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Akita Mixes: 43 Enchanting Hybrid Dogs

Akita Mixes: 43 Enchanting Hybrid Dogs

Akitas, also called Akita Inus are cute canines from Japan. Even though Akitas are wonderful dogs as they are, breeders decided that it would be great to mix them with many other amazing dog breeds, resulting in Akita mixes that take your breath away.

Akitas are known for having a strong prey drive, and sometimes they need some time for themselves, so they are not recommended for someone who has other small animals as pets and for first-time owners.

These pups tend to be aloof with strangers, so they need proper training and early socialization. Nonetheless, they are great family protectors, and are their owner’s loyal shadow.

Their thick coat sheds and they require regular grooming. As a lively breed they need to move and release their excess energy.

Akita Inus are generally healthy dogs, however they are prone to health problems such as progressive retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia.

If you know how to value the breed’s qualities and respect their boundaries and needs, I can assure you that you two will get on.

These pooches can be excellent watchdogs for those of you that understand the breed as it is, affectionate and loving protectors.

However, there are many Akita Mixes that may be just the right fit for you!

Let’s check them out!

1. Akita Pit

akita pit

Photo from: @crazymoments_of_kaya

Parents: Akita & Pitbull

With this Akita and Pitbull mix, you’re sure to see a powerful doggo with strong, mighty jaws that they got from their Pitbull parent. This mixed-breed dog is friendlier than the purebred Akita parent.

An Akita Pit is likely to suffer from food allergies due to the Pitbull parent, so you’ll need to be prepared for some special dinners. However, when you see how cute they are, you won’t think twice.

Arm yourself with indestructible toys that will last a long time if you decide to get this mixed breed.

Check out what other types of Pitbull an Akita can be mixed with.

2. Huskita


Photo from: @legoshi_the_huskita

Parents: Akita & Husky

If you want a perfect dog for outdoor activities, search no more. This Husky and Akita mix is a playful and energetic dog breed that will sport some of the wolf-like appearance of the Siberian Husky.

As both of the parent breeds love and enjoy cold weather, your Huskita won’t be an exception. However, as their nature is quite strong-willed, it will be challenging to train them, but if you put enough time and effort into it, I’m sure that you’ll both be fine.

The health concerns you may encounter with a Husky Akita mix are some of the health problems the parent breed has, such as gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat), hip dysplasia, hemophilia, etc.

3. Shepkita


Photo from: @ryan_and_prince

Parents: Akita & German Shepherd

The Akita Shepherd or Shepkita is a dog with medium energy levels that can sometimes seem a bit serious, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are great companions.

You would have thought that with an Akita’s temperament and a German Shepherd’s strength you would get an ideal dog.

However, the mix of those two can lead to dogs that love to wander and roam, so get yourself a fence before you catch yourself looking for your doggo all worried.

As both German Shepherd and Akita breeds are highly intelligent and powerful, you can expect this German Shepherd mix to exceed those qualities. That’s why they are great for those who are experienced in having an intelligent dog.

If you are worried that Shepkitas will bark as much as their German Shepherd parent, hope that they will sport more of the character of the Akita dog.

4. Labrakita


Photo from: @lasciumby

Parents: Akita & Labrador

Labrakita is the perfect mix of the loyal Akita and energetic Labrador. They are wonderful with humans, however due to their strong prey drive, they are better suited for someone who doesn’t have other pets.

This mixed breed is not a fan of uninvited guests, so make sure to socialize your dog at an early age.

A Labrakita is likely to have a thick double coat that will shed a lot, just like Labradors shed.

5. Akipoo


Photo from: @marc_ground.less

Parents: Akita & Poodle

If you want a dog that is not so hard to keep, an Akipoo is an ideal fit. Akitas shed a lot, and poodles very little, so the Akipoo found the perfect line for that. This will keep your house safe from hair all over the place.

The poodle’s intelligence will help this Akipoo mix in their everyday life and mental tasks and this is great as they are very easy to train.

Akipoo thrive when you give them challenges that they need to overcome!

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6. Saintkita


Photo from: @evansfamilylegoproject

Parents: Akita & Saint Bernard

When you mix two large dogs, for sure you’ll get a big dog with large bones. Even though you would never be able to tell that as these dogs are cuddly, they are huuuge snuggle buddies that are devoted to their family.

As they reach weights over 100 pounds, they are recommended for dog owners that have experience with similar dog breeds.

They may have separation anxiety because they don’t like to be alone for long periods of time, so they thrive when they are surrounded by their loved ones.

7. Akita Chow

akita chow

Photo from:

Parents: Akita & Chow Chow

Akita Chow is a result of mixing Chinese and Japanese breeds. This dog is likely to be bigger and probably will have an appearance that you don’t want to mess up with.

This pooch will pick up all the hair of both parent breeds, so prepare yourself for a lot of fur around the house. As both parents are a bit aloof, you can’t expect their mix to be very affectionate.

This large dog can be quite hard to train because of their stubbornness and their thick double coat will require a lot of grooming due to their parent Chow Chow shedding genes.

8. Newfoundkita


Photo from: @loki_of_newfoundland

Parents: Akita & Newfoundland

When you combine one of the tallest dog breeds, Newfoundland and an Akita, you get the wonderful Newfoundkita. This mix results in a dog that is extremely affectionate and friendly towards everyone.

They can make your day better with their energy and quirkiness and you will forget in a second the reason you were sad. They are not aloof at all, and will happily greet your neighbors instead of you.

If you need to go run errands, don’t worry about your pooch as they are quite independent. They will gladly protect your house while you’re gone.

9. Akita Dachshunds

akita dachshunds

Photo from:

Parents: Akita & Dachshund

This mixed breed is very curious and will try their best to keep you entertained with their personality that is full of happiness.

They are up for everything you come up with and they need their activities fulfilled on a daily basis even if they are of a small size.

As Akita Dachshunds are always interested in what is happening in the hood, they are great watchdogs. If they could talk, you would know everything about everyone in a matter of seconds.

Even though their nature is playful, don’t be fooled, they can be strong-headed, so you, as a dog owner, need to be patient.

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10. Akita Terrier Mix

akita terrier mix

Photo from: @phineas1109

Parents: Akita & Jack Russell Terrier

Another playful Akita mix is the Akita Terrier mix which will keep you in shape with their high energy levels. In order to satisfy their needs, they need plenty of exercise and fun. Only in this way will you stop them from doing something mischievous.

They love to be the only one that you pay attention to, so if you don’t have any pets beside them, they will thrive!

11. Akita & Cocker Spaniel Mix

akita & cocker spaniel mix

Photo from: @couchgrouchgirls

Parents: Akita & Cocker Spaniel

The Akita Cocker Spaniel mix is an easy going dog that picks up most of their social genes from the Cocker Spaniel. They are playful with anyone that will show them love and attention.

As they picked up social characteristics, they also picked up the frequent barking of a Cocker Spaniel. But, with their friendly genes from the Akita, the balance shows up, especially when you give them a few delicious treats.

12. Dalmakita


Photo from: @liyun_paw

Parents: Akita & Dalmatian

One of the spotted dog breeds mixed with Akita makes a wonderful dog that is warm and playful. They thrive when they have space to run and play.

Dalmakita are known for their strong prey drives, so this dog is not recommended if you have a cat or other small pets. Because of their drive, they need an owner with firm training and experience with dealing with stubborn dogs.

Dalmatian colors very much affect the beauty of the coat of this mixed breed. The spots on Dalmakita are the cherry on top.

13. Akihoula

akita & catahoula

Photo from: @megan_m_puzikas

Parents: Akita & Catahoula

On the list of Akita mixes there is a room for this rare designer dog, the Akihoula. This mixed breed is a curious dog that enjoys the company of its owners and loves to play any time.

Even though they do not show affection easily, their true colors come out with their loyalty to their loved ones.

They are ready for any task you come up with and they love to be occupied. However, they require proper training and early socialization so they can distinguish when it’s time for play and for work.

14. Samkita


Photo from: @thesecretlifeofsnowy

Parents: Akita & Samoyed

If you’re looking for a lively dog, this mixed breed could be perfect for you. Samkitas are a hybrid dog of a cheerful nature who adore being and playing outside.

As their Samoyed parents are not aggressive, Samkita will surely also sport that quality. However, they can be fiesty if someone unknown approaches their loving home.

15. Akita & Mastiff Mix

akita & mastiff mix

Photo from: @kelly.langfield

Parents: Akita & Mastiff

With the muscular body of a Mastiff and protective character of the Akita, you get a Mastiff-Akita mix with a fear-no-one touch. I would also be like that with such a muscular and strong build.

As with many Akita mixes, this hybrid dog has high prey drives so you need to watch out for your smaller pets if you decide to get yourself this dog. This pooch requires early training to teach them boundaries.

Check out some other Mastiff mixes, too!

16. Corgita


Photo from: @realchadcarter

Parents: Akita & Corgi

The Corgita is one of the cutest Akita mixes you will see. The mix of these two can result in having a dog with the stocky build of Corgi, or the Akita figure.

We can’t say for sure which parent a Corgita will resemble the most, but we know for a fact that the doggo will be happy and playful either way.

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17. Akita Staffy

akita staffy

Photo from: @j2ferguson

Parents: Akita & Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Combining these two dog breeds will lead to a hybrid dog that is cute, but somewhat intimidating to strangers. But, when they’re around their loving family, they are ready to give you all the cuddles in the world.

As with all dogs, early and constant socialization is important, but the Staffy influence will make the breed more friendly than purebred Akitas.

18. Shar Akita

shar akita

Photo from: @hooray4myakitasharpei

Parents: Akita & Shar Pei

This hybrid cutie will absolutely win your heart. They tend to be a bit reserved with strangers, however if they get to know you, you will be their favorite human and playmate.

Nonetheless, they need a huge amount of socialization and training from the start, as the Shar Akita parents are somewhat aloof to strangers.

They thrive when they have a task or job to do, so feel free to mentally and physically stimulate them on a daily basis.

19. Akitacollie


Photo from: @sannastephanie

Parents: Akita & Border Collie

When mixing an Akita and one of the smartest dog breeds, you get the Akita Collie which is highly intelligent and needs plenty of mental stimulation and exercise.

Provide this doggo with daily tasks in order to see them thrive and shine. That’s how you’ll stop them from doing some mischief when they’re on their own.

This dog will probably be hard to train due to their intelligence, but I think it’s worth the work with such a smart dog.

20. Akitamute


Photo from: @meekathemalkita

Parents: Akita & Alaskan Malamute

Prepare yourself for a big ball of fur. This mixed breed dog will surely sport all the fluff from their parent breeds.

We can’t know for sure which social characteristic they will inherit, whether it is a friendly disposition of the Alaskan Malamute, or the protective nature of the Akita Inu.

Nonetheless, an Akitamute will be loyal to his owner till the end of time. This dog can handle cold and snowy conditions due to their genes.

On the other hand, they won’t love the warm conditions much, so pay attention to your location before you bring this pooch into your loving home.

21. Golden Retriekita

Parents: Akita & Golden Retriever

The Golden Akita really is something special. They will inherit much of the happiness and friendliness of a Golden Retriever and that, mixed with the Akita’s independent and aloof nature, will result in a perfect amount of everything.

Neither Akita nor Golden Retriever are hypoallergenic due to their thick coat and heavy shedding, so you can’t expect Golden Retriekita to be a light shedder.

I would recommend regular brushing and grooming in order to prevent your home from becoming a fur house.

What’s great about this hybrid dog is that their lifespan is 10 to 13 years, unlike many other mixed breeds.

22. Boxita


Photo from: @charlie_manderman

Parents: Akita & Boxer

Even though the Boxer is one of the dogs that look scary, when mixed with an Akita dog, you get an easy-going, friendly, athletic pup.

However, there is no certainty in which parent breed the puppy will take after mos. So before purchasing, make sure to meet the puppy and their parentage.

23. Akita & Great Dane Mix

akita & great dane mix

Photo from: @furry_petsworld

Parents: Akita & Great Dane

Another large Akita mix is definitely the Akita Great Dane mix. As the Great Dane parent is probably the largest dog in the world, this breed will be of a larger size and will require a lot of space and food.

Great Dane colors will probably affect the coat of this mix and their personality will help ease up a bit the Akita’s independence, which means that this is a loving and loyal family companion for those that have a lot of living space and a full wallet.

24. Great Pyrenkita

great pyrenkita

Photo from: @pale__roo

Parents: Akita & Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees, as a member of the big fluffy dog breeds, will also display some of that characteristic in the Great Pyrenkita.

And you can be sure that while this fluffy dog will be large, they will even look larger due to their thick coat.

You can’t expect much affection from this hybrid dog as both parent breeds are of an independent character.

However, they are great watch dogs and protectors of their flock and, in this case, the flock is your family and other small pets you may have.

25. Akita Rottie

akita rottie

Photo from: @pablo_the_cornish_bear

Parents: Akita & Rottweiler

If you’ve never had a dog, skip this one as they are not recommended for first time owners. Rottweilers may look dangerous at first, but once they get comfortable with you, they are very affectionate and so protective of you that you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Both parent breeds are stubborn, intelligent and assertive, but the mix will be wonderful family pets if you learn how to handle those characteristics. Early training and frequent socialization is the key.

The Rottie influence will help the Akita’s independence, and you’ll get a pet that wants to cuddle and be with you most of the time.

26. Inukita


Photo from: @mio_the_doge

Parents: Akita & Shiba Inu

Well, when you mix the two dog breeds that share the same Japanese origin, you get a dog that is quite independent and aloof. Unlike Akita Rottie, this doggo won’t follow you and be with you all the time.

This darling crossbreed needs its alone time, looking for a quiet situation for most part. But, if that’s what you truly desire, you should give it a go.

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27. Akita & Chihuahua Mix

akita & chihuahua

Photo from: @loveladyylisa

Parents: Akita & Chihuahua

Who would’ve thought that this crossbreed would come up on the list of Akita mixes? This is a rare hybrid dog that you don’t see often.

This is an unusual case because Chihuahuas are one of the aggressive dog breeds, while the Akita’s nature is quite independent and assertive and it is inevitable that this doggo will inherit those genes.

Better to think twice about this dog breed before welcoming one into your home.

28. Aussiekita


Photo from: @jacky._.yi

Parents: Akita & Australian Shepherd

If you are into running and jogging, this one, right here, is your future dream dog. Aussiekita possess plenty of energy and their owners will need to be very active.

They tend to choose to bond with one or two humans that they will be devoted to and are not fast to make friendships. They will easily bond with children though due to the Aussie genes.

29. Bernese Akita

bernese akita

Photo from: @va.akita.rescue

Parents: Akita & Bernese Mountain Dog

When you see the Bernese Mountain Dog, you may wonder if bears are related to dogs. That’s definitely what you would think when you mix a Bernese Mountain Dog and Akita, as the Bernese Akita resembles a huge teddy bear.

The Bernese’s friendly nature will melt the Akita’s independent character and result in a hybrid dog that is quite affectionate.

However, this pretty big pooch may be a bit standoffish upon encountering strangers. With a Bernese Akita, you need to socialize your dog at an early age.

Find more amazing Bernese Mountain Dog mixes here!

30. Akita Pom

akita pom

Photo from: @shiro_the_pomkita

Parents: Akita & Pomeranian

As Pomeranian is one of the small fluffy dog breeds, it’s quite odd that this mix would happen, but it is what it is. Some Akita Poms will inherit the bigger size of Akita Parent, other Akita Poms will be as small as their Pom parent.

This ball of fur will be friendly and affectionate, so if you want a cuddle buddy, an Akita Pom could be your new family member.

31. Akitaberman


Photo from: @woody_doglife

Parents: Akita & Doberman

The Akita Doberman is afearless dog on the outside, but on the inside it’s just a baby. That’s why this Akita mix deserves an experienced owner who will give positive reinforcement and gentle training.

They can be a bit standoffish to strangers, so training and socialization should start early. They are affectionate and they bond easily with their owners. With an Akitaberman, won’t miss affection.

32. Beagita


Photo from: @srslyrenee

Parents: Akita & Beagle

Beagle parents are friendly, and when you cross it with a reserved Akita, you get a curious dog that adores their family. With this canine, you will have plenty of fun as they are very playful and eager to move all the time.

This hybrid dog will make the perfect guard dog. However, from time to time they can be fond of independence so the owner needs to be patient with them.

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33. Blue Akita

blue akita

Photo from:

Parents: Akita & Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

Just like Akita Pom, Blue Akita is an unusual crossbred dog. Due to the high energy level of the Australian Cattle Dog, a Blue Akita will sport some of it too. This energetic hybrid dog is in need of good daily exercise.

Blue Akita is likely to not cuddle with you, but they will show their love with their loyalty. They can help you work on the field and ease your job as they love to be occupied.

They can be stubborn from time to time, so they need a huge amount of patience and training.

34. Akita & English Bulldog Mix

akita & english bulldog mix

Photo from: @tali.and.lola

Parents: Akita & English Bulldog

The Bulldog Akita mix will be a well-tempered dog that knows how to keep himself occupied. They love cuddles, of course, but also love some time for themselves.

English Bulldog’s colors will adorn this hybrid dog that can sometimes be strong-headed, but make wonderful family members.

35. Rhodesian Akita

rhodesian akita

Photo from: @pasadena_wigglebutt_walkers

Parents: Akita & Rhodesian

The Rhodesian Akita is one big dog for sure. This hybrid dog makes a great watch dog that protects their pack and it is very loyal to their loved ones.

These pooches have a strong prey drive and they can be assertive and confident, so a firm owner will be perfect for them. Early socialization is a must.

36. Bull Akita

bull akita

Photo from: @vecnestestigsds

Parents: Akita & Bullmastiff

Another Mastiff mix, but this time the Akita Bullmastiff mix. These mixed dogs will probably sport the large size and colors of the Bullmastiff.

These calm protectors are an excellent watchdog, but you, as their owner, are responsible for socializing and training them from an early age. And they need a lot of space to accommodate themselves.

37. Corkita


Photo from: @sophmidnight

Parents: Akita & Cane Corso

The Akita and Cane Corso mix can be either independent and serious or a gentle and loving doggo. However, their prey drive puts them a bit on the verge of being aloof with strangers and other animals.

The sooner you figure out that your Corkita will like only a few selected people, the better.

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38. Pugita


Photo from: @ahs_tintonfalls

Parents: Akita & Pug

Well, who would have thought that by mixing the Akita and Pug a breeder could create an amazing family dog? But guess what, they did.

A Pugita is a dog that adores spending time with their family, kids and adults. As opposed to the Akita character, this cute fella will follow you wherever you go.

Unfortunately, as they inherit the sweet nature of a pug, they can also inherit the skin problems of the Pug parent.
If you desire a true companion and playmate, this can be your perfect match.

39. Bullkita


Photo from: @coupla_bs

Parents: Akita & American Bulldog

The American Bulldog Akita Mix is also known as Bullkita or American Akita. The true mix of loyal natured dogs is now here.

As both parent breeds are naturally aggressive, the Bullkita requires firm training from an early age.

They need moderate daily exercise to thrive, so make sure to go for a walk with your Bullkita in order to satisfy its needs.

40. Nekita


Photo from: @hendersonanimalcareandcontrol

Parents: Akita Mix & Neapolitan Mastiff

The Nekita is a large dog that will weigh from 70 to 150 pounds and is expected to live from 7 to 13 years.

They are not heavy-shedders, however they’ll shed more when the season comes. Due to the deep skin folds, Nekita may need regular health checks.

41. Akita Basset

akita basset

Photo from: @maxdarkpowers

Parents: Akita & Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are calm and rather lazy short-legged dogs that are loyal to their family and have a generally friendly nature. When you mix that with Akitas independent and active nature, you get a well-balanced dog.

42. Malinois Akita

malinois akita

Photo: @skyethemalimix

Parents: Akita & Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is on the list of the scariest dog breeds, but combined with the Akita you get a little bit less intimidating look. However, there is still a fearless and protective side to the Malinois Akita that make them perfect watch dogs.

43. French Akita

french akita

Photo from: @lane_eliz_

Parents: Akita & French Bulldog

And the last, but not least, on our list of Akita mixes is the French Akita which is a quite rare breed that makes a loyal and loving family protector. .

From a French Akita you can expect loyalty, eagerness to please, intelligence and cuteness. However, even though French Bulldogs are not considered aggressive, Akita genes will make this mix a bit aggressive, so this cute pup will need firm training.

If you decide to get a French Akita, prepare yourself for regular health checks as they are prone to many health issues from both the parent breeds.

This mix also can be a bit stubborn, so watch out when there are kids around and make sure that you give them a firm command. Only that way, the French Akita will respect the boundaries.


Are There Different Types Of Akitas?

Yes, there are different types of Akitas. The original Japanese Akita and the American standard Akita. They differ in sizes and weights.

However, Japan and many countries in the world consider the Japanese and American Akita to be two different breeds, while in Canada and the United States, they don’t separate the two.

What Colors Of Akitas Are There?

The official American Akita colors are white, black, brindle and a combination of color and white. The Japanese Akita colors are, white, brindle, red fawn and sesame.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Akita?

An Akita Inu is expected to live around 10 to 12 years. However, as with any other dog breeds, that depends on the owner.

In order to have a dog for a long time, you need to take care of it as much as possible, feed it with quality food, go to regular check ups, etc.

In Conclusion: Akita Mixes

When you look at all the Akita mixes above, you can see that there is a lot going on. These dogs are worthy of attention, but they are not great for everyone due to their size and personality.

That’s why, when choosing an Akita mix, you need to consider all the facts in order to have a dog that will thrive.

If you are considering getting a dog, make sure to look for a reputable breeder that will provide you with a mix of healthy parent breeds.

Good luck in choosing your best dog!

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