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Meet 23 Saint Bernard Mixes: A List Of Heavenly Good Boys

Meet 23 Saint Bernard Mixes: A List Of Heavenly Good Boys

You know that furry dog that goes to rescue missions to save people who are stuck in snow and the cold? And, he carries a little barrel of rum around his neck while doing the rescue job. Well that is our hero today – the Saint Bernard. You can say that this dog truly is a saint. It is a purebred dog with a beautiful appearance, recognized by the FCI Standard.

Are you familiar with the Saint Bernard mixes? Well, it is not surprising since these dogs have many good traits, which can be combined with the good traits of other dogs to get the best good boy, of course.

Let’s meet these delightful mixes!

If you are wondering how well behaved your doggie will be, then it is time to look at the mother and the father. We have a delightful superhero that saves people’s lives on one side – the wonderful Saint Bernard – and on the other side, there is an equally great dog responsible for an amazing mix.

A mixed breed dogs’ behavior depends on the number of genes he gets from his Parents. Usually, that number is not 50:50, but there is a mode of inheritance. Also, it should be taken into account that sometimes breeders do multi-generation crosses.

1. Border Bernard

Photo from: @baileydailysniff

Parents: Saint Bernard and Border Collie

Nicknames: Saint Border Collie, Collie Border Saint, St. Border Collie, Saint Collie Bernard, St. Collie Bernard

Size: 20 to 35 inches

Weight: 120 pounds

What do you get when you mix a purebred St. Bernard and a purebred Border Collie? Well, you get a fluffy pile of cuteness, of course, and that is a mixed breed of two amazing dogs that now has a unique combination of the best traits of both his mother and father.

Although those traits call for a lot of brushing. If you were wondering whether Border Collies shed, they do. It is the same as with the Saint Bernard.

A Border Collie and a Saint Bernard are not very much alike. One has bushy hair while the other has straight and long hair. But mixing, what seems like the opposite, can sometimes produce very nice results with a candy cotton-like coat.

A dog as smart as a Border Bernard needs mental and physical stimulation. Well, this is not surprising considering that it is a working dog, a watchdog, and a great family dog after all.

2. Saintkita

Photo from: @sampson_marley_chronicles

Parents: Saint Bernard and Akita

Size: 28 to 35 inches

Weight: over 100 pounds

The Akita is one of those stunning dogs. You are probably already aware that this is a large dog. And, like all Japanese, it is proud and dignified. Since the other parent of the Saintkita is also huge, what you get is another huge dog, but a crossbreed.

His behavior will depend on his parents’ genes. Like all Saint Bernard mixes, it could be a gentle giant or certainly a giant that is not so gentle.

That is where you step in. It is important to start with early socialization of your dog. But, you are definitely getting a stunning dog. Akita colors and coats, combined with those of the Saint Bernard, produce a beautiful pooch.

If you are a fan of marvelous Akita, check more interesting Akita mixes!

3. Saint Bernese

Photo from: @stanley_stbernese

Parents: Saint Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog

Nicknames: St. Bernese, Saint Berner, St. Berner

Size: 26 to 32 inches

Weight: 110 to 170 pounds

Well, this certainly is a huge dog. Both of his parents are big, and their offspring are beyond big. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very loyal dog, and combined with the well-mannered Saint Bernard, you get a well-behaved offspring with guard dog traits – very appealing to the eye, too.

Since both of his parents are mountain dogs, it is no wonder that their offspring have a thick coat that is supposed to protect him in the cold, snowy weather in the Alps, even though he usually does not live in the Alps.

The Saint Bernese will attack or bite only when genuinely provoked. And, other important characteristics that many huge dogs have is the problem with hip dysplasia, and having a short lifespan.

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4. Saint Bullnard

Photo from: @pawedpiper_

Parents: Saint Bernard and Pit Bull

Nicknames: St Bullnard, Saint Bulland, St Bernard Pit Mix

Size: 20 to 27 inches

Weight: 50 to 120 pounds

The combination of the terrifying Pitbull, and a giant dog like the Saint Bernard is a rather cute product that is called a Saint Bullnard. Pitbulls and Saint Bernards have some common traits since they are both very protective and working dogs.

Like his parent breeds, the Saint Bullnard is strong and muscled, with a big chest and firm legs. His height depends on his Pitbull parent height. Sometimes, owners crop a Pitbulls’ ears, but that is not the case with this mix. Unlike a Pitbull, a Bullnard’s ears are not pointy, but are cute and round.

When it comes to their coat, the Pitbull’s genes win here. The Saint Bullnard would not have a thick double-coat like his Alpenese parent, but a medium-length coat. But, when it comes to color, it is the Saint Bernard’s genes that win, along with a special Saint Bernard marking on the chest.

5. Saint Shepherd

Photo from: @johnhalee

Parents: Saint Bernard and German Shepherd

Nicknames: St. Shepherd

Size: 25 to 28 inches

Weight: 85 to 140 pounds

What we have here is an offspring of the two movie stars. The German Shepherd and the Saint Bernard are popular TV faces that starred in many movies and had beloved roles.

This extrovert among Saint Bernard mixes is very fond of kids, and can tolerate other dogs, too. But, of course, you should do your part and train him properly.

Expect him to drool and shed a lot. Those are among rare, non-appealing traits in this St. Bernard mix. Being cute is not his only nice trait. This designer dog is also very smart, which means he can learn quickly and be trained to do amazing stuff.

Do not forget it is a working dog and a heck of a sportsman, or should I say, sport dog. So, be prepared for a lot of physical activity, and this includes all kinds of sport activities.

6. Golden Saint

Photo from: @dante.and.luna

Parents: Saint Bernard and Golden Retriever

Nicknames: Golden Bernard Retriever

Size: 30 to 36 inches

Weight: 100 to 220 pounds

Holy moly – this sounds like the ultimate good boy… and it is. It has all the golden traits of a St. Bernard and the holy personality of the Golden Retriever. Is there something such as a Golden Retriever being aggressive? It is not impossible.

But, let’s be honest – this charmer can’t just be a pet. It is a true family member. It is a smart dog that is utterly loyal and gentle, and above all, obedient to the point that the noun “Saint“ can be applied as an adjective. If you need a dog that has it all, and by all, I mean family dog, working dog, and companion dog – then the Golden Saint should be your pick.

7. Saint Chownard

Photo from: @thorinthechownard

Parents: Saint Bernard and Chow Chow

Nicknames: Saint Charnard

Size: 22 to 35 inches

Weight: over 100 pounds

Even though the Saint Bernard is a calm dog that can control its reactions, this Saint Bernard mix is probably not for an inexperienced owner. It takes a lot of training and a lot of skill to teach this dog to react properly around other dogs, unfamiliar humans, and loud sounds and threatening situations.

This dog has a pack drive, and if you are not home most of the time, then you should probably think again if you want one. It is a dog that likes good company and an owner who knows how to approach it.

8. Saint Dane

Photo from: @sadie_the_stdane

Parents: Saint Bernard and Great Dane

Nicknames: Bernadane, Great Bernard, St. Dane

Size: 23 to 30 inches

Weight: 155 to 195 pounds

This is another large dog of equally large breed parents. All dane mixes are special fellas. Like other Saint Bernard mixes, this designer dog has the endearing traits of his Alpenese parent.

First, what strikes you when you see a Saint Dane is his size, and then you notice his equally huge head. Everything looks thick on this dog, from his neck to his limbs and coat. I am not surprised since the Great Dane is even bigger than Saint Bernard. Here is a Great Dane Growth chart to prove it.

Because he is enormously big, you need to watch him around children. Otherwise, this dog is very calm and not easy to provoke. He develops an affection for his family, so he becomes an awesome guard dog.

9. Saint Berxer

Photo from: @minimalistmutt

Parents: Saint Bernard and Boxer

Size: 20 to 26 inches

Weight: 75 to 120 pounds

The Saint Berxer is one of the Saint Bernard mixes that drools a lot. But, despite that, it is a loveable dog that will make you fond of him – of course, after you realize that he is not as intimidating as he looks. The combination of Boxer colors and Saint Bernards gives us this stunning breed.

It is a breed that does not have many health problems, which is great, of course, but sure, it still needs vet checkups regularly. And, this may surprise you, but this dog is not very fond of cold climate and snow. It does not like to be in the sun either.

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10. Saintweiler

Photo from: @niniruffruff

Parents: Saint Bernard and Rottweiler

Nicknames: Saint Weiler, St. Weiller, StWeiler

Size: 22 to 26 inches

Weight: 100 to 160 pounds

The Saint Weiler represents another awesome dog among Saint Bernard mixes. I mean, his parents are the St Bernard and the Rottweiler. Do you have all the skills for this dog? They are both huge dogs with awesome traits, but you have to know how to handle them.

If you live in a hot area, then you should be extra careful because the Saint Weiler is not suitable for this kind of weather. Otherwise, it’s the perfect dog for a family because it is great as a guard dog as well as a nanny.

11. Saint Bermastiff

Photo from: @maddiethebermastiff

Parents: Saint Bernard and Mastiff

Nicknames: Saint Mastiff, St. Mastiff

Size: 22 to 30 inches

Weight: 150 to 200 pounds

This is a Mastiff and a Saint Bernard Dog. Imagine their offspring… maybe the biggest among Saint Bernard mixes. And, this also means that you need to have a lot of space and a lot of time for training this dog.

This dog has a trait that many large size breeds don’t, which is its sense of smell. It is something that he inherited from his parents. And, as you may guess, he is perfectly well-suited for cold and snow.

We have some more Mastiff mixes we think you should look up, too!

12. Saint Bernhusky

Photo from: @maddiethebermastiff

Parents: Saint Bernard and Siberian Husky

Nicknames: Saint Berhusky

Size: 22 to 25 inches

Weight: 70 to 90 pounds

First things first… you need to know that this is a dog with an independent nature – the same as his Husky parent. He looks good and he knows it. This is not the best mixed breed for people who do not have time for a lot of outdoor play.

He is hard to train, and he does not do well in high temperatures. I mean, both of his ancestors are used to cold climates like Siberia and the Alps. Some believe that this designer dog appeared in the beginning of the 21st century by an unknown breeder.

13. Saint Bernewfie

Photo from: @bearthebernewfie

Parents: Saint Bernard and Newfoundland

Size: 25 to 30 inches

Weight: 95 to 175 pounds

This is among the huge Saint Bernard mixes. I mean… ultimately huge. You can see how huge his Newfoundland parent is in the Newfoundland growth chart. It is not a very common mix that you will encounter, but definitely one of the best.

This dog inherited good traits. It is great with children, and it makes the perfect family guard dog that will be on guard against strangers. Make sure he has enough space. He is sweet and loving at heart, and you will want to cuddle with him all day.

14. Labernard

Photo from: @stevelenzphoto

Parents: Saint Bernard and Labrador Retriever

Size: 23 to 25 inches

Weight: 98 to 215 pounds

The Labernard’s parents are rescue dogs. Both of his parents are service dogs that search for people in mountains and snow, or else help doctors to discover cancer. If you did not know, a Labrador Retriever can sniff ill tissues in the human body.

But, even though they are adorable and most endearing, Labernards are not easy to train. You must be more stubborn than he is. There is a sad part about this huge mixed breed – the bigger Labernard you get, it is more likely that he will not live long.

15. Saint Pyrenees

Photo from: @pawsitivelyroo

Parents: Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees

Size: 25 to 30 inches

Weight: 120 to 170 pounds

Saint Pyrenees love kids and kids love them. The Saint Pyrenees is like a living Teddy Bear. These dogs are very sympathetic and gentle. They are protective creatures, which makes them perfect for families and homes.

I almost forgot to emphasize how big they are. All Saint Bernard mixes are really big. But, it is no wonder since the Saint Bernard is big, and when it is crossed with an equally big dog, then you get equally big offspring.

16. Saint Berdoodle

Parents: Saint Bernard and Poodle

Nicknames: Saint Berpoo, St. Berpoo, St. Berdoodle

Size: 25 to 30 inches

Weight: 120 to 170 pounds

Well, well… isn’t this the cutest mix ever? I am not sure if the Saint Berdoodle has a cuter name or appearance. Nevertheless, if you like dogs that will cuddle with you day and night, and that look like giant Teddy Bears at the same time, then the Saint Berdoodle is the right choice.

This mix is awesome as a family pet – he is great with kids, he is even a great guard and watchdog all in one furry and cute package. He is not very fond of exercise… he is a more laid back and go-with-the-flow doggo. The best thing is that he did not inherit his Bernard parent drooling trait and eye infections.

17. Mini Saint Bernard

Photo from: @mobi_theminisaint

Parents: Saint Bernard and Cocker Spaniel

Nicknames: Mini Saint Bernard, Mini St. Bernard

Size: 14 to 19 inches

Weight: 15 to 60 pounds

Oh, this is an exception in the world of Saint Bernard mixes. This rather small mixed breed looks like someone put a Saint Bernard in the washing machine and it shrinked. But, this dog has its other parent, the Cocker Spaniel, even though it looks much more like the Alpenese one.

It is a rather new mixed breed, and there isn’t much information about it. But, what we know is that it is an exceptional watchdog. And, I was surprised when I found out that he can even be smaller, which is called the Micro Saint Bernard.

18. Swissy Saint

Photo from: @moose.the.swissy.saint

Parents: Saint Bernard and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Size: 21 to 24 inches

Weight: 120 to 180 pounds

Even though this sounds like a nickname of some saint person from Switzerland, it is a name for another giant example among Saint Bernard mixes. It is a smart, tender, loyal, and calm dog that requires a lot of space. You should not have many problems with this dog if you get one.

It is highly trainable and willing to obey.

Most of the time, the offspring will inherit a white blaze trait after the Saint Bernard parent. This dog is perfect as a rescue and service official. He is very stable in nature, and it is not easy to scare him off… a very courageous breed. It is also great that he did not inherit the drooling and barking trait. And, they are surprisingly fond of cuddling and playing – a very laid-back dog.

19. Rhodesian Bernard

Photo from: @deanlapoint

Parents: Saint Bernard and Rhodesian Ridgeback

Size: 25 to 27 inches

Weight: 90 to 105 pounds

Here, we have another gentle giant among Saint Bernard mixes. His origin, as in most Saint Bernard mixes, is unknown. We do not know when he was bred or who got the idea to mix these two giant dogs together. All we know is that we like the cuddling and endearing result.

The Rhodesian Bernard is mostly a companion dog in which he does this job very well. He also does very well with children, but remember that he is a huge dog, and you should not leave him unsupervised with children.

Start with training at an early age since he is a stubborn dog. He will be more obedient while he is younger. Also, a big yard and a lot of time spent in outside play is a must.

His appearance will depend on the dominant genes he inherits. That is why some types will need more brushing and grooming than others.

20. Irish Saint Terrier

Photo from: @twoblackandtandogs

Parents: Saint Bernard and Irish Terrier

Size: 18 to 20 inches

Weight: 25 to 180 pounds

The Irish Saint Terrier was a star of Jack London books, and he said it was a golden dog. They have a golden appearance and a golden soul. By that, I mean temperament. This is a smart dog that can play any role, which is probably due to its smartness. He can do very well on a farm as well as in a high class society. And, he is suitable for apartments as well as outdoor living.

With the Irish Saint Terrier, you get both a working dog and a companion dog. So, if you want someone to go jogging, walking, or hunting with you, here is the best choice. As I have already said, there are many roles in which this dog thrives, and being a watchdog is just one of them.

One unpleasant trait is their barking, but with proper training, you can control it. But, beware… it is a playful dog that can get bored, and if he gets bored, then you will have to take some extra time cleaning the house.

21. Saint Corgnard

saint corgnard

Photo from: @mixedbreeddogs

Parents: Saint Bernard and Corgi

Size: up to 14 inches

Weight: 35 to 40 pounds

Well, this Corgi Saint Bernard mix is indeed very rare, and the product is a very interesting dog. The first things you notice on these pups are their short legs, their ears that flop over their face, and their sand or earth-like colors. When I say it is a rare mix, then I mean it. There are only a few examples, and that is why we do not know much about these beautiful pooches.

The product of a Saint Bernard and a Corgi will be (like his parents) a working dog that is active and athletic. This all means a lot of time for play, running, and exercise. Since both of these dogs are pleasant companion dogs, their offspring will also be great family pets.

22. Saint Dalmatian

Photo from: @nonishaq

Parents: Saint Bernard and Dalmatian

Size: 24 to 35 inches

Weight: overt 100 pounds

As in many other Saint Bernard mixes, it is unknown when this breed appeared and who came to the idea of mixing these two stunners. It is a rather interesting mix, considering that the Saint Bernard is a mountain-type dog while the Dalmatian comes from the coast, and likes sun and sea better than snow and cold.

Due to the dominant genetic traits that overrule in the offspring, your dog will be more or less prone to either cold or hot weather as well as the typical illnesses. But, surely he will seek attention, and get a lot of training to have good behavior.

23. Saint Pointer

Photo from: @k8sk9club

Parents: Saint Bernard and Pointer

Size: 26 to 35 inches

Weight: 70 to 120 pounds

There is not much information on this rare mix. There are a few singular attempts in breeding between these two amazing dog breeds, but not much record on the traits that their offspring will have.

Well, this certainly depends on the dominance of the genes of both the mother and the father. Since there are many Pointer breeds out there, the type of the breeding dog is also something that should be taken into account.

The offspring of a Pointer of any kind, along with the Saint Bernard, would probably be of independent nature and very smart. This means he can learn quickly, but probably would not obey you easily. Therefore, you need to know how to do proper training.

To Wrap It Up On Saint Bernard Mixes

Aren’t those Saint Bernard mixes all beautiful? I can’t really decide which one I love the best. With the beautiful nature and calm temper of the Saint Bernard, and all the good traits of the other part of that mix, there are so many wonderful choices.

If you decide to get yourself one of these dogs, make sure to inform yourself on their main traits. Most of these dogs are huge, and they require a lot of space and time for training and outside play. They can be well-behaving dogs if you know how to approach them.

All in all, there is the perfect pooch for everyone on this list. Which one is your favorite pick?


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