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15 Adorable Maltipoo Haircuts + Tips For Grooming

15 Adorable Maltipoo Haircuts + Tips For Grooming

Not only are they small dogs and extremely cute, but they are also very smart and affectionate, making them a winning combination for a family pet. You get a Maltipoo by crossing a purebred Maltese and a purebred Poodle – something that equals just pure cuteness.

But, do you know what can make your pup even cuter?

If you said a haircut, then you are correct. There are multiple Maltipoo haircut styles that can make your pup look fresh, clean, and adorable. It is important to know what you want and what would look good, either if you are doing it yourself or if you are asking a professional groomer to do it.

So, let’s get started. Read on to find out what Maltipoo haircuts there are, and everything else you absolutely need to know about grooming your puppy.

Maltipoo Haircut Ideas — How To Cut A Maltipoo’s Hair

The Maltipoo has a very fluffy, thick, and lustrous coat that requires it to be kept in good condition. Even though they don’t shed since they are Doodles, and are considered low-maintenance dogs because of that, you will still need to take care of their coat.

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Cutting and grooming are very important because their hair can get too long and tangled, especially around their eyes, which can affect their eyesight.

Grooming styles don’t have to be boring, so whether you are choosing the first haircut for your Maltipoo puppy or if you are looking for something to switch it up, there are plenty of them that we have gathered for you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your pup as cute as possible. Check out our list of 15 adorable Maltipoo haircuts (+ hairstyle ideas):

1. Maltipoo Teddy Bear Cut

maltipoo is standing on the sucking table

The Teddy Bear Cut is probably one of the most popular Maltipoo haircuts. It is actually super popular among all Doodles since it perfectly enhances all the right features.

To achieve this signature look, you will need to cut your Maltipoo’s hair really short, around one to two inches all over the pup’s hair, with the hair around the paws rounded off.

While the hair around the body should be cut short, the hair on the head and around the face needs to be a little bit longer and rounded in order to achieve the Teddy Bear look.

This haircut is perfect for preventing matting and reducing brushing time since it is cut short; however, it does require constant trimming to keep it looking tidy and clean.

2. Maltipoo Summer Cut

maltipoo is sitting and looking at the camera

The Maltipoo Summer Cut is basically the name for a really short haircut. This haircut is becoming more and more popular, especially during the summer months because it is perfect for pups to keep them cool, and it is also easy to manage for dog owners.

To achieve the summer cut, the dog’s hair on its entire body, including its legs and ears, needs to be cut really short about half an inch, or sometimes even shorter.

This haircut is especially helpful with doggies that suffer from mats and tangles, and it saves a lot of time for owners who would have to spend it otherwise brushing their pup.

As I have said before, this haircut is perfect for hot summer days; however, in the winter, or if you live somewhere with not that hot of climate, you might reconsider getting this haircut or perhaps investing in a dog sweater or a coat.

3. Maltipoo Puppy Cut

maltipoo sitting in green grass

Although this haircut is called a puppy cut, it can still be used on adult Maltipoo dogs since it is just the name of the haircut – it is called this way because it makes your dog look youthful and puppy-like.

To achieve the puppy haircut, the dog’s hair should be trimmed at a uniform length of one to two inches. Sometimes, this haircut is confused for the Teddy Bear cut because it is a little bit similar regarding how short the hair needs to be cut.

However, the difference is that with the puppy haircut, all of the dog’s body hair is cut the same length, while with the Teddy Bear style, the hair on the head and the face is left a little bit longer.

4. Maltipoo Lamb Cut

maltipoo stands up on its hind legs

This one is also an extremely popular Maltipoo haircut. It is unique and very adorable because it resembles a lamb, and let’s face it – who doesn’t like the sight of a baby sheep. If you don’t, please leave immediately.

Jokes aside, this look is achieved by trimming the dog’s coat to the desired length of the owner, but the dog’s leg hair is left a little bit longer, fluffy, and perfectly blended.

5. Maltipoo Miami Cut

maltipoo standing in green grass

The Miami cut, which is also called the “bikini cut” because if done correctly, when it is finished, your dog should look like it is wearing a bikini. This is why it is also called the Miami cut because of the reference to bikinis, which are widely worn in Miami.

This haircut is popular among purebred Poodle owners, but it also suits all Poodle mixes because it helps keep the tangles out of their hair. The most important features of this hairstyle are:

• The Body hair is cut short

• The top of the tail and the dog’s paws are shaped like pompoms

• The Base of the tail shaved

• The facial hair is cut short for cleanliness

• Topknot left medium-to-long length

Since this is a little bit difficult to explain, and your groomer might not understand exactly how you want your dog’s haircut to look, the best thing to do is show them a picture, so there is no misunderstanding.

6. Maltipoo Town And Country Cut

maltipoo sits on tiles

Photo from: @fluffytailsto

This is a pretty popular haircut that is seen both on Maltese dogs and used as a show cut for Poodles, so it is no surprise that it is also used on Maltipoos.

There is actually no set length for this haircut the only important thing is that the face, feet, and tail are cut short. The end of the tail can be shaped like a pompom.

The rest of the body can be either cut or left longer depending on your preferences. Most owners choose a shorter cut for summer, and a longer cut for winter.

7. Maltipoo Continental Cut

maltipoo is sitting and looking at the camera

Photo from: @archie_malti

If you also thought of show Poodles when you saw this picture, then you are not alone. This haircut is the most popular among Poodles that compete in the show, but it is also fun to do on your Maltipoo. It is best suited for a wavy or a curly coat.

If you want to try this haircut, the best would be to do it in the summer since most of your dog’s hair is shaved. It is also quite popular, so if you do it at the groomer, they will immediately know what to do.

To achieve this look, the face, legs, tail, and back of the body will be shaved, while there will be pom-poms left on the ankles, top of the tail, and sometimes on the kidneys. The upper body and the head are left long and fluffy.

8. Maltipoo Kennel Cut

maltipoo with a bow around the neck

Photo from: @doggiesmilesalonandspa

This is one of the most basic Maltipoo short cuts. It is also the easiest one to do and to maintain, even by owners, and as a plus, this dog haircut is really inexpensive. The kennel clip is best suited for active and playful dogs that like to roll around everywhere, especially in the mud!

This is basically an all-over cut where one inch of the dog’s fur is shaved. It is ideal if you don’t have enough time for grooming or brushing since it is quick and hassle-free.

9. Maltipoo Shih Tzu Cut

a white maltipoo is sitting and looking at the camera

Photo from: @daikonthemaltipoo

Even though these are completely different dog breeds, a Shih Tzu haircut works very well for Maltipoos. It makes them stand out, and also, it is too cute not to try it.

Basically, it is a pretty short cut, with facial hair also trimmed, but longer hair is left on the head and the Maltipoo’s ears. So, you get bobbed ear hair and rounded head hair. The rest of the fur can be any length you want – just that is cut evenly.

If it is done correctly, people might think you actually have a Shih Tzu rather than a Maltipoo.

10. Maltipoo Maltese Cut

maltipoo is sitting on the carpet in the house

Photo from: @maria_mdsenglish

The Maltese cut is one of the signature and traditional Maltipoo looks. The important features of this look are:

• The pups’ body hair (both the sides and the torso) is cut to 1/4 inch in length

• The dog’s stomach, chest, bottom, and the front of the neck are cut to 1/16 inch in length

• The hair on the leg is usually feathered, and cut at around 1/5 inch

• The tail is cut at 2 inches

• Head hair is rounded, and ears are bobbed

11. Maltipoo Yorkie Cut

maltipoo is lying down and looking at the camera

Photo from: @___mong__e

If you are looking for one of the popular Maltipoo haircuts, then you should choose this Yorkie one. With this haircut, the emphasis is put on the hair on the legs and ears. On these parts, the hair is left longer, making the fur on the legs have a “bell shape” appearance, while the fur on the ears is flowy.

12. Maltipoo Mohawk Cut

the adorable maltipoo stands

Photo from: @fumi_doggroomer

This haircut is definitely one of the funnest ones, and one where you can experiment with color. That being said, this haircut is not for everyone, but if you like to play with the haircuts, or if you would like your Maltipoo to look edgy and fun, then this one is perfect.

It is exactly what the name says — Mohawk — where the hair is left longer and spiky at the top of the head. Since this is just a partial haircut, it is usually paired with a summer cut, where most of the dog’s hair is cut short.

You can also color the Mohawk part with some fun and bright colors such as pink, red, purple, or blue. But, always make sure that the color is safe for dogs!

13. Maltipoo Curled Poodle Cut

adorable brown maltipoo

Photo from:@fumi_doggroomer

If your puppy has an especially curly coat, you might want to try the Poodle cut. This haircut will give your pup a rounded look and make him look adorable.

To achieve this look, you will have to shave your dog’s face, tail, and feet. Sometimes, pom-poms can be left at the top of the tail or at the paws. The rest of the body hair is cut to a preferred length.

14. Maltipoo Soft Curls Cut

clipped brown maltipoo

Photo from: @luckyandsophiedog

This is also one of the curly haircuts. With this one, the hair is cut to medium length and layered, so the natural curls can properly appear and be noticeable. As the name says, it is a really soft and fluffy look that will make your pup look really cute.

15. Maltipoo Little Fringe Cut

adorable white maltipoo sitting on the bench

Photo from:@junior_poo_kobe_

To end on a cute note, this little fringe cut is the perfect choice if you notice that the hair on your dog’s head is too long, and it gets in its eyes. This can bother them, and also affect their eyesight, so it is really important to do something about it.

If you cut the hair above the dog’s eyes, you will achieve this look, but also, it will make your dog’s eyes pop out. If you do it by yourself, we suggest using a comb to help you cut the hair, so you don’t accidentally cut your dog.

Some Maltipoo Hairstyle Ideas

the adorable white maltipoo lies on the laminate

Photo from: @marleypoo.loveyou

There are also different hairstyles that can make your pup look even cuter. They don’t necessarily require the hair to be cut, but they can also make a haircut look better.


If your Maltipoo has long hair, you can definitely try a topknot hairstyle. This is basically when you take the longer hair on the top of the head and put it in a ponytail. You can secure it with a bow or a clip for a cuter look. This hairstyle is versatile, and will look good on both straight and wavy hair.

Side Ponytail

If you are up for an edgier style, you can try a side ponytail. It is similar to a topknot – you just take longer hair, gather it on one side, and tie a ponytail with a scrunchie that is appropriate for a dog.

Top Bow

If you like the look of accessories on your pet, then you can try a top bow, even if your dog has shorter hair. You can put a bow on the top of the head, right between the dog’s ears.

However, this hairstyle requires at least a little bit of hair so you can attach the bow, so perhaps it would not be suited for a close-shaved cut.


A puppy with pigtails — it can’t get cuter than this, am I right?

You can achieve this look if you take the hair from the top of the head and tie it in two ponytails right next to the ears. You can use a cute scrunchie or put on a colorful bow for an even cuter look. Just make sure not to include the dog’s ear in the ponytail as this would hurt them.

How Often Do Maltipoos Need A Haircut?

This depends greatly on the haircut you choose for your pup. If you chose a summer cut, for example, and would like to keep it in that shape, then you will need to visit your groomer much more often in order to keep it fresh and tidy. You will probably need to do it every three to six weeks.

However, if you would like to let your pup’s hair grow out to be long and fluffy, you can rest a little bit from haircut sessions for at least two to four months.

What Is The Best Way To Cut A Maltipoo’s Hair?

a woman brushes a maltipoo while lying on the couch

If you want to cut your puppy’s hair by yourself, you will first need to educate yourself a little bit about how dog grooming works. There are some tips and tricks that can help you, and also some essential tools that you will need to get in order to properly cut a Maltipoo’s hair.

Essential Tools For Grooming A Maltipoo

• A brush – One of the most used items for grooming your dog will definitely be a brush, so it is important to get a high-quality one.

• A comb – This is also one of the more important tools. A comb will help you fight tangles, mats, and knots. It can also help you with some haircuts, especially those that require a cut around the eyes.

• Clippers – It is not possible to do any of these haircuts if you don’t have dog clippers that will trim the hair. Invest in a good set of clippers since you will be using them a lot.

• Scissors – If you have clippers, you will be able to achieve most of the haircuts mentioned above; however, sometimes a pair of scissors is also required.

• Grooming table – This one is not absolutely necessary, but if you plan on doing your dog’s haircuts by yourself all the time, then a good grooming table with an adjustable leash will certainly be helpful.

• Shampoo & conditioner – A good-quality dog shampoo and conditioner is essential for keeping your dog’s coat nice and clean.

• Nail clippers & ear cleaning tools – You should never forget about a dog’s nails and ear plucking since they are a very important step in the grooming process, especially since Maltipoos can suffer from ear infections.

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Maltipoo Grooming Tips

Taking care of a dog is not easy since it can take a lot of time and effort, but if you want to have a nice, clean, and fresh-looking pup, you will need to do it. We present you with some tips on how to keep your Maltipoo’s coat looking its best.

Beginning Of Grooming

It is important to get your dog used to grooming as soon as you get it. Start by getting him used to the sound of a blow-dryer or hair clippers, so he is not terrified when it is time to use them.

You can do a puppy trim or take him to the groomer for one when your pup is 16 weeks old. This is not a full haircut by just a simple necessary trim. Once your dog is six months old, you can take him for a proper haircut.

Brush Your Dog

Your Maltipoo’s coat can get pretty easily matted rather quickly, so it is highly important to brush your dog daily in order to prevent knots and tangles from happening. Also, this will keep your dog’s hair looking shiny and clean.

When brushing your Maltipoo, the best thing to do is start from the paws and legs, and then move up to the body and head.

Bathing Your Dog

You will need to bathe your dog around twice a month, or more if your dog gets dirty or starts to smell. It is important to use a dog shampoo that is specifically formulated for them.

Bathing will help loosen the knots, but it is also helpful before bath to brush your dog and try to get all the knots out. After rinsing, dry your dog’s hair, specifically focusing on some areas that are hard to reach like their paws, ears, or belly.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week. It is not only important because of good hygiene, but also because it can protect your pup from various health issues. Using dental treats is also a good idea.

Proper Equipment

We have already mentioned what some of the essential tools are for grooming, but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use proper and high-quality equipment.

Since Maltipoos are a mixed breed, their coat can be quite different depending on the breed gene that is prevalent, so, for example, a generic dog brush will sometimes not be good enough.

Conclusion: Maltipoo Haircuts

Choosing the right Maltipoo haircut for your pup can sometimes be really stressful and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start and what to ask for.

We sincerely hope that our list of 15 adorable Maltipoo haircuts has been able to help you and guide you in the world of dog haircuts and grooming techniques.

But, if you are still unsure which one will suit your puppy the best, ask your groomer, and they will probably be able to help you choose something that will suit your dog and your wishes.

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