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Dachshund Rescues In California: 6 Best Rescue Places In CA

Dachshund Rescues In California: 6 Best Rescue Places In CA

There are plenty of reputable Dachshund rescues in California, but I have chosen only the best for you (to save you some time).

Going through numerous website sections of each and every rescue center can be a tedious task. Therefore, I have gathered all the info that you might find important for getting your new pup.

Dachshunds will probably be one of the best canine choices you could ever make, considering that they’re extremely good as watchdogs.

This type of canine will become your best friend in no time, that’s for sure, which is why you should start going through the list below and find the right place to get your next pet from!

The Best Dachshund Rescues In California

brown Dachshund posing for camera

1. Dachshund Rescue Orange County: Southern California Dachshund Rescue Inc. (SCDR)

This pet rescue center for Doxies takes pride in being one of the oldest Dachshund Rescues in California, with more than 27 years of rescuing Dachshunds and finding them a forever home.

In almost 30 years of its running, SCDR has rescued around 5000 pups from the whole territory of California state.

They don’t offer just shelter to dogs that were abandoned by their owners. This organization takes full care of every canine that enters its premisis.

This means that each Dachshund that comes from SCDR is well fed, medically treated, and fully ready to become a part of a new family.


Being a non-profit organization, SCDR depends solely on the help of good people who are willing to help save these adorable pups.

The thing I love the most about this rescue center is that they have found a great way to earn more money for their rescue dogs.

You can find their online store on their official website, which is filled with amazing clothes and other SCDR merchandise!

All the money from these products is spent on the needs of the Dachshund rescue center.

Foster Homes

This animal rescue center includes foster homes for their adoptable dogs as well.

However, they’re always in need of new foster homes because of the great number of Dachshunds in their facility.

If you’re ready for a new Doxie adventure, you can open your doors to these amazing pooches, at least until they find their new home. Just keep in mind that Dachshunds can be needy from time to time depending on how much attention they receive from you.

Fostering is great for people who are still indecisive about getting a pet. It’ll be the perfect experience that might answer your question about whether you’re ready to get a new pet!

Adoption Process

The process of adopting a Dachshund isn’t complicated at all, but it’ll require you to fill out the adoption application form that is available on their official website.

After the review, the representatives of SCDR schedule a visit to check your living conditions and meet you in person.

If everything’s okay, you’ll pay an adoption fee and get your new pup in no time!

Through the adoption form, the people from this rescue group are able to find the right pup for you and your family.

That way, you’ll pay less than for a pup from a reputable breeder, and still get a Dachshund up to your standards.

Rescue Organization Details:

Address: La Habra, California

Official website: Southern California Dachshund Rescue

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 562 694 6868

2. Dachshund Rescues In Southern California: Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles

brown Dachshund standing on grass looking up

This is one of the most reliable Dachshund rescue centers that is known for the adoption events they make every year in order to educate people on the adoption process and let some of them fall in love with the beautiful canines from their rescue center!

Without adoption fees and contributions, Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles wouldn’t be able to cater to the needs of the rescued canines.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of unwanted Dachshunds that have been left out on the streets, but that’s why these amazing rescue groups exist!

All the money that is donated to this animal shelter is used for the needs of the pups in their facilities.

Vaccination, spaying/neutering, vet checkups, transportation fees, food, and plenty of other costs are covered by the money you provide!

The Wish List

Almost every rescue center has a certain wish list on their website for those people who are able to provide dog equipment and food for Dachshunds instead of money.

This list consists of everyday and special requirements such as harnesses, toys, or beds for Dachshunds, which you can read in detail online.

Adoption Process

You can choose whether you want to foster or adopt an adorable pup from this pet rescue center.

The main step is to fill out the application form which will provide the rescue center with all the necessary information about you and your living conditions.

If the application is approved after the review, you’ll sign a contract, get the Dachshund, and provide it with a loving home!

This rescue center offers foster applications as well for those who want to try themselves out as Dachshund owners!

If you have any questions regarding the whole process of adoption, or about the pups, you can contact the rescue organization or pay them a visit.

Rescue Organization Details:

Address: Los Angeles, California

Official website: Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 310 948 3754

3. Dachshund Rescue of Northern California (DRNC)

light brown Dachshund standing on rock

This pet rescue organization is as trustworthy as any other organization on this list. The story about their beginning is actually quite anecdotal.

The owners of the non-profit organization fostered one pup ten years ago, which later expanded to four Dachshunds in total.

However, some pet owners who didn’t want to keep their dogs anymore started bringing their Dachshunds and leaving them at the foster home, now known as DRNC.

This organization has saved the lives of a great number of various small canine breeds, including Doxies.

Foster Homes

The canines from this center are placed in foster homes until they’re discovered by their new owner.

The foster parents give their best to take proper care of the Dachshunds, including health checkups and relevant health examinations.

The rescue group consists of animal lovers who work as volunteers, trying their best to help all unwanted pups that were abandoned by their former owner.

Adoption Process

If you want to adopt a canine from this place, you’ll need to fill out the form and wait for the review of the adoption application.

This organization doesn’t ship their pups, and requires future owners to live within driving distance, so the volunteers can pay them a visit and check if everything fits the information provided in the application.

The adoption fee depends on several factors, including the health condition of the canine, as well as the physical appearance and age.

This pet adoption center doesn’t focus on saving purebred canines only, so you can adopt cute Chihuahua, Chiweenie, and Dachshund mixes, as well as other dog types depending on the availability of the pups on their website.

Dachshund Memorials

This is a section on the DRNC’s website dedicated to the furry angels that sadly passed away.

It’s a place where people can say their last goodbye to their furry friends they adopted some time ago.

This is just one more reason why Dachshund Rescue of Northern California is the right choice for you.

Rescue Organization Details:

Address: Chico, California

Official website: Dachshund Rescue of Northern California

Email address: N/A

Contact number: 530 895 3148

4. Dachshund Rescue in Riverside: Sunny Oasis Rescue

brown Dachshunds sitting on tree

Healing abused and neglected pups is an extremely noble thing to do, especially if the group of rescuers is volunteers who save canines just because they love them and want to provide the best for each living being.

They try their best to save as many pooches as possible, but the staff of this non-profit organization also does their best to educate people about the responsibilities of having a pet and taking care of it in every way.

The owner of this center, Michele Shoemaker, has saved hundreds of canines from certain death in her four years of owning this program.

Foster Homes And Volunteering

The volunteers from this rescue do their best to provide the pups with the best home they could ever ask for.

The owner of the rescue is strict about the placing of canines, and doesn’t approve of pups being held in crates.

However, they’re in great need of foster parents and volunteers, so if you’re ready for new challenges, why not apply?

All information about the rescue is available on their website, but the volunteers will be more than happy to answer all your questions via phone or email.

Rescue Organization Details:

Address: Riverside, California

Official website: Sunny Oasis Rescue

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 951 233 2413

5. Dachshund Rescue Near Los Angeles: Dachshund Paws & Pals Rescue

Dachshund puppy sitting by flowers

This is one of the most popular Dachshund rescues in California that is completely non-profit.

Dachshund Paws & Pals tries to collect all the little guys that are left on the street by their owners or by irresponsible breeders.

One of the things they deeply care about is the health of each canine in their foster homes. Every Doxie is vaccinated and regularly examined by a vet.

Foster Homes

All canines that belong to this organization are placed in foster families, as the rescue center has no available premises at the kennel.

Keeping Dachshunds in foster families has proven to be great socialization training as well; therefore, you don’t have to worry whether the pup will get along with your children or other family members.

Although the organization is primarily focused on rescuing Dachshunds, they also accept various mixes, including crossbreeds with a Corgi, a French Bulldog, a Maltese, and other Dachshund mixes.

Adoption Process

Essentially, the adoption process for getting a canine from this center is very similar to the process in other rescue centers.

The most important part is filling out the form – make sure you enter valid information in order to prevent any further complications.

All information about the pup and the adoption fees will be given upon request.

Rescue Organization Details:

Address: Hesperia, California

Official website: Dachshund Paws & Pals Rescue

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: N/A

6. Dachshund Rescue in Northern California: Dachshund Rescue And Placement Inc.

Dachshund sitting in grass

Although they are small in size, these guys have large hearts, especially for animals, which is why they decided to open this rescue center and provide great care for abandoned Dachshunds.

Just like the majority of organizations of this type, Dachshund Rescue and Placement is funded solely on contributions from good people.

Foster Homes

The rescue center doesn’t have any space for a shelter or a kennel, so they place all rescued canines with foster families.

Even though they’re considered a rather small organization, the volunteers from this center manage to save canines all the way up to San Diego.

However, they need the help of good people now more than ever because they’re running out of foster options.

The adoption process is quite easy – all you need to do is write down your information in the form available on their website.

After this step, you’ll wait for a call and more detailed instructions.

Rescue Organization Details:

Address: Antelope Valley, California

Official website: Dachshund Rescue and Placement, Inc.

Email address: N/A

Contact number: N/A

Dachshund Rescues In California: Wrapping Up

brown Dachshund in nature

The majority of Dachshund rescues in California might be primarily committed to rescuing Doxies, but their hearts are always open for all canine breeds.

Adopting or shopping – the decision is all up to you and what you need. For example, if you’d prefer to know the origin of your future pet and its genetic background, it would be best to buy a pup from a trustworthy Dachshund breeder.

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However, if you just want a cute pup to be your companion and loving friend, you can just adopt and earn some good deeds!

I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased with any of the rescue centers on this list!


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