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Dalmatian Poodle Mix: A Spot On Adorable Doodle

Dalmatian Poodle Mix: A Spot On Adorable Doodle

I know it’s not a competition, but Doodles are probably the most adorable crossbreed dogs ever. Want to make a pup even cuter? Breed it with a Poodle! You’ll get a super-pawdorable puppy that will steal your heart, knock you off your feet, and leave you eternally in love with Doodles!

It all began at the turn of the last century when dog enthusiasts began breeding Poodles with other dogs. Although the Cockapoo, Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle were the pioneers, breeding spread to other breeds, including our Dalmatian.

That’s why today, we’re discussing a spot-on adorable Doodle, the Dalmatian Poodle mix also known as the Dalmadoodle!

All Doodles are wonderful pooches, but you have to admit this one mixed with a Dalmatian is truly special. It probably has a lot to do with the Dalmatian’s appearance. There is no dog similar to a Dalmatian in terms of appearance; they are one of the most unique-looking dogs in the world.

Naturally, the Dalmatian Poodle mix will be another special doggo.

How about we go in-depth about the designer dog everyone’s been raving about lately? I’m pawsitive you’ll love the Dalmadoodle and will want to have one as your friend!

The Origin: Where Does The Dalmadoodle Come From?

dalmadoodle puppy

Photo from: @buffythedalmadoodle

The Dalmadoodle or the Dalmapoodle still doesn’t have a known origin. We can’t really tell which doggo was the first Dalmadoodle because there’s a huge possibility that these dogs were bred accidentally.

However, we can assume that the popularity of this Dalmatian mix started rising around twenty years ago. With designer dogs becoming the new trend, the demand for more and more hypoallergenic dogs or dogs with similar traits increased. We think the first Dalmadoodles were bred shortly after the first Goldendoodles appeared.

Once people realized they could make Doodle puppies using any dog breedt, they started experimenting. I’m glad the Dalmatian Poodle mix wasn’t just an experiment – it was a success!

Although we don’t know much about the origin of the Dalmadoodle, we can still talk about the parent breeds and their interesting history.

Dalmatian Parent

Dalmatians are dogs from a small country in the Mediterranean called Croatia. Specifically, these dogs come from Dalmatia, a region blessed with a sunny coastline and warm climate.

Throughout their history, Dalmatians served as working dogs and were used to protect horse carriages, follow people on hunting trips, and even serve as loyal companion dogs.

The Dalmatian’s role as working dogs did not fade away. You may also know them as brave firehouse dogs or the pooches that defeated Cruella de Ville.

Today, Dalmatians are one of the best friends a human can have.

Poodle Parent

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They’ve been at the top of all AKC popularity lists for many years. In fact, Poodles are at number six on the last AKC’s popularity list. That’s pretty incredible, don’t you think?

Lovely Poodles have been here for quite a while, ever since the Middle Ages. Even though they may look like delicate pups since they’re so graceful, Poodles are actually quite the opposite, they’re hard workers, and they’ve always been like that.

In fact, Poodles were also bred to assist on hunting trips, so they’re very similar to Dalmatians, despite their contrasting appearance.

Modern-day Poodles are fancy pooches that primarily serve as good friends. Rarely does anyone use Poodles for hunting purposes anymore.

The Good Looks: Who Does A Dalmadoodle Resemble?

portrait of a dalmadoodle

Photo from: @picture_pearfect

Mixed breed dogs don’t have a breed standard. Simply put, the parent breeds are too different to have the same appearance, size, or character repeat as a pattern. However, throughout the years, some hybrid dogs have begun to look a lot like each other.

A lot of Yorkiepoos, Maltipoos, and Goldendoodles have a somewhat repeating pattern.

But what about our Dalmatian Poodle mix? Is every Dalmadoodle like the previous one, or do they come in a variety of options?

This is a pretty easy answer, and to give it to you, we should first clear something up. Dalmatians are unique dogs. They differ one from another, so there are no two Dalmatians that look the same and the position of their spots is always different.

The same will apply to Dalmadoodles. Even puppies from the same litter can look different!

To paint a better picture of what a Dalmadoodle looks like, here is some in-depth information about their size, coat type, colors, body type, etc.


The first thing you have to understand about the size of Dalmadoodles is which parents to breed. Breeders usually pick larger sizes for breeding. So, expect a pup from a Standard Poodle and a Dalmatian rather than, for example, a Moyen Poodle.

Let’s recap our knowledge of the parent breeds and mention their sizes!

Dalmatians are fairly big dogs. They weigh up to 60 pounds and stand tall at around 23 inches at the withers.

Standard Poodles are roughly the same size as Dalmatians, over 15 inches at the withers and up to 70 pounds of weight.

Dalmadoodle puppies from such parents should grow up to be approximately 23 inches tall and weigh no more than 70 pounds.

Sometimes breeders experiment a bit and breed Dalmatians with miniature Poodles. It’s not that common, but it can still happen. These mini Dalmadoodles will reach about 15 inches at the withers.

Toy Dalmadoodles, a cross between Dalmatians and toy Poodles, are even rarer and only 10 inches in height.

Good Looks

We all have to admit one thing: Dalmadoodles are pretty handsome boys and beautiful girls.

Your Dalmadoodle will definitely be the envy of the park, with their stunning coats and joyful behavior.

All Dalmadoodle dogs have floppy triangular-shaped ears, just like the Dalmatian parent has. Their tails are long, and their coats are smooth, but that’s about it for similarities in all Dalmadoodles. Each puppy will be different, depending on which parent it takes after.

The coat color and the patterns present in these hybrid dogs will also differ. Poodles come in many colors, for example, there are red Poodles, black Poodles, or color combinations like black and white Poodles. All of these colors are also possible with Dalmadoodles.

As for the Dalmatian colors, we have the standard white coat with black spots and a liver and white combination. Also, Dalmatian can fashion a long coat.

Again, these varieties can occur with Dalmadoodles.

Is The Dalmadoodle Hypoallergenic?

We come to the part of this article that you all can’t wait for, especially if you’re allergic to dogs. We’re talking about the Dalmadoodle’s hypoallergenic traits!

The reason why many people love Poodle mixes is that their curly coat doesn’t shed like other purebred dogs. Also, they’re considered to be hypoallergenic. The same values apply to our Dalmatian Poodle mix.

Yes, the Dalmadoodle is hypoallergenic, and you can absolutely adopt it if you or your family members are prone to reactions.

However, the level of hypoallergenic traits depends on which side of the family the puppy takes after. It’s only natural to conclude that Dalmadoodles with a straight coat have low chances of being hypoallergenic, and dogs with wavy coats have more chances. It’s as simple as that!

The Dalmadoodle will usually have a wavy coat which can be short or a bit longer.

Interestingly, all hair types are possible within the same litter. You can have straight, wavy, and curly haired brother and sister puppies!

What Are Dalmatian Poodle Mix Dogs Really Like?

dalmatian poodle mix dog

Photo from: @maisielou_dalmadoo

Dalmadoodles are highly intelligent creatures. You’ll find that out soon from the section below. Along with intelligence comes a great need for activity. You must keep their brains busy to prevent unwanted scenarios. They work like Swiss clocks and always need stimulation!

However, these dogs are so much more than just smart and agile pups. Dalmadoodles can be wonderful cuddle buddies for people they truly trust.

You can say this hybrid is a social butterfly since they love spending time surrounded by humans of all sizes. Yes, this does mean they’re even loyal to the little ones. Unlike some dogs that don’t seem like a good fit for families (yup, the teacup Maltese is one of them), Dalmadoodles are the ideal choice.

Also, Dalmadoodles get along fine with other pets in the house. Sure, you’ll need to have them socialized and trained first, but still…

All in all, if you get a Dalmadoodle, you’ll get a dog that’s good in all the possible aspects of life: from being great with people to being excellent cuddlers and pristine workers.

One more thing before I wrap up this section…

Dalmatian Poodle mixes come from two quite curious parents. It’s in their blood to act nosy and try to snoop around. The Dalmatian parent is also prone to wandering off, so you might want to keep your Dalmadoodle in a fenced yard.

Training 101: Do Dalmadoodles Learn Fast?

I’m happy to inform you that all Poodle mixes are intelligent dogs!

But, Dalmatians don’t fall behind. In fact, Dalmatians are ranked #62 of the world’s smartest dog breeds. That’s still pretty impressive.

This can only mean your Dalmapoo puppy will grow up to be one intelligent pooch that can master all sorts of training.

Dog training is something we should never ignore. No matter how intelligent dogs are, they still need guidance and lessons to teach them what’s right and what is not. Basic obedience lessons usually start at the breeders, and it’s up to you to keep on working hard to get a well-mannered Doodle.

I do have to warn you that both Poodles and Dalmatians can get a bit stubborn, and their puppies might be tough nuts to crack. But don’t let this discourage you; Dalmapoos will start listening to your commands once they figure out who’s in charge.

A lot can be achieved using positive reinforcement.

I’d recommend you put your dog through early socialization lessons. They’re more important than you’d think, especially if you want a friendly dog who’s open to meeting new people and going through unknown situations.

Exercise Needs: Taking Care Of Your Dalmadoodle

Small dogs only need some exercise throughout the day. But, large dogs like our Dalmadoodle really need to work out hard. It’s not because they want to work out, it’s because their high-energy nature needs some sort of a vent.

You will need to commit to at least an hour or two of exercise for your Dalmadoodle on a daily basis. A short walk down the street won’t do it. You’ll need to play ball, throw a frisbee, play tug-o-war, or run together if you want your Dalmadoodle to be exhausted by the end of the day.

Trust me, you’ll want to see your Dalmadoodle’s energy bar empty by sunset, otherwise, you’re risking negative behavior. Since they come from Poodles, Dalmadoodles can experience boredom if they have too much energy. Boredom leads to destructive behavior, which is something we don’t want.

Better prepare some interesting puzzle toys for your Dalmadoodle!

What Are The Most Common Health Problems With The Dalmatian Poodle Mix?

When you mix dog breeds, you have to be ready to get either one of the two possibilities: a generally healthy dog or a pup prone to numerous health issues. You can never tell which you’ll get, but you can at least be prepared for what to expect.

The Dalmatian and Poodle parent breeds should be fairly healthy. Of course, both dog breeds are prone to some significant health conditions.

For example, the Dalmatian is highly likely to develop urinary stones, often caused by poor nutrition. Also, Dalmatians can become ill from hypothyroidism, epilepsy, atopy, hip dysplasia, etc. However, the biggest health threat for Dalmatians is deafness.

If your Dalmatian is in good condition, they might live for 10 to 13 years.

Poodles are a bit healthier than Dalmatians. Still, they can develop health issues like Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, bloat, thyroid problems, skin issues, etc. Poodles have a longer lifespan than Dalmatians. You can expect your Poodle buddy to live for 12 to 15 years.

As far as our Dalmapoo is concerned, they will inherit the same problems as the parent breed they take after. All of the listed health issues are possible with these hybrid dogs. If you take good care of them, Dalmadoodles can have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years!

Here’s Where You Can Get A Dalmadoodle!

dalmadoodle small puppy

Photo from: @winnie.dalmadoodle

Local animal shelters are always the first source to check out if you’re looking for a mixed-breed dog. However, our Dalmatian Poodle mix is not as common as the Labrador Retriever Poodle mix or the Labradoodle.

Truth be told, you will have a hard time finding the right pup and the right breeder. Hybrid dogs are, sadly, often the victims of scammers that only care about making some profit. Think twice before you get a rescue Dalmadoodle with an unknown origin. You might end up with a pretty ill pup.

I recommend you try to find a good breeder that will provide you with necessary health test results to prove your new puppy is completely healthy. A good breeder can be recognized for a professional approach to raising their puppies.

Also, a good breeder will never underprice or overprice any of the puppies. You can check out Dalmadoodle’s prices down below.

Now, I want to show you some Dalmatian and Poodle breeders you can trust. Sometimes, these purebred dog breeders might play with mixing breeds. Who knows: maybe your Dalmapoo puppy lies with some of these Poodle breeders!

Check out PupVine’s pick for Dalmatian breeders:

Dalmatian breeders in Ontario

Dalmatian breeders in the UK

You can also check the following Poodle breeders:

Toy Poodle breeders in Ontario

Miniature Poodle breeders in Ontario

Standard Poodle breeders in Ontario

How Much Should You Pay For A Dalmatian Poodle Mix?

Considering this is a mixed-breed dog, you shouldn’t pay too much for a Dalmatian Poodle mix. This is a hybrid, a future family dog that can’t compete in dog shows. Dog breeders usually list show-quality pups for more money, and sadly, Dalmadoodles won’t make the cut.
However, they can come from show-quality parents, which may bump up their price a bit.

On average, you can expect to pay around $1,000 for a Dalmadoodle puppy. That’s a pretty reasonable amount for a family pet, especially if you compare it to Dalmatian’s cost and Poodle’s price.

Naturally, this only includes the puppy. You’ll have to hop on Amazon and order some essentials for your dog like brushes, dog shampoos, toys, a dog bed, etc.

Other Interesting Dalmatian And Poodle Mixes

In case everything fails and you have no chance of finding a Dalmapoo puppy in your area, we have other solutions. Both the Dalmatian and the Poodle parents are pawmazing dogs. It would be a shame not to give their other mixes a try.

If you’re interested in getting a dog that would include then Dalmatian’s lovely appearance, then you should check out the following mixes:

Corgi Dalmatian mix

Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix

Pitbull Dalmatian mix

If you’re more a fan of Poodles and would love to have a puppy with their hypoallergenic traits, you should check out:

Husky Poodle mix

Newfypoo or Newfoundland Poodle mix

Corgipoo or Corgi Poodle mix

Beagle Poodle mix

Morkie Poo or Maltese x Yorkie x Poodle mix

Pitbull Poodle mix

German Shepherd Poodle mix or Shepadoodle

Aussiedoodle or Australian Shepherd Poodle mix

Doxiepoo or Dachshund and Poodle mix

Border Collie Poodle mix

Cockapoo or Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix

Australian Mountain Doodle

Chipoo or Chihuahua Poodle mix

Shih Tzu Poodle mix or Shihpoo

Cane Corso Poodle mix

Miniature Schnauzer Poodle mix or Schnoodle

Saint Bernard Poodle mix


Great Danoodle or Great Dane Poodle mix

Golden Mountain Doodle


dalmatian poodle mix

Photo from: @winnie.dalmadoodle

Do Dalmadoodles Drool A Lot?

Some dog owners don’t mind shedding around the house. However, they have another problem regarding living with dogs – drooling.

It’s not common for Poodles to drool, so we can blame this on the Dalmatian parent.

Unfortunately, Dalmadoodles drool a lot. This could be quite an issue if you’re disgusted by them slobbering all over the place. What’s even worse is that there is no treatment for dog drooling.

All you can do is keep a cloth next to you and wipe your Dalmadoodle clean.

In case your Dalmadoodle drools a lot while eating, stop making such a fuss around mealtime. Don’t go around the house yelling, “Who’s ready for some fooood!” Just surprise your dog with a full bowl.

Of course that dog will drool! Who wouldn’t at the thought of a delicious meal?

Should I Get Special Dog Food For My Dalmadoodle?

I’d suggest you talk to your vet about which dog food to get for your Dalmadoodle.

These dogs can develop food allergies and it’s better to be careful.

Dalmatians are dogs that must pay special attention to what they eat. Meaning, you must know which dog food for Dalmatians to pick! They need food low in purine, or they will get urinary stones. It’s not a pleasant condition and requires immediate medical help.

Avoid kibble with too many grains, red meat, or wild animal meat. Go light and opt for turkey or salmon which provides lots of yummy and healthy nutrients for your Dalmadoodle.

Final Words

Can we all agree that the Dalmatian Poodle mix, Dalmadoodle, Dalmapoo, or the Dalmapoodle is one incredible dog?

Okay, American Kennel Club, you don’t have to agree with us! We simply love Dalmadoodles, no matter their crossbreed status.

As you learned today, Dalmadoodles aren’t just the best dogs to hang out with. These pups are also excellent watchdogs with great work ethic, and readiness to jump in whenever help is needed.

When you get a Dalmatian Poodle mix, you’ll get a unique-looking dog with personality traits to match that gorgeous appearance. What else can you wish for?

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