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Agouti Husky: Siberian Husky With A Twist

Agouti Husky: Siberian Husky With A Twist

Wait a minute, are we going to talk about a wolf today? No, no, it’s not a wolf, it’s the agouti Husky!

If you are a fan of enchanting Siberian Huskies, then there is no doubt that you will fall head over heels for the agouti Husky!

While it is not a different dog breed, it seems that the agouti Husky resembles a wolf more than it resembles the Siberian Husky. But, I promise it is just a funky-colored Siberian Husky!

So, what is the agouti Husky hype all about? Well, its wild coat color that leaves everyone breathless! The agouti Husky is truly a sight to behold, and here’s why.

Firstly, this agouti colored sled dog has a fluffy coat, just like other Huskies have. Secondly, its personality is so unique that you will want to get this pooch as soon as possible! Not to mention agouti Husky’s blue eyes that will make you fall in love with this dog breed!

Okay, now let’s seriously see why is the agouti Husky so fascinating.

What Is An Agouti Husky?

Agouti siberian husky outdoor

First thing’s first, although it may sound like it, an agouti Husky is not a different Husky breed. Instead, it is a type of Siberian Husky coat color.

For those who have not yet heard about the term “agouti”, it is a word used to describe a certain coat color of many animals, including the dog.

While it is a bit tough to describe the agouti color, we will do our best. The Agouti Husky inherits a shade of sable along with tones of chocolate and dark brown. This kind of sable coat color of the agouti Siberian Husky is commonly named “wolf sable” or wild-type coat coloring.

A wild-type colored agouti Husky’s hair has several bands that alternate in black and sable color. Each individual hair has three bands of color instead of being solid, which is similar to banded hairs in Schnauzer’s coat colors.

The typical color shades of the agouti Husky vary from a rich chestnut and wolf sable with a dark slate base.

On extremely rare occasions, agouti Huskies inherit the blue merle gene (similar to the blue merle Aussie), which colors specific areas of the body in merle pattern.

When Were Agouti Huskies Discovered?

Agouti Huskies were discovered about the same time as other Huskies and we will have to go back at least 4,000 years.

The agouti Husky descends from a very old lineage of Siberian Husky dogs that were bred by the Chukchi people in the coldest parts of Siberia. That said, agouti Huskies were used as sled dogs, so it’s pretty obvious where they got their muscular build from!

It is also believed that the original agouti Husky was a designer dog. Specifically a mix between a purebred Saint Bernard and a purebred German Shepherd dog.

Now that we have mentioned it, the German Shepherd Husky mix is not what you call an agouti Husky.

Some sources state that the agouti Husky shares heritage and blood with a (now extinct) Taymyr wolf which derived from northern Asia and Russia. Others claim that the agouti Husky has no significant wolf DNA (which most of us believe is not true).

That said, agouti Huskies are Spitz-type dogs and we can see that when we take a closer look at their fluffy curled up tail and erect ears.

Alright, so we know when and how the first agouti Husky was developed, but when did it come to the United States? Well, the whole Siberian Husky dog breed was introduced to the United States in the early 20th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, selective breeding of Husky dogs took place in the United States, especially in Alaska. The agouti Husky color became popular, but very rare to find.

Are Agouti Huskies Siberian Huskies?

Siberian Husky of agouti color in the winter landscape

Besides its heritage, we can clearly see that agouti Huskies are Siberian Huskies, just by the look of their appearance.

There are actually over 20 different types of Husky dogs, but the most popular ones are Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Huskies, Sakhalin Huskies and of course — agouti Huskies.

All types of Husky dogs belong to the Spitz dog category and they stand out due to their wolf-like appearance.

Are Agouti Huskies Rare?

Generally speaking, the agouti coat in dogs is uncommon, which makes any agouti colored dog a unique and rare individual. The agouti color within the Husky breed is extremely rare, just like pure white and solid black.

Most Husky show dogs are back and white, or sometimes brown pups. But it seems that the agouti Husky is not fond of dog shows. Instead, this majestic agouti puppy can be seen in sled dog racing and working dog events.

What Does An Agouti Siberian Husky Look Like?

The agouti Siberian Husky inherits a bushy tail, soft, fox-like ears, and mesmerizing blue eyes, just like other Huskies do.

But the thing that makes agouti Huskies different is that the tip of their tail is usually colored in pure white or solid black.

The body of the agouti Husky dog can be described as compact and muscular. The agouti Husky is not a sturdy dog, its body is more sleek and proportional to its head and neck. That said, agouti Husky’s body is taller than long.

How Big Do Agouti Huskies Get?

Agouti siberian husky dog standing outdoor

Just like other Huskies, agouti Huskies are medium-sized dogs that weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. Female agouti Husky dogs are a tad lighter than their male agouti counterparts. The height of the agouti Husky ranges between 20 to 23 inches.

Similar to male and female Siberian Huskies, there is a bit of a height difference between a female agouti Husky and a male.

There are also different agouti Husky sizes like the miniature and teacup Husky, but it is very difficult to develop these different Husky sizes with this coat color.

The Agouti Color Gene

The agouti color is carried by an interesting agouti gene that is not only found in dogs. It just so happens that the agouti gene is found in rodents and horses too!

It is believed that agouti Husky dogs are the result of a random color gene mutation in the Siberian Husky.

When we take a better look at the agouti coat color, we can see a lot of black pigment. This is due to the fact that the agouti color gene regulates the distribution and amount of the black pigment that is called melanin.

There are different representations of the agouti gene in dogs, which can cause a dog to look fawn or sable (take the sable German Shepherd as an example).

If we were to go into further detail and genetics, then we would have to mention the alleles that are located at the A locus. These alleles are in charge of producing the agouti-signaling protein (ASIP) which basically means that these alleles determine whether the Siberian Husky has an agouti appearance.

The agouti gene in Husky dogs doesn’t only determine the color, it also controls the distribution of pigment in individual hairs.

Let’s talk more about the agouti Husky’s coat color and pattern distribution.

Agouti Husky Coat Colors

Agouti siberian husky puppy on the snow

As we previously mentioned, the term “Agouti Husky” refers to a Siberian Husky with wild-type coloring, also known as wolf sable, that is very rare in the canine world.

Among all Husky colors, the agouti is undoubtedly the rarest and the most unique color.

The agouti Husky dog inherits hair that has several bands that are usually colored black. This is what gives the agouti Husky dog the distinctive “dark” color that can be difficult to identify. So, let’s not confuse the brown Husky with an agouti one!

Agouti Husky coat colors are not solid; they come with patterns and markings. Therefore, the agouti Husky dog can inherit white, black, and brown coat color patterns.

Compared to the white coat pattern, the agouti Husky that inherits a black or brown pattern has a darker appearance.

Black to white and every shade in between make up the color spectrum of the possible agouti Husky coat patterns. If we look at different agouti Husky dogs, we can notice that all of them have white markings in common. These white markings are located across agouti Huskies legs and chest.

White to dark patterns are seen around the eyes, across the nose, and over the ears of an agouti Husky.

Agouti Husky Eye Colors

Now it’s time to talk about something that we have all been waiting for — the beautiful blue eyes of an agouti Husky dog. Well, we all know that Siberian Huskies take the spotlight when it comes to beautiful blue eyed dog breeds.

The agouti Husky has gorgeous eyes that range in color from brown to blue, or perhaps even have one of each color.

In this case, the agouti Husky inherits a rare condition that is called Heterochromia, in which its eyes are colored in two or more different colors.

Any eye color of the Siberian Husky dog can be passed onto the agouti Husky.

It is said that dogs with blue eyes often inherit health problems such as deafness, but it seems that the agouti Husky is free from those troubles!

What Is The Agouti Husky’s Coat Like?

Cute agouti siberian husky dogs

Okay, so we know what coat color and several different patterns the agouti Husky dog inherits. But, what about its coat type? Well, let me just say that the agouti Husky is a Husky that you will want to pet.

The coat of the agouti Husky is medium to long, straight and a bit coarse. To be more precise, the agouti Husky’s coat is double-layered which means that it consists of an outercoat and an undercoat.

Agouti Huskies inherit a thick, plush coat with lots of undercoat that is extremely dense. There is a short ruff on the neck, but there are no long fringes on their legs or the tail.

So, the outercoat of the agouti Husky is a bit coarse, but the undercoat is as soft as a feather! Yes, this double-layered sled dog has to be brushed regularly. Now I want to tell you more about agouti Husky’s shedding amounts!

Agouti Husky Shedding Amount

Oh my, aspiring pet owners are not going to like this — the agouti Husky is a heavy shedder. And this information should not be ignored because there are many prospective dog owners that are not quite ready to deal with loose dog hair around the house.

You can expect the agouti Husky to shed moderately throughout the whole year. But there are two time periods when the agouti Husky sheds the most — during spring and fall.

Spring is that time of the year when the agouti Husky “blows” its winter coat, to get into a lighter summer coat. Same goes for fall, except that this time the agouti Husky gets rid of its summer coat and replaces it with a comfy winter coat.

The only exception are Siberian Husky mixes that tend to shed less than purebred dogs, but only if another dog parent is a low-shedder.

However, the agouti Husky is a purebred dog that sheds pretty much the same as all Siberian Husky dogs shed. The only difference is in the color of the Husky hair that you will find on your clothing, furniture, and well, everywhere!

Are Agouti Husky Dogs Hypoallergenic?

cute agouti husky puppy

Let me be straightforward with you — no, agouti Husky dogs are not hypoallergenic and breeders can not come up with hypoallergenic traits for this dog breed.

Except if it is a Husky Poodle mix. Even in the case of a Husky Poodle mix, chances of this designer dog being 100% hypoallergenic are slim.

Actually, there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic pooch, whether it is a purebred dog or a mixed breed — all dogs produce that protein that makes all allergy sufferers sneeze!

What Is The Difference Between An Agouti And A Black And White Husky?

Black and white color genes are very common in the Siberian Husky dog breed which is why this color pattern is the breed standard.

The black and white Husky inherits patterns that are evenly distributed — black colored area around the eyes and completely black ears; white nose with a black blaze across it.

Alongside distinct facial features, the black and white Husky usually inherits white legs and a black colored saddle.

The agouti Husky on the other hand, inherits more of a random color pattern without distinct patches.

The agouti Huskies whole face can be colored in a dark brown to black, while some may inherit the distinct black color around the eyes. Their chest and legs are not colored in white, they are more of a sable to cream color.

What Is The Difference Between Agouti And Sable?

Agouti husky on the snow

Remember when we mentioned banded hairs of the agouti colored Husky dog? Well, that happens to be the main difference between the agouti and sable.

I know, these two coat colors are very similar and many would mistake a sable Husky dog for an agouti one.

But, all it takes is a second look — the sable Husky is very light in color when compared to the agouti Husky.

Agouti Husky Personality Traits

Family dog, adventure buddy, lap dog, guard dog, working dog, or maybe a professional escape artist? What are agouti Husky’s personality traits?

The agouti Husky is all of that in one!

Is Agouti Husky A Good Family Dog?

The answer is YES! Well, the agouti Husky can be a great family dog if it is socialized from a very young age.

The agouti Husky is a high energy dog that gets along with children as well as other family dogs. It is simply because of its outgoing and pack-oriented nature that the agouti Husky feels like part of the family.

But, you may want to keep your agouti Husky away from smaller animals due to its high prey drive. Agouti Huskies were originally bred to be working dogs, but they have inherited strong hunting instincts. That said, your agouti Husky pet may feel the need to chase your neighborhood cat.

Is Agouti Husky A Good Guard Dog?

If you thought that only Pitbulls and German Shepherds are great guard dogs, you still haven’t seen the mad guarding skills of an agouti Husky!

While most pet lovers believe that Huskies are cute and cuddly (which they really are!), most of us forget that they were bred to be working dogs, sled dogs, and most importantly — guard dogs.

All Siberian Husky dogs are known for being vocal. Agouti Husky’s howling sounds can be heard from miles away, and there is nothing that you can do to stop them from singing.

Alongside howling, aspiring agouti Husky dog owners are in it for the barking! Yes, Huskies like to bark, and the agouti Husky is no exception.

But, there is no need to take this agouti Husky personality trait as something negative — barking and howling is a great way to keep intruders away from your home!

Is Agouti Husky A Good Working Dog?

Indeed! The agouti Husky is made for working. In fact, its strong and muscular body can pull sleds twice as heavy as its weight! Moreover, if an agouti Husky is a trained sled dog, it can pull sleds for 137 miles per day!

Even though the majority of Siberian Huskies nowadays are kept as companion dogs, their potential is still there. The agouti Husky inherited the strong will to perform and it will thrive when given a task.

This is why the agouti Husky dog needs mental stimulation with lots of physical activity.

Is Agouti Husky An Escape Artist?

When bored, the agouti Husky dog can become quite troublesome. Actually, boredom alone is not the issue with this dog breed.

An untrained, unsocialized, anxious, and bored agouti Husky is definitely going to be an escape artist and a very destructive pet.

Dog owners that keep their Huskies in the backyard have reported issues with their pooches jumping the fence and getting lost as a result. Besides jumping the fence, the agouti Husky is a great digger, so it can crawl under the fence too!

Other than boredom and separation anxiety, agouti Husky males that show mating signs are more prone to escaping than female agouti Huskies.

Is Agouti Husky A High-Energy Dog?

Yes! The agouti Husky has a lot of energy that needs to be released on a daily basis. Regular walks in the park may not be enough for your agouti Husky dog because it needs more space to run and play.

That means that the agouti Husky is not for lazy dog owners! If you are thinking about getting this pooch, you better be ready for some adventures!

Agouti Huskies make great adventure buddies because they are curious, energetic, and outgoing.

Besides interesting outings, the agouti Husky dog needs different dog toys to play with inside the house. Especially during its teething period! You can find many dog toys for your agouti Husky on Amazon or Chewy.

Remember, keeping an agouti Husky occupied can be a great task, but it is all worth it in the end. A happy agouti Husky is going to give you back all the love and attention!

Agouti Husky Health Problems

Agouti Husky laying on the floor

Health problems of the agouti Husky are not directly linked to its coat color. The health problems that we are going to mention are related to all Siberian Huskies.

Therefore, we are going to talk about breed-specific health problems that are frequent in all types of Huskies.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

One of the most common eye conditions known as Progressive Retinal Atrophy is known to cause progressive blindness in agouti Husky dogs.

In case of PRA, agouti Husky’s retina is affected, which leads to degenerative changes over time. This is a hereditary condition, so the majority of agouti Huskies have it in their DNA.

Sadly, Progressive Retinal Atrophy in agouti Husky dogs is not a curable health problem.

This is why Husky breeders take action in preventing PRA through selective breeding that is backed with DNA testing.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in agouti Huskies results in a growth-related deformity that results in pain and restricted movement.

Agouti Huskies are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, even though this health condition is undeniably more common in large and giant breeds of dogs.

The agouti Husky’s hip joint consists of a ball and socket joint that must grow at the same rate. During development, the socket in the pelvis and the head of the thigh bone fail to grow at the same rate which causes the hip joint to loosen.

As time goes by and the agouti Husky gets bigger, the affected hip does not grow the right way.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hip dysplasia in agouti Husky dogs, but it can be prevented by selective breeding.


Cataracts in the agouti Husky breed are congenital eye problems that appear over time.

For the most part, cataracts are health problems of senior agouti Husky dogs.

However, cataracts in Huskies are not only related to old age as they can be caused by eye injuries and diabetes.

While there is no known medical treatment or prevention, cataracts in agouti Huskies can be removed with surgery. If the agouti Husky is a senior dog, then your vet might suggest avoiding surgery as it may be too risky.

Agouti Husky Life Expectancy

agouti husky puppies playing on the snow

There is no link between the agouti coat color gene and Husky’s life expectancy. The majority of purebred Siberian Husky dogs live between 10 and 15 years of age.

That said, if you keep your agouti Husky healthy and happy, then it too can live up to 15 years or more!

Too much (or too little) quality dog food along with insufficient physical activity for your agouti Husky are bad habits that can shorten its lifespan by several years.

Are Agouti Husky Dogs Recognized By AKC?

Well, the American Kennel Club recognizes the Siberian Husky dog breed. In fact, these Siberian sled dogs were recognized by the AKC back in the year 1930.

According to the official AKC Siberian Husky breed standard, allowable colors include the agouti coat color. This means that the agouti Husky is recognized by the AKC!

How Can I Tell If My Husky Is Part Wolf?

Well, wolves and doggos are pretty much alike, right? Especially this agouti Husky that left us all wondering “is it really part wolf?”

Firstly let me disappoint you — the agouti Husky is not part wolf and there is no link between the Siberian Husky dog breed and the actual wolves.

Now, to answer this question — the most obvious appearance trait between a purebred Husky dog and a wolf is the tail. Huskies inherit fluffy and curled-up, Spitz-type tails while wolves inherit straight and bottle shaped tails.

Moreover, wolves appear taller and their coats are not as wooly and fluffy like the ones we see in Husky dogs. Huskies inherit “face masks” while wolves don’t have any specific facial color marking and patterns.

Oh and obviously, wolves are bigger than Huskies and the majority of other dog breeds.

How Much Is An Agouti Husky Puppy?

By now we have figured out that the agouti Husky puppies are very uncommon. What we also know is that many breeders put higher price tags on puppies that inherit “rare coat colors”.

Generally speaking, agouti puppies are going to be expensive.

Due to the fact that agouti Husky puppies are very rare, there is little to no chance that you will find one under $1,000.

The maximum price of an agouti Husky puppy can reach a whopping $4000.

This is quite a lot when you compare it to “standard” Siberian Huskies that can be found at prices ranging from $500 to $1,000.

The cost of an agouti Husky puppy depends on where you are getting it from, as well as the quality of the Husky breeding program.

Where Can I Purchase An Agouti Husky Puppy?

Siberian husky agouti puppy in woman's hands

The first thing that comes to my mind is to try to search for agouti puppies at reputable Siberian Husky breeders around the U.S.

So, the first door to knock on is the Husky breeders.

If you are wondering why shelter wasn’t the first choice, it is because agouti puppies are so rare that there is little chance for finding them in local shelters. But, there is still a chance.

You can search for agouti Husky puppies in other states which increases your chance of stumbling upon one in a shelter or rescue center.

Dog owners that purchase unique agouti puppies rarely abandon them or leave them in shelters.

If you decide to purchase an agouti Husky from a breeder, make sure to ask for all the information about his/hers breeding program. Only choose reputable agouti Husky breeders.


If you are lucky enough to find an agouti Husky dog, you will surely be the talk of the town!

The agouti Husky is a brilliant dog whose appearance leaves bystanders breathless! However, owning one comes with more than just beautiful looks.

The agouti Husky is an energetic dog that requires daily physical activity and early socialization. Besides that, it requires constant training and mental stimulation to grow into an obedient and well-behaved Husky.

Inheriting a thick undercoat with a luscious overcoat, the agouti Husky needs to be brushed daily. If you are not sure how to maintain it, ask a professional dog groomer to help you out.

There are many Huskies that frequently visit groomers because of their heavy shedding coats!

Overall, the agouti Husky is an incredible family dog that will wholeheartedly love each and every family member.

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