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What’s A Morkie Poo? Everything About This Designer Breed

What’s A Morkie Poo? Everything About This Designer Breed

Many dog lovers believe crossbreeding is unethical. Sure, there are designer dogs made purely to satisfy one’s needs for attractive looks and nothing else. Yes, we’re looking at you teacup Pom!

Still, there are crossbreeds that show off the amazing traits of both parents. They’re as impressive as any purebred dog. One of them is the Morkie Poo – a cross between a Maltese, Yorkie, and a Poodle.

If there’s a perfect dog out there, the Morkie Poo is pretty close to winning the title. Let’s see what makes these pooches so perfect!

What Is A Morkie-Poo?

The Morkie Poo is a sweet-natured hybrid dog also known as Morkie Doodles. The designer dogs we see every day are usually a mix of two dog breeds. But, the Morkie Poo is more. This is a three-breed mix between a Maltese, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Poodle. Yes, you can say they’re small but fierce!

In fact, the Morkie Poo is smaller than other hybrid breeds. Because of this small size, it’s convenient to take them everywhere you go, even on vacation!

What Does A Maltese, Yorkie, And Poodle Mix Look Like?

poodle yorkie maltese mix morkiepoo

This Maltese, Yorkie, and Poodle mix is an extremely gentle dog. This trait makes many dog lovers fall in love with this breed.

Even if you’re not a fan of pets, you can’t deny how adorable-looking these pups are. With dark eyes, tiny paws, and folded ears, they make the picture-perfect puppy.

What makes the Morkie Poo so perfect is their low-shedding trait that we all love.

Some puppies who take after the Maltese and Yorkie have domed skulls. On the other hand, puppies who take after the Poodle have a long and narrow muzzle.

However, there’s no breed standard when it comes to looks because this is, after all, a crossbreed. It’s a lottery here. You get what you get!

Here’s a quick comparison board of Morkie Poos’ physical and temperament traits.

Small sizeGentle nature
Females are smaller Affectionate
Light in weightClingy
Soft and fluffy coatLoves cuddling with his owner
The coat comes in a variety of shadesIntelligent
HypoallergenicEasy to train
Easy to groomCan be stubborn at times

Morkie Poo Full Grown: How Big Do Morkie Poos Get?

cute morkiepoo puppy

The three parent breeds, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, and Poodles, are small dog breeds. A cross between them has to be relatively small. A full-grown Morkie Poo dog weighs only four to twelve pounds.

But, the weight depends on the gender. As a rule, male Morkie Poos weigh six to twelve pounds, while their female counterparts will weigh four to eight pounds.

As for their height, it also depends on the gender, but the difference is minimal. A full-grown female will stand tall at six to eight inches in height, while the male is around seven to ten inches.

See, tiny dogs indeed!

Morkie Poo Coat Color Varieties

This dog breed has a soft and hypoallergenic coat, making it the perfect addition to families prone to allergies. If they inherit the genes from the Maltese and Yorkie parents, there’s a possibility their coat will be silky soft and probably hypoallergenic.

But, if the Poodle genes dominate, the coat will be frizzy, less shedding like the Poodle’s, but no less cute.

Here are the possible color variations of the Morkie Poo:

• White. The most common coat color. It’s what gives them the angelic appearance everyone loves.

• Black. Black puppies inherit their coat features from the Maltese and Yorkie parents. The coat is silky black matching their dark eyes.

• Brown. This is another standard color for this crossbreed. The coat can vary from the deepest shades of brown to the lightest.

• Tan. Having a tan coat color means your puppy will resemble a teddy bear. The color makes the coat look fluffy and soft.

• White and tan. The white and tan color combo is the highest in demand at the moment. It gives an edgy look to this soft coat.

• Tri-color. Usually black, brown, and white. These pups don’t look as soft as the others, but they’re still charming.

Morkie Poo Temperament: Are Morkie Poos Good Family Dogs?

Tiny brown fluffy morkiepoo puppy

Since the Morkie Poo is a generally friendly and affectionate dog, you can definitely say they’re great family dogs. They have the best of both worlds: attractive looks and an affectionate temperament.

If you want one of these dogs as family members, you should gain a general idea of what kind of temperament they have.

First off, Morkie Poos bond quickly with their owners. Yes, they’re one of those designer dog breeds that will follow you everywhere – even the bathroom! Cuddles on demand, constantly! No wonder people carry them around everywhere!

Even though they’re kind-natured, Morkie Poos can still be territorial. That’s why socialization with other dogs is crucial.

The Morkipoo is energetic and loves to play. He’s not picky, so he’ll do whatever you do, including going for a walk or jog.

Although they’re small size dogs, they don’t imagine themselves as such, so they’re often braver than they should be. For example, the Morkipoo will fight a larger dog if he wants to. Their self-confidence is contagious!

But, they’re in no case aggressive, despite their natural instinct to chase that comes from the Yorkie parent.

Thanks to the Poodle parent, they’re highly intelligent, meaning you can easily teach them tricks and simple commands.

The Morkipoo is a true lap dog. Once he’s out of your lap, he will miss you and, in some cases, develop separation anxiety.

Morkie Poo Lifespan: How Long Do Morkie Poos Live?

Inquisitive MorkiePoo puppy

There’s a popular misconception that little dogs have a shorter lifespan. Absolutely wrong! Size isn’t a determining factor when it comes to lifespan. Morkipoos have a fairly long lifespan of ten to thirteen years.

They’re still a young crossbreed, so we take their average lifespan from their purebred parents:

• Maltese: 12 to 15 years

• Yorkshire Terrier: 13 to 16 years

• Poodle: 12 to 15 years

There will be plenty of time to hang out and cuddle!

Health Issues: Is This Crossbreed Healthy?

Getting a dog, not only a Morkipoo, means you need to commit to taking care of their health. Since these dogs have a long lifespan, it’s a pretty long commitment. You must ensure your dog gets its necessary checkups at the vet.

No dog is 100% healthy. There’s always some kind of condition that will threaten your little buddy.

Here’s a list of health issues your Morkie Poo could suffer from if not immunized correctly or given the right care:

• Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a build-up of pressure and fluid in the eyes. This condition is usually inherited from the parents and can lead to blindness if not treated. The treatment for glaucoma is either medication, a procedure called cyclocryotherapy, or surgery.

• Cataracts. Cataracts happen when the dog’s eyes become cloudy. It’s a genetic condition. Unfortunately, many dog breeds suffer from cataracts, not only Morkipoos. The initial solution to manage this condition is using eye drops.

Tracheal collapse: The trachea connects the throat to the lungs. Dogs affected with tracheal collapse can’t breathe properly because air won’t go through to their lungs. A combination of medication and surgery should help.

• Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia is a condition that affects not only humans but dogs too. Mixed breeds like our Morkie Poo have low blood sugar levels that can affect their energy level. Changing the dog’s diet is a way to fight this condition.

Food: How Much Do Morkie Poos Eat?

bowl of dog food

Taking care of a dog’s basic needs is something every dog owner must know. Feeding and diet are first, while cleaning, grooming, exercise, training, and wellness visits come second.

Despite being so tiny, Morkie Poos are big eaters; hence they’re prone to weight gain. That’s why it’s important to get them high-quality dog kibble without too many carbohydrates.

Being overweight can lead your Morkie Poo to health problems like diabetes or slipped knees. Also, choose an appropriate kibble size to avoid the possibility of choking.

Human foods are mostly off-limits, but things like whipped cream, sour cream, artichokes, jasmine rice, edamame, plantain, etc. are totally fine. However, hummus, poppy seeds, paprika, and blue cheese are strictly forbidden.

Tips On Finding The Perfect Morkie Poo

Everyone wants a healthy puppy. But, unfortunately, there are so-called breeders who will do their best to cheat you and give you a dog with obvious health conditions. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot a healthy dog.

First off, take a look at the dog’s body. Pick puppies who have a sturdy and compact build that’s not too tiny or bony.

The coat should be clean without any skin irritations or spots.

Discharge from the nose and eyes should be clean. If it’s not, don’t choose that puppy.

The ears should also be clean and odorless.

Also, the genitalia shouldn’t have any discharge or inflammation.

All in all, if a pup looks good, is lively, and shows how energetic it is, it’s a big yes for getting it.

Morkie Poo Puppies: How Much Do They Cost?

brown morkiepoo in bed

Morkie Poos are designer dogs, and as such, it’s natural they’re on the expensive side. A Morkie Poo puppy can cost anywhere between $850 to $3,700! Since the breeding process is so complex, dog breeders find it justifiable to sell the puppies at a high price.

However, the expenses don’t end there. After you buy a Morkie Poo, you’ll need to pay from $435 to $550 for annual medical expenses. Non-medical expenses can add up to $500. So, if money is tight, you might want to wait to purchase a Morkie Poo.

How Much Exercise Do Morkie Poos Need?

Just like many other dog breeds, the Morkie Poo also enjoys a walk in the park and playtime in the yard. They don’t need much exercise or to spend lots of time outside. You can help your Morkie Poo satisfy its exercise needs at home.

Yes, they’re a great dog for people living in apartments!

Their low exercise needs don’t mean playtime should be cut down on. Always make sure you set aside some time to play with your dog. These dogs need attention and can become depressed if you don’t devote time to their needs.

How To Train Your Morkie Poo Puppy

brown morkiepoo

Morkie Poos are very smart dogs, eager to learn almost anything you’re willing to teach them. Because of their loyalty, training shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Positive reinforcement is the way to go since most dogs react well to praise and rewards.

There are Morkie Poos with a stubborn trait (something they’ve inherited from the Yorkie parent). What you need to do is stay persistent with your commands and don’t let your guard down. Once your dog knows who’s boss, they will try their best to learn what you’re teaching them.

Socialization, obedience, and potty training are the first lessons you should teach your dog.

Is This The Right Breed For You?

Whether the Morkipoo is the right dog breed for you depends on your lifestyle and habits. They’re amazing designer dogs made to be anyone’s best friends.

Once you’re all good with the Morkie Poo’s temperament and required needs, you’ll need to prepare your home for your new pup. House proof the place, buy lots of appropriate dog food, get some toys, and decide on who’s going to be your vet.

It’s a lot of work, but a sweet Morkie Poo is worth everything.

Morkie Poos, Children, And Other Pets

morkiepoo puppy at home

Keep in mind this is a small dog that can easily be injured by little kids. We know kids don’t do it on purpose, but accidents still do happen. Even clumsy adults shouldn’t be trusted with such small dogs.

People who own a Morkie Poo must learn how to handle this dog breed and teach others how to do so.

However, Morkies enjoy the company of adults and older kids who play gently.

When it comes to other pets, Morkies get along with any other animal, but only if they are introduced calmly. This is where early socialization comes in handy. In fact, early socialization is a must for every puppy.

As for living with other dogs or cats, it would be ideal if the Morkie Poo were the only pet in the house. But still, they won’t cause problems if there’s another Fido in the home.

How To Groom Your Maltese, Yorkie, and Poodle Mix

cute little Morkie poo

Photo from @morkieland

We want our puppies to look cute all the time. But Morkies’ hair can look messy if they walk in the rain or engage in rough playtime in the park. The importance of regular grooming extends beyond their outer appearance.

Prioritizing your grooming routine means keeping the dog healthy and happy. Every time you brush your dog, you’re not only giving him a nice hairstyle, but you’re also removing dirt and irritants that can cause itchy skin. Brushing also helps to spread natural oils through the coat and prevent tangles.

Even though brushing is an essential part of grooming, there is also taking care of the dog’s nails, skin, eyes, ears – steps that shouldn’t be avoided. Also, a bath now and then is appreciated.

Set foundations for good grooming behavior if you teach your dog to sit calmly and give him small treats.

Brushing is a daily routine that can be relaxing for both the owner and the dog. It’s a time to bond with your dog while you watch TV or simply enjoy some free time out in the backyard. Start with a bristle brush to make the coat sleek and lustrous. If your pup has a long coat, finish up by combing through it with a pin brush or a comb.

A detangling spray will help you a lot!

The parent breeds have dry skin, so it’s only natural for the Morkie Poo to have that too. Dry and flaky skin can cause even more problems if not treated in time. Regular grooming is the best way to spread the skin oil and ensure the skin is moisturized.

Their long and thick coat can block airflow and make an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Keep brushing daily, but add a pet-friendly dog spray that smells nice and fresh.

Taking care of their skin doesn’t stop with brushing. What your dog eats is important too. High-quality food rich in vitamins, chicory, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and biotin is the best you can get for your dog. You are, definitely, what you eat.

The parent breeds are prone to having red tear stains under their eyes. That’s why keeping the under-eye area clean should be part of your daily routine. By doing so, the staining should be minimal.

The tear stains happen because the tears don’t drain completely due to shallow eye sockets, tear duct obstruction, or too much hair around the eyes.

For daily cleaning, use some gentle stain wipes for dogs or a concentrated tear stain remover. Make sure the cloth you’re using is soft. Also, it won’t harm anyone if you cut away some extra hair around the dog’s eyes. But, please, use blunt scissors!

Morkie Poos can have long hair in their ears, which can trap dirt and cause serious infections. When wiping the ears, don’t stick the wipe down the ear canal. Rinse the ear with a pH-balanced ear cleanser with camomile and rosemary.

Ears are the #1 spot for possible infections, so check them out regularly. If your Morkie Poo requires the ear hair to be trimmed, use blunt-nosed forceps to remove it.

Morkie Poos shouldn’t be bathed that often. Once every three months should be fine.

Dogs with skin issues might need more frequent bathing.

Also, if your dog has an unpleasant odor, breakouts, itching, or any other skin condition, take him to the vet for a diagnosis.

If you believe you can’t handle grooming on your own, it’s absolutely fine to seek help from a dog groomer.

Do Morkies Shed? Is A Morkie Hypoallergenic?

black 6 months old morkiepoo

Both parent breeds, the Maltese and the Yorkie, are low-shedding dogs, making them a delight to own. Even people who aren’t prone to allergies love having them because they don’t have to deal with dog hair all over the place.

The Morkie has inherited that trait. They don’t shed a lot. In fact, these are hypoallergenic puppies. They have hair, not fur! It’s another positive trait people love about these little fuzz balls!

Morkie Poo Facts You’ll Enjoy

Here are some interesting facts about this dog breed that will make you see how amazing the Morkie Poo is. Let’s check them out together!

• They love living in apartments.

• They’re the perfect choice for senior citizens.

• They make good therapy pooches.

• They’re so tiny that a litter can contain only two to five Morkie Poo puppies.

• They bond quickly and love to be included in everyday activities.

Final Thoughts

Morkie Poos are the perfect pets for those who love energetic dogs and enjoy spending time with them out and about. What’s so interesting about this dog breed is that this is a combination of every positive characteristic of the parent breeds.

They will truly make your life exciting and fun.

What’s so great about Morkie Poos is that you can bring them anywhere you want. They’re so small!

Another positive trait is that they’re hypoallergenic dogs. Allergy-prone people find them a delight!

With proper care, grooming, and regular vet visits, your Morkie Poo can live a long and happy life. We assure you – you’d be as happy living with them as they are with you.

What's A Morkie Poo Everything About This Hip Designer Breed

What's A Morkie Poo? Everything About This Hip Designer Breed