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18 Cane Corso Mixes You Need To Check Out Today

18 Cane Corso Mixes You Need To Check Out Today

The Cane Corso dog breed, or the Italian Mastiff, is a close relative to the Neapolitan Mastiff, and a fierce dog at first. But, once you get to know him, you’ll see how sweet he can be. Of course, only to selected people. Getting inside the Cane Corso’s tight circle of friends is a tough thing to manage, but when you do, you’re basically on a horse.

When it comes to the dog’s mixes, it’s no different. This is one of those dog breeds, like the Poodle or the Golden Retriever, that has many mixes with other dogs.

The character of the future mix will depend on the character that the Cane Corso has as well as the other parent breeds.

Even though the Cane Corso appears to be quite intimidating, they’re, in fact, very lovable and caring for their family. Lately, the Corsos have become very popular family companions. Their mixes are as well!

Today, we’re going to present the incredible 18 Cane Corso mixes, and show you why they’re the future’s best family dogs!

#1 Blue Blood Cane Corso: Cane Corso Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

blue blood cane corso

Photo from: @kekideshou

The first breed on our list is one of the unusual Cane Corso mixes. It’s a mix of a Cane Corso and an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Have you heard of it?

The other parent has the same size and characteristics as the Cane Corso.

Being so rare and unique makes the Cane Corso Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog mix more desirable.

#2 American Pit Corso: Cane Corso Mixed With Pitbull Terrier

american pit corso

Photo from: @xl_designerbulls

Coming from an unusual mix of an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Cane Corso, this mixed puppy is a delight to watch. They’re mighty and sometimes a bit intimidating, which makes these big dogs perfectly fit for adventures.

First, they were bred as farm dogs because they were good at hunting wild boars and protecting the property.

One thing that makes these dogs not so perfect is their excessive shedding. Weekly brushing is mandatory with this mixed dog; otherwise, you’ll end up covered in dog hair.

#3 Cane Corxer: Cane Corso Mixed With Boxer

cane corxer

Photo from: @kleacanecorxer

This is a mix that has both parents coming from working backgrounds. Here’s a fun fact: both the Cane Corso and the Boxer were used during wars as messenger dogs, supply carriers, medicine and ammo carriers, etc.

Nowadays, their mix has a working purpose, too; the military and the police use them because of the dog’s muscular build and temperament.

Still, the Cane Corso Boxer can be properly socialized and included in every family. Socialization should be done early in their lives in order to prepare them for a life full of meaningful relationships.

Besides being a working breed, the Cane Corso Boxer loves to play, and they’re the ideal dogs for active families that spend a lot of time outdoors.

Dog owners of Boxer Corsos will have to spend lots of time satisfying the dog’s exercise needs. These dogs need two brisk walks daily and at least some other additional, high-intensity exercise, i.e., running, hiking, or playing fetch.

You can maximize a Boxer Corso’s happiness by having them work and play at the same time.

If you’re getting one of these big babies, make sure your home is big enough for their size and energy.

#4 Italian Daniff: Cane Corso Mixed With Great Dane

italian daniff

Photo from: @odin.the.daniff

The Italian Daniff is a majestic and tall dog. However, it’s not a canine for you if you have a tiny apartment. This Cane Corso mixed with a Great Dane is 35 to 36 inches tall, and can weigh 115 to 130 pounds. Both parent breeds are very large dogs, meaning they need a big, spacious home with a secured yard.

Even though they are big dogs, thanks to their Great Dane parent, the Italian Daniff is a gentle giant and a wonderful choice for a family dog.

The Italian Daniff is often unaware of their size, and they end up snuggling with you on the couch, even though they take up most of the space. These snuggling pups are good with kids and smaller animals.

This mix is easy to socialize with, so you will succeed as a dog trainer 100%. However, their energy level is quite high, so they will need lots of exercise daily. Go with more strenuous activities like hikes, agility courses, or runs to make their afternoons playful, fun, and useful.

#5 Labrador Corso: Cane Corso Lab Mix Puppies

labrador corso

Photo from: @tianadoesntrhymewithbanana

Now, here’s one of the Cane Corso mixes that can accompany you to your swimming lessons. The Labrador Corso is an excellent swimmer and loves water, all thanks to the webbed feet they inherited from their Labrador parent.

The Labrador Corso is a bit clumsy, just like a big baby, so don’t leave it unattended in the apartment. They love to please their owner, meaning that training them would be a piece of cake.

Since the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America, it’s no surprise to see them cross with the Cane Corso. Their puppy will be a friendly dog towards everyone, thanks to the

Labrador side of the family. But, the Corso genes are in charge of always being aware of their surroundings and ready to step into action if it’s necessary.

The mix may not be a typical Labrador, but you still need to spend as much time with them as you can. Keep in mind that both parents are athletic, so you will need to provide lots of interesting exercises such as swimming.

The Labcorso needs a big and spacious home with a fenced yard. Keeping them in a tiny, crowded place will result in a sad puppy.

#6 Rotticorso: Cane Corso Mixed With Rottweiler


Photo from:

Here’s a Cane Corso mix that’s probably the best one for training. Not only are they devoted, but Rottweiler Corsos are very obedient dogs. If you want your Rotticorso to show affection and loyalty, you will have to treat them with kindness and care.

However, choosing them as your first dog might not be such a good idea. They need specific training, and without it, they may become extremely aggressive.

Since both parent breeds, the Rottweiler and the Cane Corso, are working dogs, their mixed puppy will be the happiest if he has a job to do. Still, you will need to socialize the Rotticorso puppy on time.

A hybrid dog like this one is the best for families that live outside of the city, in rural areas, and in homes with big yards where these dogs can run freely.

The Rotticorso is a big dog that may look a bit intimidating, especially if they serve as protective dogs. The Rotticorso will protect you from strangers, but they will show love and care towards their family members.

This mixed breed is best suited for owners who have previous experience with dogs since the Rotticorso requires special training to nip bad behavior in the bud.

#7 Cane Corso Pitbull Mix

cane corso pitbull mix

Photo from: @life.with.rollo.n.ragnar

A handsome mix on our list is this good boy coming from the Cane Corso and Pitbull. Once you lay your eyes on this good boy and see a chirpy face and sparkling eyes, you’ll see why this is one of the most popular Cane Corso mixes.

The Pitbull’s traits combined with the Cane Corso’s slightly aggressive nature makes this crossbreed one of a kind. Their offspring may resemble both parents, or look more like one of them.

The Pitbull Corso must be a properly trained and socialized dog, so start with early socialization. Such a dog will be excellent at protecting your belongings.

Sadly, Pitbulls and even their mixes have a really bad reputation basically for no good reason! This cross between a Pitbull and a Cane Corso is a really talented dog that is always aware of strangers, but not too dangerous to attack first.

What’s so great about this mix is that the Pitbull Corso is always ready for action and adventure. Does your family enjoy the great outdoors? Excellent! You’ll enjoy it with this Pitcorso even more.

When you have a parent like a Corso that’s more phlegmatic, and a Pitbull that is very social, you’ll end up with a puppy that doesn’t need too much coddling, but he’ll enjoy a nice amount of attention.

This becomes true in spending time with them during exercises. These dogs should get enough outdoor time, and go on a walk at least once a day. However, anytime you can squeeze in a game of fetch in the park would be terrific for this crossbreed!

#8 German Corso: Cane Corso Mixed With German Shepherd

german shepherd cane corso mix

Photo from: @roscoethegermancorso

The German Corso is one of the Cane Corso mixes that’s quite difficult to handle. This mix comes from two parents that can be very protective and loyal to their owner. Still, if you have one of these good boys next to you, then there’s nothing you should fear.

If you plan to raise your German Corso with your kids, you’ll need to train them first. The German Corso, not the kids! You can use these dogs as guard dogs or watchdogs. They’re serious and hardworking, just like their parents, meaning they’ll complete their tasks successfully.

When having this mixed puppy, you should know how to handle dogs. Maybe this wouldn’t be the best choice for first-time owners since the German Corso requires a firm hand.

Overcoming their stubbornness is extremely tough, but it’s worth it, eventually.

What you must know before adopting or buying one of these big babies is that they’re active dogs from puppyhood and throughout their life. For starters, walks should be just fine, but their intelligence requires more complex tasks.

Invest in some good dog puzzle toys that will make them use their brain.

If you live on a farm, then this should be the dog to get. It will help you with your work, serve as a guard dog, and be your loyal companion. Just keep them busy; otherwise, they’ll get bored easily and could do some damage.

#9 Cane Corso Bullmastiff Mix

cane corso bullmastiff mix

Photo from: @graciethegr8

Cane Corso Bullmastiff mix is a smart puppy with intelligence on a high level. Here’s one mixed breed dog that won’t turn your house upside down. Just like their parents, the Cane Corso and the Bullmastiff, this mix will act protective of their owners and properties.

They have a high energy drive, meaning you will need to keep working with them and give them plenty of exercise. Also, you should take good care of their health because they can inherit many health issues from their parents (bloat, entropion, ectropion, cherry eye, mange, hip dysplasia, etc.)

#10 Cane Corso French Mastiff Mix

cane corso french mastiff mix

One thing is for sure: this Cane Corso mix looks like royalty.

However, the Cane Corso French Mastiff mix isn’t snobbish at all! They love to play fetch and flyball, and they enjoy spending time outside with their human parents.

If you invest time into proper socialization and mental stimulation, you should have one of the best dog breeds living in your house. It may not be purebred, but this large dog is still a high-quality pooch straight outta royalty! This dog may look kingly, but he’s actually a friend to all. He loves to play fetch and flyball.

#11 Cane Corso Bulldog Mix

cane corso bulldog mix

Photo from: @jazz_ym

Cane Corsos are very athletic while Bulldogs are more enthusiastic dogs. When you put these two together, you get a mixed breed dog that can be a bit confusing.

With the Bulldog’s stubborn personality and the Corso’s dynamic nature, you can end up having a moody puppy that is sometimes eager to play, but sometimes too lazy to get up from the couch.

Yes, exactly like us humans! No wonder these mixed breed dogs make such good family members.

#12 Cane Corso Mix Doberman

cane corso doberman mix

Photo from: @dobi_maya

Now, here are Cane Corso mixes that don’t need to be babysat the whole time! The Cane Corso Doberman mix is a brave doggo that never gets scared. They’re excellent guard dogs, but they’re even better housepets!

The Cane Corso and the Doberman Pinscher come from working parents that are very dedicated to their family. When you properly train this mix, you’ll know that you have a dog that’s capable of doing everything from guarding your property to keeping you safe, and helping you.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re that aggressive. The parents are territorial dogs, but their mix is bred to act differently in situations where the family’s safety may be at stake. These are happy dogs that enjoy spending time with the family and getting lots of attention. Still, they won’t whine if they are left alone.

They’re independent, which makes them less needy and emotional, which makes the Doberman Corso an excellent choice for busy families.

But, don’t think that this makes them lazy dogs without any need for exercising. No! They’re highly active, high-energy dogs that need daily walks. Period.

Anytime you can squeeze in some extensive workout like going on a hike, playing ball, or playing frisbee, do it. In the meantime, make sure this dog has plenty of space around the house to run freely and waste some energy on his own.

#13 Cane Corso Mixed With Husky

cane corso husky mix

Photo from: @skadibu_dog

Now, this is the first one of the Cane Corso mixes that would be just perfect as your first dog. They only need some exercise, time, and lots of love. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, it is great. The Siberian Corso is an adventurous dog all because his parents are, too. The Siberian Husky side of the family was bred to pull sleds across frozen land, so you can expect this mix to have high endurance.

What you need to do is take them on long walks and hikes to channel all that energy and waste it correctly.

Outmatching their energy level is their intelligence. Combined with the Corso’s obedient temper, they’re bright fellas who will do great in any sort of training. The crucial thing should be socialization from the earliest point.

As a dog owner, you must ensure a nice home for your Cane Corso Husky mix. The house doesn’t have to be a huge one, but the yard should be spacious enough for the dog to run and play. These pups love playing ball, running, and playing with a frisbee, so try to play with them as much as you can.

#14 Cane Cordle: Cane Corso Mixed With Poodle

cane corso poodle mix

Photo from: @milocanoodle

All dog lovers already know how intelligent Poodles are. They’re smart pups, but they have a false reputation of being spoiled brats. Their mix with the Cane Corso makes one absolutely spectacular puppy that is smart, obedient, and ready to please.

Sure, the Cane Cordle can act a bit show-offish, but that’s only the Poodle genes kicking in. This crossbreed is a loving member of any family. They’re affectionate and ready to protect the owner at all costs.

A future Cane Cordle owner must know that this mix needs a vent to let all that energy out. Otherwise, you and your dog will go cuckoo in the house. Give them walks, and give plenty of them!

Considering how smart they are, training the Cane Cordle will be a breeze. One of the major training this mix has to go through is socialization. If you want a well-behaved pup in the future, then you’ll need to invest time and care into socializing your Cane Cordle.

We’re still talking about their intelligence, which is, by the way, their biggest trait. So, hear us out! Providing lots of exercise to your Cane Cordle isn’t only affecting their physical condition. It also trains their brain! It wouldn’t be half bad if you could invest in some puzzle toys for dogs. They like those with hidden dog food or treats the best.

The Cane Cordle doesn’t like to be bored. They become destructive. This means bye-bye flowerbeds, magazines, slippers, and nice rugs. Curb their boredom and frustration; play with the Cane Corso Poodle mix!

#15 Cane Corso Border Collie Mix

cane corso border collie mix

Photo from: @dogzgonewild

A Border Collie Cane Corso mix is a dog with a versatile nature. The Collie’s friendliness and the Corso’s aggressive nature may clash, but the mix should be a mix of both of them.

This is supposed to be a family-oriented dog filled with love and care, but also quite protective and loyal family members. If you socialize them the right way, they will get along with other pets in the household just fine. They seem to get along with kids, too!

Since this mix comes from large parents, one of them being a Mastiff, you should expect your Cane Corso Collie mix to be a large dog, too. Being this large makes them look intimidating to strangers, so they are great protectors of you and your property.

Once again, exercising hard is what they need because the Border Collie is extremely active, but the Cane Corso doesn’t fall behind either. It’s absolutely necessary to keep them on a routine of regular walks and playtime, all in favor of increasing their health and lifespan.

If you want them to behave nicely, give them toys and you’ll be saved!

#16 Golden Retriever And Cane Corso

golden retriever corso mix

Photo from: @goldencorso.bailey

A true charmer on our list is the Cane Corso Golden Retriever mix. America’s favorite, the Golden Retriever is the main culprit for this hybrid’s nice looks. This hybrid grows into a fantastic pup, but the Cane Corso side keeps them less friendly and happy-go-lucky as the purebred Golden Retriever. Together, these two parent breeds make a perfectly balanced puppy.

The Golden Retriever’s friendliness evens out the Corso’s aggressive personality making their puppy suitable for many different homes, even those with small children and other pets. Of course, first, you need to socialize them, but with their intelligence, it will be a piece of dog treat!

Since Golden Retrievers love swimming, it would be a great idea to introduce the Cane Corso Golden Retriever mix to swimming as a form of exercise. Just imagine how much fun you two can have on your trips to the beach or the lake!

Always make sure they get their daily 45 to 60 minutes of exercise. If you can do it twice a day, that would be ideal. A nice big yard, lots of love, and a toy or two will make this pup a happy one.

#17 Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix

australian shepherd cane corso mix

Photo from: @lightningbugnation

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, which means that they need to spend time outside doing something meaningful and letting all that energy out. They’re friendly, loving, and affectionate.

Also, they’re quite the smarty pants.

As for the Cane Corso, you already know how powerful they are. So, what’s the mix of these two dogs like?

The Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix will be a large dog. They need a firm hand to guide them through training; otherwise, they may become aloof and aggressive. You shouldn’t keep these dogs alone for too long. The Australian side of the mix demands affection, and so does this designer dog.

#18 Cane Corso Akita Mix

cane corso akita mix

Photo from: @julianejur

The Cane Corso Akita mix is a dog with character. And no, they’re most definitely not for first-time owners.

It’s like a lottery for this rare Cane Corso mix. They can either be calm and loving or serious and distant. Also, the prey drive with this mix is pretty high, and they’re constantly on the verge of being too aggressive towards unknown people and animals.

The sooner you figure out that your Cane Corso Akita mix will like only a couple of people, the better.

Final Thoughts

black cane corso

Cane Corso mixes can have numerous health problems. They can come in all sorts of coat colors and patterns, from brindle to solids. They can originate from Italy, Siberia, or the USA. The AKC may or may not recognize them. These dogs can do or be anything.

However, all of this doesn’t matter. The origin, the colors, the problems… What matters is that love can strike you in any form, shape, or mix. Maybe the Cane Corso puppy isn’t the ideal one for you. Maybe it’s the mix of this stunning Mastiff and another dog that makes your perfect puppy.

Try first. Explore the possibilities. There are 18 amazing Cane Corso mixes!

Which one is yours?

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18 Cane Corso Mixes You Need To Check Out Today