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40+ Boston Terrier Mixes That Are The Cutest Pets Ever

40+ Boston Terrier Mixes That Are The Cutest Pets Ever

The Boston Terrier may not be considered one of the prettiest dog breeds out there, but it has some of the best personalities you can find. These pups are so gentle they have earned the nickname The American Gentleman!

The breed was first created in the 1860s by mixing several purebred dogs, such as the English Terrier and the English Bulldog. The goal was to create a crossbreed that could be used both for pit fighting and ratting contests – but the result surely doesn’t look like something the breeders expected it to be originally.

Boston Terriers ended up being lovely and affectionate family pets instead of the fighting dogs that they were anticipated to be. In fact, they are among the most easy-going family companions you can get!

These small dogs can live in confined spaces, such as apartments and condos, they have smooth coats that are effortless to maintain, and they even make amazing K-9 service dogs!

Unfortunately, just like most brachycephalic dogs, Boston Terriers suffer from many health issues. While they have a long lifespan of up to 15 years, it can easily be compromised by some of the health problems they are prone to, such as heart murmurs.

To fight off many of these health conditions, breeders have started creating Boston Terrier mixes. Crossbreeding with various other dog breeds can give you very interesting results – some of which you may not have ever expected.

We’ll list some of the most popular Boston Terrier mixes you can find, as well as provide you with answers to some of the questions you may have about crossbreeds in general.

Let’s get started!

Boston Terrier Mix Breeds

black and white boston terrier

Boston Terrier mixes are essentially mutts with one Boston Terrier parent. However, unlike the mutts you see on the street, when you buy a crossbreed, you’ll get a dog whose parents have been carefully chosen.

This can give you a big variety of dog breeds with all sorts of traits – some might be more desirable than the ones you can find in purebred Terrier breeds.

While there is an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to creating mixed breeds, here are 40+ of the most popular and unique Boston Terrier mixes you might be interested in:

Boston Terrier Mix, French Bulldog

boston terrier frenchie

The Frenchton is a small dog that usually looks like a chubby Boston Terrier on short legs. As French Bulldogs are known to come in many colors, expect lots of varieties when it comes to the coat color of this crossbreed.

This isn’t an energetic mixed dog, and he’ll prefer to snuggle all day compared to going outside and playing. A 45-minute walk daily is usually all these pups require.

These pups are susceptible to cold, so get them a good dog coat to keep them warm during winter walks.

Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix

boston terrier chihuahua mix

Photo from: @terrybohuahua

Do you love tiny dogs, and would love to have a tiny Boston Terrier? Then, you should definitely consider getting a Boston Huahua (or a Bo-Chi, whichever name you prefer).

This is a tiny dog that is as adorable as he is small, especially if it’s a crossbreed with a teacup Chi!

Despite his size, his personality can be a bit challenging to manage. Chihuahuas are known for being a bit of a cranky breed, and this isn’t a dog that’ll deal well with being alone.

At the same time, you have to socialize your Bo-Chi. He won’t do well with unknown people and animals, and he can become quite protective, even borderline aggressive. This is something you have to know how to fix.

Boston Terrier Mix, Pitbull

boston terrier pitbull mix

Photo from: @deet_and_ahsoka

As Pitbulls and Boston Terriers are closely related, the Pitbon Terrier will usually look like a larger Boston Terrier without a brachycephalic face. This is great news, as you can get all the advantages of having a Boston Terrier, but without some of the known health problems.

This is a crossbreed that is effortless to train as long as you can deal with their short attention span. However, they might require lots of socialization, as Pitbulls can sometimes have animal aggression.

Boston Terrier Mixed With Pomeranian

Photo from: @just_my_bby_dog_s

The Pomston isn’t a well-known mix. In fact, almost nothing is known about these doggies, but there are plenty of things we can assume, considering the appearance and the behavior of the family breeds.

Pomstons can come in a variety of coat lengths, and they will shed a lot. This doesn’t make them suitable for allergy sufferers, but it sure adds to the cuteness factor.

These are loyal dogs, but they can be wary of strangers. They’ll take some time getting used to new people and pets, and while not aggressive, they can be very clear if they don’t like someone.

At the same time, expect these pups to bark a lot, as Pomeranians are known for being very vocal.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Brussel Griffon

Photo from: @mabel_the_brusston

This adorable Boston Terrier mix is also known as the Brusston. As Brussel Griffons look a lot like Ewoks from the famous George Lucas film series, you might want to consider giving these pups some of the unique Star Wars dog names.

Other than that, one of the most noticeable features of Brusstons is the mustache these pups sport. They look like cute little grandpas that will love to cuddle with you!

These pups have a very friendly and affectionate nature, albeit they can be a bit stubborn at times, as this is a characteristic of both parent breeds.

Also, these are mostly hypoallergenic dogs. If you struggle with dog allergies, then a Brusston is one of the mixed dog breeds you might want to consider.

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Boston Terrier Mix, Pug

While adorable, The Pugston Terrier, also known as the Bugg, might not be the best crossbreed, especially if you’re looking for a healthy pup.

Both the Pug and the Boston Terrier are brachycephalic dogs, so they are prone to breathing issues. In fact, as the Pug has a flatter muzzle than the Boston Terrier, the Bugg’s breathing will likely be worse compared to that of his purebred parents!

Fortunately, this is a friendly dog with a short coat that requires only minimal maintenance. Just remember not to let them overeat, and constantly check their eyes for any sign of infection.

Boston Terrier Mix, Boxer

boston terrier boxer mix

Photo from: @tpphoto_petportraits

Boxers and Boston Terriers are two dogs that look alike, which shouldn’t surprise you since they share similar ancestry. They both originate from the Bulldog, which gives them the recognizable appearance they have.

The Boston Boxer is pretty straight-forward when it comes to looks, as it mostly looks like a Boston Terrier but with an elongated muzzle. This enables him to breathe a lot better than a purebred Boston Terrier.

This is a loyal crossbreed, but it can be a bit aggressive toward other pets due to its Boxer genes. Socialization is the key to making sure he is well-behaved!

Boston Terrier Mix, Beagle

Photo from: @msdanifernandez

The Boglen Terrier is a hybrid dog breed with a Beagle and a Boston Terrier parent. They are loyal and friendly companions that also make amazing watchdogs, as the Beagle genes make them avid barkers that will alert you of every little change in the environment.

The appearance of these pups can vary greatly, but most Boglen Terriers will inherit the Beagle’s short legs. Unfortunately, this can also mean some orthopedic health problems, but they shouldn’t be overly prominent.

These pups can be prone to separation anxiety, so make sure to spend as much time with your pooch as possible. This will also ensure that they are happy, and it will bring out the best of their personality.

They are social dogs that are great for families with little children due to their mellow and forgiving nature.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Bull Terrier

boston bull terrier

Photo from: @iam_bonny131

This is a crossbreed with a rather unique appearance, as the parents have very different face shapes. While a Boston Terrier’s muzzle is flat, a Bull Terrier’s face is so elongated that he looks like a caricature!

Fortunately, this means that the Boston Bull Terrier won’t have many breathing issues, and he’ll be a fairly healthy dog overall.

As Bull Terriers are known to have a bit of an aggressive streak, this is a dog you have to socialize from an early age. Also, his high energy levels might not make him suitable for apartment living.

Boston Terrier Mix, Shih Tzu

Photo from: @yomutt_eugene

The Boshih isn’t the prettiest dog out there – but he’ll surely have a great personality, as both dog breeds are known to be extremely loyal and friendly!

This crossbreed can have a short and a long coat that can come in all sorts of colors due to Shih Tzu genetics, but don’t expect too much shedding. In fact, this is one of the best Boston Terrier mixes if you’re an allergy sufferer.

Boston Terrier Dachshund Mix

boston terrier dachshund mix

Photo from: @jeanlucbarkard

Dachshunds are known as Weiner dogs due to their elongated bodies and short legs. As most Dachshund mixes will inherit the short stature, the Bo-Dach will look like a Dachshund with the face of a Boston Terrier.

There isn’t much information about the Bo-Dach, but from what we could observe, this is a witty-natured dog that will love to be the center of attention. Expect him to be very vocal, as Doxies are known to bark at just about anything!

Fortunately, the Boston Terrier’s genes should mellow down the Dachshund’s temperament a bit, making him a bit less energetic.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Siberian Husky

Photo from: @siberianbosky

This isn’t a crossbreed people expect, but it’s still becoming increasingly popular. The Siberian Boston is a dog that can greatly vary in appearance, as Huskies and Boston Terriers barely have a single similar physical trait.

Personality-wise, this is a pup you’ll never get bored with. These dogs are always ready for action, and they’ll love to be the clowns in the group!

They are very energetic, which isn’t a surprise if we consider both breeds’ histories. However, he does have a mischievous streak, and he might prefer doing things his own way.

The Siberian Boston also makes a great guard dog, as Husky genes make him rather alert.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Cocker Spaniel

The Boston Spaniel doesn’t just have adorable looks – this is a great hunting dog when you’re chasing smaller animals, such as woodcocks.

Most of the time, the Boston Spaniel will have long, floppy ears, but sometimes they can be upright. While his coat is somewhat long, it’s easy to groom and it won’t shed a lot, so you’ll only have minimal maintenance to deal with.

This is an easy-going pup that’ll always love to please his owners while being friendly towards everyone. Just keep in mind that sometimes, he might run after a squirrel, so make sure not to let him off-leash during walks.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Pekingese

boston terrier pekingese mix

Photo from: @gyro0628

A Bostinese is a cute little dog that might look a lot like a Chihuahua. This dog is a rather unique mix, as it has American and Chinese roots, making for an exotic mix.

This is a friendly dog that will love to please his owners – but this won’t stop him from being a bit mischievous at times, especially if he wants to do something you don’t agree with.

As for physical appearance, this one is very challenging to predict, as both dogs are very different genetically. Your pooch might look anywhere between a Boston and a Pekingese.

Boston Terrier Schnauzer Mix

The Miniboz is an adorable crossbreed of a Boston Terrier and a Miniature Schnauzer! Most of the time, he’ll have the head of a Schnauzer and the body of a Terrier. This includes the famous beard around his face.

This is a friendly and tolerable dog that will do great in just about anyone’s company. He’ll even be great around kids, so if you have a large family, you can consider getting one.

Just keep in mind that this pup can have a rather thick coat, so some shedding is to be expected. Luckily, it won’t take much effort to groom him.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers sometimes look like toy Doberman Pinschers, so this crossbreed can end up looking quite unique. It is known as the Bospin, and it can resemble a bit of a larger Chihuahua appearance-wise.

They have an easy-going nature, so they are easy to train and socialize. However, they are fairly sensitive, and they won’t respond well to harsh training methods.

Also, they are very friendly to even strangers, so they don’t make good watchdogs – but let’s face it, with a face so cute, you don’t really expect them to guard your home.

Boston Terrier Rottweiler Mix

This is a rare crossbreed, and not much is known about it. We can guess that its appearance can vary greatly, depending on genetics.

The Boston Terrier mixed with a Rottweiler is sure to make a great guard dog, but socialize them very well, especially if they are large and strong. Rottweilers have a bad reputation, and such temperament can be passed onto their offspring.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Poodle

boston terrier poodle mix

Photo from: @bossi_freddie

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic Boston Terrier mix, then the Bossi-Poo might be the best one for you. Just be prepared for cuteness overload – these pups are as cute as one can get!

This is a friendly pooch that will love everyone, including complete strangers. Sure, this won’t make him a good watchdog, but if you have little kids, this Boston Terrier mix might be perfect for you.

While Bossi-Poos love spending time with their owners, they aren’t prone to separation anxiety, which means they won’t become destructive if you leave them alone for a long while. However, they’ll require lots of attention to thrive.

The only issue with this mixed breed is that you can never know what to expect appearance-wise. These dogs can range anywhere from small- to medium-sized, and they can have straight or wavy hair, and a long, medium, or short coat.

Boston Terrier Mixed With An English Bulldog

Photo from: @jillianleach

The English Boston Bulldog is a popular mix that is known as an energetic dog that loves to have fun all day long. As these two breeds are related, it can sometimes be challenging to differentiate them from purebred dogs of either breed.

Most of the time, however, these pups have a muscular body that gives them the look of a toughie, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, as they are extremely kind and friendly.

As these dogs usually lose their energy as they grow older, they make amazing dogs for apartment living. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t require some daily exercises in order to make sure they are healthy and both physically and mentally balanced.

Keep in mind that both parent breeds are brachycephalic dogs, which means that many health concerns regarding the shape of their skull will remain in this Boston Terrier mix as well.

Boston Terrier Aussie Mix

A crossbreed of a Boston Terrier and an Australian Shepherd is known as the Bossy – and it sure can be a bit bossy in nature! These dogs have an attitude that is hard not to notice.

Make sure to train these dogs, as they have a bit of an aggressive streak, especially toward strangers. Early socialization is the key to making sure you have a well-behaved pup that will know not to chase strangers.

Despite this, Bossies have a soft spot for their favorite humans. They’ll always want to be around them, and they’ll desire attention.

Still, without proper training, their high energy levels and prey instincts could get the best of them, which is why they might even become destructive.

Boston Terrier Maltese Mix

boston terrier maltese mix

Photo from: @binubarks

Yet another fairly hypoallergenic Boston Terrier mix, this puppy has a medium-length fluffy coat that won’t require much grooming.

However, a little bit of maintenance is desired, especially if you are someone who struggles with dog allergies.

The Boston Malterrier looks like an easy-going pup, but don’t let his appearance fool you. Both parent breeds are quite free-spirited, and this pup inherited it all.

This stubbornness won’t just make the Boston Malterrier challenging to train, but it can affect all parts of living with him. He is known to get cranky, and he’ll hate being left alone for more than a few hours. If you’re someone who works a lot, this might not be the best crossbreed for you.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Cairn Terrier

This is a mix of two Terrier breeds, which is why there isn’t any mystery about the personality and temperament these pups will have.

The Cairoston, as this breed is known, is an intelligent, friendly, and energetic dog. He has a courageous and temperamental nature that can make him rather stubborn at times, especially during training.

Socialization is essential, as both parent breeds can be somewhat aggressive toward strangers and smaller pets. Fortunately, it doesn’t take them long to get used to everyone around them, which is why they make great family pets – just don’t keep them in households with small kids.

Boston Terrier Mixed With a Bichon Frise

Photo from: @loki_thebostchon

The Bostchon is one of the most adorable Boston Terrier mixes on the list. They’ve gotten most of their adorableness from their Bichon parent’s side, with the goofiness of a Boston Terrier. What a mix!

These are adorable dogs that easily get attached to their owners. They are always happy and joyful, and they’ll want to stay close to you all the time.

However, these pups might also be a bit stubborn and challenging to train, especially if their personality is more on the Terrier side. Still, if you start dog training at a young age, this isn’t challenging to deal with.

Also, these pups might end up having long hair, which can make Bostchons a bit more difficult to groom. However, as Bichons are considered hypoallergenic dogs, chances are you won’t deal with too much shedding.
For more adorable crossbreeds, check our list of Bichon Frise mixes!

Boston Terrier Dalmatian Mix

Yet another rare crossbreed, this is an excellent way to get a spotted Boston Terrier – or a smaller, shorter Dalmatian.

This mixed dog breed can be a bit unfriendly toward strangers, although never aggressive. Socialize him, but don’t force him to have interactions he doesn’t want. This is a gentle dog that can get traumatized easily.

Despite his mild nature, this crossbreed can make a great watchdog due to the Dalmatian’s alert nature.

Boston Terrier Great Dane Mix

This is a crossbreed that likely exists only in imagination – but we’ll try to suppose how it would look like.

As you can guess, the size of this mixed breed dog can vary greatly, as hybrid dogs can have the dimensions of any of their parents. With one of the parents being a small Boston Terrier, and the other, a huge Great Dane, this makes almost an endless amount of possibilities!

Despite its size, the Boston Terrier Great Dane mix is a friendly dog that will love anyone around them. It’ll prefer spending time indoors, cuddling on the sofa, so it can be suitable for (larger) apartments.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Rat Terrier

This mixed dog breed is called a Brat – but not because of its characteristics. There is nothing spoiled about these little dogs. Quite the opposite – this is a rather well-behaved dog breed.

Both Terrier breeds are fairly similar in appearance and athleticism, which is no surprise as both were used to hunt down rats.

Boston Terrier Cavalier Mix

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog known for its rather short lifespan and numerous health issues. Fortunately, when you mix it with a Boston Terrier, you’ll get a fairly healthy dog that can live for a long time.

This is a calm family dog that will prefer spending time indoors. He’s friendly and loveable, and fairly easy to train. The CKCS’s calm nature will likely undo the Boston Terrier’s stubborn nature, making this a dog that is eager to learn.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Jack Russell Terrier

bojack terrier

Photo from: @bearandsmalls

When you hear the name Bo-Jack Terrier, you’ve probably already imagined energetic Jack Russells. These dogs are known for their high activity levels that seem to be impossible to deplete.

The Bo-Jack Terrier is an intelligent dog that is amazing for hunting small animals. At the same time, it is much calmer and mellower compared to Jack Russells, but it still has that fun-loving nature of both breeds.

As this is a really stubborn dog breed, it can be quite challenging to train. However, this isn’t an impossible task, and with some patience and dedication, you will be able to complete it. He will reward you by being one of the most loyal pets you’ve ever seen.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Patterdale Terrier

The Patton Terrier is yet another mix of two Terrier breeds. This makes him rather stubborn and energetic, but also friendly and fun-loving.

If you know how to deal with the wild Terrier nature, you’ll get yourself a beloved companion.

These pups will follow your every step, being on the verge of clingy. They are prone to separation anxiety, and they might not be the best choice for a dog owner who will spend a lot of time at work.

If you do leave him alone for a prolonged period of time, he might express some destructive behaviors. This could result in destroyed shoes, a destroyed couch, or even a defaced wall!

While this is a small pooch, he might not do well in apartments and condos as he is full of energy. He’ll want to have as much space as possible, so small living areas are a big no-no for him.

Boston Terrier Italian Greyhound Mix

bostolian mix

Photo from: @percythebostalian

If you love the tuxedo pattern on dogs, then you’ll surely love the Bostalian, as this crossbreed is more likely than most to come with this unique color distribution.

This is a medium-sized doggie that won’t leave your side. Ever. He’ll follow you everywhere you go, whether you want it or not. Unfortunately, this also means they are prone to separation anxiety, so don’t leave them alone for too long.

The Bostalian is an intelligent dog that will probably think he is smarter than you. This can make him challenging to train, and you’ll have to arm yourself with patience.

He is a friendly dog that will love everyone! Just make sure not to keep him around smaller pets due to his strong prey drive.

Boston Terrier Basset Hound Mix

Thanks to the Basset Hound genes, the Basston is a dog with strong hunting instincts – so much so that you might want to keep him away from smaller dog breeds.

While protective and wary of strangers, this isn’t a dog that’ll start a fight. However, because he is part hound, he might run away chasing various scents. Make sure your back yard is fully escape-proof before adopting one! Also, for more advice read our article on how to stop dogs from jumping fence.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A West Highland White Terrier

This crossbreed is known as the Boston Westie or Bostie, and it is an adorable Boston Terrier mix that might look a lot like a mutt you’ll see on the street, which makes it all the more adorable.

This is a little doggie that is friendly with everyone they are close to, but it can be a bit aloof with strangers. Don’t worry, it won’t show a single sign of aggression; quite the opposite! But, don’t expect it to run to everyone it meets.

At the same time, they are very attached to owners, so expect them to follow you everywhere you go. They’ll even follow you to the bathroom or to the bedroom! This clinginess is one of the things that sets them apart from many other, more independent crossbreeds.

This mixed breed dog is easy to train, as it’ll do everything to please its owner. However, you have to be very gentle during training. These are gentle pups that might not take it well if you get angry with them. Use positive reinforcements, and always let them know when they’ve done something good.

Boston Terrier Shiba Inu Mix

boston terrier shiba mix

Photo from: @dozer.dawg

Shibos are adorable puppies with two parents that are nothing alike. As such, they can look all sorts of ways, ranging from long-haired to short-haired. One thing that is certain is that they’ll be small dogs.

It is also inaccurate to predict how these pups will behave, as the temperaments of the Shiba Inu and the Boston Terrier are very different.

Some Shibos will be rather distant and wary of strangers. Others will be very friendly and in love with everyone.

One thing that is certain is that this is an independent dog breed that won’t gladly listen to anyone. As such, you can expect training to be quite a challenge.

Also, be prepared for lots of shedding! Shiba Inus are dogs that are known to shed, so if the puppy is anything like that side of the family tree, get yourself some good dog brushes! It might make your life much easier.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Labrador Retriever

boston terrier lab mix

Photo from: @rose_and_her_smiles

The Boston Lab is one of the more popular Boston Terrier mixes, despite the obvious difference in size between the two parent breeds.

Unfortunately, this also means that predicting the size of the offspring can be a huge challenge, if not outright impossible.

This is a cute dog with a friendly and innocent nature. He is sweet, caring, and extremely loyal, while always being ready to play and spend some quality time with his owner whom he views as a family member.

These pups are unlikely to be aggressive or even stubborn, and they are always eager to learn. This makes them effortless to train.

They are also great with kids, making them amazing family pets.

Boston Terrier Mixed With A Lhasa Apso

The Bosapso is one of the most intelligent dog breeds you’ll stumble upon. Both parent breeds are known for their wits, making their mix one of the fastest learners out there.

Just like most other Boston Terrier mixes, this is a friendly dog that will love to please his owners, but he’ll still have a stubborn streak in him.

At the same time, he is social to the point of being considered a Velcro dog, and he is very prone to separation anxiety. This makes him an inadequate dog for someone who is traveling or working most of the day.

Also, this dog breed has lots of energy, so be prepared to take your pooch for lots of daily walks to avoid boredom.

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Boston Terrier Mixed With A Shar-Pei

The Sharbo is a rather glorious Boston Terrier mix. It can range in size from small to large, but most Sharbos are somewhere in the middle.

Most Sharbos have a muscular build, as well as a droopy face – but not as droopy and saggy as Shar Peis. They commonly come in brindle, but the well-known Boston’s tuxedo pattern is also common.

This is a strong and mighty dog that will love his owners with all his heart. However, he might not be that good around strangers, so make sure you’ve properly socialized him on time.

Boston Terrier Mixed With An American Eskimo

The Boskimo is a dog with serious looks, but a soft personality. This is a happy, fun, and rather intelligent pooch with high energy levels, making him one of the more active mixes on the list.

While he needs lots of exercise, this doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t suitable for apartments – quite the opposite. As long as you help deplete all the energy he has, he’ll love nothing more than to cuddle with you the rest of the day.

This Boston Terrier mix is easy to train, but you’ll still have to arm yourself with patience, as sometimes his temperament can get the best of him.

Boston Terrier Toy Fox Terrier Mix

The Foxton justifies his name without a doubt – he looks just like a little tuxedo fox!

This crossbreed seems to get the best of both worlds. Like Boston Terriers, he is energetic and bold, and it seems like nothing can stop him. At the same time, he’s smart like the Toy Fox Terrier – and he is great at hunting both foxes and rats!

This unique personality makes him a rather versatile and multi-talented pup. He excels not just as a hunting dog, but as a guard dog alike. If there is a strange human or an animal on your property, the Foxton will quickly let you know.

Despite its high energy levels, the Foxton makes a good apartment dog. Just make sure it gets plenty of daily exercise to ensure your furniture is safe!

Boston Terrier Papillon Mix

The Bostillon is an adorable fluffy-eared cutie that is sure to be the talk of the town! He has a unique appearance that makes him stand out from the rest.

Compared to most other Boston Terrier mixes, this isn’t as active of a dog, so if you prefer to cuddle with your pup rather than to go hiking, this is a great dog breed for you.

This is a rather social pup, so it is friendly even with strangers. However, it doesn’t do well if it’s left alone, so unless you work from home, we wouldn’t advise getting this pup.

Also, the Bostillon will follow you everywhere you go, so get ready to always have a loyal companion – even if all you need to do is go to the bathroom!

Boston Terrier Mixed With An Irish Setter

The Irish Bostetter is a fairly new Boston Terrier mix, which is why not many things are known about it.

Judging by the temperament of his parents, this is a sweet, friendly, yet energetic pup that can be stubborn from time to time, but he will do all he can to ensure that you’ve had the best day possible.

This stubbornness will only express itself during training time. On all other occasions, this is a very friendly pup that doesn’t have any issues with other animals or humans. He’ll even do well with kids!

Why Are Boston Terrier Mixes A Good Idea?

boston terrier dog

Some dog lovers aren’t that fond of the idea of buying a mixed breed dog. They think this is an unnatural practice, and that Boston Terrier mixes are unhealthy. The truth couldn’t be further away from that.

Many purebred dogs are the result of inbreeding. To preserve a specific breed standard, it isn’t rare for breeders to inbreed their dogs – especially if we’re talking about backyard breeders.

Unfortunately, inbreeding can result in many genetic anomalies, including bad health and deformities. Because of this, crossbreeds – also known as designer dogs – are becoming increasingly popular.

Mixed breed dogs have something that is called hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor gives many health benefits to dogs, and it’s the result of healthy genes entering a breed’s genetic pool. As such, mixed breed dogs are much healthier compared to purebreds.

Also, by mixing two or more dog breeds together, you can add certain traits to the litter. For example, if you add German Shepherd genes to the genetics of a Boston Terrier, you’ll get a better watchdog, and if you mix a dog with a Poodle, you’ll create a dog that is more suitable for allergy sufferers.

Designer dogs can also help erase certain behavioral flaws from dog breeds that have them. By crossbreeding a Golden Retriever with a Cane Corso, you’ll get a much mellower dog than a Corso, but still more fierce than a Golden.

There are, in fact, many advantages to mixing different dog breeds. Designer dogs aren’t there just for their good looks, no matter what the name might suggest. Instead, there are many reasons why you might want to get a mixed breed dog.

Of course, there are a few reasons why some people oppose getting crossbreeds. Some experts, for example, think that crossbreeds are messing with the breed standard, and that they are ruining the long-lasting bloodlines of purebred dogs.

Another reason is that you can never know how a Boston Terrier mix will end up looking. You cannot know how big a mixed breed puppy will get, or the exact appearance he will have. All you can do is make estimations.

Finally, no crossbreed is accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other major kennel club. As a result, these dogs cannot participate in dog shows.

Boston Terrier Mix Puppies For Sale

If you want to get Boston Terrier mixes, you’re probably wondering where you can buy them.

Chances are, there are many mixed breed dogs in local shelters and in humane societies. These dogs are usually the result of accidental crossbreeding, and their owners don’t want them. This is why many mutts end up abandoned.

However, you can also look around and try to find reputable breeders that also sell mixed breed dogs. Many professionals choose breeding designer dogs as their profession, and you can find several Boston Terrier mixes at their kennels.

Your best option would be to look for a breeder who specializes in crossbreeds, as breeding mixed breeds isn’t the same as breeding purebred dogs. Also, a good breeder won’t have too many crossbreeds in their kennel. Instead, they’ll focus on the few fairly similar ones.

By doing this, you can make sure you know exactly what dog you’re getting. Also, this can help give you an idea of the dog’s medical history.

Should You Get Boston Terrier Mixes?

boston frenchie mixed breed dog

Boston Terriers make amazing family companions. This popular breed can be everyone’s best friend!

However, for some reason, you might want to add features of some other dog breeds into the mix. This is why Boston Terrier mixes exist.

Boston Terrier mixes are great dogs for many different reasons. Maybe purebred Bostons give you an allergic reaction, or you might want to get a healthier dog to cut down on medical bills.

Either way, getting a Boston Terrier mix is a great way to have everyone looking at your unique pup when you go to the dog park… not to mention the many benefits that you’ll have if you choose a crossbreed instead of a purebred dog.

Of course, everyone gets to choose the dog they want. There is nothing wrong with getting purebred pups. Still, if you want to tweak things a bit, these are some of the dog breeds you might want to consider.

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