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Portuguese Water Dog Mixes: You’ll Love These 13 Crosses

Portuguese Water Dog Mixes: You’ll Love These 13 Crosses

The Portuguese Water Dog breed is a fun-loving puppy from Portugal. You may also recognize it as the Cao De Agua. The American Kennel Club (AKC) still knows this purebred dog as the PWD. Hence, the official Portuguese Water Dog Club Of America.

These pups have come a long way, from being swimmers and helping Portuguese fishermen to living in the White House.

Thanks to President Obama, these loving dogs have found their way into lots of families in the USA.

I can truly see why people love them. And I can see why they love Portuguese Water Dog mixes too.

We do have many reputable breeders in the States who raise Porties, but sometimes those breeders won’t have puppies available. That’s when people turn to Portuguese Water Dog mix puppies!

When it comes to purebred Portuguese Water Dogs, their unavailability is what makes people buy mixed-breed puppies. Also, the purchase price has a lot of impact here. Portuguese Water Dog mixes are a cheaper option and bring almost the same features as the purebred Portie.

And, they’re so easy to find. If you manage to find a good breeder, you can cross the Portie with pretty much any dog breed. The result will always be a lovely Portie mix pup!

They’re sweet, good-looking, and have a long life span. What else can you want?

Today, I’ve got some pretty special PWD mixes for you! I hope you’ll find a forever buddy in one of the mixes listed below!

1. Portuguese Water Dog X Poodle

portuguese water dog and poodle mix

I absolutely see why so many people mix standard Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs.

No, the PWD is not a Poodle cousin from Portugal. These are two different dog breeds. However, they do have a lot of similarities.

When you compare the Poodle and the PWD, you’ll notice they share the same size, coat type, and overall appearance.

The Portuguese Water Dog Poodle mixed breed puppy will inherit the curly, water-repellent coat. The coat color will depend on the color of the Poodle parent, like all Poodle mixes.

This is considered the ultimate water dog, since it will inherit traits from two incredibly capable water pups.

You’ll be delighted to hear that this crossbreed pup is as close to hypoallergenic as a dog can be. Thanks to their curly coat, PWD Poodle mixes are low-shedding pups and make ideal pets for families who suffer from allergies.

2. Portuguese Water Dog X Labrador Retriever

That scruffy-looking pooch isn’t a crossbreed of God only knows which dog breeds. That’s a PWD Lab, or simply, a cross between a common Labrador Retriever and the rare Portuguese Water Dog.

When you think about it, Labrador Retrievers are beyond popular in the United States. These dogs are what we call real specimens of family dogs. When you combine their lovely character with a PWD’s coat and water preferences, you’ll get an ultra-special family pooch.

This crossbreed definitely has the best of both worlds. He’ll pick up commands like the Labrador Retriever, and will show intelligence no matter what he does.

The only issue that you’ll have to roll the dice on, is the hypoallergenic traits. Depending on how many PWD traits your dog picks up, he’ll either be hypoallergenic or not. If you want to increase your chances of getting a dog that won’t cause allergies, maybe you should cross your PWD with a Labradoodle!

3. Portuguese Water Dog X Bernese Mountain Dog

Portuguese Water Dog and Bernese Mountain Dog

Photo from: @chi8ru27

When you combine two working-type dogs, you’ll get a workaholic dog.

No seriously, combining the Portuguese Water Dog with a Bernese Mountain Dog can only result in a crossbreed puppy with an exceptional work ethic and hardworking nature.

The PWD and BMD cross puppy will belong to the group of medium to large dogs. They will be chunky and sturdily built. These pups should inherit the dense coat from both parents. Whether it’s curly or not, will depend on the Water Dog parent.

Since both parents usually come in darker colors with combinations of white or tan, you can expect the puppy to be either black and white or black, tan, and white.

As far as their personality, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. They’re sweet and gentle dogs. However, they might not be a good fit for you if you’re a bit of a couch potato. The PWD x BMD mix won’t just lay around and do nothing.

They’re active dogs that seek purpose and enjoy their daily tasks, even if they’re only about chasing a ball or playing fetch.

4. Portuguese Water Dog X Australian Shepherd

portuguese water dog and australian shepherd

When you breed two completely different dog breeds, you get a mixed puppy that will either be a delight to groom, or a four-legged, long-coated headache. The PWD parent is ideal for busy people or allergic people. But, the Australian Shepherd is one of those dogs that sheds like crazy. It’s really a lottery with this Portuguese Water Dog mix.

You never know what kind of puppy you’ll get.

But, you lose some, then you win some.

The good news is that the PWD Aussie Shepherd is a genuinely nice guy. They’re friendly dogs, pawfect for growing families.

Since both parents have a rather high prey drive, you should train your Aussie PWD mix for obedience. Small kids and small pets might get chased around. Aussies are okay with kids, but they have some pretty strong herding genes. They mean nothing wrong, but still, someone could get hurt.

5. Portuguese Water Dog X Goldendoodle

portuguese water dog and goldendoodle

Photo from: @laki_daily_life

Now, of all the Portuguese Water Dog mixes, this one is perfect for those of you who suffer from dog-related allergies.

When breeders list PWDS for sale, they always mention their hypoallergenic status. Although there’s no such thing as 100% hypoallergenic dogs, these pups are very close to it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a Golden PWD! These pups are as curly as can be.

Thanks to their strong Poodle genes, this crossbreed can also make a good hunting dog. They could fetch waterfowl as easily as a purebred Portuguese Water Dog.
When you take a look at the parent breeds, you’ll notice they almost look the same. Their mixed puppy looks a lot like both sides of the family.

What’s even better, they will inherit a lovely temperament and intelligence. Goldendoodles look quirky and adorable, without an idea of what’s going on. But, they really are smart cookies and will transfer these genes to their offspring.

One day spent with a Golden PWD and you’ll wonder: Why didn’t I get this mixed breed puppy before?

6. Portuguese Water Dog X Golden Retriever

Portuguese Water Dog and Golden Retriever

Another beloved US family dog is the Golden Retriever. These superstar dogs that you see in the movies, with happy suburban families, aren’t actually THAT ideal. You see, even though Goldies have a wonderful temperament, and they get along perfectly fine with kids and families, they do have a flaw.

These pups can be quite stubborn. Sure, they will do anything to satisfy you, but boy, they can act so strong-headed! They’ll never show aggression, but they won’t listen to you all the time.

Well, this can be minimized and you can get a perfect variation of the breed if you cross Goldens with Portuguese Water Dogs!

Combined with a PWD’s intelligence and obedience, Golden Retrievers will bring only their best traits and thus, create a smart, loyal, and overall well-behaved mixed pooch.

However, technically, it won’t be a pooch, since the Golden PWD will definitely be a larger dog, especially if it inherits lots of genes from the Golden’s pool.

7. Portuguese Water Dog X Soft-Wheaten Terrier

Portuguese Water Dog and Soft-Wheaten Terrier

Of all the Portuguese Water Dog mixes, this is probably the fluffiest one!

Meet the PWD and the Soft Wheaten Terrier mixed breed puppy – a teddy-bear pooch you’re gonna love!

If you haven’t heard of Soft Wheaten Terriers, the first thing you should know is that they very much resemble Portuguese Water Dogs, except for the water-repelling coat features.

If you mix these two dog breeds together, you’ll get a medium-sized dog that should weigh around 30 pounds.

Soft Wheaten Terriers are as brave as any other dog of the Terrier family. They’re a bit feisty and won’t get scared easily around other dogs or new people. When you mix their personality with a PWD’s intelligence and faithfulness, you’ll get a perfect, pocket-sized protector.

Just kidding, but you can easily use a PWD Soft Wheaten Terrier mix as an alert watchdog. Nothing will get past this pup!

On top of all of this, their sweet, fluffy appearance will knock you off your feet. This mixed breed puppy can come in black, white, brown, or a lovely wheaten color.

8. Portuguese Water Dog X Border Collie

Portuguese Water Dog and Border Collie

Many dog experts and dog lovers claim Border Collies are the smartest dog breed of them all!

Truly, Border Collie boys and girls are really genius dogs that will even outsmart us humans. They’re the ideal dog breed if you’re looking for an active pup that will follow you on your adventures. Border Collie PWDs are a combination of two highly intelligent creatures.

What’s so amazing about this Portuguese Water dog mix is their affectionate side. These are the kind of dogs that will wait for you at the front door, wagging their tail, and showing tremendous excitement the moment you step inside.

Still, they’re not great fans of feline family members.

Thanks to their high prey drive inherited from both parents, PWD Collies will show cats how much they can’t stand them. These pups will chase them like there’s no tomorrow.

So, if you’re thinking of bringing this mix home to where cats and small pets are already living, think again. It might not be a good idea if you want peace at home.

9. Portuguese Water Dog X German Shepherd

Even though the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, seeing him mixed with a PWD isn’t a combination you’d expect.

Even the name of this puppy is unusual – the PWD GSD!

Just like any other hybrid dog, we can only predict what the puppy will look like, since it’s a combination of two completely different dog breeds. You see, it’s easier for us when the parents look alike, like the PWD and the Poodle.

But, when they’re complete opposites, like the PWD and the GSD, we can only guess. Maybe the future will finally bring a breed standard for this hybrid dog.

But still, we can get a good look into what this pup’s temperament might look like.

Both the PWD and the GSD are working dogs with supreme ethics. When you combine the genes together, you’ll get a diligent protector that won’t hesitate to make you feel safe. Loyalty is strong with this pooch!

The PWD GSD can grow up to weigh about 90 pounds, and that’s a lot for a mixed-breed puppy. Just be on the lookout for any size-related health problems, like hip dysplasia.

10. Portuguese Water Dog X Siberian Husky

portuguese water dog and husky

Photo from: @reyrey_thehusky

If you think the PWD GSD mixed puppy is unusual, just wait until you see the Siberian Husky Portuguese Water Dog mix!

Here’s the Portuguese Water Husky. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Well, everything is weird with this crossbreed puppy.

For example, the PWD Husky is a total goofball. He definitely inherited that from the Husky side of the family. The Portuguese side is more toned down. Still, this puppy usually inherits a calm temperament with occasional outbursts of energy, love, and affection. Oh, and let’s not forget: quirkiness!

The PWD genes could also tone down some other features of this pup, i.e. grooming needs. Huskies shed like there’s no tomorrow, while PWDs don’t shed at all. You can’t expect hypoallergenic traits from this pup, but you can expect them to shed less than a Husky. Still, daily brushing is required.

As far as their intelligence goes, you can expect intelligent dogs. However, Huskies are stubborn creatures. These genes might cause some behavioral issues while you’re trying to train your PWD Husky. But, that’s nothing a bit of patience and lots of positive reinforcement can’t solve.

11. Portuguese Water Dog X Bichon

portuguese water dog and bichon

We come to another of the Portuguese Water Dog mixes that has been bred with a similar dog breed.

Although the Bichon Frise isn’t a water dog like the PWD, it still looks like a miniature version of the PWD.

The first thing you’ll notice about this cross puppy is its coat type. I feel like almost every one of the Portuguese Water Dog mixes was purposely done to create more hypoallergenic dog breeds.

The Bichon PWD is the ultimate pup for allergic people. He’s also a terrific family pet. This cross is a good choice if you’re a first-time owner, since they have a rather sweet and obedient temperament.

A Bichon PWD will look at you like you’re the only person in the world. And he’ll show you the same amount of affection too! Just don’t break their little hearts and don’t leave them alone for too long.

12. Portuguese Water Dog X Rottweiler

When mixing the PWD and the Rottweiler, you’ll mix two dogs from the working dog group. The end result should be a diligent dog that will complete any task you give him.

What most people don’t understand is that Rottweilers can be amazing family pets. Rotties are not aggressive by default. In fact, a well-trained Rottie can be just as sweet as a Portuguese Water Dog.

You can expect these pups to be great with kids, thanks to the PWD genes.

However, even though Rotties are fairly healthy pups, PWDs suffer from some pretty severe conditions, i.e. juvenile dilated cardiomyopathy (JDCM). There’s a big chance that your Rottie PWD will inherit this disease, so make sure you buy from a reputable breeder.

13. Portuguese Water Dog X Doberman

Dobermans are another dog breed with a terrible reputation, no matter if they’re a European or American Doberman.

But, if you cross them with a Portie, you’ll get an unusual mixed breed puppy that will surprise you with its calm temperament and cheerful behavior.

The Portie Dobie should be an alert fellow, always on the lookout for potential threats, as well as for fun. They’re serious pups that know how to put “fun” in everything.

As long as you train your Dobie Portie and provide enough mental stimulation, you can have a great pet that should follow you around, no matter where you go.

One thing I do have to warn you about Dobie Porties, is their high-energy drive. If you’re not capable of giving them at least an hour and a half of exercise every day, you should pick another Portuguese Water Dog mix.

To Sum Up…

From Doodles to Terriers and Retrievers! As you can see, we’ve found all sorts of Portuguese Water Dog mixes.

Mixed breed puppies that come from the PWD are destined to be wonderful dogs with amazing socialization skills. They’re obedient and hardworking pups that you’re gonna love.

I’d like to hear which PWD mix is your favorite out of all these listed above. Is it a Golden PWD or maybe a Rottie PWD? No matter which you chose, you’re gonna end up with a loving and caring family member!

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