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The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix: Guard Dogs 101

The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix: Guard Dogs 101

Due to your interest in learning more about the Cane Corso Bulldog Mix, you have found this page.

Before making the final decision to buy the dog breed of your choice, in this case, the Cane Corso American Bulldog mix, you should get informed of the basic things about this certain dog breed.

If you are a person who is looking for a small or a teacup dog breed, the Cane Corso American Bulldog mix is definitely not the one for you since these dogs are large dogs. They are becoming popular recently as they are large and powerful dogs.

Qualities of both the parent breed’s heritage, the Italian bullmastiff, and on the other hand, an old English/American dog breed, definitely make the Cane Corso American Bulldog mix a dog breed possessing many favorable guard dog qualities.

Any dog breed should be thoroughly researched before being purchased or adopted. As it’s not always simple to forecast a mixed breed’s temperament and look, this is especially crucial.

The Cane Corso makes up one part of this intriguing mixture. This powerful Italian dog is arguably the lesser-known of the two.

The American Bulldog Cane Corso Mix combines two strong breeds that were both used as “guard dogs”, and they both have English Mastiff ancestry.

The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix is a brilliant example of what can result when ancient genetic lines split apart and recombine into a stunning whole.

As a robust, loving, and protective family dog, this dog will be in the middle of the Mastiff energy range.

What Is A Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix?

cane corso american bulldog mix lying in his bed
Photo from: @lifeofchaseandchloe

A Cane Corso mixed with a Bulldog results in a Cane Corso Bulldog Mix. This menacing mix of two powerful canine breeds, sometimes known as the Cane Corso as well as Bully Mix, is not intended for the fainthearted.

Don’t be put off by the Cane Corso Bully Mix’s intimidating exterior, though… it is actually a very kind dog. These big dogs are one of the most laid-back Cane Corso mixes!

What Is The Background Of The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact time and place as to when and where the Cane Corso American Bulldog mix was first born. Hybrid dog breeds usually don’t have good documentation of their background, unlike purebreds such as Rottweilers, Great Danes, and any others have.

But, one thing that we can say is that this mixed dog breed was probably made in the 1990s or early 2000s. Those were the years when mixed dog breeds reached their peak.

Therefore, we will have to look at the background of the parent breeds to understand this lovely family pet of high energy levels a bit better.

Parent Breed N.1: Cane Corso Dog

cane corso in nature

The breed’s nature and history are strongly hinted at by its Italian name, which roughly translates to “Guardian Dog.” This is ideal for it because it is the ideal guard dog.

These large dogs have a connection to the ancient powerful Roman military dogs, which were Mastiffs of such Molossus breed from Greece.

It was thought that the Cane Corso was larger and bulkier in its earlier incarnation. They were also raised to be completely fearless, and they were given the unpleasant chore of attacking enemy lines while carrying flaming oil barrels!

Better times for the Cane Corso arrived with the collapse of the Roman Empire as they were employed on the numerous farms spread over Italy.

They were employed for herding and dragging livestock. They assisted in boar hunting, and discovered their specialty as guard dogs, keeping an eye on farmsteads, enclosures, and hen houses.

Cane Corso populations decreased as agriculture became more mechanized, and a small group of aficionados was the only thing that kept them from going extinct. This lovely breed did not arrive in America until the late 1980s, and the AKC did not recognise them until 2010.

Males of this breed often measure from 25 to 28 inches at the shoulder, making them huge canines. Females typically measure between 23.5 to 26 inches, which is still quite a bit of height!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says their weight is “proportionate to height,” which is a little ambiguous. But, according to data, they might weigh anywhere from 92 to 130 pounds, with males often weighing more than females.

When combined with their attentive look and assured attitude, their size by itself can be daunting, and they give off the feeling that this isn’t a dog you really want to mess with.

Were The Cane Corso’s Ears Cropped Even In Its Past?

Ear-cropping is a characteristic that frequently intensifies this feeling of seething hostility. A portion of the ear, or even the entire ear, may be surgically removed in order to reduce their size and point them inward, giving the wearer a perpetual appearance of attentiveness.

It’s a contentious operation, the animal must endure discomfort, and it is completely unneeded. The sole justification for this procedure (and tail docking, as well) is to uphold the breed standards established by groups like the AKC.

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, Cane Corso ear cropping has no practical advantages for the dog at all. In many nations as well as American states, including some where it is still legal, this cruel, meaningless practice has been abolished.

Parent Breed N.2: The American Bulldog

american bulldog lying in the grass

The American Bulldog originated from the English breed after being brought back to America by immigrants who spread them with farmers around the nation. They are typically much more athletic and agile than their counterparts across the pond, as well as bigger and healthier.

Four strains from the Alabama/Georgia region — Williamson, Scott, Bailey, and Johnson — are the ancestors of all contemporary American Bulldogs.

The contemporary moniker for the breed didn’t become popular until the 1980s. Just before the term ‘American Bulldog’ would become the accepted name for the breed, it was known by a variety of other names.

It was referred to as ‘English White’ as well as ‘White English’ in various regions of the South because he was mostly a white dog. His other names included “Alabama Bulldog” and “Southern Bulldog,” but “bulldog” was the most popular.

The breed was given the name “bulldog” because it performed actual bulldog jobs, not because of a particular appearance. They were able to capture and retain savage livestock, such as bad Brahma bulls, for their owners, and they also served as a farm guard against stray dogs and dangerous individuals.

In the late 1980s, the American Bulldog came to the attention of the general public and started to gain popularity. It was desirable to have a decent all-around family dog as well as a guard dog.

The current American Bulldog has developed into the top family and property security dog in America. American Bulldogs are strong-willed, muscular dogs, but with early socialization and basic obedience training, they become well-behaved canines.

If its family is ever put in danger, an American Bulldog with good breeding will show his practical skills and tenacity.

What Will A Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix Look Like?

cane corso american bulldog lying on the bed
Phoro from: @lifeofchaseandchloe

These canines all have the distinctive Mastiff facial characteristics. Consequently, the outcome won’t deviate much from a purebred Cane Corso no matter which Bulldog you breed with it.

The American Bulldog, the English Bulldog, the Pitbull, as well as the Olde English Bulldogges can be crossed with a Cane Corso to create enormous, strong dogs. However, pairing them with French bulldogs could lead to unexpected size variations.

Whenever the Cane Corso and the American Bulldog are crossbred, you get a large and a moderately tall dog breed as a result. This huge dog can weigh between 60 and 120 pounds, and measure 20 to 27 inches at the shoulder.

A minimum of once per week should be spent brushing the Cane Corso dog’s short, thick double coat.

The undercoat sheds moderately year-round and heavily during the spring and fall shedding seasons, depending on the regional climate. You’ll need to clean them daily throughout this period or you’ll be covered in dog hair to your knees!

This coat comes with a black or gray covering, and it can be grayish, black, red, fawn, black brindle, or chocolate brindle. When both parents have distinct hues, the dog is likely to be bi- or tri-colored.

What Kind Of A Personality Does The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix Have?

cane corso american bulldog looking into camera while walking in the park
Photo from: @olliesarkpetcare

This Bulldog Cane Corso hybrid is one of the biggest American Bulldog mixes. Undoubtedly, if you purchase this dog, you’ll need a significant amount of room.

It will love to cuddle with all of the family members, but it will detest being left alone. It might do damage to the house if you keep it alone there for an extended period of time.

Additionally, canines of this size are highly destructive! If you must leave it at home alone for a few hours, make sure that it has a good, long run beforehand in order to tire it out.

This energetic dog needs a lot of physical activity in addition to cerebral engagement. It enjoys accompanying you on your weekend hikes and early jogs since it likes to just be kept busy almost all of the time.

The Cane Corso American Bulldog mix will be an outstanding guard dog because your security and well being will be the dog’s number one thing in its life. This is one of the best medium to large sized guard dogs.

While you don’t want to fully suppress its protective instincts (it’s always a good idea to have somebody watching your back! ), you can reduce the likelihood that it’ll actually act aggressive by socializing it appropriately.

Like all hybrids, the best way to predict how they will act is to look at their parents. Evidently, this may have produced a breed that was extremely robust and powerful, perhaps best suited for an established dog owner.

They may have a big character and an alpha tendency, and they need a powerful owner with expertise who can establish themselves as the pack leader. If exposed to and socialized with other animals appropriately, they ought to get along nicely.

Is The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix A Good Family Dog?

The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix has the potential to be the perfect family pet with the right upbringing, regular training, as well as socialization.

The Cane Corso is truly “man’s best friend” as they are completely dedicated to their owner. In addition, the American Bulldog has a laid-back attitude, and is quite affectionate.

The hybrid breed thus promises to be a loving family dog with a medium level of energy that adores every member of its human pack, yet at the same time, preserves a constant need to be in the spotlight.

Like other breeds, interaction with youngsters must be supervised, but this dog will be understanding and gentle with them.

It probably won’t do well with smaller pets if it hasn’t been previously socialized. Smaller animals will always be seen as prey by them due to their natural hunting instincts. Additionally, due to their size, most pets appear to be simple prey to them.

Early puppyhood socialization will help this dog breed to behave properly around other dogs and some smaller animals. But, there’s no guarantee of success, and these enormous canines might accidentally hurt smaller animals.

I personally would not recommend this dog breed to first-time owners, or at least those who don’t have any kind of experience with dogs. The Cane Corso Bulldog mix is the ideal pet for the right household.

Is The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix A Healthy Dog Breed?

cane corso american bulldog sleeping on the couch
Photo from: @bellanova106

Given that some breeds are more prone to certain conditions than others, all dogs have the capacity to experience genetic health issues. Nevertheless, the one advantage of owning a pup is that you are able to minimize this.

A breeder must unquestionably provide a health assurance for their puppies. If they won’t do this, stop looking and don’t even think about that breeder. A reputable breeder will be forthright and transparent about the prevalence of any health issues with the breed.

Health certifications attest to a dog having undergone testing and being declared free of a specific ailment.

Bear in mind that almost every dog breed will have some health problems when it becomes a senior, but don’t worry!

Everything is manageable with a good vet who you trust.

Possible Health Issues Of The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix

The lifespan of the Cane Corso American Bulldog mix can go from roughly 12 to 15 years of age. However, that number is not definite since some may live longer… others shorter.

The Cane Corso American Bulldog mix may be more susceptible to respiratory and heart conditions, hip dysplasia, cherry eye, as well as other issues that are heat-related.

Remember that both breeds experience these issues frequently.

1. Cherry Eye

A common name for the protrusion of the third eyelid duct is “cherry eye.” The nictitating membrane, sometimes known as the ‘extra’ or third eyelid, is found within the lower eyelid of several mammals, including dogs. 

In particular, while hunting or fighting is taking place, the third eyelid acts as an extra layer of protection for the eye. A unique gland that creates a sizable amount of the tear film that protects the eye is also found in the third eyelid.

A red, bloated lump on the lower eyelid towards the snout or muzzle indicates the displacement of the third eyelid gland.

Cherry eye can be big and cover a lot of the cornea, or it can be small and only show up occasionally. You should consult your veterinarian right away if your pet exhibits any symptoms of cherry eye.

Normally, a fibrous attachment holds the gland of the third eyelid to the lower inner layer of the eye. It is believed that this adhesion is weak in some breeds, which makes it simple for the gland to prolapse.

Third eyelid gland replacement surgery is the recommended course of treatment. In order to prevent irreversible harm to the eye or the third eyelid gland, it is crucial to address the problem as quickly as possible.

This is significant because up to 50% of the liquid (aqueous) component of the tear film is produced by the third eyelid gland.

Your dog is considerably more prone to experiencing “dry eye,” which could adversely obstruct vision if there isn’t sufficient tear production. The optimal surgical method for your pet’s condition will be discussed by your veterinarian.

2. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is indeed a growth problem of the hip. The femoral head (or thighbone), and the acetabulum – the opening in the pelvis, must develop equally during growth.

Regular growth throughout puppyhood does not take place with hip dysplasia.

Laxity (looseness) of the joint is the end result, which is followed by osteoarthritis (OA), and degenerative joint disease (DJD), which represent the body’s attempt to strengthen the loose hip joint.

The degree of disability that develops depends on the severity of these arthritic changes, and it’s possible that it has little to do with how the hip joint appears on X-rays.

Hip dysplasia is indeed a hereditary condition that is influenced by dietary habits, the environment, physical activity, rate of growth, level of muscle strength, and hormones.

Large-breed dogs (often greater than 50 lbs (or 22 kg)) are more likely to develop this condition; hence, puppies of these breeds should always be maintained at a normal, lean weight throughout their maturation rather than being overfed and encouraged to become “big.”

In a study of puppies at risk for hip dysplasia, it was discovered that two-thirds of the pups that were given unlimited access to food later developed the condition, compared to only one-third of the puppies that were given measured meals.

According to a study done on German Shepherd puppies, those that are overweight seem to be almost twice as susceptible to hip dysplasia as those that are of average weight. These studies have made it possible for food companies to provide large-breed, puppy-specific diets.

3. Obesity

Together with Labradors, Cane Corso dogs are prone to being obese.

Even if your dog is just moderately overweight, obesity can have major negative health implications that could limit his or her life expectancy.

Diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis are just a few of the serious health problems that are linked to canine obesity. Therefore, keeping a healthy weight can significantly improve your dog’s general quality of life.

The dogs that are overfed, unable to exercise, or tend to put on weight are the ones that are most likely to become obese.

Although obesity can affect dogs of any age, it is most frequently observed in middle-aged canines that are between the ages of 5 and 10. Dogs that have been neutered and live indoors are likewise more likely to develop obesity.

Dog obesity has a variety of causes. It is typically brought on by a mismatch between energy intake and expenditure, or when the dog consumes more calories than they’re able to burn.

Due to the natural decline in a dog’s capacity for activity brought on by arthritis and/or other illnesses, obesity additionally becomes more prevalent as a dog ages.

Table scraps, frequent rewards, and high-calorie foods can all make this situation worse.

How To Maintain A Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix

cane corso american bulldog sitting on the couch and looking into camera
Photo from: @bellanova106

The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix is not a high-maintenance dog breed in terms of grooming. Their coat should be brushed every once in a while, preferably 2 to 3 times a week.

But, keep in mind that because the American Bulldog has a short mouth and a brachycephalic skull, it does not pant as effectively.

Therefore, brushing should be done every day to eliminate dead hair and enhance airflow around the snout because this hybrid breed might suffer in hot temperatures. 

Because of the wrinkles, it’s crucial to properly clean the area around the face and eyes. This is especially important after eating in order to prevent bacterial growth and potential infection.

When it comes to dog food, these dogs are not picky eaters – they will be happy to eat anything you give them.

But, when it comes to socialization, exercise, and training, you will have to pay more attention to those. If you want this dog to be the right dog for you, dedicating time and effort to raising this dog breed well is a must.

Grooming Needs

Even if this dog breed is not hypoallergenic, they are nevertheless low-maintenance dogs that don’t shed much.

The Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix doesn’t require a lot when it comes to grooming because this is a low-maintenance dog. They do shed, but minimally! Nevertheless, this dog has skin creases and wrinkles that need regular cleaning.

Keeping a Cane Corso English Bulldog mix or a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix clean is not that hard – all you need is a wet cloth to clean their creases and a nail clipper.

Only give it a bath once every few months, and when it gets dirty, use a damp towel. These dogs’ skin will become dry, and their dander production will increase if they are washed too frequently.

You should regularly clean their teeth as well as their ears. This dog may get infections and illnesses if its dental and ear hygiene is neglected.

Exercise And Training Needs

To control this enormous, powerful breed’s highly advanced protecting instincts and sporadically aggressive behavior toward other dogs, early socialization as well as training will be required.

Also, to manage this enormous, powerful breed’s highly developed guarding instincts, early socialization and training must be constant and strict. This will guarantee friendly interactions with strangers and other dogs.

Nevertheless, it is not that hard to train and properly raise the Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix.

If it is constantly entertained with fetching games involving balls or a frisbee, this designer breed will feel more at ease and at home. This mix is as energetic as a Boxer, and you know how lively they are!

Both breeds will take pleasure in any obedience-based competitions or dog activities because they both have a herding heritage. It is suggested that these dogs should have obedience training in order to promote their socialization and ensure that they are completely housebroken.

It will also be crucial to put a focus on leash training and heel training because of their power and size. This dog will enjoy going on off-leash adventures; therefore, recall training must be systematically introduced from an early age.

A tendency to push limits may be present in the American Bulldog Mix, especially if the American Bulldog’s reputation for intransigence is prominent. But, because of their delicate temperament, teaching must be centered on positive reinforcement and lavish praise in order for appropriate responses and behaviors.

For the Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix’s mental health (and to prevent disruptive behaviors in the home), exercise must also be given top priority.

Nutrition And Diet

cane corso american bulldog eating from a cup from his owner's hand
Photo from: @miss.marley.tower

Your dog will consume a certain amount of food based on its size, height, age, and amount of energy. Although puppies consume far less food than adult dogs, they still need to consume all the nutrients required for healthy growth.

Additionally, the calorie content of various dog foods varies. One brand’s cup of calories may be 400, while others may be only 200.

The Cane Corso feeding chart and the American Bulldog feeding chart demonstrate that whereas an adult dog should only receive two meals per day, a puppy should receive food between three and six times daily. 

Even though you might not think it matters, feeding your Cane Corso excessively at once might seriously harm its health.

When dogs were wild canines, they would eat whenever they could and frequently go days without a complete meal. Now, things are considerably different because the domesticated dog has grown to depend on us and anticipate regular food.

The nutrients your dog requires are all in high-quality dry kibble, which is free of the fillers found in most cheap dog foods. Choose products that contain glucosamine and chondroitin since these will aid in the development of sturdy, healthy joints. 

These substances will be beneficial because Cane Corsos are prone to joint issues, including hip dysplasia. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for healthy skin and fur, are also present in some dry dog food products.

Prebiotics as well as high-fiber meals can help your dog’s sensitive stomach, which will reduce the issue. Therefore, we highly recommend adding supplements such as omega 3, calcium, and probiotics to your dog’s daily meals.


Between the ages of 3 and 12 weeks, puppies are most receptive to novel situations. Once they get older, they start to be considerably more wary of unfamiliar things.

Between the ages of 12 and 18 weeks, the puppy’s easy socialization window closes, and with every passing week, it gets tougher to get the puppy to embrace and love something that he was once apprehensive about.

Beyond 18 weeks of age, it is incredibly difficult, and occasionally impossible, to train a dog to appreciate anything new or to make him feel comfortable around something he finds terrifying.

Puppies that are well-socialized grow up to be safer, more laid-back, and pleasurable pets.

This is due to the fact that well-socialized dogs are more accustomed to a wider range of settings, and are therefore less likely to react nervously or aggressively when confronted with a novel situation.

Unsocialized dogs are considerably more prone to exhibit anxiety or hostility when faced with new situations, dogs, or people. 

It is simpler and healthier to live with dogs that don’t freak out in scenarios like honking horns, cats, bicycles, veterinary exams, crowds, or long stairwells than it is to live with dogs that do.

Additionally, dogs with good social skills lead a considerably more carefree, contented life than dogs that are always under stress from their surroundings.

The process of socialization is not “all or nothing.” A puppy can be socialized minimally, moderately, or extensively. The more experiences you introduce him to, the better his chances of being at ease in a wide range of circumstances as an adult are.

It is highly important that you socialize your Cane Corso American Bulldog puppy, so that you end up having a well-behaved dog.

Final Word

If you thought that Cane Corso puppies are cute, wait until you see a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix puppy!

This protection dog will make you feel safe wherever you are, as well as being a loving dog at any point in your life. They will truly live off of your affection, and some dog food.

They don’t need much maintenance… they are very intelligent, yet sometimes a bit headstrong. Therefore, you should train these dogs and properly socialize them from puppyhood.

By having this dog breed, you will feel safe knowing that the Cane Corso American Bulldog mix has got your back. The Mastiff ancestry of the American Bulldog gives it a people-oriented personality and a protective streak toward the family.

The Cane Corso breed should also indicate that such a dog has a strong aversion to outsiders, which is essential for reliable home security.

As a result, any would-be attacker will find it difficult to overcome this strong and powerful dog breed. Combining the Italian Mastiff with the American Bully results in a dog breed that not many wouldn’t be a fan of.

The Cane Corso Pitbull mix is also a good option if you are more keen on having a softer-personality dog breed that is not that head-strong.