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Top 5 Agouti Husky Breeders In U.S.

Top 5 Agouti Husky Breeders In U.S.

When you first read ‘‘the agouti Husky’’ you may wonder what agouti stands for. It is actually a type of Siberian husky that has unique, black (dark) coloring.

Agouti Husky Breeders have the satisfaction of breeding this beautiful, blue-eyed sled dog. Even though you might think agouti deviates from a regular purebred dog, which the siberian husky is, the positive correlation between the two is uncanny.

The Agouti gene is not just the case of Siberian huskies, it spreads through various other animal types, such as mice and horses.

Way back in history, the Chukchi people used siberian huskies as sled dogs and also as working dogs. They were used for long distance trips because of their endurance and natural strength.

Their raw and wolf-like appearance originate from the fact that they were born and raised under severe conditions, in places like Siberia and Northern Asia.

Agouti Puppies For Sale In U.S.

1. AKC Husky Breeder

a beautiful husky is standing on the snow

The American Kennel club is one of the biggest dog breeders in the world. Its headquarters are in New York City at 101 Park Avenue. It is also one of the oldest breeding organizations considering that they were found in 1884. The original idea behind AKC was to promote sports of purebred dogs.

The AKC mission statement relies on responsibility, protection and health of all dog breeds. They are affiliated with breeders all around the U.S. and this is why AKC Husky Breeder maintains one of the biggest registries in the States.

As this is a big organization, it engages numerous volunteers to help them promote the idea of purebred standards, well being and health. Health guarantee of their dogs is one of the biggest missions of the AKC.

In order to find a puppy on the AKC official website, it is enough to create the account, enter your agouti husky preferences and click on the search engine. They will immediately connect you to their nearest club, or breeder and provide you with further instructions.

AKC Husky Breeder Location And Contact


New York City, 191 Park Avenue


(919) 233-9767

Email address:

[email protected]


AKC Husky Breeder

2. BurnsBerg Kennels

beautiful husky lies in the garden

BurnsBerg Kennels is another option when it comes to husky puppies for sale. This breeding program’s most important objective is health testing and health guarantee. They will make sure you get a fully-checked and nurtured puppy. Medical checks are regularly based and timely scheduled.

Their high-quality care gives them credit for being one of the top Siberian husky breeders in the world. Their vaccination program is consistent. Breed standard is high-leveled. BurnsBerg Kennels regularly receives AKC quality certificates and it is considered as one of the greatest Michigan dog breeders.

The confirmation process is famous throughout history, so if you want a safe, reliable place to purchase your alaska puppy – this is just the right place!

Burnsberg Kennels offers up to ten acres of property near Lake Huron which is a perfect environment for your future dog. This magnificent location is what makes them such a good breeder.

They are regularly inspected by the AKC and all of their dogs have DNA certificates.

You can find your puppy with agouti coloring at a young age for 1.500 USD at this breeder’s address.

BurnsBerg Kennels Location And Contact


East Tawas, MI, USA


(989) 820-1055


BurnsBerg Kennels

3. Husky Palace

a beautiful husky is standing in the forest

Husky Palace is another responsible breeder in the U.S. Their mission statement is grounded in a family dog business and they are not just the show ring-oriented breeder. Family surrounding is what makes Husky Palace unique and trustworthy. They put a lot of effort into making their puppies feel safe and welcomed.

Husky Palace management put a lot of effort into their nurturing process. They are also AKC approved and regularly inspected.

Since the Palace started out as a small family business it is still a 24/7 service throughout the year. Here you can find your agouti husky puppy with blue eyes and brown eyes as well.

The price range in the Husky Palace for agouti breeds is within the range of 1500 – 2000 USD.

Husky Palace Location And Contact


Anderson, SC 29625, United States


(864) 518-0085

Email address:

[email protected]


Husky Palace

4. Loyal Siberian Husky

beautiful husky runs

Loyal Siberian Husky also has a family heritage in breeding Siberian huskies. They originated in 1992 and have been nurturing Siberian husky breeds since.

With the long tradition of being a reliable breeder, there is definitely a reference in this puppy palace. Loyal Siberians are known for their long-term standardization of the breeding process and their name became a trademark in this part of the country.

Their mission statement revolves around the saying that breeding this beautiful puppy is not just a profession, but also a way of life. You don’t refer to your pet as just another task, but you actually integrate it into your family. That’s the way it should be and that’s the way the breeder does this job.

This attitude will welcome you on the Loyal Siberian Husky doorstep and you will find yourself amazed by the kind service and friendly approach of this breeder’s staff.

Although it is not uncommon for a husky puppy to suffer from various health issues, such as cataracts as the most common, or hip dysplasia, Loyal Siberian Husky team always makes sure that their dogs are carefully examined before finding a new home.

Hidden diseases might be a long-term problem for the future owner, especially if he just started to get to know his puppy. If not detected on time, your agouti friend’s chances of healing are significantly lowered.

This is very important because there are many uncertified dog breeders around the U.S. that do not have this practice.

One of the greatest things related to this breeder is their reverse selection process. In order to buy a puppy, you actually need to fill the application form with personal information that covers info about your environment, family members and awareness.

They do not take their customers for granted. Neither they ‘‘give out’’ the puppies to everyone.

This deep commitment to Siberian fur friends shows why they are listed as one of the most favorable dog breeders in the States.

The price range for the agouti husky at Loyal Siberian Husky is from 2500 up to 3500 USD.

Loyal Siberian Husky Location And Contact


Hamer, SC 29547, South Carolina, United States


(843) 260-3375

Email address:

[email protected]


Loyal Siberian Husky

5. Highlander Siberian Husky

a beautiful husky lies in the forest

Highlander Siberian Husky is a Michigan based breeder. This breeding organization dates back to 1980 and it was established as a family business. Its existence is driven from pure love which you will be able to see once you step on the Highlander property.

One thing that a Highlander breeder takes into special consideration when raising a Siberian puppy is its temperament. They tend to breed their dogs into reliable, friendly, family dogs that adapt to all sorts of age.

They put a lot of effort into the socialization of their Siberian huskies. Since the HSH fosters a domestic and family environment, they try to emphasize the importance of this concept.

If you have small kids in your home, you should definitely consider a Highlander Siberian Husky breeder as your first choice.

This breeder differs from other dog breeders in another segment – OFA certificate. OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) guarantees future owners that their Siberian friends are free of hip dysplasia.

Also, HSH possesses a CERF certificate. CERF stands for Canine Eye Foundation of America. This certificate guarantees that your puppy is free from cataracts or any other eye abnormality.

Highlander Siberian Husky Location and Contact


Dexter, Michigan 48130, United States


(734) 426-5917


Highlander Siberian Husky

Agouti Husky Breeders General Tips

beautiful husky sitting in green grass

You are keen on buying the agouti husky? Here are some things you should know about agouti huskies and their breeders before the actual purchase.

Be Aware Of The Waiting Lists

-This is a rare husky breed. Before you rush into the car and start looking for a breeder, you should be aware of the waiting lists. That’s why doing some research first is highly recommended.

The Agouti Training Is Exhausting and Thorough

-Siberian husky puppies are high-energy dogs. The breeders put a lot of work in their training and socialization process, and so should you. Since their puppyhood they’ve been used to lots of activities.

Agouti breeders tend to have difficulties with their raw and wild temperament, so, if you and your family members look for a puppy whose maintenance is a simple walk through the park and whose nature is lying around your legs – do not get one!

The Agouti Is Not That Cheap!

-Agouti huskies, alongside white huskies, are not that cheap! The agouti breeders price them even two times more than a regular dog breed. It is unlikely to get one for less than a thousand dollars. Some agouti puppies cost even more based on their exceptional bloodlines. The price range goes from 1000 to 3000 USD.

Always Seek The AKC Registered Breeders!

Do not be tricked by shady Agouti breeders. There are a plethora of dog breeders all over the U.S. trying to sell an agouti. However, only few have the certification to do so. You should always seek the AKC agouti breeders! They are the only ones who are qualified to breed and sell these adorable canines.

Last Minute Reminders Before Owning The Agouti Husky

Agouti husky puppies seek socialization!

They are a highly dependent dog breed. Throughout history the bond between a breeder and Siberian husky became stronger and, even though their origins resemble raw nature, agouti husky puppies over time turned out to be true family pets.

Agouti Husky Puppy’s Fur Demands Extra Awareness

Its sable—like fur, unusual and different from the original siberian husky, is subject to an unavoidable high visibility collar. Usually the husky color is easily recognized in the snowy areas, however, more and more people breed this dog far away from their natural habitat. So the advice is to be highly aware of the agouti coat color.

Beware – Agouti Is A Big Dog!

As a dog owner, you should know that this is a big dog. Males reach up to 23 inches in height and 60 pounds in weight, while females reach up to 22 inches in height and 50 pounds in weight.

Cataracts And Hip Dysplasia

Almost like all Siberian huskies, the agouti husky breed has two common health issues – cataracts and hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, there are no standardized treatments in this regard and surgery is typically the only solution.

Try to carefully consider the above part of the article first so you can properly identify the needs of your future puppy. That’s simply what any dog owner should do first.

I advise you not not to discourage yourself because this Siberian friend has a lot more to offer. Keep your level of enthusiasm as it was before, because now’s the time to see what breeders have to say.

To Conclude

Agouti husky breeders work daily in order to provide a healthy, socialized agouti puppy. It is a burden that demands constant awareness and care taking into account Siberian husky’s uniqueness.

This amazing breed, the agouti, if raised properly, is your friend for life. Aside from the unusual fur coloring and several types of eye colors (blue, brown, icy), their character is what you need to take special care of.

Siberian husky puppies are strong, social dogs that demand lots of training and exercise. Every husky breeder sets the environment in a way that suits the husky’s temper the best – wide, fenced yards, farms, or playgrounds.

These dark colored, sable-like, chukchi originated beauties just need the right incentive. That’s just the way it is. They are task-oriented, work dogs that endure long-term activities.

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