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The 7 Best Corgi Breeders In Arizona

The 7 Best Corgi Breeders In Arizona

So, you’ve decided to adopt an adorable Corgi for your family? Perhaps you have already decided that you want a male or a female Corgi, but all you need to figure out is from whom to purchase your new beloved puppy.

Corgis are adorable, fun, and affectionate dog breeds that can prove to be very clever. Most dog owners are delighted with their Corgis’ affectionate nature that can surprise even the most experienced of dog owners.

They are a breed that is known for being devoted to their dog owners, and they can be great with families with children.

Just know that the Corgi has a herding dog’s instincts, so your pup must be properly socialized so that it doesn’t start nipping your smaller children’s heels!

It also helps to know that there are many Corgi mixes out there to choose from if you are interested in variety!

We know it can be tough when it comes to looking for reputable breeders out there. Here are some of the best Corgi breeders in Arizona that we recommend!

Corgi Puppies For Sale in Arizona

1. B&J Corgis (Everglade Corgis).

cute corgi puppy sitting outside

B&J Corgi’s (also known as Everglade Corgis) is a husband and wife team who are absolutely in love with purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis, which are a class of Corgis that were originally found in Wales.

Bret and Jenni Yates started their business, thanks to Jen’s passion and desire to help animals, and they are known as one of the best Corgi breeders in Arizona.

They work to ensure that all of the dogs they breed are well cared for and socialized for their new family members.

Many Corgi owners claim that purchasing their dogs from B&J Corgis was the best decision they could have made when it came to buying a dog.

These people regularly keep in touch with the couple, and they are happy with the high-quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis that are now their family members.

The reason why they are so satisfied comes from the superior care Bret and Jen provide to all of their dogs, which are socialized in such a way that they can easily fit into any loving family.

Their kids also play with the Corgis they breed — so if you have little ones, the puppy you purchase from B&J will already be used to them!

The prices they sell the pups at vary depending on the sire and dam, but you can expect to pay at least $2500 for a Corgi puppy.

All of their dogs go through health tests before they are bred, as well as genetic testing for diseases such as degenerative myelopathy, exercised induced collapse, and Von Willebrand, also known as DM, EIC, and VWD, respectively.

B&J Corgi’s (Everglade Corgis) Contact Information

Website: Everglade Corgis

Email: [email protected]

Instagram Page: @evergladecorgis

2. Zion Corgis.

corgi standing outside on grass

Like B&J, Zion Corgis is very experienced with breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

They spend much of their time perfecting the dogs that they breed, and they very often take their Corgis to a variety of dog shows. They have even been awarded an AKC title!

They are known to be very serious about how they breed their Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies. They decide to produce the next litter of puppies only after deliberate consideration, so you can’t even apply or be on their waiting list until the puppies are born.

You can expect the puppies at Zion Corgis to:

• Have a three-year health guarantee

• Come to you with a bag of brand food

• Have a collar and blanket

• Have a copy of their pedigree status

• Be vet-checked by a specialist

• Have had their tail and dew claws removed

• Have been dewormed and microchipped

• Have PrePaid limited AKC papers

• Have a spay/neuter contract

• Have shots UTD

All of their Corgi puppies cost at least $3500, which is a bit above the average Corgi puppy price, and these costs vary depending on different factors. When you apply, you will be encouraged to come and see the puppy before you can adopt.

The puppies will be able to be picked up between the eighth and tenth week since birth.

Zion Corgis Contact Information

Website: Zion Corgis

Phone Number: (928) 232-9333

Email: [email protected]

3. The Paw Palace.

happy corgi running on grass

The Paw Palace is a business owned by Karie, who has been in business since 2010. She ensures the best quality Corgis (and dogs!) since she treats all of them like family members until they are adopted by owners like you!

She is really interested in ensuring that the Corgis she sells will find good families who genuinely care about the puppy’s wellbeing, which is a trait of every reputable breeder! She is definitely up there on top when it comes to the best Corgi breeders in Arizona!

All of her puppies will:

• Be up to date with their current shots

• Have been dewormed and microchipped

• Have pedigree papers

• Have had a free vet check

• Come with a health guarantee per return policy

• Have a one-year congenital warranty

• Be potty trained (which involves crate training at night as well as pad training)

• Be very socialized

• Be friendly with other animals and kids

Karie is very knowledgeable when it comes to different sorts of diseases that dogs might have as she ensures a breed of healthy, high-quality dogs.

She can answer any of your concerns that you might have when it comes to different dog issues, which always comes in handy with new dog owners!

You can find The Paw Palace in Tucson if you are interested in visiting!

The Paw Palace Contact Information

Website: The Paw Palace

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (520) 988-3999

4. Tailwind Corgis.

corgi running on beach

Tailwind Corgis is owned by veterinary technician Janice Owens, who is an expert at breeding quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

The journey of breeding Corgis started when the breeder noticed that so many dog breeds were bred through nonselective breeding programs and methods, which affected the quality of the dogs.

The breeder makes sure that all of the dogs at Tailwind are bred in conformation close to the breed standards by ensuring genetic quality and good characteristics.

Tailwind only produces a litter once or twice a year. Afterwards, they socialize them as family members, so you can be sure that the puppy you are getting knows how to behave.

They will never sell their Corgis to pet stores, chains, or brokers.

You can be sure that the puppy you are getting will already be used to a family environment since Tailwind is not a kennel but a family of people and dogs. What’s most important to the breeder is that the dog will be a valuable member of the family.

Tailwind Corgis Contact Information

Website: Tailwind Corgis

Location: Cave Creek, Arizona

5. Montaire Kennels.

corgi puppy sitting outside

Montaire Kennels is located in Tucson, Arizona, and they are a smaller show/hobby breeder that breeds Anatolian Shepherds, and also the wonderful Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

They treat all of their dogs primarily as pets and family members, but their pups also go on AKC shows and have achieved different awards, including the fact that their dogs have been nationally ranked as Grand Champions.

They are very open to hearing from new dog owners, and they are happy to answer any questions you might have, including talking about other reputable breeders that they might know. Now, that’s a sure sign that Montaire Kennels knows what they’re doing!

Montair is also a member of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, so you can be sure that they know everything they need to know about Corgis!

An interesting thing about them is that they expose their pups to neurological stimulation with the desire that their dogs become healthy and happy from an early age!

Montaire Kennels Contact Information

Website: Montaire Kennels

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (520) 219-9071

6. Aelwyd Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

happy corgi sitting on bed

Karen and Ron Harbert started their Cardigan Welsh Corgi breeding adventure in 1970.

This husband and wife team is located in Tucson, Arizona, and they run a small Cardigan Welsh breeding program with five or six of their dogs.

Their Corgis have been awarded around one hundred championship titles in different countries, so you can be certain about the quality of their Cardigan Welshes!

Aelwyd (pronounced Eye-Lewd) has also been on the board of America’s Cardigan Corgi Club, so you can be certain that they know the ins and outs of proper Corgi breeding and training.

In addition to having been on the CWCC board, they have also served as their president and vice president.

The dogs that they breed are known to have excellent temperaments and conform to the breed standard. While their dogs do win in show rings, the most important thing for the owners is that they reside in good homes!

All of their puppies are well cared for and socialized. They have all had their shots, have been checked by the vet, and have been microchipped.

The great thing about Aelwyd is that they attempt to educate new dog owners by giving them a “puppy book” for their new dog as well as a manual that provides answers to questions regarding the dog’s health and pedigree.

Aelwyd Cardigan Welsh Corgi Contact Information

Website: Aelwyd Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

7. Pistol Mama Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

happy corgi sitting outside

Ashley has been breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis since 2014, after adopting her own Corgi in 2012.

She is very invested in her Corgis, and makes sure she gets her puppies the dog care they need in order to thrive. Her care is not limited to investing in health care and high-quality food, but it also includes spending time with the pups so that they are socialized.

Ashley has all of her puppies on a feeding schedule every two to three hours a day, and she regularly checks their weight to make sure they are receiving the nutrition that they need in order to grow.

She also provides stud services if you are interested in breeding Corgis.

All of her puppies are CA- and AKC-registered, and they are tested for DM, EIC, and VWD.

Pistol Mama Pembroke Welsh Corgi Contact Information

Facebook: Pistol Mama Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Instagram: Pistol Mama Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Phone Number: (559) 817-9689

Email: [email protected]

How To Find A Reputable Corgi Breeder

After this list of Corgi breeders that we have shown you, you might be finding new breeders out there that are catching your eye.

During your journey of trying to find the right Corgi dog for yourself, you might be wondering what makes a reputable breeder.

Are there any signs of a good breeder that you should keep an eye out for when you are on the lookout for the perfect puppy for you and the family? After all, you don’t want to run into a puppy mill.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when you are out there trying to find the right Corgi and breeder:

• All of the breeder’s dogs must be up to date when it comes to health checkups. They should be able to provide you with documents proving that they have undergone all health screenings.

• If a dog happens to have a health condition, a good breeder will let you know before selling the dog.

• All of the dogs are socialized from a young age.

• All of the dogs are playful, lively, and confident.

• The breeder is very interested in your own personal lifestyle because they want to make sure his or her dogs are going to be in the right family.

• The breeder is kind and open to answering any questions you might have.

• After you have bought a Corgi, the breeder is happy to provide you with additional support if needed.

• The breeder should know everything about the breed he or she is selling.

• The breeder will never sell puppies that are under eight weeks of age.

• The breeder will be happy to show you pedigree documents.

• The breeder will be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), the gold standard of recognition.

• The puppies that the breeder sells will be very similar to the parents as a result of careful, selective genetic breeding.

• The breeder does not make excuses when it comes to showing you the puppy’s parents.

Don’t be surprised if you find that a Corgi breeder also specializes in other breeds, such as the Bulldog and the Australian Shepherd! As long as the breeder takes care and knows each breed in and out, you can consider it a green light!

Conclusion: Corgi Breeders in Arizona

The 7 Best Corgi Breeders In Arizona In 2022

We know that sometimes, searching for the right breeder and the perfect dog is a tiring process that might not always be as exciting as you would like it to be.

We have mentioned a variety of breeders from different cities, but whether you are in Phoenix, Yuma, Mesa, Scottsdale, or Wittmann, Arizona, we are certain that there is a Corgi pup waiting for you to adopt!

We also tried to help by providing you the names of some famous Welsh Corgi breeders as well as Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeders for you to choose from!

This list can serve as a starting point on your journey of finding the perfect companion, but just make sure that the breeder you are purchasing from is a good and reputable one who cares for their puppies more than the money!

Make sure that if you find a breeder that you like, ask him or her many questions in order to ensure that you can be safe buying a dog from him or her.

Sometimes, not all breeders will have all of the information on their website, so it is always best to contact them and check out everything that you need to know before purchasing your Corgi!

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