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Fawn Doberman: Everything You Need To Know And Much More

Fawn Doberman: Everything You Need To Know And Much More

I think there isn’t a person who would not be impressed by the graceful and elegant appearance of the Doberman Pinscher.

Let’s get to know all the bright spots of this usually black dog.

Did you know that Dobes can have many other shades that are not dark? Even though it is the most prominent Doberman appearance, it is not the only one.

We are going to cast an eye on the beautiful fawn Doberman and find out what all the fuss is about, why they call him isabella, and why they are sometimes bald.

Come and join me on our fawn expedition.

What Is A Fawn Doberman Pinscher?

fawn doberman lying on the lawn

Do you think that a fawn Doberman is some sort of a special Doberman version out there? Well, it is, a bit because when we think of a Doberman, we usually picture him in our mind as a black dog.

It is like the Dobreman breed standard should be black. And, it is, but that is not all that this dog has to offer. There are a whole lot of Doberman colors and shades that will enchant you to love this dog even more.

The first one that enchanted me was fawn. I can’t really describe this color completely. It just has such a big impression on me.

Dobermans in this color seem very different from the most common, dark versions.

If I had to describe a fawn to you, it would be a hard task for me. It seems to me like some very light brown color with a pinch of red in it, like somebody spilled watercolors in those shades all over the Dobe.

Maybe that is why it is called diluted.

There is a certain pigmentation that causes a dilution of color, and it is called melanophilin. It is a melanin that causes the coat to be black. And, when it is affected with a special enzyme, then it appears diluted.

All in all, a fawn Doberman is pretty much the same as any other Dobe out there except he is differently colored. And… that makes him so special.

There is another thing that is connected with the fawn color, and that may cause a difference. Since the fawn is a trait that is carried by recessive genes, it brings a few health problems. But, later on, there will be a few words on that theme.

What Is An Isabella Doberman?

No, it is not the most common name for a female Doberman. Both male and female Dobermans can have this shade. It is actually a very elegant name for a color that appears in many breeds.

For example, there is an Isabella German Shepherd and a blue fawn Pitbull, too.

Isabella is actually a color that appears in many animals except dogs. You can find it in horses and birds. It has a lovely name and a lovely shade. This name is borrowed from the fashion industry, where it is called Isabelline.

So, pretty much, Isabella is the same as fawn… it just has a fancier name.

It Is All About Genetics

What happens in the background of the process of getting an Isabella or a fawn Doberman? With a little bit of magic, one black dog turns into a fawn… just kidding. Every being on Earth inherits two genes for one trait. For example, a trait can be a color.

One is from the mother, the other is from the father.

This means that in order to get a diluted color of any kind, in this case, it is Isabella or fawn, a dog or any other being has to inherit both recessive genes.

It is a law of inheritance that if you want a recessive trait to express in appearance, there must not be a dominant gene in the combination. Otherwise, a dominant trait would be expressed, and the dominant trait, when it comes to Doberman colors, is black.

So, if there is one gene that is a carrier of a dominant trait, and another is a recessive gene that carries a recessive fawn trait, what will be expressed is a brown color.

Dilute is a trait that has its place on the gene, and it is called a D locus.

What Is A Fawn And Rust Doberman?

fawn and rust doberman lying on the lawn

Photo from: @grace_the_doberman

Fawn and rust is actually one of the standard Doberman colors according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). This variation actually has rust markings all over the body.

It seems like a lighter shade of brown coat. Markings appear around the feet, the eyes, and the chest.

It is a combination of colors that is not allowed in some other Kennel Clubs, and it is a trait for disqualification.

What Is The Difference Between A Fawn Doberman And A Blue Doberman?

Some people tend to confuse the fawn Doberman with the blue Doberman. This is not a surprise because both of these colors are in the breed standard, but they are different variants of dilutes.

Let’s think of it this way. When we talk about colors, there are many factors that can affect them. The white Doberman doesn’t have to be all white, and so it is with other colors.

A Blue Doberman is not actually as blue as the sky. It rather has a blue reflection, and it seems bluish, and sometimes even lilac.

That is because this color is a product of a diluted black, unlike fawn that is a product of a diluted red.

So, we have red vs black here.

Many people say they don’t know the difference between Dobermans and Great Danes because they are so alike. Now imagine the bluish Doberman.

They sometimes call him a gray or a silver Dobe, and a Dobermann in this color kinda looks like a Weimaraner. That is just a second breed that resembles our Dobe.

Some even say that there is not much difference between a Doberman and a Cane Corso.

But, all these similarities are just at the first glance.

All in all, isn’t our Dobe the most interesting pooch? Even his colors cause so much confusion to the people who don’t know him well.

But, that is not all because even this grayish tone has many varieties. It can be silverish, or charcoal, or even purpleish. Wow!

Are There Any Other Fawn Combinations?

Yes, there are, although they are not registered as a standard. The American Kennel Club and many other clubs do not recognize it.

But, you can find a fawn and tan Doberman. It looks like a light brown-colored dog, with tan markings around its eyes, feet, chest, and mug. It is pretty much the same as the fawn and rust, just with a tan shade.

There is also a red fawn Doberman. His coat is a little bit reddish, then brownish. This one also has a few light markings around its eyes, feet, chest, and mug.

There is even a reversed example of a combination of fawn. The main color is creamish (which many people think is albinism, but it is not), and also fawn are markings that appear on standard places like chest, mug, eyes and feet.

When it comes to Doberman mixes, the situation gets even more complicated because there is another dog breed in the combination.

Are There Any Other Colors For Dobermans?

Yes, there are. There are many colors that Dobermans appear in. Some of them are standard while others are not. Let’s introduce standard colors of Dobermans according to the American Kennel Club.

Dobermans can be black and rust. That is their most prominent color, and, if I may say, like a hallmark color. That glossy and dark chocolate color can be seen in Rottweilers, too.

Then, there is blue and rust, which is a diluted color – the same as fawn.

There is also red and rust, which is after black and rust… the next most popular and most prominent Doberman color.

And, there can be a white Doberman that is not suitable for conformation shows because this color is not a standard.

There are many fine Doberman breeders in the USA that can provide us with Dobermans of all types and colors.

Fawn Doberman Appearance

fawn doberman dog standing near the river

Photo from: @emberthefawndoberman

Besides coat color, do you think that there is any other difference in a Doberman’s appearance between a Fawn Dobe and other variations? Well, probably not… at least not a significant difference.

However, some say that there is a different version of a Dobe, called a Warlock Doberman, but that is another theme.

Pretty much, they are all the same when it comes to size, weight, and beauty. They all like the same Dobie toys, and they all look equally good in their Dobie collars.

These guard dogs are muscular and athletic, and they are very strong and fast.

They are distinctive with their elegant and sleek body, which makes them look like royalty. They can grow up to 28 inches, and weigh up to 75 pounds. And, that is on average.

Fawn Dobermans can have blue eyes, but they usually either have a goldish iris or light amber. Those are yellowish shades, and they make them look very special.

What Are Fawn Doberman Common Health Issues?

fawn doberman lying on the carpet and playing with a bone

Photo from: @amethyst_moon72

We all have some health issues. All dogs have them, too. Some breeds have issues that are specific and more common just for them, and this is connected with genetics.

All of these health problems affect a Doberman’s lifespan.

Genetics is something you can affect in a minor way, but there is another thing you can do. Make sure you give your Dobe the best food so he can grow healthy and happy.

You can follow the Doberman Pinscher feeding chart to make sure you are on the right track with the amount of food that is necessary.

Another indicator of health is the right development. A Dobe that is developing right is the goal, and you can look at the Doberman growth chart to make sure that there are no precoursings.

But, let’s say something more about possible Doberman problems.

There are certain conditions that are connected with coat color. Are you wondering how is this possible? Well, I know it sounds strange, but it can happen.

There is a reason for that, and now we will tell you something more about it.

Problems With Bones

You know how sometimes when you wake up, you feel like someone has ran a tractor over you? You feel like you have been working some seriously hard physical job all night.

There are a lot of problems that can be easily solved with a quality bed, a better pillow, a good night’s sleep, and a little bit of exercise.

Of course, it is preferable to get your dog the best Doberman Pinscher bed you can find, but there are certain conditions that can not be solved with just a good night’s sleep.

One of the issues that a Doberman type of dog can encounter is a problem with its bones. It is not just the bones, but also the joints that are in the game.

Have you ever heard of Intervertebral Disc Disease or eosinophilic panosteitis? Well, if not, then you are lucky because your pooch is one healthy dog.

But, if you have, then you know how difficult it can be to take care of such conditions.

IVDD is a condition where there is a problem with cushions that join vertebrates of the spine. What happens is that those cushions deteriorate, and it affects the spine.

When it comes to eosinophilic panosteitis, what happens is that the bones are becoming inflamed. This is also an unpleasant condition that is very hurtful for a Dobe, and also for its owner.

Problems With Alopecia

fawn doberman standing on the road during sunset

Photo from: @doberman_havoc

This is a standard problem with all the dogs that have fawn color and other, diluted standard colors. It is something called color dilution alopecia, and it is connected with recessive dilution genes.

Have you ever heard of alopecia? It is a term that describes hair loss, but it also pulls many other skin problems, such as itchiness and flaky skin.

Some dogs lose hair on some spots on their body while others lose it all over their body. Some encounter a certain type of baldness that can happen in up to six months.

It is a condition that is emphasized by stress and poor food intake.

There is usually a cure. You need to get the best shampoo for this condition, and then the next step is to change the diet, and that is by switching certain groceries that do harm with those which don’t.

If the condition still persists, then you can take a further step and go to a vet. The vet will prescribe a drug that has anti-inflammatory traits. That will help your Dobie get better. It is usually an oral antibiotic that can be put into food.

Problems With The Thyroid Gland

Do you know what the thyroid gland is, and how important it is for the whole body?

It is a small thing near the throat that directs many processes in the body.

If a dog has a problem with weight, hair loss, dry skin, or a scarce coat, then maybe it is the thyroid gland that is inflamed.

Problems With Skin And Hair

Fawn Dobermans can be more prone to certain hair and coat conditions because of the nature of their hair. It is softer and more sensitive due to genetic reasons.

What happens is that these soft hairs are so gentle that they just can’t break through the thick skin, and they become stuck under.

But, it is not natural for hair to live under skin because it causes an inflammation in that spot. And, this is something that happens a lot with Dobermans.

What could help is getting the right kind of shampoo for your Dobe. It won’t necessarily solve the problem, but it can help in a big way, and you would do anything for your precious Doberman puppy to make his life better.

This idea is to choose the best brush and take care of regular grooming. Some research has shown that maintaining a coat by brushing it can help prevent hair that is stuck in the skin.

What happens is that by brushing, you are straightening the hair, and you are peeling off the dead skin cells and stimulating the follicles to grow.

Are Fawn Dobermans Rare?

fawn doberman sitting on the lawn

Photo from: @ferrothedoberman

Well, you can tell me yourself. Have you contacted the best Doberman breeders in the UK, for example? Or, have you seen any in the USA?

I have been visiting many great Doberman rescues all over the USA, and I have seen many specimens.

There were black and tan Dobes, red Dobermans, those that you can’t tell if it is a white Doberman or an albino Doberman, and, of course, there were many black Dobermans.

But, the rarest sight when it comes to the colors of a Doberman is a fawn Dobe. I mean, just the idea of a Doberman makes you think of a black dog, and not of some light-colored version.

But, that doesn’t mean it does not exist or it is less beautiful. This dog seems to me like an exotic version that has a mystery surrounding it. You can tell yourself what kind of impression it leaves.

Why Are Fawn Dobermans Rare?

Just like many times before, we are getting back to genetics. Since it is a recessive trait, there is only a 25% chance that this color will be expressed in a puppy.

So, if neither of the parents are carriers of this gene, then there certainly won’t be a fawn puppy in the litter.

If one of the parents is fawn in appearance, then there is a 50% chance that there will be a fawn puppy in the litter if the other parent is also a carrier.

If only one parent is a carrier, then the chances for a fawn puppy are low. But, if both are carriers, then there will be a slightly higher chance for a fawn puppy.

So, the reason for the rarity of fawn Dobermans is the law of genetics, among others.

There are breeders who tend to avoid breeding dogs with diluted colors because they think they are not suitable for dog shows.

On the other side, there are those who are putting their efforts into getting one.

All in all, with colors, you never know… especially those that are recessive because they may only come out after many generations, surpassing all our expectations.

The Price Of A Fawn Doberman

fawn doberman puppy sitting on the sidewalk

Photo from: @stormithefawndobie

When we talk about the cost of a dog, we first need to know a few of his traits in order to know how high the price will be.

For the Doberman breed, of course, if we are talking about reputable breeders here, you will have to give somewhere around $1,500 up to $2,500.

There are some breeders who charge for different colors. It depends on the breed of the puppies and on the breeder.

When it comes to Dobermans, the price is not determined by color. The average fawn Doberman price is the same as the black one.

The fawn Doberman will cost you from $1,500 to $2,000.

That is the cost if we are talking about average prices. These prices can be much higher, of course. It all depends on which breeder you choose.

They can cost less, but that is also questionable because too low of a price can tell you that the breeder is not serious.

There is even a difference between European and American Dobermans in cost.

You can check out the best European Doberman breeders and see what they offer.

So, now that we have seen the average prices, let’s see how much you would pay for a fawn Doberman.

There are many factors that affect price. Besides bloodlines, purebred dogs, the reputation of the breeder, its papers, its health testings, checkups, and dew claw removal, Dobermas have another trait that affects their price – it is tail docking and a Doberman’s ear cropping.

To Wrap Up On The Fawn Doberman

What else could be said about fawn Dobermans? Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny that they are impressive dogs.

Though they are impressive in all their color variants, I must admit that these “light” versions are my personal favorite.

All in all – it is good to know what to expect once you decide to get yourself a fawn Doberman. You must know that there can be certain health issues that these dogs usually encounter.

It is also important for you to know that it is still a regular Dobe that is just a little bit more special. Tell me… what kind of impression did he leave on you?


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