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Samoyed Husky Mix: A Hybrid To Fall For

Samoyed Husky Mix: A Hybrid To Fall For

We’re blessed with a lot of hybrid dogs today, but rarely is any hybrid as special as our Samoyed Husky mix!

Hybrid dogs are usually a combination of two or more contrasting breeds. For example, breeders love mixing Poodles as hypoallergenic dogs with dog breeds that aren’t hypoallergenic at all. Yes, I’m looking at you Newfypoo!

But, what’s the deal with the Samoyed Husky mix? Why did the breeders decide to create a Samusky? Perhaps to get the ideal Alaskan-type dog?

Samuskies are there to prove us that loyalty has no boundaries. An average Samusky is one of the sweetest, friendliest, and most loyal partners in crime. He’d jump into the fire for you. Okay, maybe not fire, but deep, deep snow, sure!

How about I show you why Samoyed Huskies are so special, and prove to you that they’re worth owning as family pets?

What Is The Samoyed Husky Mix?

samoyed husky mix dog standing on the lawn

Photo from: @skyesamusky

Our dog of the day, the Samoyed Husky mix is a wonderful hybrid and a perfect example of what happens when two similar breeds are mixed together.

We’re used to seeing quite contrasting hybrid dogs. For example, Huskies can be mixed with Corgis, to get an unusual-looking pup.

Also, tiny dogs, such as some teacup dog breeds, can be crossed with small to medium-sized dog breeds, but the end results are always puppies with unpredictable appearance, temperament, and health status.

We’re lucky the Samoyed Husky mix is a wonderful mixture of both worlds. Both parents share similar backgrounds, lifestyle preferences, and even appearance.

This crossbreed is not your ordinary mixed breed pooch. They’re not designer dogs either, as designer dogs tend to be pricey.

This hybrid looks absolutely like a purebred dog. Some even mistake them for white Huskies!

But Samuskies are dogs that can speak for themselves. They’re not like Huskies or like Samoyeds. These dogs are the best blend of two breeds you can get.

Stay tuned if you want to learn more about this hybrid dog and where to get it.

Where Does The Samoyed Husky Mix Come From?

white samsky sitting in the yard

Photo from: @bearbear.the.samsky

First of all, let’s be clear about something: mixed-breed dogs have been here since the beginning of the human age. No one knew about purebred dogs back then, and it took many centuries to establish specific purebred dogs.

It’s only natural to claim mixed breeds have been around as long as all other dogs. We might well have had Samoyed and Husky mixes for centuries, but, we don’t know where or when they first appeared.

What we do know however, is that modern-day Samuskies are a relatively new cross.

It all began some twenty to thirty years ago when the first hybrid dogs started becoming popular.

At some point in this hybrid mania, someone thought it would be a good idea to mix the ever popular Husky with a lovely Samoyed. Thus, Samusky puppies were born.

Personally, I always think it’s wonderful to have crossbreed puppies from two such incredible dog breeds.

We might not know the exact history of a Samusky, but we do know the background of their parents and ancestors. Keep reading, because the origin of Huskies and Samoyeds will amaze you.

Husky Origin

Siberian Husky is a purebred dog from Siberia. They’re canines perfectly designed to endure harsh winters and difficult living conditions.

Ever since their first days with the Chukchi tribe, Huskies have been a valuable working force, loyal guardians, and overall good friends. The importance and the role these dogs had back then is undeniable.

People living in Siberia needed a canine that will help them pull sleds, hunt down animals for food, and provide security at the camp. Wolf and bear attacks are common in areas like Siberia, where everyone’s fighting for food and survival.

Huskies have something I’d call an impeccable work ethic. A few other dog breeds share it as well, e.g.,. German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers.

But, these aren’t all work and no play dogs because Siberian Huskies are generally sweet and caring too.

They were so kind, even tribes had them guard little children and curl up around them for extra comfort and warmth.

The ultimate nanny dog has come a long way to today.

The first Huskies came to the USA at the beginning of the 1900s. Precisely, they arrived to Alaska for sled races and stayed.

Huskies we know are goofy pooches, ready to have fun anytime, but also ready to show how sharp-minded they are.

Samoyed Origin

When I said similar backgrounds, I really meant it.

Surprise, Samoyeds are also from Siberia! As one of the most popular Russian dog breeds, Samoyeds are the second favorite snow dogs.

Originally bred and raised by the Samoyedic people, these dogs were used for hunting purposes too, but they liked to herd animals and guard them as well.

Of course, sled pulling duty was mandatory. Samoyeds were enduring and strong, ready to pull sleds for hours and perform their tasks.

The stamina these dogs have, including their appearance, was good enough to mean these doggos were included in Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Maybe Mr. Amundsen wouldn’t make it if he didn’t have Samoyeds on board.

The first Samoyeds came to the States around the same time Huskies did. They were a present from the Russian Grand Duke Nicholas.

Their agility, endurance, and strength are still very important. But, it has been a long time since their polar bear hunting days, . modern Samoyeds are usually kept as sweet companions and are one of the friendliest dog breeds.

How Big Are Samusky Dogs?

samsky dog sitting in the forest

Photo from: @samskyhezia

Samusky or Samsky is definitely a good-sized dog, perfect for all home sizes. They’re not too small like teacup dogs, and they’re not too big like some other Husky mixes.

You can absolutely say Samsky is a compact dog, with a characteristically nice size.

To understand how big Samskies get, we must first know the average size of his parents.

Huskies are medium to large-sized dogs. They can be slim and fit, but they can also be chubby. Both are up to standards. However, an average Husky is supposed to weigh up to 60 pounds.

Their average height is around 23.5 inches at the withers. There are no significant differences when you compare male to female Huskies.

Females are usually just an inch shorter, and only a couple of pounds lighter.

Samoyeds share almost identical measurements with Huskies.

They also weigh from 40 to 60 pounds and stand tall at 22 to 23 inches at the withers.

So, what’s the conclusion? How big should their mixed puppies be?

It would be absurd to expect anything other than the same size for our Samusky puppy. This is not a hybrid that will lean over to one side more than the other.

Samuskies are generally fit, compact, and well-built dogs.

You can have them living in city apartments, but I’d recommend you get a house if you want a Samusky. These dogs are active and need some space to wear themselves out. A crowded apartment might not be a good idea when energetic outbursts happen.

What Does The Samusky Look Like?

white samksy sitting in the forest

Photo from: @harley.and.raya

You have to admit it: the Samusky is one good-looking guy.

You will recognize them for their pointy ears, long tails, and a big grin all over their cute faces.

All Samuskies are lucky enough to inherit Samoyed’s smile, a well-known signature look of this breed. This makes Samuskies even more adorable!

Before we get into details, I must warn you that this isn’t one of the low-maintenance dogs because it sheds so much. Huskies shed heavily throughout the year and Samoyeds are shedders too.

So, it’s only normal to expect the same features from their crossbreed puppy.

This means your Samusky will have a double coat consisting of a dense undercoat and a slightly coarse topcoat. Some of these pups may inherit the fluffiness from the Sammy parent, so you can expect even more shedding.

The most common coat color you’ll see this hybrid featuring is white. White is dominant for Samoyeds, but other color combinations are possible too.

Your Samusky can fashion either Husky colors or Sammy coat colors, but here’s the general list of possible options:







Even agouti, as in agouti Husky is possible. The genes game is a tricky one, and you never know if that cream puppy will stay cream or turn white over time. Pigment progression is quite common with dogs of all breeds.

The main feature of their thick coats is definitely the capability it provides of being resistant to low temperatures.

Given the fact these doggos were born in Siberia, a region with some of the coldest places on Earth, these temperature-resistant coats were highly needed.

Samuskies, just like their parents, love winter. They could easily live in an area with long winters and crisp summers.

Hot and humid areas, i.e. Florida or Texas, are not their favorite. These dogs can’t stand the heat and need cooling down all the time.

Overheating is a serious problem and if you live somewhere that gets very hot, getting a Samusky, a pup with a thick wooly coat, is not a good idea.

If you live somewhere warm and you own a Samusky, maybe installing a kiddy pool in the backyard for cooling down isn’t a bad idea?

Are Samoyed Husky Mix Dogs Good Family Dogs?

woman hugging her samsky outdoors

Photo from: @samskyhezia

One of the biggest reasons people decided to breed Huskies with Samoyeds was to get a Husky-like dog with a friendlier character.

Don’t get me wrong, Huskies are friendly. However, Samoyeds are even friendlier and they’re also calmer. Let’s just say Sammies don’t have as much quirkiness as Huskies do.

To answer the burning question: yes, Samoyed Huskies are excellent family dogs.

It’s written in their DNA to do well with families, including the little ones. Remember how I told you Huskies were used as primitive nannies back in the day? Exactly.

While today’s Samoyed Huskies aren’t nanny dogs, they’re still wonderful and valuable family companions. You can think of them as one of the sweetest, most sociable dog breeds in the world.

Samuskies are definitely social butterflies. They love meeting new people, exploring, and getting adored by everyone.

The only problem that may occur is your Samusky puppy inheriting some stubborn traits from the Husky parents.


Even though Huskies are super kind and gentle, they can still be stubborn and express a will to dominate everyone. Their pack dog mentality is to blame for this becauseHuskies need a leader if they’re not the one.

In the case of living in a family, it’s never a good idea to allow a Husky to be the alpha dog.

The problem with their dominance is a strong one. If you let them take over, soon you won’t be able to recognize your dog, as he won’t listen to any of your commands.

If you notice similar issues with your Samusky, it’s time to have them trained for obedience. Socialization should already be a work in progress, because all puppies, especially the ones coming from such dominant parents, need basic socialization skills.

What you need to know about Samuskies is that they tend to pick a favorite of all family members. German Shepherds do this too. They express extra protectiveness over those people and follow them around everywhere.

This is just a way of them saying that they love that human deeply.

As for other pets inside the house, cats are tolerated, and other dogs are welcomed, but only if your Samusky is trained and the other dog doesn’t want to dominate the Samusky.

When you take into consideration, that, for example, your Husky is okay with cats, then you can only conclude that their puppies will be super friendly too!

Training: How Intelligent Are Samusky Dogs?

samsky dog playing with a stick with his owner

Photo from: @skyesamusky

Samusky dogs are some smart cookies in the jar. You shouldn’t have any issues with training, as they catch on quickly.

I’m not surprised by their intelligence, because the parent breeds are also highly intelligent canines.

Huskies are actually ranked #74, and Samoyeds are #44. Of 138 accepted dog breeds, #74 and #44 is great. But, this is just a list.

In practice, this list looks a little different because both Huskies and Sammies seem smarter than they are. Well, at least the dogs I have had contact with do!

Samusky dogs love all exercise courses. Besides the two hours needed every day, these dogs like to play games. Taking them on an agility course would be an excellent idea.

What else is a great idea? Maybe playing fetch or tug-o-war? The best thing you can do for your Samusky’s physical well-being is to play with them every day.

These dogs are cheerful and enjoy doing lots of different activities. You can find the one you like and repeat it until your dog gets bored of it.


Speaking of boredom…

Even the most well-trained dog can become bored. But, well-behaving dogs know what to do when boredom kicks in. They play mental games to exercise their brains and make time go faster.

Mental stimulation is extremely important for all dogs. If you neglect this side of your dog’s wellbeing, you will end up with lots of issues.

Boredom leads to anxiety, depression, and destructive behavior. Your dog did not destroy your sofa when you were gone just because he’s evil. He’s not evil.

He’s just bored, afraid, and anxious about whether you’re coming back. They don’t know any other way to express their emotions. They’re dogs!

Still, a well-trained dog will know how to control his emotions. He’ll know that you’ll come back and everything will be alright.

Keep that in mind.

Another issue that may occur with Samuskies is their will to dominate. I mentioned this earlier. The most important thing you can do in terms of proper training, is use positive reinforcement and show your dog who’s in charge.

Positive reinforcement proves the most effective method because dogs will work harder to receive that yummy treat or a tummy rub for a job well done.

Grooming Needs: How To Take Care After A Samoyed Husky Mix?

wet white samksy standing in the bath

Photo from: @bearbear.the.samsky

They may be sweet and friendly, but they are certainly not dogs for first-time owners.

Neither the Samoyed nor the Siberian Husky are a good choice for new owners because they’re not low-maintenance dogs.

Also, they’re not hypoallergenic dogs, and it seems like everyone today is looking for a hypoallergenic pooch.

This means you’ll need lots of free time on your hands to take care of your Samusky.

Have you seen the amount of fur these hybrids have? Samuskies can be quite fluffy, and you need to groom all that fluff. After all, their Samoyed parents are one of the finest examples of big fluffy dogs!

There’s really nothing sadder than a dog with a poorly-groomed coat.

Samuskies are dogs that are meant to have a healthy, fluffy coat that should be taken care of daily.

If you devote ten to twenty minutes a day to brushing your Samusky, you can expect him to have a good-looking coat.

It’s always better to catch up with your brushing duties, than to neglect your pooch and do a bunch of work in one occasion.

A coat that’s this rich can get tangled and matted if not groomed regularly, which, not only looks bad, but it’s also painful for your canine buddy. You’ll need to either brush the tangles gently, or cut them out.

Brushing a Samusky’s coat should be done gently. Don’t brush too hard or hair will be pulled out. As if there aren’t lot of loose hairs around you already! Always use special brushes for Huskies or Samoyeds.

Grooming Tips

Invest in a good pin brush that will work deep into the coat and solve any tangles as it goes. I recommend you get an undercoat rake or a comb.

It’s absolutely necessary to brush their undercoats too to remove any dirt or matter fur that’s lying around.

Many dog owners make the big mistake of bathing their Huskies or Samoyeds too often. Dogs like Huskies shouldn’t be over bathed.

These dogs possess natural oils in their coat which give them shine and help keep the skin under the coat healthy and elastic.

If you bathe them frequently, you’ll get rid of those oils, and your dog might even become less resistant to cold temperatures.

Stick with a bathing schedule of three to four times a year. If your Samusky gets dirty in the meantime, use dog wipes or just wash the dirty part of his body.

Usually, pups get their legs and paws very dirty on a daily basis. I find doggy wipes to be of terrific help. Also, a simple old rag and warm water will do!

Lastly, nail and hair clipping are also mandatory. Hair clipping can be done by you or the professional groomer. I recommend you buy an e-book on grooming dogs breeds like this one.

You’ll save a ton of money, and you’ll always be able to touch up your dog’s fur and keep it nice in shape.

Food 101: What Do Samuskies Like To Eat

samsky playing with a watermelon on the floor

Photo from: @zeusy.patel

I used to own a Husky several years ago. She was an absolute beauty. But, man, she could eat! I feel like every Husky I meet enjoys food more than their ancestors enjoyed the snow.

Seriously, my girl could eat four meals a day easily, and she always begged for more. The two recommended meals were simply not working out for her.

So, you can say Huskies are pretty gluttonous.

How about Samoyeds?

Well, Samoyeds aren’t too far away from Huskies. They’re also quite greedy when it comes to food.

You can expect the same behavior from their puppy, the Samusky.

I recommend that you try feeding your dog raw dog food because it’s proven to keep dogs satisfied longer.

You can make meals out of lean muscle meat, add in some liver, helpful veggies, and berries, and your Samusky will be thrilled to see such a bowl of goodness.

Huskies actually love eating a raw diet. It brings them one step closer back to their origins. Numerous studies have proven many benefits of a raw diet, particularly when it comes to the dog’s coat.

When you have a dog like the Samoyed Husky mix, then you definitely want a shiny coat!

Of course, dry dog food or kibble can satisfy them, but before you head out shopping, you’ll need to know some things.

Which Nutrients Do Samuskies Need?

Dry dog food should be made using real animal meat. No meat by-products, ever! Look for kibble formulas that feature the first five ingredients as animal proteins.

For example, chicken meat, turkey, ground meaty bones, liver, intestines, etc.

It sounds awful to us, but our dogs like it, especially if it’s shaped in little kibble bits.

Don’t run away from recipes with superfoods like pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberries, cranberries, kelp, and chia. They’re delicious and nutritious!

Your Samusky should eat two meals a day, as recommended by the vet. Don’t overfeed this hybrid as it’s prone to becoming obese.

Enrich its diet with supplements like omega-3 fatty acids, l-carnitine, chondroitin, glucosamine, etc. for stronger bones and joints. Samuskies are highly active so they need healthy bones.

I know you’ll be tempted to hand out treats. Which is okay, as long as you don’t go over 10% of the daily calorie intake.

Are Samoyed Husky Mix Healthy Dogs?

samsky dog standing on the rock in the forest

Photo from: @skyesamusky

Yes, Samoyed Husky mixes are fairly healthy dogs. You don’t have to worry about any major or life-threatening issues with this hybrid dog. They’re less likely to catch a specific health condition, but they’re still not disease free.

I’m not saying your Samoyed Husky will definitely become ill, but there is a small possibility. Hence it is best to know which diseases they’re prone to, so you can prepare in advance.

With regular checkups at the vet’s, you can find some conditions early and prevent them from turning into something severe. If you must save money on your dog, let that be toys or doggy accessories.

Never save money by not taking your dog to the vet, just because he looks okay!

Your buddy may seem healthy from the outside, but you never know what’s bothering him from the inside.

The list of the most common diseases for Samoyed Husky mix dogs are as follows:

hip dysplasia

retinal dysplasia

oculoskeletal dysplasia

PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy



cardiac issues




Hypothyroidism is one of the biggest health issues for this hybrid dog, and it’s inherited from the Samoyed side of the family.

You can recognize the first system of hypothyroidism when your dog has a weight gain all of a sudden, followed by major skin and coat issues like hair loss.

What it once was a beautiful dog, may turn into a chubby, hairless doggo in no time.

Unfortunately, hyperthyroidism is not treatable, but dogs can live with it for many years on medication.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition that could be inherited from either the Husky or Samoyed side of the family. All bigger dogs that love to stay active are prone to developing hip dysplasia.

Still, it can be inherited too, so it’s better to test puppies for this condition while they’re still young.

Hip dysplasia happens during the growth spurt. The hip joint loosens and the condition may lead to crippling pain, arthritis, and limited mobility.


PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a hereditary disease, meaning it will be transferred from parents to puppies. PRA is a severe condition that may lead to blindness over time.

Sometimes, the condition is fast progressing and Samuskies go blind within a few months.

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for PRA, so dogs affected by it cannot be treated.

What’s The Average Lifespan Of Samoyed Husky Mixes?

samsky dog lying on the ground near the fence

Photo from: @samskyhezia

A lot of hybrid dogs are blessed with a long lifespan. The combination of different parent gene pools works that way, so their crossbreed puppies usually turn out to have better lifespans than them.

In fact, a lot of such dogs turn out to be hybrid vigors. Meaning, that they will outperform their parents in pretty much every area, especially health status.

Samuskies can definitely turn out to be hybrid vigors, especially if they’re happy and healthy dogs.

Good health status will definitely improve their average life expectancy.

On average, Samuskies should live up to 15 years. That’s incredibly long, given the fact some dog breeds only live for several short years.

The long life expectancy is inherited from both parents. Samoyed’s lifespan is 12 to 14 years, while Huskies live 12 to 15 years.

The active life of working dogs sure keeps Samuskies nice and fit. Samuskies are energetic dogs and they love using their energy on meaningful tasks because that’s what keeps them young, even in the old days.

Where To Find A Samoyed Husky Mix?

samsky puppy lying in the grass

Photo from: @samskyhezia

Finally, we come to a question everyone’s asking: If Samuskies are so great, where can we find one?

Sadly, it’s extremely hard to find a good Samusky puppy. The reason is quite obvious: the Samusky is a fairly new dog breed.

Not many breeders want to experiment and cross their breeding stock with other breeds. Only a few brave ones will agree to do it.

Your best chance of finding a Samusky puppy from a trusted source is to contact any of the Husky or Samoyed breeders. Local shelters are not very likely to have this breed.

Instead, grab your phone and check out if any of the breeders are interested in breeding a Samusky.

PupVine has no Samusky breeders to recommend, but we do have Husky and Samoyed breeders we can trust:

Husky breeders in Florida

Husky breeders in Ontario

Samoyed breeders in Ontario

Samoyed breeders in California

Are Samoyed Husky Mixes Expensive Dogs?

samsky dog lying on the carpet in the living room

Photo from: @bearbear.the.samsky

Since we’re talking about a hybrid dog, you shouldn’t expect a heavy price tag.

Samuskies usually go for around $1,500. That’s the standard price for any hybrid this size.

Of course, teacup hybrids or basically any other small hybrid dog will cost more because of the demand for small dogs.

Compared to Samoyed’s purchase cost, Samuskies are way cheaper!

But, the initial purchase price is only the beginning of your billing list.

The biggest expenses are yet to come.

Always have a budget for emergency veterinary treatments. You’re getting a hybrid dog. And, while it’s supposed to be healthy and less likely to catch some diseases, it’s still a dog with a questionable background.

The health of an average Samusky is under a big question mark, especially if the breeder isn’t known as a reputable one.

Besides medical bills, you must prepare your house for a new puppy. The Samusky will grow into a medium to large-sized dog, so he’ll need a big bag of dog food almost every month.

If you decide to buy solely the good stuff, your expenses might double.

Add treats, a dog bed, leashes, collars, toys, grooming tools, and supplements to the list too! Depending on the quality of the items you’re getting, the first-year expenses of living with a Samusky can add up to $2,000.

Top Three Reasons Why To Adopt A Samusky

samsky dog sitting in the car and looking into camera

Photo from: @zeusy.patel

The Samoyed Husky mix is definitely worth owning. This dog has only been with us for a short while, but we can all tell Samuskies are the future. Sorry Goldendoodles, we’ve got a new hybrid dog we all like!

Just kidding! You can have any crossbreed pup you want, and I’m here to show you exactly why you need a Samoyed Husky mix puppy! These are just the top three reasons, but, trust me, there are many more pros for owning a Samusky!

Long And Happy Life

A long life expectancy has to be one of the biggest reasons why you should adopt a Samusky. When we think about it, we’re getting dogs to be our friends for many years. No one wants to get a pooch, become attached, and lose it soon afterward.

With a lifespan of almost 15 years, Samoyed Huskies are likely to live a long and happy life. What else can a new dog owner wish for?


Samoyed Huskies come from two extremely friendly parent breeds.

The Samoyed dog seems like he’s always smiling, and the Husky seems like the most loyal dog of all time. They both make great family dogs, thus, their puppy must be the same.

Well, I believe Samuskies make even better pets than their parents. They’re sweet-natured, love spending time with families, and don’t have a bad bone inside them like Huskies and Sammies.

Samoyed Husky puppies are pretty easygoing. The high prey drive of a Husky is toned down, so they can enjoy a peaceful family life.

Impressive Intelligence

With the level of intelligence these dogs have, Samuskies can become superstars of the canine world. Both parents have proven how intelligent they are, and now is the time for their puppy to do the same.

Samuskies are okay with any training. I encourage you to have them trained, no matter whether it’s at home or by a professional.

Samuskies need to learn what’s good and what’s not, for example, they can be quite the escape artists, so they’d better learn that wandering off is a big no.

Top Three Reasons Why A Samusky Might Not Be For You

white samsky lying on the floor on his back and playing

Photo from: @bearbear.the.samsky

Samoyed Husky mix dogs are definitely not cut out to adapt to every family. But, that’s generally because of your lifestyle, not because of this designer breed.

Usually, people avoid Samuskies because they’re high-energy level dogs with high-maintenance needs. But, that’s not always the reason that they don’t want a Samusky in their lives.

If you’re thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t get a Samusky, then you must consider all of the pros, as well as the cons.

The following top three reasons why a Samusky might not be for you are just a warning. They’re not here to scare you away from this breed at all!

High Energy Levels

Samuskies might not be the right dogs for you if you’re not that active.

People who work long hours won’t be amazed by Samuskies because they demand lots of attention. If you don’t provide enough exercise for them on a daily basis, they become restless.

Samuskies need to have something to do throughout the day. An untrained Samusky might easy dig up your flowerbeds if you don’t leave out fun toys and puzzle games while you’re gone.

High Maintenance Dogs

When I say high maintenance, I don’t mean Samuskies require constant checkups or that they’re suffering from lots of health problems.

Samuskies are high-maintenance dogs in terms of grooming.

Huskies shed, but Samuskies can shed even more- if that’s even possible! These puppies come from parents designed for the harsh climates of Russia. Meaning, they all have the same thick, double coat.

And, sadly, double coats shed like crazy. You’ll need lots of high-quality grooming tools to have the shedding situation under control.

Of course, vacuuming will be a part of your daily cleaning routine, so if it’s not your favorite house chore, then skip the

Samusky and pick a Poodle mix that doesn’t shed.


Almost everyone can afford a Samusky. They’re not too expensive to take care of after. But, the problem with Samuskies isn’t the price. It’s their availability!

Finding a reputable breeder with a healthy Samusky puppy is beyond difficult. This is mainly because most good breeders don’t mess with crossbreed dogs. The Samusky is a hybrid, and he’ll never be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

You might have more luck finding your Samusky in a shelter than with a breeder. But, shelter dogs bring other issues, e.g.,. unknown background, proneness to some health diseases, etc.

To Sum Up…

I bet you’re really impressed with the Samoyed Husky mix!

I was too when I first saw this lovely dog breed!

Like all spitz-like dogs, Samoyed Husky mixes are stunningly beautiful. Nature was really generous with these doggos.

Samuskie’s sled dog days are long gone. Rarely does anyone use them or their parents as sled dogs anymore. Instead, these dogs are valued family members and wonderful pets.

If you’re lucky enough to find a Samusky from a good breeder, think no further: get this doggo because it will definitely enrich your life and pawsitively surprise you every day!

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