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Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: A Tough Hybrid With A Soft Heart

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: A Tough Hybrid With A Soft Heart

All hybrid dogs are terrific pooches. Why? Well, for starters, they have genes from two dog breeds. It can’t get better than that.

Today, we’re introducing a hybrid dog that’s not enjoying as much popularity as other hybrids. It’s the Cane Corso Rottweiler mix, and it’s unrightfully in the shadows.

We’re putting the Rotticorso under the spotlight and introducing it to you!

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: Dog Breeds History

If you want to know what your Rotticorso might look like, first, you’ll need some insight into its parents, their temperaments, personalities, physical traits, and more. Each parent dog breed is a story of its own, and the Cane Corso and Rottweiler are quite different.

Why don’t we start with the history of each parent breed? After all, the Rotticorso is a fairly young mix, so the only thing that we can do is first learn about his ancestors.

Cane Corso history

cane corso dog in field

The Cane Corso or the Italian Mastiff comes, of course, from Italy, but the breed’s origins go way back in the past – even to the ancient Romans and Greeks!

Once used as a war dog and as help around the farm, today it’s one of the latest and mightiest descendants of ancient Molosser and Mastiff dogs. In fact, it’s one of the largest dog breeds in history.

These dogs typically have shortened muzzles with broad heads and chests, big-boned frames, and thick and loose skin.

The modern-day Cane Corso is most likely a cross between Molosser dogs and Neapolitan Mastiffs, the largest of all Mastiff dog breeds.

With an ancestry of incredible service dogs, the Cane Corso is now of huge help in military and police forces, as well as serving as a herding or hunting dog.

These dogs are top-notch students and amazing for both individuals and families, no matter how tough they look.

Sure, they’re quite pricey and difficult to find, but Cane Corso mixes (like those with Boxers, Great Danes, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Dobermans, Bullmastiffs, Huskies, Labradors, or Poodles) are always more affordable.

Rottweiler history

Rottweiler on walk

The Rottweiler dog breed is associated with the town of Rottweil in Germany, the place these dogs come from. But today, we have American and German Rottweilers. Even though they look a bit different, the Cane Corso and Rottweiler have almost similar working and herding backgrounds.

Rottweilers were used as livestock herding and guarding dogs by the Roman legions and then by German butchers, which is why they’re known as “butcher dogs.”

Rottweilers used to accompany butchers and drovers, taking livestock to market, guarding herds and people from wild animals and thieves.

Today’s Rottweiler is still a top choice for protection and often serves as a guard dog or watchdog. Also, they’re a great addition to all K9 forces, as well as families or people in need.

Even Rottweiler mixes are top-quality dogs, i.e. Rottweiler Chow Chow mix.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: Is It A Good Family Dog?

Before we start our story about the Cane Corso Rottweiler mix, we should say that this is a unique breed that requires a unique owner. Are you special enough for this dog breed?

Both parent breeds aren’t your regular, everyday dogs. They have a purpose, and they want a job. These are working dogs used to serve and protect. If you’re looking for a mixed puppy of these two breeds, you’re probably looking for a powerful and confident dog, someone to protect you and your belongings.

Having such a dog requires a serious approach and devoted training. If you can’t handle the training on your own, then hire a professional. The Cane Corso Rottweiler mix should not be left without proper training!

Cane Corso X Rottweiler Mix: The 411

cane corso rottweiler mix rotticorso

As for this dog’s personality, the Cane Corso Rottweiler mix will inherit its qualities from both parent breeds, the biggest one being excellent guarding skills.

Your new Cane Corso Rottweiler mix has a genetic predisposition to guard and protect. It’s a natural instinct that has survived throughout the breeding of the two parent breeds. This dog will protect you from other dogs and people, both on your property and outside of it.

Clearly, this is a terrific quality that may be attractive to many dog lovers. However, on the other side of the coin, if you don’t give this working dog something to do, he’ll find something on his own. And that something won’t make you happy at all.

When getting this mix, you should know that both parent breeds are quite complicated to handle. In fact, both Rottweilers and Cane Corsos are notorious for being aggressive and sometimes dangerous. But, their bad publicity has a lot to do with today’s media and their sensationalism.

This bad reputation isn’t 100% true, but it could be. Since Rotties are extremely powerful, they can easily break a human’s bones. They can even break a cow’s leg! They’re not to be messed with.

But, you need to know that they’re not inherently aggressive. They are serious, though, but not as aggressive as you might think.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix Size

The Cane Corso Rottweiler mix is going to be a large dog in every possible way. They’re big-boned, tall, strong, and broad. Most owners don’t think about this, but you should check if your dog will fit in your vehicle. Not all people can handle large dog breeds.

The Cane Corso Association of America or the CCAA states that an adult Cane Corso can weigh over 110 pounds and stand 28 inches tall. The other parent, the Rottie, varies in size depending on whether it’s a female or a male Rottweiler.

An adult female Rottie can weigh up to 100 pounds and stand 22 to 25 inches tall. A male Rottweiler can weigh 95 to 135+ pounds and stand 24 to 27 inches tall.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix Temperament


Photo from: @osha.the.rotticorso

You can say the Cane Corso is two-faced. Seriously, these dogs have a face for strangers and another for their people. All guard dogs tend to exhibit this trait.

The AKC states that the Cane Corso is a loving, affectionate, loyal, and very protective dog. However, they’re quite different towards people they don’t know. They act aloof and reserved with strangers and new dogs, and they won’t hesitate for a moment to defend you if they believe it’s necessary.

The Cane Corso needs human company. You won’t help them at all if you adopt another dog as a substitute for you.

As for the Rottweiler, the American Rottweiler Club says that the Rottweiler is a dog with a strong personality, sometimes even headstrong in late puppyhood and early adulthood.

Just like the Cane Corso, these dogs have two completely different personalities depending on the circumstances and people around them.

Rotties need to live with people. They crave human attention and company. Nothing will be a good enough substitute for their human, not another family dog or other pet.

Cane Corso X Rottweiler Mix: Training And Exercise

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix

When it comes to training, it’s not an easy task with Cane Corso Rottweiler mixes. What you need to know before getting one of these dogs is that training is absolutely necessary. It’s a large and strong dog breed that needs discipline for everyone’s sake.

You won’t be able to train a Cane Corso Rottweiler mix unless you have previous experience training dogs. This dog won’t just obey you or anyone else holding the leash. They need to trust and respect you first. This is why they’re not the first choice for police or rescue work. They may be the best dogs ever, but boy are they stubborn!

It’s so much easier to train a German Shepherd or a Pitbull. But, training such an intelligent dog breed requires time and patience. However, Cane Corso Rotties love to please their owners, and they’re able to understand many commands, sometimes even if you don’t use words!

Training and exercising a working dog hybrid like this one must be done correctly from the start to avoid physical injuries and mental trauma.

The parent dog breeds are sensitive dogs, no matter how tough they look.

Even though they’re strong, Rotticorsos shouldn’t exercise too intensely until they reach their full adult height and weight. In other words, until the plates in their bones are closed up and hard.

This can make handling a feisty, growing puppy a challenge, which is something all future Cane Corso Rottie owners should consider before adopting or buying one.

The Cane Corso is people-centric and loves to please its owner, hence why they’re so trainable. They love human company, but they love participating in canine sports even more!

First-time Cane Corso dog owners might find their needs hard to fulfill. Yes, they’re a handful, but they’re only active dogs, and it’s natural for them to act so. Long walks run through their veins, and their blood rushes when they hear someone talking about a strenuous hike.

Rottweiler parents are also very active, but they need a strong hand to train and conduct socialization. It’s important for these dogs to learn how to respond appropriately to new people and situations; otherwise, they will act aloof.

Rotties and their high-energy drive need an outlet, both physically and mentally. Canine athletics, K9 training, games, and sensory and puzzle toys all work like a charm to keep a Rottie’s mind and body in top shape.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: Coat Care

rotticorso looking something

Photo fom: @rei_evangelista07

Nowadays, with so many people suffering from different allergies, having a hypoallergenic dog breed is simply a must for any dog owner. Still, even if you’re allergic or not, you can’t deny there are special perks to having a dog that sheds only a little or not at all.

Since there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed, you should know that all dogs shed, but some of them shed less visibly. Sadly, neither the Cane Corso nor the Rottie shed lightly. They’re heavy shedders during the shedding seasons, and their puppy, the Rotticorso, will most definitely inherit the same genes.

The Cane Corso parent is a working dog with a double layer coat that can be short and straight, as well as thick. The outercoat is coarse and water-repellent to keep the dog warm and protected from the sun, pests, and abrasions.

The Corso’s inner coat is thick, soft, and warm. It’s a sort of insulation during harsh winters. That’s why this coat will shed massively in the summer. It’s called a coat blow, and it’s that time of the year when your vacuum cleaner will become your best friend.

Coat color variations are numerous, and they usually include black, black brindle, chestnut brindle, fawn grey, grey brindle, and red.​​​​

The Rottweiler parent also has a short, thick, straight, and double coat. The outercoat is designed to protect the dog from weather conditions, pests, and injuries. The inner layer will keep the dog warm and dry.

Rotties also have a seasonal coat blow, and they shed big time.

Rottweilers come in fewer color options, including black and mahogany, black and rust, and black and tan.

Now, is it more obvious what type of coat their puppy will have? As for the colors, it can resemble either purebred parent or sport a combination of both.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: Lifespan & Health Issues

rottweiler cane corso mix dog

Photo from: @osha.the.rotticorso

When it comes to getting a Rotticorso puppy, you should know that working with a hybrid dog breeder isn’t something you should take for granted. The breeder should take the dog’s health and longevity seriously.

Both parent breeds have the same health issues, and many of them come from the same limited gene pool. It is so important to only work with a hybrid dog breeder that is serious about the breed’s health and longevity.

As you can see from the lists below, both the Cane Corso and the Rottweiler have very similar genetic health issues.

In such cases, the only way puppies can rule out some of the health problems is to have the parents tested for a list of potential issues.

According to the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center), the Cane Corso should be tested for the following health issues:

• Hip dysplasia

• Elbow dysplasia

Cardiac issues

• Eye issues

• Patellar luxation

• Autoimmune thyroiditis

The typical lifespan of a Cane Corso is anywhere from nine to twelve years.

The Rottweiler parent breed should be tested for the following genetic health conditions:

• Hip dysplasia

• Elbow dysplasia

• Eye issues

• Heart issues

Juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy

The Rottweiler’s average lifespan is anywhere from nine to ten years. As you can see, this parent breed tends to live a bit shorter than the Cane Corso.

Who’s The Ideal Owner For This Dog Breed?

cute rotticorso looking up

We could easily say YOU could be the best Rotticorso parent, but we could be lying. Why? Because this breed, just like his parent breeds, requires time, patience, hard work, and devotion. If you don’t have plenty of time to give your Rotticorso, don’t bother adopting one at all.

You must be able to raise an obedient and controlled dog or a pup that’s calm and confident and ready to please you and make you proud.

As you already know, both parents and their hybrid puppy are intelligent pooches that exhibit moodiness and stubbornness if something doesn’t go the way they want.

Rotticorso puppies are usually quite easy-going, but adult dogs are a handful. Adults love routine, and they demand respect. Sure, they love to feel your love, but they prefer to be respected as equals first.

All dogs need to respect the future owner first to feel comfortable around them. You will want to be confident and strong, so your Cane Corso Rottweiler mix knows you’re the only pack leader.

You’d be a perfect match with the Rotticorso if you have a desire to work with your dogs. This includes regular walks, playtime, and training. The last thing is more important than you believe. It’s the only way to raise a safe dog for everyone around him.

Discipline is the second most important thing when it comes to training a Rotticorso. If these bad boys don’t respect boundaries, they’ll truly become bad boys and your biggest nightmare. It will be your fault, not the dogs’.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: Their Sweet Heart

rotticorso dog in park

Photo from: @loki_therotticorso_wfamily

Why is it that most tough guys end up being total sweethearts? Just look at our Rotticorso: it’s a dog with character, but it’s also a dog that loves its family members.

Just because they’re big dogs doesn’t mean they’re perfectly capable of living outdoors alone most of the time. They need to feel included in family life! It’s not good to leave the Rotticorso alone for many hours during the day, not to mention leaving them alone for days! It’s not how we raise a happy and healthy puppy.

Rotticorsos are honest, and they don’t calculate anything. If they want to show you something, they’ll do it immediately, without any hesitation. A Rotticorso never goes behind his owners’ back.

Their communication skills are quite forward with people and other dogs.

Everything Rotticorsos do, they do it with all their heart. They’re that enthusiastic! Whether it comes to playing games, protecting you from a stranger, or welcoming you home, your dog will show great enthusiasm. It may be too much for first-time owners, but you’ll get used to their high-energy level eventually.

They are also very enthusiastic when they are happy about something. They tend to put their all into whatever they are doing, be it greeting you when you get home from work, playing a game, or protecting you from a stranger. They have a lot of energy, and sometimes they may seem like a bit much if you are not used to highly energetic dogs.

Once again, this is why you need to be sure you can handle an energetic and enthusiastic canine like this hybrid. If you can’t handle them, go with a Doberman, Boxer, Great Dane, American Pitbull Terrier, American Bulldog, etc.

They might not be as gentle as some canines (Siberian Husky, Collie, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Poodle), but they’re as tough on the outside and mellow on the inside but don’t require as much energy as this Cane Corso Mastiff mix.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix Puppies And Kids

cute rotticorso puppy

Photo from: @misterhiggins2021

Cane Corso Rottweiler puppies aren’t that hyperactive. They usually nap a lot and tend to be more relaxed, but they’re still watchdogs in training.

The Cane Corso Rottie mix breed is a great dog, one of the finest designer dogs, but are they that great with children? Well, one thing is for sure: they don’t like disobedient children who play rough and don’t show respect!

This dog respects everyone from a distance, including the owner and the kids. But, they demand the same in return. Kids can sometimes forget to be gentle with a dog, no matter how big or small it is.

They might not like being petted roughly or having their tail or ears pulled. That’s why they get along with other dogs much better than with kids. Also, since they’re quite big and strong, you need to pay attention every time a Rotticorso comes zooming towards you.

He might even knock over a grown-up, not to mention a kid! Their genes kick in every time something small is around them, like a small kid. Yes, their prey drive is that strong.

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: Are They Really That Intimidating?

Despite the intimidating look these dogs sport, they can be quite gentle souls and very sensitive pups. Sure, all dogs, including this mix, can be serious and grumpy. But, being scolded, especially if they did nothing wrong, is something they don’t like at all.

Some Cane Corso Rotties are even known to cry if you scold them. They’re thoughtful and enjoy observing their surroundings. In other words, they’re so much more than great guard dogs.

The Best Home For A Rotticorso

cute rotticorso dog and little dachshund

Photo from: @hotdogziggy

After all this talking, we can’t help but wonder which home is the most suitable for this crossbreed.

First of all, it’s a home or a family that only wants this dog, not anyone else. It’s a demanding and complicated mixed breed that requires lots of patience and understanding from all family members.

Adopting or buying a Cane Corso Rottweiler puppy shouldn’t be a snap decision. Sleep on it! Learn a thing or two about this crossbreed. Check if you tick all the boxes a future Cane Corso Rottie owner must tick.

If all family members invest their time and love in this dog, the result should be a loving home perfect for this love-seeking puppy.

All dogs need someone to work with them. All of them need care and understanding. If you show devotion to your Cane Corso Rottweiler mix, your dog will be devoted to you too.

Three Reasons Why The Rotticorso Is Amazing

1. They are good guard dogs. The Rottweiler genes are there to protect the family and show loyalty.

2. They are buddies and exercise partners. You can do all sorts of activities like jogging, bike riding, or going for a hike with the Corso Rottie mix by your side. They have plenty of energy, and they need to waste it asap!

3. They are excellent trackers, hence why they often help the police.


If you see a sign saying Cane Corso Rottweiler mix puppies for sale, don’t turn away from it. This hybrid is a tough dog with a kind heart that will outshine all its other traits.

We hope that this breed information will come in handy when deciding on your next puppy. Give a Rotticorso a chance. They might not be American Kennel Club-approved, but they might be your next best buddies!

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Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix A Tough Hybrid With A Soft Heart

Cane Corso Rottweiler Mix: A Tough Hybrid With A Soft Heart