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Top 10 Airedale Terrier Breeders In The U.S.

Top 10 Airedale Terrier Breeders In The U.S.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have both athletic and family skills in a dog? Airedale Terrier puppies make this exact combination!

The grizzled, wiry hair, with a recognizable mustache is what makes their coat unique, and their conformation even more serious and gentlemen-like. However, this is an affectionate dog breed that is extremely versatile.

The Aire puppy is an AKC-recognized dog breed, and it is quite popular in the United States. The Airedale Terrier Club of America put a lot of effort into introducing this breed as the true king of terriers.

The tallest among terriers, the Airedale terrier canine is up to 23 inches tall, and weighs around 50 to 65 pounds. Its athletic body, with long legs, enables the breed to accomplish extreme physical tasks, and at the same time the dog appears in various dog shows.

Airedale terrier breeders describe this puppy as highly intelligent, easily trainable, and attached to pet owners. In the later part of this article, we will see who are the best Aire breeders in the U.S., and what their breeding programs are. Stay tuned!

Airedale Terrier Puppies For Sale In The U.S.

Reputable Airedale terrier breeders put a lot of effort into the puppy’s looks and grooming, as well as into their overall physical abilities. The AKC breed standard describes the breed as athletic, which means the energy level of the puppy is high, and it needs to be maintained properly.

The Aire, popularly known as the king of terriers, is the tallest among the terrier breed, and it makes for a good dog for families. With protective skills, the breed’s specialty shows a unique relationship with kids as this terrier dog possesses excellent nanny skills and watchdog skills, too!

Airedale terrier breeders emphasize the uniqueness of the breed’s hypoallergenic, wiry coat, which is a benefit for family members who suffer from dog allergies. Grooming is quite frequent, but not overwhelming.

In fact, the breed is subject to various grooming ideas, and use of the best smelling dog shampoos is recommended. The first Airedale puppy that enters your home will certainly be good news and a lot of fun in this regard. This is a show dog that is used to grooming and fashionable looks!

1. Zinful Airedales, Lodi, CA

purebred Airedale Terrier

Alaine Van Ness, the manager of Zinful Airedales, breeds only American Kennel Club champions, which is the first and major reason why this kennel is among the most reputable Airedale terrier breeders in the U.S.

The puppies cost around $2800, which is justified through quality and conformation wins in many contests. The breeder recommends picking up the puppy directly on the spot. That way, many potential obstacles are avoided, like injuries and potential virus contamination.

All the puppies in this house are family pets as they are bred and socialized indoors. The process of socialization is incorporated from the puppy’s first days, and the adaptability level of the puppies is high. The wrong breeding program can turn an Aire puppy into an aggressive dog, but this is not the case with this breeder.

How to socialize an aggressive dog should not be an issue once the puppy enters your home since the breeding program is specifically oriented towards the development of high social skills and a calm dog nature.

The breed is regularly tested for potential health issues, such as hip dysplasia. The health guarantee is within the first 30 days, and the puppies receive regular vaccine shots and deworming.

Location: Lodi, California

Phone number: (209) 608-2315

Website: Zinful Airedales

2. Joval Airedales, Leesburg, VI

Airedale Terrier portrait

John Rickard, and Dr. Valeria Rickard stand behind this beautiful Airedale terrier facility. The love for Airedale puppies is long-term, and dates back to 1985 when Valeria first started working with this breed.

We can say that the managing team of Joval Airedales has split into two professions: Valeria is a veterinarian who spends most of the time researching the breed’s health and temperament, while John is in charge of the facility’s marketing process.

All of the information you can find online about Jova Airedales is because of the work of John.

Health tests are regular with this breeder, especially if we take into consideration the fact that Valeria is an experienced vet. The breed’s temperament is loving and affectionate.

Despite the fact that the Aire’s nature revolves around a hunting dog’s character, since the dog has been used in river hunts, this is not as much of a hunting breed as Portuguese water dog mixes or other terrier breeds. Valeria, the licensed AKC judge, creates a breeding program with an emphasis on socialization.

In order to buy a puppy from Valeria and John, you need to fill out a questionnaire, which is a prerequisite. The deposit is a must, too, and it is non-refundable.

Prior to the first visit, the puppy will receive its first vaccine, and will be implanted with a microchip. Additionally, the report card will be handed to the future owner. This thorough process of the sale of the puppy is why you should consider this breeder in the first place.

Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Phone number: (703) 919-8753

Email: [email protected]

Website: Joval Airedales

3. Blue Barn Airedales, Ahland, OH

Airedale Terrier jumping in forest

One of the greatest advantages in this puppy facility is their availability, which is full time. The Airedale terrier puppies are home-based, and are bred both indoors and outdoors. The advantage of breeding Airedale puppies lies in two things.

First, the Aire canines are socialized with other animals and get used to various sounds. This high level of socialization will make the puppies adaptable to a new home. Secondly, the puppies get plenty of space for all kinds of physical activities.

The Aire terriers at Blue Barn Airedales are in good shape, and they make excellent athletes.

Cream and grizzle are among the dog colors in this kennel, and their price varies based on your physical preferences.

All puppies get their first shots within their first six weeks. Their dew claws are removed, and all the AKC documentation is provided to the future owner.

The application process starts with the online form. After getting to know the basics about the future owner, the Blue Barn Airedales team will accept a deposit.

Location: County Road 2075 Ashland, Ohio

Phone number: (216) 534-7976

Email: [email protected]

Website: Blue Barn Airedales

4. Singing Hills Kennel, Pittsboro, NC

Airedale Terrier resting

Bruce and Caron Jones represent the Singing Hills Kennel management, and this couple has been in this business for more than 25 years.

The breeding program is based on obedience and general training. This Airedale breeder emphasizes the importance of frequent and consistent training programs that are scheduled both in the morning and in the evening.

The dogs are trained for living indoors, and the obedience training also implies crate training. This means that the puppy crying at night in the crate won’t be an issue.

Specialized training at this breeder’s facility implies training hunting dog techniques, which requires time and patience, and the breeder is available for any additional information. A pet parent club could really benefit from it.

What makes the Singing Hills Kennel one of the best Airedale terrier breeders is their dedication to their puppy’s health. Canines are health-tested and provided with proper vaccination and deworming before being sent to a future owner’s home.

Furthermore, the breeder recommends fencing your yard or puppy-proofing an apartment for the sake of the Aire terrier’s safety.

The purchase contract implies a puppy deposit and a health guarantee!

Location: Pittsboro, North Carolina

Phone number: (919) 699-0766

Email: [email protected]

Website: Singing Hills Kennel

5. Annes Airedales, Wayne County, OH

side portrait of an Airedale Terrier

The Annes Airedales kennel is based in Wayne County, Ohio. This is a family-owned puppy facility where several family members are equally engaged in the Airedale puppy business. The family lives on a large ranch with dozens of acres where Aire canines have all the freedom to run, train, and play.

The fact that these are farm-bred puppies makes their physical abilities exercised to the fullest and their athletic body muscular and strong.

On the official webpage of Annes Airedales, you can find all the needed information about reservations and transportation. The breeder offers several transportation options, including ground transportation and shipping. However, the price does not include the transportation fee.

This is for the ATCA dog, and the price is set accordingly.

The deposit for Airedale puppies is $300. The deposit implies a pre-order, after which you choose a puppy based on its color or shape. The breeder takes weekly videos to keep the future owners updated. Once the puppy turns five to six weeks old, the selection process begins.

The breeder charges $70 a week for holding the puppy after nine weeks.

Location: Wayne County, Ohio

Email: [email protected]

Website: Annes Airedales

6. New Point Kennel, Plains, GA

portrait of an Airedale Terrier

New Point Kennel has been in the Airedale terrier business for more than 20 years. The breeder specializes in breeding docile, family dogs. The breeder’s clients are mostly families that seek a family dog with a high level of socialization and affection.

The breed’s coat color is either tan, black, or dark grizzle.

The wait lists at the New Point Kennel are long, but a new litter is expected in February, and then again in the springtime. There’s a long list of clients at this puppy facility and many positive testimonials on their official website.

Satisfied customers is what makes NPK one of the greatest Airedale terrier breeders in Georgia and beyond.

New Point is registered within the State of Georgia Department of Agriculture. The puppies sold in this kennel are also AKC-registered, and they are proven when it comes to origin, bloodline, and health.

Regular health tests taken show that these puppies are free of common Ariedale diseases, such as hip dysplasia and PHP (Pseudo-hypo-parathyroidism).

The mission statement of this breeder is “quality over quantity”, and it shows.

Location: 139 New Point Church Road, Plains, Georgia

Phone number: (229) 924-6615

Email: [email protected]

Website: New Point Kennel

7. Lynaire Kennels, New Bern, NC

Airedale Terrier in agility training

Lynaire Kennels is not an ordinary Airedale terrier breeder. They offer a lot more than just breeding. This is a facility with a plethora of activities for puppies such as play time, training, health checks, suites, and many more.

This is an affectionate and cute dog breed, perfect for creative dog ideas and disney dog names that you will love and find adorably suitable for the puppy!

The puppies are trained outdoors, and this does not only include obedience training. Puppies at Lynaire Kennels are also specialized in nature walks and frisbee training. This is done in a safe environment, one-on-one with the kennel’s technician.

All the puppies are groomed and bathed regularly, and the puppy house is sanitized. The Lynaire Kennels’ team puts a lot of effort into keeping the environment clean and cozy.

Furthermore, there are accommodation offers that this facility advertises on their official website. The all-inclusive accommodation implies bedrooms, play time, grooming and baths, nature walks, and a cozy crate.

The Sun Journal awarded Lynaire Kennels with the Golden Award for being the best breeder in 2019.

Being among the most reputable Airedale terrier breeders in the United States makes the waiting lists long, so it is recommended to hurry up and reserve your spot!

Location: 4634 Old Cherry Point Road, New Bern, North Carolina

Phone number: (252) 633-4333

Website: Lynaire Kennels

8. Aubert’s Airedales, Branch, MI

Airedale Terrier running

The mission statement at Abuert’s Airedales is “positive reinforcement”. The training is based on this principle as the Airedale puppies have great memory and learn quickly. However, with the lack of positive reinforcement, they can become stubborn, and the overall process can be affected negatively.

Once the Airedale terrier dog is trained and socialized, it is perfect for moderate activities, such as walks in the city, or park and mountain hikes. Trained dogs will not have a problem wearing a weighted dog harness, which is quite perfect for outdoor activities.

Additionally, all puppies are potty trained as this is required in the first month at Aubert’s Airedales kennel. Once you finish the application process (which can also be done online), the breeder will provide all the certificates and documentation.

This is an AKC-registered puppy, and this fact should put the future owner at ease. Health guarantees are implied as well as deworming and vaccination.

The deposit includes a 6% Michigan sales tax. There are currently available puppies, so the application process is open. A reservation is possible after the deposit, which is non-refundable. However, you will be able to transfer your deposit onto the next litter.

Location: 10772 W. Centerline Rd, Branch, Michigan

Phone number: (231) 233-0269

Email: [email protected]

Website: Aubert’s Airedales

9. Longvue Airedales, Sussex County, DE

Airedale Terrier sitting on a rock

Longvue Airedales is one of the oldest Airedale terrier breeders in the United States. The date of foundation goes back to 1979, when the first puppy was bred.

As the Airedale terrier qualifies among the sporty breeds, the breeding program is based on improving the physical abilities of the Airedale terrier canine. Daily exercise and obedience training are a must in this puppy house.

The Longvue Airedales’ team are AKC-registered dog judges, which gives them enough credit to be among the most reputable Airedale breeders in the United States.

On the other hand, their sufficient knowledge of the breed allows them to properly raise these canines and prepare them for a future life with pet parents.

Airedale puppies from Longvue Airedales have won many conformation contests as the breed is shown in various dog shows on the national level.

Another thing that the breeders specialize in is the grooming process and exceptional haircuts. Many dog owners connect a dog’s fashionable looks with poodle haircuts. However, Airedale puppies have outstanding grooming potential, too!

All of their canines are sold with a written agreement and a health guarantee. The next litter is expected in May, so the breeder recommends putting your name on their waiting list as soon as possible.

Location: Sussex County, Delaware

Phone number: (302) 542-3033

Email: [email protected]

Website: Longvue Airedales

10. Roc Haven Airedales, Leland, Il

Airedale Terrier posing outdoors

Roc Haven Airedale terrier puppies are both raised in the home and raised for the home. The specific puppy culture program is followed in their breeding process. The breeder shows deep commitment to Aire canines as they put a lot of love into their breeding.

These are docile dogs, and new owners should have that in mind.

The future owner should also take into consideration that Airedale terriers are medium to large breeds, so they need special attention when it comes to dog food.

Many large breeds face bloat when fed with inappropriate ingredients. A dog food review is highly recommended when picking food brands on the market.

The breeder describes his Airedale puppies as smiling dogs as they have a kind face and a positive attitude. Despite being bred indoors, these dogs demand high-leveled activities and exercise outdoors.

Among the recommended activities for the Airedale terrier breed, the breeder emphasizes running and swimming. Airedale puppies love water, and this is the trait that dates back to their origin, when they were used as hunting dogs in river areas.

Roc Haven Airedales is one of the best Airedale terrier breeders because of the fact that all of their puppies are crate trained, have a high level of socialization and adaptation, and simply adore being around the family.

Location: Leland, Illinois

Phone number: (815) 993-2832

Email: [email protected]

Website: Roc Haven Airedales

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Airedale Terriers Barkers?

Yes, Airedale terriers have a tendency to bark. However, this is not as frequent or as loud as it is with siberian huskies. The reason why huskies are so dramatic lies in the fact that this is simply a breed that tends to whine and howl, which is not the case with Airedale terriers.

The Airedale terrier breeders describe the puppy’s barking as both funny and interesting. Barking is just their way of communicating with the owner and showing their attitude.

On the other hand, Airedale terriers that are socialized from an early age and obedience trained may have a lower tendency of barking. Despite the fact that being a loud dog positively correlates with their nature, they can also be taught to be calm, indoor puppies.

2. What Is The Average Price Of An Airedale Terrier?

The average price of an Airedale terrier canine depends on several facts. The most common variables that affect the price are age, pedigree, sex, color, and the breeder’s location.

Usually, the price for an Aire puppy goes between $1000 and $2000. However, this is the price for the puppy itself, and does not include first-year costs such as health exams, vaccines, deworming, transportation, dog food, and toys.

The initial price of the puppy can go up to $4000 based on the quality of the breeder. Recommended Airedale terrier breeders are those with an AKC certification, and they almost exclusively provide all of the needed documentation on the puppy. This implies bloodline and DNA reports, vet documentation, and AKC documentation.

A health guarantee is a must among Airedale terrier breeders as hip dysplasia in Airedale puppies is a common issue.

3. Are Airedales Hard to Train?

No! Airedale puppies happen to be among the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, which makes the training process easy and smooth. However, the puppies that are not obedience trained from an early age can appear as being stubborn.

The Airedale terrier is an athletic dog breed whose training process is delightful and a real treat. However, you have to take into consideration the potential health problems that this dog can face, and also, try not to overwhelm the puppy.

The Airedale terrier is generally a healthy dog, but it is not categorized among the healthiest dog breeds in the world. Hip dysplasia and PHP are common in this breed.


Airedale terrier breeders are spread worldwide as this is quite a popular dog breed. However, the most reputable breeders in the United States differentiate from the rest in terms of their quality, recognition, breeding program, price, and commitment.

The best U.S. breeders are usually Breeders of Merit, and their puppies belong to the American Kennel Club registry. Quality is shown throughout their breeding program, which contains the Puppy Culture program, a committed training process, regular health examinations, and consistent breed research.

Always choose a breeder who does not step away from disclosing all of the needed information about the breed!

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