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Big Dogs With Curly Hair + Medium-Sized Curly Cuties

Big Dogs With Curly Hair + Medium-Sized Curly Cuties

Big dogs with curly hair are adorable with their messy curls and fluffy appearance, which makes them look like giant Teddy bears.

Most people are generally used to seeing small, teacup, or tiny breeds covered with soft, fluffy, or wool-like fur. However, big pooches can be equally adorable with either tight curls or a wavy hair texture.

This article contains some of the cutest fluffy pups of large and medium sizes that have just as wonderful of personalities as they do physical looks.

Big Dogs With Curly Hair

1. Komondor

komondor dog

These pups have just as interesting of an origin as their overall look. It is believed that the roots of this dog breed go back to Tibet and Hungary – two countries that might not have many things in common except for being the homelands of Komondors.

They are known as herding canines, which is why they possess a muscular build, a strong body frame, great strength, and agility, which help them in herding all sorts of animals.

As a consequence of this, they have increased their instincts of protection, which makes it less likely that they will get along with a group of other canines.

This large canine appears to have one of the most distinctive features regarding physical appearance, so it’s no surprise that they’re considered a unique dog breed.

Their white curls are strong and shaped like long cords, which is why it might look like they’re sporting dreadlocks.

As you can already guess, these tight curls make them almost impossible to brush, so prepare yourself in time by getting a durable brush with a comfortable handle for long daily brushing sessions.

However, these locks are not there to give you a hard time during grooming sessions; in the past, the main purpose of curls was to protect these canines from potential predators or harsh environmental conditions.

2. Curly-Coated Retriever

curly coated retriever dog outdoors

Not many people know about the history of this breed, which is why they’re often mistaken for a modern hybrid, even though they’re actually one of the first acknowledged retriever-type dogs.

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The long, slender body of Curly-Coated Retrievers, in addition to their short, but tight curls, make them rather simple to differentiate from other types of Retrievers and Retriever crossbreeds.

They have been bred as working dogs that can perform on land as well as in water, and they like playing catch with their human companions in virtually any environment. As a matter of fact, they frequently take part in and win a variety of canine sports and competitions.

These pups are very intelligent and easily trainable, but they still require obedience and socialization training from an early age. Remember… hostile behavior in dogs is not related to the dog breed exclusively, but the way they were brought up and treated during the first few years of their life.

These pups are an excellent option for all inexperienced canine owners.

Curly-Coated Retrievers are also frequently employed as therapy or service canines.

They need the affection and attention of their human companions, so don’t be surprised if they act like lap dogs as soon as they see you. They will repay you for care and pets with a devotion that cannot be equaled, and trust that cannot be shaken.

3. Barbet

Barbet dog portrait in street background.

In France, these hunting dogs are known as bearded pups, considering that the French expression “barbe” translates as “beard”.

They are medium-sized canines with a wavy fur texture and beard-like hair located around their muzzle. They also have webbed feet, which is why they’re so good at swimming.

These doggies are highly skilled in locating and rescuing various species of ducks.

Although they’re used for hunting, Barbet pups are very lovable and sweet. They are quick to learn, and are able to adjust effectively to unusual circumstances.

The Barbet is very loyal and devoted to its family no matter what the cost.

However, they have high energy levels, so you need to engage them in frequent physical activities, preferably outdoors, or else they might develop destructive behavior.

Because of their tight, wiry curls, they give the impression of being much larger than they really are, even though they don’t grow over 24 inches at the most.

Their moderate height and weight enable them to be agile and nimble during hunting.

Their coat is lengthy and densely packed with hair. Their curls need to be trimmed and groomed on a regular basis in order to prevent matting and tangling.

4. Standard Poodle

white standard poodle

When you think of big dogs with curly hair, the first breed that comes to your mind is probably the Standard Poodle, which is no surprise as they are one of the most popular family dog breeds.

They might have a thick, curly coat, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re hypoallergenic canines because of their low-shedding trait.

The Poodle descended from a water dog breed that was used for hunting ducks. However, nowadays, they are mainly owned by families and dog owners who appreciate the breed for its looks and personality.

When it comes to their size, the Standard Poodle is usually at least 15 inches tall when measured from the ground to the top of the shoulder.

Poodle coats may be found in a variety of hues, including black, merle, apricot, red, blue, brown, phantom, white, and other shades and patterns.

Their fur is usually shaved down the legs and back so that they can be better and faster swimmers, but the groomers keep the fur on the canines’ head and chest so that they can remain warm.

This particular type of trim is still frequently seen on doggies that take part in conformation events and other competitions.

Poodles are often considered one of the most elegant breeds as well since they sport a kind of aristocratic look. However, if you don’t want your pooch to look the same as the rest of the breed, you can always try more unique Poodle haircuts.

5. Kerry Blue Terrier

kerry blue terrier

If you’re interested in big dogs with curly hair, this is one of the breeds you should take a closer look at. They’re still quite an uncommon breed, but their qualities prove that they deserve to become more popular as family dogs.

They look adorable and bring smiles to the face of everyone who sees them. Of course, their looks aren’t the only good trait related to these sweet pooches.

Even though Kerry Blue Terriers adjust quite easily to life in an apartment, it might be better to keep them in a larger household that includes a yard so they can run around and spend all the energy they have.

This type of terrier isn’t particularly friendly towards other canine breeds, but they have an amazing interaction with people. Therefore, you should keep them under control when you go to the dog park.

However, if they go through the proper type of training and are exposed to other canines from early puppyhood, they can be taught to put up with the antics of other doggies.

Early socialization can be of great benefit, especially when interacting with other pets and dogs in general, as this type of training will suppress some of their natural instincts.

Grooming expenses are quite high for this type of canine, but once you get more experience, you can take care of your pet’s fur by yourself. However, you should make sure that both the haircut and the products you use on your dog are suitable for them.

Another great thing about grooming your pet at home is that it will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to take your pet to the dog’s salon so often.

Also, you will receive quite a lot of compliments on your grooming skills from those who find out that you’re the main designer of this look.

6. Airedale Terrier

A two-year-old Airedale Terrier dog.

This pup definitely belongs to the category of big canines, considering that they can grow up to 70 lbs, which is quite impressive for Terrier breeds.

They have curly or wavy fur, depending on the genetic background of each pup. Their fur is generally black and tan in color.

In addition to this, they are known for the long hair that grows on their chin and snout, which gives them an authoritative and serious look.

Airedale Terriers are also powerful canines that are exceptionally clever, brave, and active.

However, their intelligence and strong will make them a challenge to train as they prefer to be more independent and less obedient to their owner.

Still, these pups are generally known as a breed that is loyal, even if they don’t obey all the commands you give them.

Airedale Terriers have a reputation for being very vocal, but early socialization during puppyhood might help them tone down their barking and become more tolerant of other canines around them.

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7. Irish Water Spaniel

Water Spaniel in an open field

This type of pup is considered a gorgeous large dog that has wonderful curly hair. The fur on their head is usually longer than the hair on other parts of their body.

They also have thick fur on their ears, which is why they might appear longer than they actually are.

These canines are fearless and hardworking, although they also enjoy playing outside. Because of their jovial demeanor and nimble body, Irish Water Spaniels make excellent walking and running partners.

The Irish Water Spaniel may grow up to 24 inches in height, and reach almost 70 pounds in weight, depending on the individual pup.

They have a fluffy coat that coils up into tight, crisscrossing ringlets. These curls are resistant to water. The fur that sits atop their head is not only longer and fluffier, but also more tightly curled.

8. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier standing

Bedlington Terriers are one of the best breeds to get if you plan on living in an apartment since they do not require as much area to run around as other types of puppies.

However, you should still make sure that these doggies get a lot of exercise and outdoor activities.

These pups are quite unique, not only because of their physical appearance, but because of the fact that although they’re excellent guard canines, Bedlington Terriers have good interaction with people… even strangers.

Their coat is shorter than in the majority of dogs on our list, but it’s quite thick. Just like Airedale Terriers, these pups have longer hair on the top of their head.

They are also unique because of the fur on their ears, which is shaped like tassels.

Before you make the final decision on getting this type of pup, you should take into consideration its grooming needs as they are quite high in maintenance.

Their curls aren’t so tight, which is why they’re often described as waves. The longer parts of the coat are extremely fluffy and form ball-like lumps of fur.

Don’t be surprised if your Bedlington Terrier becomes suddenly attached to you as they love spending time with their owner, even while they’re sleeping.

However, this makes them prone to separation anxiety, so be prepared to spend a lot of time with your pet. If you don’t think that you’ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to your puppy, it might be better to get a more independent canine.

These terriers take great pleasure in being the only companion in the family. So, if you are looking for a furry buddy with whom you can devote all of your affection and care to, then these doggies will be perfect for you.

9. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy in a clover field

These canines are one of the American dog breeds that have been known as duck retrievers with majestic retrieving skills.

These canines are known for their enthusiasm, devotion, and trainability. They are loyal to the bone, and ready to protect their owner at any cost.

Chesapeakes are intelligent and sensitive dogs with instincts that keep them cautious and protective at all times. Their instincts make them good guard dogs and family pets.

When it comes to their size, Chesapeakes are considered big dogs as they usually weigh up to 80 lbs, and stand between 24 and 26 inches tall.

Their fur is medium-sized, with lots of curly and wavy hair, which is why their coat has a wooly appearance. Chesapeakes sport coat shades with interesting names like deadgrass, sedge, and “usual” brown.

You will usually find these pups in a wide range of brown and tan colors that are sometimes decorated with white markings.

Additionally, their coat is covered with a great amount of natural oil, which is an advantageous quality for both hunting and swimming.

Chessies are loyal, friendly, patient canines that are considered family members rather than pets. Their soft and shiny hair will make them perfect cuddlers.

10. Labradoodle

photo of a labradoodle

This is one of the most popular Doodle breeds, along with Goldendoodles. These Teddy bear-like puppies are famous for their soft, curly fur, which makes them perfect for cuddling.

Their coat can be colored in various hues such as tan, sandy brown, red, merle, white, and even black in certain cases.

Labradoodles can have long, wavy curls or straight hair, depending on which of their parent’s features is more prevalent. They are considered low-maintenance pups because they rarely shed (especially if they inherit the genes from their Poodle parent).

Actually, the majority of the Doodle breeds have curly hair regardless of how big they are. Goldendoodles, Maltipoos, and Yorkiepoos are just some of the mixed types of puppies that can have curly fur as well.

Their size is usually up to 24 inches, which is almost the same height as of their parent breeds – Labradors and Standard Poodles.

Labradoodles are fiercely energetic and sweet, which is why they’re an excellent choice for every household. They’re also very intelligent, which is why these doggies are easily trainable.

However, keep in mind that they’re hyperactive, and they require a lot of daily exercise.

The lifespan of Labradoodles is usually between 12 and 14 years, but that also depends on the individual pup, its health, and its overall wellbeing.

Although designer breeds are still quite controversial among certain experts and dog enthusiasts, they have a great number of characteristics that make them perfect pets for all kinds of households.

11. Bouvier Des Flandres

bouvier des flandres

These are known as excellent herding canines from Belgium that were mainly used as farm dogs and sheepdogs. Their name literally translates as “cowherd of Flanders”, so there’s no doubt that they’re excellent in sheep-herding and cattle droving.

This is a great choice for a family pet in every way, especially for people who live on a farm. It is well known that this canine is an outstanding watchdog due to its substantial size.

This type of dog is a great companion for its family, but it is not so open towards making any new friends. However, if it is trained from an early age, it will not show aggressive behavior toward strangers or other animals.

Therefore, if you are looking for a strong guardian for your property, search no more, as this pup possesses all the qualities of a good farm dog.

Their fur is thick and wavy throughout their whole body, although the hair on their head is rather straight and usually covers their eyes.

They are low shedders, so you won’t have to spend too much time grooming them.

Bouviers are quite vocal, so you can expect a lot of barking from them, especially if they notice any kind of threat near them or their owner.

These pups are usually happy and a bit mischievous, but they rarely wander off, so you don’t have to monitor them even if they’re left outside.

These doggies have high energy levels, and they prefer outdoor activities. If you train them by yourself, make sure that you use a lot of positive reinforcement as they love to feel appreciated.

12. Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo

This is an Italian type of canine that is also known by the names, ‘Romagno Water Dog’, andItalian Water Dog’.

They’re small to medium-sized dogs, but many people find them bigger because of the thick fur they possess.

However, this type of fur makes them a suitable choice for people who live in cold climates as they are more tolerant of cold weather than other canines.

Lagotto Romagnolos are not heavy shedders, and they don’t drool much, which are all of the qualities that the majority of dog owners are looking for.

However, keep in mind that they have a thick coat, which is prone to tangles, so you’ll still have to brush them regularly to prevent knots and mats. Lagotto Romagnolo colors include white, brown, black, and other shades and combinations.

You have the option of personally taking care of his grooming, but you should consider a professional dog groomer as well, especially if you don’t think you’ll have enough time to take care of your pet’s coat.

Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have a deep affection for their family, but contrary to popular belief, they are neither very cuddly nor do they feel the need to be the focus of attention.

However, they are a lot of fun and have a large amount of energy, which means that you will need to exercise them on a daily basis, just like you would do with a hyperactive puppy.

Overall, this pup won’t ask too much from you, so if you’re searching for a dog breed that’s easy to care for, you might want to take into consideration getting one of these sweet pooches.

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Medium-Sized, Curly-Haired Dog Breeds

1. Pumi

pumi dog

These pups are cattle-guarding canines that can range in size from tiny to medium. They were originally designed to herd sheep and other fluffy farm animals, and keep them away from danger.

Their thick, hairy fur is usually gray, although tan or white markings might appear as well.

They are able to stay warm in harsh weather conditions, thanks to the combination of their coarse outer coat and their soft undercoat, which also gives the impression that they are somewhat larger than they really are.

Pumis are a breed that is known for being vocal and expressive, and they typically have a lot to “say.”

These pooches are neither extremely aggressive nor overly timid, despite the fact that they may be wary of unknown people or other animals.

You should begin socializing your Pumi from the first days of its life, just like you would do with any other herding dog.

They have a great deal of energy, so taking them on long walks or to the dog park will help burn off some of that energy, resulting in a dog that is calmer and less mischievous.

If you are too exhausted after a long working day to exercise your dog, you can rest assured that it will be in good hands with your children because Pumis typically get along well with kids.

2. Portuguese Water Dog

portuguese water dog in water

The Portuguese Water Dog, like many other breeds of water dogs, was originally bred to accompany Portuguese fishermen on their fishing expeditions.

These canines were obviously bred to be in the water, and they take great joy in doing their duties.

However, with time, they have become more popular as family pets because of their adaptability and kind demeanor.

Their energy levels are off the charts, so a long walk won’t be enough on a daily basis. Swimming, running, or other outdoor activities are more than welcome.

The coat of these pups comes in two types: curly, and wavy. Therefore, even if your pup doesn’t have tight curls, there’s no place to doubt whether it is a purebred Portuguese Water Dog or not.

Although they’re considered as a hypoallergenic breed, they aren’t so easy to upkeep as these pooches require daily brushing and extensive grooming.

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3. Puli

two puli dogs running

These Hungarian canines are known as great guardian dogs, especially on farms, where they serve as protectors of cattle and other animals.

They are cousins of another curly breed, the Pumi, which we mentioned above.

Pulis have a specific type of coat that is very long, dense, and tightly curled in the form of dreadlocks. That is why they’re often called “mop dogs” as well.

It’s funny that they were often used for sheep-herding because they could be mistaken for sheep when you look at them from a certain distance.

Pulis have a high level of intelligence and stubbornness as well, so don’t be surprised if they’re not very obedient during training.

Also, this pup might try to herd you by nipping your heels. That’s exactly why it’s not recommended to leave them with kids without supervision.

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4. Spanish Water Dog

Beautiful spanish water dog outside at winter

These lovable canines might not be great in size, but they have a great heart filled with love and loyalty for their owner.

They are decorated with compact curls, with a coat texture that resembles wool.

These pooches have been used for herding and retrieving waterfowl most of the time, although they can perform the tasks of gun dogs as well.

They can usually be found in shades such as black, white, cream, brown, or multi-colored (black and white, white and chocolate, etc.).

When it comes to their temperament, these pooches can be described as loyal and intelligent pups that are friendly towards people and other animals.

Even though they were usually used for herding, they can be great furry companions, especially for people who are active and love to spend time outside.

5. American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel resting.

These pups are quite similar to Spanish Water Dogs in terms of their use as American Water Spaniels have been known as waterfowl retrievers.

They are also great swimmers that possess outstanding agility and hunting skills.

Although they’re known as hunting canines, American Water Spaniels are not too serious – they love to goof around.

Because of their high level of activity and intelligence, dogs of this breed do exceptionally well in a variety of canine sports and competitions.

As long as you are able to fulfill their daily exercise demands and occasionally take them for a swim, these dogs are ideal for family life due to the depth of their passion for their human companions and their high level of intellect.

When it comes to their coat, they have waterproof double-coated fur, which protects them from cold weather and water.

Wrapping Up

Big dogs with curly hair are wonderful canines that look amazing. However, many people find them even bigger than they really are because of the thick fur that covers them.

That’s exactly why we included medium-sized pooches as they often look like big dogs, especially those with longer hair.

These canines are proof that big dogs can be as sweet and fluffy as the Bichon Frise, the Havanese, the Bolognese, and other small balls of fur.

If you like curly canines, but prefer bigger breeds, then the pups from our list will be the perfect choice for you.


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