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Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix: What Cuteness Looks Like

Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix: What Cuteness Looks Like

We can all agree that out of 197 AKC-recognized and registered dog breeds, crossbreeds are always cute. Sure, the Golden Retriever is lovely, and the Dalmatian puppy is very unique. But, the Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix? It’s spectacular!

Imagine taking every adorable part of each dog and giving it to one small critter. That critter will grow up to be the Goldmatian – the show-stopping dog you’ll want to have!

The Goldmatian got the best of both worlds. Thanks to the Golden Retriever parent, this puppy is super friendly and open to hanging out with people. They love showing signs of affection, and they hate being left alone.

The Dalmatian parent is an active dog, and thus, gave all of its energy to this little fellow. Boy, they’re loud, but they will protect you, too!

When adopting a Goldmatian, you get a cuddle buddy and a valued family member that doubles as a guard dog. What else can you wish for?

Without further ado, let’s talk about a mix you don’t see in the dog park every day. Let’s talk about the Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix… the Goldmatian!

Parent Breeds

Before we learn about the Dalmation, we’ll have to discuss the parent breeds first. They’re one of the most popular dog breeds, excellent friends, and loyal family members. They’re the Golden Retriever and the Dalmatian.

Every crossbreed dog can resemble one parent breed or come as a combination of both. Since there is no breed standard, let’s see what the parents are like and what their puppy may turn out to be.

Golden Retriever

cute golden retriever laying in grass

The golden retriever parent is one of the most popular dog breeds in the States. No wonder! They’re ultimately amazing pets and loving buddies, thanks to their friendly attitude and sharp mind.

What once was a terrific working dog is now a beloved family pup.

According to the Golden Retriever growth chart, this dog breed is a medium-sized one, and can grow between 55 and 75 pounds, and stand tall at 23 to 24 inches. If you give them a good life, the Golden Retriever will stick around for a while since its average lifespan is 10 to 12 years.

As for their nature, Golden Retrievers are friendly, loyal, outgoing, and are eager to learn and please their humans. They’re one of those dog breeds that make good friends with children of all ages.

Just be careful – even Goldens can express aggressive behavior without proper training.

Besides being a working dog turn companion, Golden Retrievers are from the sporting dog group, meaning they’re active dogs by default. They need at least an hour a day of exercise to drain their energy bar. Besides a good walk in the park, Golden Retrievers love playing fetching games, as well as engaging in obedience and agility courses.


cute dalmatian in nature

With its regal posture and unique coat fashion, the Dalmatian is one of the most recognized dog breeds in the world. Interestingly enough, they come in short and long coat varieties.

Many people find their attractive looks to be the reason why they love Dalmatians, but the true reason is their amazing character. Dalmatians are made to be around people, and they do their best when their human’s attention is switched over to them.

However, this dog breed isn’t for everyone. The Dalmatian may be your new best friend, but it’s still a dog with high energy levels. If you’re not that active, you two will have some issues. Provide plenty of exercise to your Dalmatian pup. Take him on hikes and agility courses. Only then will you have a completely happy Dalmatian.

Dalmatians are highly intelligent dogs that tend to be stubborn. When training them, you need to have a firm hand; otherwise, your dog will assume the pack leader position.

Besides obedience training, a Dalmatian puppy should be submitted to early socialization. If you want a Dalmatian puppy that will get along with kids perfectly fine, you need to have it socialized first.

What many future dog owners don’t know about this dog breed is that they’re prone to numerous health problems. Approxomately 8% of all Dalmatians are born deaf, while 22% to 24% are born with hearing in only one ear. Deafness is an inherited polygenic trait that can be passed on from the parent to their offspring.

Moving on, Dalmatians have a unique urinary system that no other dog breed has. That’s why a Dalmatian should never consume food high in protein and purine.

They should always have fresh water available to keep their urinary system flushed. If you follow all these simple rules, your Dalmatian puppy may actually lead a long and healthy life of 10 to 13 years.

What’s A Goldmatian?

The Goldmatian is a lovely combination of two dog breeds: the sweet-natured Golden Retriever and the playful Dalmatian. If you’re looking for a puppy for your family that will make every day a fun adventure, then the Goldmatian is the right pick for you.

This hybrid dog is perfect for active families that already have pets. Want to get your dog another dog? Pick this one!

Goldmatians are sweet, but they will keep out intruders with their sharp bark (thank you, Dalmation parent).

The Goldmatian is a designer dog that has been around for almost 30 years. The goal of creating this crossbreed was to get a puppy that would be compact in size, low-shedding, and friendlier than most species, but still quite healthy. Did the breeders succeed? We think so! The Goldmatian is a dream.

With a herding, hunting, and working dog history, the Goldmatian is a dog breed capable of doing pretty much anything.

A fully grown Goldmatian dog will weigh from 55 to 70 pounds, and stand tall at 19 to 23 inches. However, their looks will depend on which parent they’ve picked up after.

The same odds apply to the puppies’ coat combinations. Their coats may be short or longer, but the spotting from the Dalmatian parent will come through. The spotting may be very visible or subtle, with faded markings on a light coat.

No matter what kind of spotting your Goldmatian has, you will need to keep brushing it 2 to 3 times a week to keep the coat looking good. Both parent breeds are big shedders, so expect your Goldmatian doggy to shed a lot, too! Bathing shouldn’t be done too often. Instead, use a damp towel to clean the dog’s jawline (yes, they’re droolers) and its paws.

Pedigree: Is The Goldmatian A Recognized Breed?

goldmation with cute brown eyes

Photo from: willowthegoldmatian

The Goldmatian is a hybrid dog or a designer dog. This combination of two purebred dogs doesn’t qualify him as an AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized puppy. The AKC recognizes only purebred dogs.

So, if you really care about registration, and you want to compete in dog shows, maybe the Dalmation (recognized in 1888) or the Golden Retriever (recognized in 1925) would be the better choice.

Which Clubs Have Recognized The Goldmatian?

Even though the Goldmatian isn’t recognized by the AKC, it doesn’t mean that other clubs won’t recognize him.

This hybrid dog is accepted in the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the Designer Breed Registry (DBR), the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC).

What’s A Goldmatian’s Temperament Like?

golden retriever dalmatian mix dog

Photo from: greyriverhardy

The Goldmatian is a loving dog. He’s friendly, loyal, and makes a great companion to his owner. This is not only a family dog… this is an equal family member you’ll be grateful to have. Goldmatians aren’t meant to be alone. They need human company, and they thrive when surrounded by people they love.

Because of the parent dogs, the Golden Retriever is prone to developing separation anxiety; therefore, you shouldn’t leave a Goldmatian alone for too long. Separation anxiety may lead to destructive behavior, and if it continues, it may even lead to severe depression.

Keep your dog entertained and his brain busy when you’re away by handing out puzzle games that hide treats. Your dog will work on its mental stimulation while trying to find the way to the treat.

Coming from lines of excellent guard dogs, watch dogs, and protectors, the Goldmatian is the kind of dog that will bark its brains out to chase away intruders. This doesn’t mean they’re aggressive. With such super-friendly parents, the Goldmatian puppy simply can’t be hostile.

How Do You Train A Goldmatian?

cute black goldmation

Photo from: kobethegoldmatian

Since the parent breeds are two very smart cookies, the Goldmatian puppy should be intelligent, too, if not smarter! But, even the smartest pooches need training to become the best dogs ever.

You will need obedience training to curb any unwanted behavior with this crossbreed. The Dalmatian parent is very prone to barking and being vocal, so there is a high chance that your Goldmatian puppy will be the same. They will howl and bark until you make them stop. But, how do you make the dog listen to you?

The first rule of dog training is to start young. Start yesterday! The sooner you begin with the training, the faster the puppy will pick up commands. Arm yourself with confidence, patience, and a strict attitude.

Every time your pooch does something good, reward him. Positive reinforcement is the best approach for training not only Goldmatians, but other dog breeds, too!

No matter how smart your dog is, he still needs to be socialized. Early socialization is recommended, and it usually starts if you get the puppy from a reputable breeder. Continue with socialization when you bring the puppy home, and make sure you expose him to different people, stimulations, and pets in order to get a well-behaving family dog.

What Kind Of Diet Does Your Goldmatian Need?

Every dog deserves top-quality dog food, and so does the Goldmatian. This pup must have food appropriate to its life stage, size, and activity level.

Goldmatians are energetic dogs. They need their daily dose of proteins to keep them running. Poor-quality dog food is packed with fillers that will only make your dog satisfy its hunger, but it won’t provide any benefits.

Since one of the parents, the Dalmatian, is prone to urinary stones, you should pick dog food that is low in purine, and also provide lots of fresh water.

Another common health issue with the Goldmatian is with their joints. This is a large dog that ages fast, and shouldn’t put on too much weight. Obesity leads to further health issues, and it puts too much pressure on the dog’s hips and joints.

Don’t allow your Goldmatian to overeat. Instead, feed him 2 to 3 smaller meals throughout the day. Treats shouldn’t be used too often, but we suggest you have a couple by your hand when you’re conducting training supported by positive reinforcement.

What Are The Common Health Problems?

Hybrid dogs are usually quite healthy and don’t have many health issues as their purebred parents. If you’re worried about your new puppy suffering from a severe health condition, maybe picking a mixed breed puppy will settle your thoughts.

The Goldmatian can suffer from several health issues, but it’s nothing that regular vet visits and health testing won’t take care of.

These puppies have inherited the likelihood of suffering from certain cancers, joint issues like elbow or hip dysplasia, as well as kidney stones and deafness. Also, the Goldmatian is ranked #11 out of 3,000 dogs tested for thyroid problems.

Don’t let this discourage you. Your Goldmatian can be as healthy as any other dog breed as long as you take good care of it.

Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix Lifespan

If you ensure that your dog has a good life, packed with fun activities, regular vet visits, high-quality dog food, and lots of love and care, then you can expect to spend 10 to 12 years alongside him. Goldmations are lovely crossbreed dogs. You should make every moment memorable.

Goldmatian Exercise Requirements

This mixed breed dog is an energetic one that needs its daily dose of exercise. Goldmatians love agility courses, but if you can’t take them to the park every day, some fun activities like throwing a ball or a frisbee, or simply going for a long walk will do. But, when in public, keep them on a leash since their prey drive is pretty high.

If you’re an active person, too, and you should be because you’re getting this mixed puppy, then taking the dog with you on your jogs, hikes, and runs is a great way to bond and drain the dog’s energy level.

A dog with a full energy bar is not something you want at the end of the day. Such dogs get too excited and may bother you or the rest of the pets in your household. If you keep denying him the much-needed exercise, you’ll get a bored dog that will turn to destructive behavior. You wouldn’t want a chewed sofa, would you?

What Are Goldmatian Puppies Like?

goldmation puppy

Photo from: kobethegoldmatian

Goldmatian puppies are regular-sized puppies that will grow into intelligent dogs on the bigger end of the line.

Start socializing them from day one, and slowly build up their confidence by introducing them to new faces, sounds, and situations. A puppy that has gone through socialization won’t act aloof around strangers, and will do its best to behave well.

Goldmatian puppies should be tested for autoimmune thyroiditis; a quite common health problem inherited from the Dalmatian side of the family. Other health screenings include BAER (a hearing test) at the age of five weeks.

This test is extremely important since the Dalmatian parent is prone to deafness. Reliable breeders should conduct these tests and be open with the results. If you’re okay with a deaf puppy, then you’re all good. But, if you’re not, you should let the breeder know that.


How much does a Goldmatian puppy cost?

Depending on the breeder’s reputation, a Goldmatian puppy can cost a pretty penny. For a puppy with a pedigree, you will have to pay around $3,000! But, if you just want a companion dog, you can get a lovely Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix for only $300.

The average price for a standard, healthy Goldmatian puppy will be $900.

Are Goldmatians good watchdogs?

They’re just as good as any other dog!

Goldmatians are quite capable of staying alert and acting as watchdogs and guard dogs. They will bark and warn their owner if a threat is near. Their watchdog traits come from the Dalmatian parent because the Golden Retriever is just too friendly and doesn’t have this trait.

To answer your “hidden question”: yes, you can totally feel safe around the Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix!

Is the Goldmatian aggressive?

Unlike some breeds that are notorious for being classified as aggressive, the Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix is not an aggressive dog by default. Yes, he will be wary of strangers, but that isn’t a sign of aggression.

Every dog should be submitted to obedience lessons and socialization from an early age. If you skip these important lessons, you’ll have a dog that won’t listen to you, will behave dangerously around new people, and won’t tolerate anyone in the house but your family.

Is that really what you want?

Where can I get a Goldmatian puppy?

Finding a Goldmatian puppy isn’t an easy task.

This is a fairly rare crossbreed, and you will have to work hard to get one.

Online sources like the AKC MarketPlace or the PuppyFind website won’t do the trick since they rarely carry this designer dog.

We recommend you keep an eye on your local shelters for possible rejected Goldmatians. It’s always better to adopt, not shop.

Also, ask around your area for some reputable breeders that breed Golden Retrievers or Dalmatians. If the Goldendoodle was able to become one of the most popular Golden Retriever mixes, then why wouldn’t the Goldmatian?

It’s better to wait a while for the perfect Golden Retriever Dalmatian puppy than to buy from unreliable sources and puppy mills.

golden retriever and dalmatian

Since the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the States, and the Dalmatian is valued for its uniqueness, we’re not surprised to see many of their adorable mixes. If getting your hands on a Golden Retriever Dalmatian puppy is too difficult, maybe you should have a second choice.

Here, take a look at the sweetest, most popular mixed breed puppies coming from the mentioned dog breeds:

Corgi Dalmatian

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

Golden Retriever Corgi mix

Golden Retriever Pitbull mix

Labrador Retriever Dalmatian mix (or Dalmador)

– Dalmatian Basset Hound mix (or Bassamatian)

– Poodle Dalmatian mix (or Daloodle, or Dalmadoodle)

– Husky Dalmatian mix

– Great Dane Dalmatian mix (or Great Dalmatian)

– Border Collie Dalmatian mix (or Border Dalmatian)

– Australian Shepherd Dalmatian mix (or Australian Dalmatian)

– Beagle Dalmatian mix (or Dalmeagle)

– Boxer Dalmatian mix (or Boxmatian)

– American Bulldog Dalmatian mix (or American Dalmatian)

– Chihuahua Dalmatian mix (or Chihuamatian)

– Dachshund Dalmatian mix (or Dachsmatian)


goldmation dog

Photo from: oscarthegoldmation

So, what do you think of the incredible Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix?

They’re pretty amazing, aren’t they?

This dog breed is a combination of two exceptional dogs: the Golden Retriever, and the Dalmatian. While the Dalmatian isn’t very common, and is considered to be a unique dog breed, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs… ever!

Its friendly character, combined with an active lifestyle, has brought us the Goldmatian.

As you can already tell, the Goldmatian is the ultimate family pet. They’re sweet, loyal, affectionate, and will make you feel safe despite their cuteness factor. Looks may fool you. Although they look super cute, Goldmatians are excellent guardians and watch dogs.

Their strong bark and howling will chase away any intruder, but we recommend that you don’t allow them to bark too much, especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood.

The Goldmatian needs its training. He must be submitted to obedience lessons and socialization. Only then will you have a well-mannered puppy that everyone will envy you for. Dogs that aren’t trained will bring you destroyed furniture, loose nerves, and disappointment.

Until next time, we hope we’ll meet in a dog park, and you’ll be walking your new best friend named Goldmatian!

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