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The German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Cool Dog With A Cool Name

The German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Cool Dog With A Cool Name

When the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky fell in love, their love child was born and they named it the German Shepherd Husky mix. But, the people called it a Shepsky. It was a cool pup with an even cooler name.

It still is! The German Shepherd Husky mix, or the Gerberian Shepsky, is a fairly new crossbreed that is becoming even more popular. Is it the looks? The charm? The admirable origin? What’s making the Shepsky so special?

Keep on sniffing through the text and you’ll hunt down the answer!

The Siberian Husky Side Of The Family

dog breed Husky in the autumn forest

The Siberian Husky is not an ordinary dog breed. As the name suggests, the Siberian Husky has Siberian Wolf features, but it isn’t that scary. In fact, they’re among the friendliest dog breeds ever!

His thick double coat, which is dense, and with specific markings, makes him the dog breed fit for cold weather and harsh conditions of Alaska or Siberia. They’re strong and independent, just like wild nature. First owners should consider getting a Husky. That is, unless you’re ready for a challenge.

These dogs will amaze you with their intelligence and affection that they will constantly shower you with. They make amazing family dogs, and they do great with children as well as other pets.

However, what makes them not the perfect dog is their stubbornness. This dog breed won’t be so eager to fill your every wish. They put themselves first.

A Husky’s appearance is the biggest reason why people adopt or buy these dogs. But, once they find out about their unique personality, they momentarily fall in love. If you’re a strong-willed person, then the Husky is your finest choice.

Plenty of training, teaching them obedience, and working on socialization are a must if you want a dog who shies away from the troubles. But, most likely, every Husky will act mischievously once in a while.

The German Shepherd Parent

Running german shepherd dog

Not only is this dog breed America’s most popular one, but it’s also one of the most popular purebreds in the world. The German Shepherd dog is a working, intelligent dog capable of completing many hard tasks brought upon him.

Max von Stephanitz never dreamed that his German Shepherd would become so beloved. From aiding the handicapped to serving on the force, the German Shepherd masters every task. Their searching and herding skills are also widely known.

What else is widely known is their stand against strangers. They act a bit aloof, which is a great thing if controlled. This means they make excellent watchdogs. In other words, they will guard your life.

Once this dog gets plenty of exercise and proper training, it will be the best possible dog for anyone. Can they be more perfect than they already are?

Meet The German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Shepsky

Husky and german shepherd mix dog

The Shepsky, or the Gerbarian Shepsky, is a new hybrid breed that resulted in crossbreeding the purebred dogs – the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. You’ve read how amazing the parent breeds are. Now, you’re going to find out how cool their mix is!

No wonder why the two species combined their genes. It was inevitable that these two popular breeds would meet one day.

The German Shepherd comes from Germany. It was bred in the 1800s as a herding farmyard dog, but it soon found its purpose in many services like the police and the army, and as a valuable member of search-and-rescue operations.

The GSD has always been appreciated for its high intelligence, work ethic, and dominant appearance.

On the other hand, the Siberian Husky is almost an ancient breed. Dating back thousands of years in the Arctic, they were once an integral part of the primal society, providing transport as sled dogs, herding reindeer, acting as watchdogs, and hunting for food.

They spread to Canada and America where their popularity grew as the finest canine companions.

What made the two different breeds join together is still unknown. It’s quite possible that the dog owners were mixing the German Shepherd and the Husky unintentionally for the last few decades.

While it’s not certain when the cross was first born, what is certain is that the breed has become recognized recently, and it’s accumulating popularity at massive speed.

The Shepsky is a mixture of two fine worlds. He’s purely stunning! With a breathtaking appearance and a sharp mind, the Shepsky is probably the best mixed breed dog of them all!

This dog has a long and lean body, packed with muscles and great power. Their head is large, with a pointed muzzle and strong jaw. The nose is black, with wide nostrils. The ears resemble both parents, being sizable and erect.

The breeders prefer the Shepsky puppies to have light blue eyes, but they can have one blue and one brown eye, too, just like the Husky parent!

A Spitz-type of tail is something that the Husky side of the family has, and the Shepsky usually inherits. Some pack members can even have the low-hanging tail that the GSD has.

The Shepsky has soft and thick fur, which offers ample protection from the rain. Many dogs are a mixture of brown and black, but there are Shepskys that are either black, white, brown, blue, red, or cream.

All Shepskies usually grow up to 50 to 61 cm in height and weigh somewhere between 22 and 40 kilos. They’re coming from large dog breeds, so they must be large, too.

As for the lifespan of these dogs, you can expect to be buds with the Shepsky for 10 to 13 years. Such high life expectancy gives you plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company. Maybe, some Shepsky generation will finally get the AKC’s approval.

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What Kind Of Temperament Do Shepskies Have?

Portrait husky shepherd

Taking into account who his parents are, the Shepsky can only be one friendly and loving dog who loves his family and protects it at all costs. But, there isn’t a general standard when it comes to these dogs because this is still a crossbreed.

It’s relatively new, and we find out more about them every day. Some pups might be similar to the GSD. Some might act exactly like the Husky. But, some might be the perfect balance between the two species. You just never know.

What we do know so far is that they have lots of energy and love spending it outside playing with their families. Those dogs that take after the German side of the family are quite focused and disciplined. The Husky genes are more goofy and playful.

Shepsky dogs are aloof to strangers, like their German parent, and will approach them with care. Some might even stay away completely from newcomers and avoid meeting them.

Still, the vast majority of this breed is absolutely friendly and very sociable. They love hanging out with kids, meeting new buddies at the dog park, and bonding with people. If you get the socialization right, you will end up with the perfectly behaved dog.

How Trainable Is The Shepsky?


It’s either you win or lose, there’s no in-between. Training a Shepsky may be easy-breezy, but it may also bring you lots of headaches. When the pup takes after the Husky parent, it’s more likely that they will inherit the stubbornness gene and resist the training.

They’re usually not that concentrated, and have a short attention span. Keep the training sessions short, fun, and include a treat for a job well done. The only thing that can result from this is success.

Anytime you can, give them tasks to complete. After all, the Shepsky does have GSD blood in his veins. Puzzle games and various tasks will keep their mental stimulation right on track. Unless you’re an experienced dog owner, don’t mess with the Shepsky. They need a firm hand to get them on the right path.

Are They Aggressive Guard Dogs?

german shepherd husky mix

Every dog can be aggressive. What leads to aggression is a whole other story. Aggression can be caused by various reasons, including boredom, health issues, social anxiety, lack of exercise, and genetics.

Since the Shepsky is coming from two relatively friendly dog breeds, we can only add that they don’t have the genetic predisposition of being aggressive. Just keep them satisfied and do the training and they will be exemplary watch dogs.

How Do I Know My Future Shepsky Has A Nice Temperament?

Well, you simply can’t tell what’s going to happen in the future. While they can be calm pups, some Shepskies may grow into misbehaving doggos. Why is that? It’s because you didn’t pay much attention to the training.

But, we can predict whether the pup will be nice or not by getting to know its parents. It’s more likely that the pup will behave rather than misbehave if the parents are calm.

Each day with a mix breed dog is different. You’ll find out many traits coming from both sides of the family, and that’s the beauty of owning a crossbreed dog.

Socialization Is Important

gerberian husky - shepsky

Since we have no idea which parent the Shepsky will take after, we must pay special attention to early socialization.

Non-socialized pups don’t do well with other people, pets, or situations. That’s why exposing them to different sounds, events, people, and animals is important. It’s to teach them how to react in public, and what’s wrong and what’s not.

Socializing a puppy requires patience because they’re so small, but think of them as a white board that you’re filling out yourself.

How Healthy Is The Shepsky?


It can be healthy, but it also can not be healthy. Like we said before, it’s a crossbreed; you never know what you’ll get.

However, checking the general health issues of parent breeds might get you a better idea of your dog’s future health status.

Here’s what the parents are prone to:

• Hip Dysplasia

The German Shepherd is a textbook example for having hip dysplasia. Mixing them with a dog that is also known for suffering from the same illness will only result in poor hip condition. That’s why we screen parent dogs for hip dysplasia.

• Anal Furunculosis

This is a painful disorder that is not quite elaborated. It’s thought to be an immune-mediated disease, which results in discharging tracts and ulcers in the tissue around the anus. Doing number two becomes sore and hurtful.

Symptoms include a foul smell and stains left behind where the dog was sitting. Medications should fix everything.

• Bloat

Even though it doesn’t sound like it, bloat is a serious and life-threatening condition. It’s the swelling of the stomach caused by accumulated air and fluid. Some experts link bloat with too much food and water prior to exercising.

Once the stomach is bloated, it may twist on its axis and prevent gas or liquid from escaping. The stomach then continues to expand and compress local blood vessels causing a shock.

Bloat should be detected early, so it doesn’t become fatal.

• Atopic Dermatitis

Itchy and infected skin? Oh, no, your dog is suffering from chronic allergies! We know how exhausting it is to have almost every part of the body flared up and itching, especially the sensitive parts.

Unfortunately, no one has a cure for allergies or atopic dermatitis. What you can do is try to find the biggest cause behind it and try to ease the pain with special balms.

Other health issues may include progressive retinal atrophy, which causes blindness, and epilepsy.

How Much Exercise Does The Shepsky Need?

shepsky running

The Shepsky has high energy levels, which means they need vigorous walks and runs to spend it all. These dogs enjoy doing anything that’s new because they tend to get bored easily. Agility sports and fun games, like flyball, are their ultimate favorites!

Remember, this is not a dog for tiny and crowded places. A Shepsky needs space in order to function normally. If the dog feels unchallenged, locked in a small home with no regular exercise, it will express its frustration on things like your favorite pair of slippers or the living room sofa.

You don’t want that, do you?

German Shepherd Husky Mix Coat and Grooming Tips

german shepherd husky mix shepsky

Their thick, luxurious double coat is absolutely stunning, but boy, does it shed! They say the GSD sheds only twice a year, every six months. Well, they got that right. The Husky side of the family doesn’t fall behind. This mixed breed also loves furniture decorated with dog fur.

The coat colors are usually solid and are always a mixture of two or more colors, much like the German Shepherd parent.

Since they have a long and dense coat with an undercoat, they’re not recommended for allergy-prone people.

Think about this: the Shepsky is such a shedder that the vacuum cleaner will become your BFF! But, if you brush them a few times a week, they’ll shed a bit less.

As for the bathing, only do it when it’s absolutely necessary. Neither a GSD nor a Siberian Husky bathes that often! Otherwise, you’ll strip the natural oils from its coat. These oils get spread across the coat by regular brushing. Never use a shampoo made for humans. A mild baby shampoo is a good substitute, but you’d be better off with a good-quality dog shampoo.

The hygiene doesn’t stop here. Brushing your dog’s teeth is something essential that you need to do at least two to three times a week, if not daily. We know it’s not that easy, but it’s the only way to reduce the risk of periodontal diseases and other unhealthy outcomes.

What you can do to make the teeth stronger is feed your dog dry kibble. But, at the first sign of bleeding gums or cavities, take your dog to see the vet.

Do we need to say you need a good dog toothbrush and only dog toothpaste to keep those pearly whites pearly? Dog teeth are a constant worry; from teething days to senior years.

The grooming process ends with trimming nails every few months or so. If their nails aren’t trimmed, they can affect the way dogs walk or run on hard surfaces. A good nail clipper and some courage will save you from seeing the groomer.

But, if you’re afraid you’ll hurt your pooch, then by all means, let the groomer do the trim.

What Do Shepsky Dogs Eat?

siberian husky and german shepherd mix

Dog food, but not any kind of dog food! Their diet should be formulated for medium-sized and high-energy dogs. To pick the right dog food, consult with your vet or professional nutritionist. Also, it’s important to know the correct portion that your dog needs.

Since they’re coming from a parent that grows rapidly from the ages of four and six months, it makes them susceptible to bone disorder. A high-quality, low-calorie diet should keep them from growing too fast.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is overfeeding. Never leave the bowl full all the time. These dogs love food and don’t know when to stop eating. Overfeeding leads to obesity, and obesity leads to bone issues like joint problems. Rather, give them a few small meals throughout the day instead of just one big one.

Caring for Gerberian Shepsky Puppies

Can we take a moment and agree that puppies are the most adorable creatures in the world? Yes, yes, they are! But, they’re also quite demanding creatures. They require constant care and attention.

A typical Gerberian Shepsky puppy weighs about 10 pounds around its first birthday. They grow rapidly and require a nutritious diet filled with minerals, nutrients, and calories to stay fit and healthy.

Their digestive system is newly developing and can only take small amounts of food. That’s why frequent meals should be served to satisfy their hunger. This way, the digestion should work like a Swiss watch!

Now that you know how to feed your Shepsky puppy, check out some general guidelines on taking care of a puppy:

Find a good vet

Find someone knowledgeable you can trust. Picking out a vet should be done even before you get a dog. He’s the person responsible for your dog’s health, and he’s the one saving the dog from potential health problems.

Your job is to keep track of vet visits and schedule regular check-ups. If you don’t know which vet to pick, ask your friends, your family, or even the shelter you adopted from!

Buy high-quality dog food

You want to eat well, don’t you? So does your puppy! Your pup’s health condition depends a lot on his dietary intake. Pick a food that is formulated for puppies, not adult dogs, and provide lots of fresh drinking water.

Teach a potty routine

The way to a potty-trained puppy goes through positive reinforcement methods. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll get your dry carpets back!

Be on the lookout for early signs of illness

Even the slightest symptom can mean something’s wrong with your puppy. Vomiting, lethargy, poor weight gain, and lack of appetite are some of the most common signs of many illnesses.

Be sociable

When is the right time to start obedience training? Yesterday! Seriously, only this ensures that the dog will grow into a well-behaved pup. Dogs begin to accept other dogs and animals around two to four months of age. Maybe, this is the right time to start kindergarten and work on their socialization skills.

Do German Shepherd Husky Mixes Make Good Family Pets?

gerberian shepsky

Because of their high training and exercise requirements, German Shepherd Husky mix dogs are one of the finest choices as family dogs.

But, could at least one of the family members have previous experience with such dogs?

Without experience in handling energetic dogs, you’ll end up overwhelmed and feeling like you can’t make it. Don’t worry, the Shepsky is a pusher and he’ll keep on going ’till he breaks you.

You just need to push back and bite him on the ear… you know, to show them who’s the pack leader.

Can The German Shepherd Husky Mix Live In An Apartment?

white gerberian husky running

Living with a German Shepherd Husky mix in an apartment depends on several things.

First off, is your apartment huge? Hmm, we thought so.

Second of all, do you promise to take them out a few times a day for hearty exercise and keep them entertained? You do? Then, it’s settled! Your Shepsky can live in an apartment.

However, they prefer living in big, spacious houses with big yards where they can hang out and exercise a lot.

Bear in mind, whether you live in an apartment or in a house, the Shepsky has a high-pitched bark. This means that the neighbors can be alarmed. The first thing you should do is teach them the quiet command.

Your ears would be thankful!

Every dog with the Husky’s barking and howling traits is a noisy pooch. But, don’t think that the GSD is a quiet dog. Nope! They bark and howl as much as the Husky. No wonder why their cross puppy is so vocal.

As such, if you live in a small apartment, a smaller crossbreed, such as the French Bullsky, might be a better choice for you.

What’s A Shepsky Like With Children And Other Pets?

cockapoo and shepsky outside

Photo from @ccpetsittingoc

A Shepsky is a great companion for kids, both small and large. Some might even refer to them as a cross between the police and the nanny. Indeed, this dog is both gentle and protective, which makes them ideal family dogs.

The Shepsky may be the dog for you, but are your kids the kids for him? They will be if you teach them how to approach and handle the dog. Never let any biting or pulling happen between the two.

A kid should never touch the dog while it’s eating or be left alone and unsupervised with the dog. One of the parents, the German Shepherd, can show signs of aggression if you trigger them.

Since the Shepsky is part pack dog, the natural-born instinct to rule can shine through; hence, why early socialization since puppyhood is important. The training might be tiring and require lots of time, but the end result will be a well-behaved pup, which is worth it!

Whichever training you plan to do, remember, it starts at a young age!

Sled Dog vs Sheepdog Genes

Gerberian shepsky

Depending on whether they’re more Husky than GSD, your dog might want to run for hours daily, or show less interest in learning games.

But, pups resembling the German Shepherd will enjoy advanced obedience classes and work activities. They’re the biggest active dogs!

Any of these activities will make them feel like they’re worthy.

Since the training never stops with a GSD, the training with its mix should keep on going, too. Add working out at least two hours a day, and socialize a lot to get the perfect example of the crossbreed.

Tell Me About The Shepsky Rescue Groups!

Finding a Shepsky rescue group is extremely hard because they’re a crossbreed. But, all’s not lost. You can always check German Shepherd shelters or those specialized for Huskies. They might have one Shepsky hiding there just for you!

Try your luck at:

• German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

• Raven’s Husky Haven and Rescue

Or, hunt for them online. There are always ads online for the weirdest things; why should there be one for the Shepsky?

German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy Price

The German Shepherd is usually a bit pricier than the Siberian Husky. However, the cost of their offspring varies.

A Shepsky puppy may cost from $400 to $1,500, but it depends on the breeder. You’ll agree they’re quite affordable compared to other fancy designer dogs.

However, if it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s right. A healthy puppy litter coming from healthy parents means that money must be invested. Do you have any idea how much health screenings, vet care, and flea and worm treatments cost?

The math is simple: if the cost of these things can’t cover the price of the puppy, then something’s odd there and you shouldn’t purchase the dog.

Buy from trusted breeders!

Pros And Cons of Getting A German Shepherd Husky Mix

husky german shepherd mix

One should always make a ‘pros and cons’ list upon making a major decision. What’s a bigger decision than enriching your life with a dog.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of getting this adorable designer breed!


• They need a lot of exercise

• Socialization is a must

• They have high grooming needs

• Severe health problems might occur


• Loyal

• Loving

• Ideal for active homes

• Excellent choice for someone into positive reinforcement training

So, which one won? Are you getting a Shepsky or not?

What Are Similar Breeds To The Shepsky?

husky german shepherd mix - shepsky

Many dogs resemble the German Shepherd or the Husky parent. But, there are also dogs that resemble the Shepsky.

Other similar crossbreeds that might resemble the Shepsky are:

• The Shollie, the German Shepherd and Border Collie mix

• The Pitbull Husky Mix, a pretty obvious one, eh?

• The Beagle Lab Mix, also an obvious one

• The Pitbull Lab Mix; a Pitbull and Labrador Retriever love child

• The Boxer Husky Mix, another obvious love pup

Fun Facts About The German Shepherd Husky Mix

Gerberian shepsky 2 months old puppy

The funniest thing about the German Shepherd Husky mix, besides their quirky look, is their name. What do we call this crossbreed? A Shepsky, right? Yes, that’s right!

It also goes by Gerberian Shepsky, but we’d love it if Herman Shusky or Germusky would stick, too!

A funny name for a fun dog!

All In All…

The Shepsky, the Germerian Shepsky, or the German Shepherd Husky mix is a wonderful choice for any family. They’re loving, protective, and kind, and will do circus acts to make you laugh. They might not be working dogs or the best in service, but they will be your best buds.

A truly quirky dog with an even quirkier name!

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The German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Cool Dog With A Cool Name