, you should check if she has any sort of illness or if she is experiencing pain which might be causing the hostile behavior.

In this case, you should go visit a vet.

You might not notice if your Pitbull is experiencing pain because they tend not to show symptoms that they are not feeling okay.

They can tolerate pain for a longer period of time, which is why she might be feeling that she needs to protect herself in relation to other pets that come her way.

If you establish that your pet has no underlying health problem, yet she continues displaying hostility towards other animals, maybe it is time to go search for a trainer who can give you some words of advice.

It is still better to permanently make a barrier between other pets and your female Pitbull.

Which Makes A Better Family Dog?

woman posing with her pitbull terrier

This is probably the toughest question because no two dog owners are alike. It will depend on your needs and your personality as well as your lifestyle.

When it comes to the dog itself, both males and females make fantastic pets.

They both make for caring and clever family members. Even since the early twentieth century, they were considered the number one family dog, known for their kindness, tender nature, and dedication to their owners.

You should note that they don’t do well with people who have a busy lifestyle because they require proper training and monitoring in their earliest days.

You absolutely must take care of that essential socialization period if you want your Pitbull to be the best version of itself.

Many Pitbull owners will tell you that getting your dog spayed or neutered is one of the best steps to take, but that will ultimately depend on you. Every dog is unique and has different needs.

Here are some pros to owning a male Pitbull:

• Very silly and goofy

• High energy

• Really playful

• Bonds with the whole group of family members

• Very agreeable

• Friendly and caring towards others

• Does well with kids

• Fewer health issues might arise

• Quite independent

• Very happy to meet strangers

• Can do well with other pets

Here are some pros to owning a female Pitbull:

• Mature more rapidly than males

• Less prone to starting fights with other dogs

• If they aren’t spayed, they don’t usually have the need to mark territory

• Less hostile

• More careful and collected

• More concentrated while training

• Easier to socialize and train

• Can be mothers to other Pitbull puppies

• Quite composed and patient with kids

It is important to note that both sexes are friendly with others on average, but if you are more interested in getting a dog to train with fewer difficulties, you might want to look into a female Pitbull as opposed to a male.

If you own a dog of a certain sex, it would be a good idea to adopt a Pitbull that has the opposite sex of your dog as they will most likely prefer each other’s company rather than if you got a dog of the same sex.

You also might want to consider a male Pitbull if you have kids because they make better playmates. However, females tend to be more collected and less goofy, which is great if you like going on trips with your family.

If you own other animals, we suggest getting a male Pitbull because they tend to be friendlier. However, you must ensure that they get proper socialization at an earlier age in order to root out any unwanted risk.

Overall, you can get any Pitbull as long as you make time to socialize them properly and ensure that they are growing in a healthy, affectionate home.

Which Makes a Better Guard Dog?

pitbull as a guard dog

Despite popular TV shows and media, Pitbulls are awful at playing guard because they are too affectionate with others. They are way too agreeable with strangers.

They might bark when they meet new people, but that is usually because they are happy to see them. If you want a real guard dog, you should consider getting a breed like the Rottweiler instead.

Even though Pitbull dogs tend to make horrible guard dogs, they will try their best to defend their loved ones from any perceived danger with their very lives.

If you still are keen on making your Pitbull a guard dog, there are some things you should know about each sex.

Here are the male vs female Pitbull characteristics when it comes to making them guard dogs:

Advantages of a male:

• Bigger build

• Higher energy

• Stronger jaws and neck

• Better at noticing others

• Can assert themselves over other dogs

Advantages of a female:

• Can be really defensive

• Very clever

• Easy trainability

The most important thing is that you spend time training your dog to defend your family members.

On average, females make for really good personal guard dogs because they generally tend to play favorites, whereas males might be better at protecting a group.

Pitbulls, in general, will only respond with hostility if they sense that a real threat is present.

Conclusion: Male Vs Female Pitbull

We hope that we have answered the famous male vs female Pitbull question!

We realize that the purebred Pitbull breed is known as “the aggressive dog” breed, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all since these dogs can be so loving and caring.

Unfortunately, people don’t recognize that a Pitbull’s temperament can include much warmer elements.

They both have their own little eccentricities and traits, but it is important to recognize that they both make very good family pets as long as you properly socialize them.

Like every dog, they need monitoring, training, and a safe space they can turn to when things get a little too unpredictable for them.

Make sure you talk to a vet or your breeder to get as much information on your dog so that you know what the best way to raise him or her is.

We hope that you look into adopting instead of purchasing your Pitbull because many of them are in kennels searching for a home.

But, in the end, you must ask yourself: who won the male vs female Pitbull competition?