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Siberian Husky Akita Mix: The Ultimate Huskita Guide

Siberian Husky Akita Mix: The Ultimate Huskita Guide

Oh, the feeling of getting a new dog. We, for sure, can compare that excitement and the adventure into the unknown as when you meet your soulmate. This can also be considered as getting a soulmate, but in a dog version.

When deciding on that big step, a lot of people are aware that you need to do a lot of research to make sure that you find the perfect match for you and your family.

This might be the trickiest part of it all because you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Something that could happen is that you fall in love with two dog breeds, and that is totally normal.

But, we do come with amazing news. You should take into consideration mixed breeds or, as some like to call them, designer breeds.

Since you are reading this article, we can tell what two breeds you may like. The Siberian Husky Akita mix is truly a wonderful combination of two amazing dogs. We prepared for you a guide on the Huskita dog, and we truly hope that you will gather all the information that you need.

There is a lot that needs to be said about this doggie, so let’s start the ride.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Let’s Meet The Parents

When talking about mixed dog breeds, the best thing to do is first, know a few things about the dog’s parents. This way, you will have an idea of what to expect from the pooch that you want to get.

Since these two breeds are considered to be quite similar, you will find out a lot about the mixed breed by just reading about the parent pooches.

Before we start with the guide on the Huskita, let’s meet the parents first.

The Akita

akita dog lying on the ground

We are sure that almost every single person knows about this dog breed. One of the things that helped a lot with the popularization of this dog breed is the movie, Hachiko, which featured an Akita and some true events that unfolded.

We need a tissue just by mentioning this movie.

These dogs are truly amazing and full of character. You have Japanese and American Akitas, and there are some differences between these two dogs when it comes to their appearance, but their personalities are pretty much the same.

The two words that can describe these dogs the best are ‘loyal’ and ‘guardians’. But, there is something you need to know. Usually, we, as people, choose the right match in a dog, but Akitas are a bit specific.

They can also be the ones that can choose their owner. They have this love and loyalty towards people that treat them right. It is almost like you will get what you deserve from these dogs, and this is why someone who is more experienced should get one of them.

Once you set all the boundaries and show them that you are the pack leader, when they notice that you treat them right, you will have a best friend for life and a dog that will protect you no matter what.

They are large dogs, and they need their fair share of exercise and movement. If this dog does not get enough physical and mental stimulation, you might end up with a destructive and even aggressive dog.

They have a fluffy coat that is just a cuddle magnet, but do not let that fool you – these pooches are very cautious when they are around strangers so petting one that you don’t know is not the best idea.

They come in different colors so there is something for everyone, but we assure you that every color and color pattern on this dog is just mesmerizing.

The Siberian Husky

siberian husky standing on the rock

Well, the mix that you choose has two very popular parent breeds. Huskies, just like Akitas, are dogs that are very popular in the dog world. You can also see a lot of these pooches being in plenty of different movies.

The most important thing that you need to know about this breed is that they are truly entertaining, and that they can even have too much personality for some people’s liking. Some will love it while others might feel overwhelmed.

These pooches are in the high energy category when it comes to energy levels, and you can be sure that they will find some way to let out that energy even when you do not do it yourself.

They are really vocal dogs, and you will hear them constantly throughout the day. You probably were able to see a lot of videos on the internet where a Husky looks like it is almost speaking to you. There are a lot of short clips showing them saying ‘I love you’, and we think that is just amazing.

These pooches are not known to be aggressive, but if you do not give them everything that they need, they might turn aggressive, which is not entirely on the dog, but more on the irresponsible dog owner.

Because of their energy, these dogs are not for everyone. Since they are very beautiful dogs, a lot of people get tempted and get one based on their appearance. This is the reason why you can see (from time to time) a Husky in a shelter. But, don’t worry – they get adopted right away.

When it comes to their appearance, they come in different colors, and have an amazing and soft coat. They usually have light eyes, and they can even have heterochromia… a condition where they will have eyes in two different colors.

When you match their energy, and when you set the rules and do the socialization and training properly, you will get an amazing dog that is affectionate, gets along with kids and other dogs, and a dog that will love you unconditionally.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Temperament And Personality

siberian husky akita mix lying on the grass
Photo from: @the.lifeofkuma_and_kane

Mixed breeds can sometimes be hard to describe when it comes to their personalities, but these pooches have been around for quite some time so they have quite known and common temperament traits that all of these dogs share.

There can always be some exceptions, but the list we made is something that you can expect. We saw that both of the parent breeds are amazing dogs with amazing qualities so you can expect that from a Huskita as well.

Here is the list of temperament and personality traits that you will be able to see in your pooch.

This Dog Will Be Loyal To You

Loyalty is something that is truly close to the Akita breed. These pooches will do everything and anything for you, and to make you proud, happy, and protected. Loyalty has no boundaries when it comes to the Huskita.

Once they are sure that you are their person, and when you create a bond, there is nothing you can do to them to ruin it.

This does not mean that your dog will be attached to you all the time, but you can be sure that they will always know where you are, and that you are safe.

This does not mean that this dog will be super attached to you or that the dog will lay on you. This just means that they will admire you and make sure that you are safe.

These Dogs Are Independent

This is quite an interesting characteristic that these dogs possess. They love to hang out with their owner, but they also love to spend time alone, and they do not mind it.

If you are looking for a cuddle buddy, this dog might not be the best option for you because they will for sure enjoy a cuddle or two, but then they will go their own way.

Of course, this can sometimes be a bit adaptable based on how you raise your pooch. But, do not be disappointed if they still end up being a bit of a loner even if you tried your best to make them into big cuddle bugs.

This is good for people who might need to spend some time out of the house, and do not need any tips on how to keep their dog entertained while at work.

These Dogs Are Extremely Intelligent, But Stubborn As Well

When it comes to teaching this pooch anything, you need to know that they can learn it at the speed of light, but the question is, do they want to?

This might sound strange, but sometimes they can be quite stubborn and almost protest the training session because they probably want to play more than they want to train.

Since they have a bit of the Husky ˝crazy˝ side, and the Akita calm, proud, and cautious side, they might be hard to train. This will be a test of your nerves, and this is the reason why these dogs are not for people that do not have a lot of experience.

You will need a lot of patience and time to first teach them the rules, and that you are the pack leader and they need to obey you. Once you get that straight, you will have a dog that will do anything and learn anything that you want it to.

If you don’t do this while they are puppies, you will for sure have a lot of problems when they grow up.

They Are Hard-working Dogs

siberian husky akita dog in the snow
Photo from: @gibbs_and_frankie

Since both parent dogs were bred to be working dogs (the Husky was in Alaska while the Akita Inu was in Japan doing the things they were bred for), these mixed doggies are super hard-working as well.

This isn’t something that is just a good quality in them… ooh, no. You need to involve them in something almost on a daily basis. You can give them some big tasks, but small ones are good as well.

First-time dog owners who do not have the experience might find this a bit overwhelming, but if you do not give them daily tasks, your dog might change into a dog that is unsatisfied, and that can go either way.

These Dogs Have A Lot Of Energy

When it comes to their Siberian Husky parent, they are known to have a lot of energy, and sometimes they can not control it and need to let it out when they feel like it. The Huskita dog is also full of energy, but they can control it, like their Akita parent.

Don’t let that fool you they need plenty of exercise daily. They might seem calm, but if their energy builds up over some period of time, be aware. They will burst, and you never know how that will turn out.

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These Dogs Are Extremely Protective

This mixed breed is one of the best guard dogs. You can be sure that you and your family members will be safe at all times. Their protective nature, mixed with their loyalty and even independent side, will make them the best dog that can protect their family from any situation.

This side of them does not make them aggressive, but just cautious. They will always keep an eye on their family members.

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They Are Friendly, But Very Cautious

The tricky thing about this pooch is that you need a lot of socialization if you want this dog to turn into one of those dogs that can make friends with everyone.

Akita puppies and Husky puppies do not need as intense of socialization as Huskita puppies need. Don’t let this discourage you. This is something that can be turned into fun if you know how to stay calm and persistent.

They might not be the best fit for families that have small children only because of their independent and cautious side. Kids may be a bit much for them, and they will probably try to get away from them.

The best thing is when they grow up together. Grown dogs might get a bit confused when a baby suddenly appears.

These Dogs Are Adaptable

These dogs can get used to anything. They can live both in an apartment or in a house with a yard. They can live in any climate. Wherever you are, they will go with you with no hesitation.

The only thing that you need to know that could confuse them is if you get another dog after a couple of years or if a baby arrives at home. They might act a bit weird at the beginning stages because they are a bit possessive of their territory.

Small dogs might also be a problem because they can have a prey drive, but if you get them used to small dogs while they are puppies, you will not have a problem.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Appearance

siberian husky akita lying on the grass
Photo from: @bleu_baileys_bboystribe

When it comes to crossbreeds you need to know that there is no certain rule on how they will look. This is a competition DNA game of the purebred parents.

Sometimes, a dog can look like one parent more than the other, or they can be the perfect half-and-half mix between the two. There are some examples where the mixed breed has developed a certain look, such as the Goldendoodle.

But, a Huskita is not one of those dogs. You never know what you will end up with, so we will try to describe them as much as we can so you can get a general idea.

General Appearance

The most common thing that this breed will inherit from its parents is a strong and muscular build. You may not be able to notice the muscles because of their dense coat, but you will for sure feel their power.

They will most likely have a head that resembles the Akita more than the Siberian Husky. They have ears that are really apart, but they can either look small and chunky like the Akita’s ears, or longer and straight like the Husky’s ears.

When it comes to their size, you can expect this dog to be large because both parents are large breeds. They can grow to be 22 to 26 inches tall, and can weigh anywhere from 70 to 110 pounds.

The shape of their body depends on the coat texture that they inherit, but the size and the power will be the same in most cases.

An interesting thing that they inherited from their Husky parent is their well-known blue eyes. They probably won’t inherit Heterochromia, but it is not impossible for it to appear in some cases.

They will have a wide chest, and that gives them that powerful and prideful look.

Coat Color And Texture

This is the part of this dog’s appearance that you can never predict. Even when they are puppies you will not be able to see if they will get the coat texture of a Husky or an Akita. But either way, they are beautiful.

The common thing that they all share is their double coats. Undercoats are the ones that are a bit softer and that keeps them protected. The length of the coat will in almost every case be a medium length.

Coat colors are truly interesting in this designer breed because they can inherit all the colors of both parents but they can also develop some patterns that neither of the breeds have.

The main colors of this dog are cream, black, white, and tan but they do come in most interesting combinations. While they are puppies you will be able to notice if they have a spot here and there but as they are growing you will notice even more patterns developing and the existing ones getting either bigger or smaller.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Grooming

siberian husky akita having bath at grooming salon
Photo from: @the.lifeofkuma_and_kane

Grooming is not a problem with these pooches. The only thing that can be a bit of a hassle is their shedding. This is something that can truly be a problem for some people, especially the ones that are living in an apartment.

When it comes to giving them a haircut you don’t need to worry about that. Their coats do not grow that rapidly and you will not need to take them to a groomer often.

A trim every 4 months to half a year is just enough. You need to know that shaving a dog that has a double coat is never a good idea. Some dog owners think that their dog will be better off shaved in the hot weather but it can actually do more harm to the dog.

But a lot more goes into the grooming process than just trimming your dog’s coat, and the good news is that you can do it all by yourself.

We made a list of things that you should keep up with when it comes to your dog’s hygiene.

Keeping The Ears Clean

This is the part that should be in your daily routine but not a lot of people seem to keep it up. We understand why because this is not that is talked about that much.

Black gunk and earwax buildup is something that can cause your dog a lot of problems. It can become very smelly, and not just that, but an infection can occur as well.

The process of cleaning the ears is not complicated by itself, but it depends a lot on your dog. If you can keep your dog still, you will be done in a second, but if not, then the process might last a long time.

All you need is a cotton pad, a cleaning remedy, and a clean, dry towel. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times if your dog’s ears got really dirty.

Giving Your Dog A Bath

You need to know that giving your dog a bath frequently can be harmful, and can even make them smellier and cause them some skin irritation. A bath every 3 or 4 months is just enough. If your dog gets really dirty by accident, you can give it a bath… don’t worry.

The advice we have is if that happens soon after the bath, you should dilute the shampoo with water so it is not as aggressive, but it will clean the dog.

The thing you need to know is that sometimes these dogs can really dislike bath time, and trust us… it is not that fun of a game.

Don’t underestimate these smart dogs because they will outsmart you for sure when it comes to escaping from the bathroom. You should prepare everything beforehand, and close the door as soon as you get him in because we are sure that it will be a big task to do.

Cleaning Their Teeth

Cleaning their teeth is really important because bad teeth can result in many problems that can actually harm your dog and make their health decline.

Cleaning your dog’s teeth can be a fun little bonding ritual that you do before bedtime. If you start this while they are puppies, you will have no problems later on, and you will for sure save on some vet bills in the future.

There are many options for dog toothpaste, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. It is not advised to use toothpaste that is meant for humans because they contain chemicals that are not suited for dogs.

Clipping Their Nails

Clipping the dog’s nails can be overwhelming for a lot of dog owners, and we understand why. When you know that you can accidentally harm your dog a bit, it can be quite scary. Don’t worry – you can always take your dog to a professional groomer or a vet to have your dog’s nails trimmed.

If you decide that you will give it a shot by yourself, we advise you not to be completely alone. You should ask a family member or a friend to help you keep the dog entertained and calm while you are trimming the nails.

This is also something that you should get your dog used to while it is still a puppy. It is easier to calm him and control him while he is a puppy, and when he grows up, he will know what to do and stay still until you are done.

Brushing Their Coat

The main benefits of brushing the dog’s coat is to control the shedding, and to control the amount of hair that will be loose all around your home. But, that is not the only benefit that brushing brings.

It will keep mats from appearing on the coat. While brushing, you can always inspect the dog a bit if there are any dried-up dead ticks or fleas on your dog’s skin.

You can also manage the dog’s smell if you brush them regularly. This might sound odd, but while you are brushing, you are also removing any possible debris or even urine that has stayed on the coat.

Daily brushing is advised, but you can do it 3 or 4 times a week as well, and you can have good results.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Training And Exercise

siberian husky akita running in the snow
Photo from: @gibbs_and_frankie

We have already seen that these dogs have a lot of energy that they need to let out. Yes, they can look calm if you don’t give them the proper amount of exercise for 2 or 3 days, but be sure that the fourth day will be a crazy show.

They will certainly show you that they need to have some type of exercise, and they will do that in many different ways. Don’t be surprised if your dog even starts to nibble on you a bit. You might not know at the moment what they are doing, and it might look strange, but they will find another way to show you.

Another thing that is very important, and can be connected to exercise, is the socialization part of the training. Their stubbornness and cautiousness might not make them the perfect dogs for meeting other dogs and people.

If you do the socialization part right, you will have no problems in the future when it comes to taking your dog to the dog park. That is a good type of exercise because they can run for hours and play with other dogs while you are sitting and minding your business.

If you are a person who likes to jog, then this dog will be the perfect jogging partner. They will for sure be good motivators as well, so when you feel like you are getting tired, they will motivate you to keep it up.

They take this from their Husky parent because they were sled dogs, and they can run for hours and hours as well. So, if you get tired easily, do not go for long distances because you probably won’t be able to get back home if they take you far enough.

Hikes might not be enough for them, so you should probably include something in the daily exercise mix if you want them to get enough exercise.


We also already mentioned that these dogs might be a bit difficult to train because they are really stubborn and prideful. It is especially difficult if you do not have the alpha energy, and if you don’t have any experience.

There are a couple of tricks you can pull out of your sleeve. Treats will be your secret weapon and your best friend during the training sessions.

These dogs love food, and they will be food motivated for sure, but take it easy. They will most likely use their puppy eyes to trick you into giving them more treats than is necessary.

Positive affirmation is also something that can do the trick. When you use kind words and a nice tone, they will fill their pride up and become small show-offs.

The main thing that we need to tell you is to never punish them harshly if they are not doing something as you expected. And, never… and we do mean never hit your dog because they might not forgive you later.

Here is the list of things with which you will introduce your dog to training:

Potty training

Crate training

Basic commands (sit, stay, give paw)

Interesting commands (play dead, roll over, speak)

Leash training

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Health Issues

siberian husky akita lying down on the floor
Photo from: @the.lifeofkuma_and_kane

It is a known fact that every dog breed will have certain health problems that they will be more prone to. Mixed breeds can be tricky with this because they can inherit potential health problems from both parents.

Don’t worry this does not mean that they will get sick for sure. These are just precautionary measures. We are sure that you are or will be a responsible dog owner, and that you will take your dog to the vet regularly.

But, we want to say that sometimes, things just happen. You can be doing everything right for a long time, but your dog might just end up sick. We don’t want you to feel guilty or to think that you didn’t do enough.

Here is a list of potential health issues that this pooch can be more prone to:

Hip dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia



Weight gain

Blood disease


Eye problems

Generally, these dogs are healthy. Their lifespan can be anywhere from 8 to 12 years.

Before you get your dog, it is important to find breeders that are reputable and that care about the dog’s health. These types of breeders will do all the necessary health tests on their puppies and grown dogs to make sure that you will be getting a healthy pup.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Dietary Needs

siberian husky akita looking at bacon on the stove
Photo from: @gibbs_and_frankie

When it comes to dog food there are a lot of options you can pick. Some of them are:

– Store-bought food ( dry dog food or kibble and wet dog food or can food)

– Raw diet

– Home-cooked

Whatever you choose you need to make sure that it is only high-quality. When it comes to store-bought food it is the easiest option because you do not have a lot of research to do and preparation is basically just putting the food in the bowl for your dog.

Home-cooking might be the most time-consuming and the option that needs a lot of research. Not every food ingredient is suitable for a dog to eat and you need to make sure that they are getting all the right nutrition.

This is more for the people that have some experience but if you do not and want to try it out you can always ask for some advice from a vet or even a breeder if they are willing to help you out.

If you plan on giving your dog raw meat you need to make sure that you are storing it correctly. Raw meat can go bad easily and it can make your dog really sick. This is also something that needs a bit of research because you can’t give your dog only meat.

You will need to give them some vegetables and even raw eggs to make sure that the meal is well-balanced.

The Siberian Husky Akita Mix: Finding A Puppy

siberian husky akita puppies sleeping in the bed
Photo from: @hybrid.kennelzz

Finding a reputable breeder is never an easy task and it requires a lot of research. Breeders for mixed breeds can be tricky to find, depending on the popularity of the breed.

This breed is beautiful and they have gained some popularity but it might be hard to find a breeder you can trust locally. You will probably need to ship your puppy but that also depends on the breeder.

There are some breeders who do not like to ship their puppies to far locations, and that is fine, but it will probably mean that you will need to get your dog personally, and for some people, that is not convenient.

The price range of these beauties is around $2,000 to $3,000.

You can always try the adoption process. It might be hard to find a dog that is a certain mix that you are looking for, but you never know… one Huskita might just be waiting for you to bring it home.

If the wait takes too long, you should probably turn to finding a breeder.

To Sum It All Up

Choosing a dog breed that will be your future furry best friend is an exciting, but also very responsible task. Having two dogs on your list can be a bit confusing, but mixed breeds are here to the rescue.

The Siberian Husky Akita mix… or, in other words, the Huskita dog, is truly amazing. We saw all their temperament and personality traits that are not the usual combination like with other dogs. These dogs will need some work, and you need to be sure that every part of them is manageable for you.

You can not rely on the fact that you may, for example, teach your dog to not be independent, and that you will turn them into cuddle bugs. This probably won’t happen, and you will end up with a dog that does not match a certain characteristic that might be important to you.

All in all… they are great family dogs, but they need some work to get them to that point. Socialization is key with these pooches. Training and exercise are also on the top of the list of things you need to make sure are covered properly on a daily basis.

If you decide on getting this mixed breed, we hope that your search for the best breeder will go smoothly, and that you and your future puppy will be united as soon as possible. Wishing you and your dog many, many happy years filled with love and great memories.