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Red Merle Aussiedoodle: All About This Unique-Looking Dog

Red Merle Aussiedoodle: All About This Unique-Looking Dog

From the first Doodle dogs bred way back in the ‘80s to the modern-day generation of Alpha Doodles, they have captivated our heart with loving eyes and a cute-as-a-button nose.

A doodle puppy can come in many coat color variations. But, there is one that is considered one of the prettiest coat colors and color patterns in the Aussiedoodle world. It is the red merle coat color.

This Aussiedoodle coat color is unique for every Aussiedoodle pup. There are no two dogs with the same red merle pattern. This is impossible because of so many possibilities for shapes of smudges and blotches of tan and white spots on a solid-red base color.

But, it’s not just the color that made them so popular. It is the Aussiedoodle’s temperament as well. It’s coming from two purebred dog breeds that are considered some of the smartest dog breeds.

But, let’s start from the beginning.

What Is A Red Merle Aussiedoodle?

red merle aussiedoodle dog laying on the floor
Photo from: @luffy.theaussiedood

First of all, these dogs are called hybrid or designer dogs. That is the name for all crossbreed dogs bred from two purebred dog breeds. In the Aussiedoodle’s case, those two purebred dogs are the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd.

Both dog parent breeds have a true kaleidoscope of coat colors and patterns. For example, a Poodle has 35 different coat colors! The Australian Shepherd is not far behind the Poodle when it comes to colors and patterns, and their color combinations.

So, crossbreeding these two dogs can produce very different types of Aussiedoodle colors. There are sable, apricot, and blue merle, as well as black tri-color Aussiedoodles, and many others. There is even a white Aussiedoodle.

As you might have guessed, the red merle Aussiedooodle is an Aussiedoodle that comes in a specific coat pattern. Our focus is on the unique markings of the red merle Aussiedoodle dogs, which consist of patches and blotches of lighter color on a solid base color.

The reason behind so many coat variations and unique colors of Aussiedoodle puppies is the parent dog breeds. To understand the red merle Aussiedoodle or any other Aussiedoodle, we have to take a look at the parents.

When it comes to their size, a standard Aussiedoodle is about 60 pounds, and it can be from 23 to 25 inches tall. Mini versions are, of course, smaller — up to eighteen inches tall, and weighing about 20 pounds.

Now, let’s see the parents.


This is not just a pretty dog — it is a very smart one, too! They were originally bred as hunting dogs, or more precisely — bird retrieving dogs. They were bred to quickly learn commands, and do as told.

Why is this important to mention? Because these are the traits that our red merle Aussiedoodle is likely to inherit from its Poodle parent. Another important thing to talk about is what kind of colors can Aussiedoodle dogs inherit from a Poodle.

Well, let’s see some Poodle colors:

And, many, many more…

There is even a merle Poodle, but it is still questionable whether it is a true purebred Poodle or a crossbreed. In any case, we now know that having a red or even a white Poodle and crossbreeding it with an Australian Shepherd can produce a red merle Aussiedoodle.

Australian Shepherd

They are herding dogs (or shepherd dogs) that are bred for exactly what their name tells us — to help herd a flock of sheep.

And, they are brilliant at it! Even though Australian Shepherds are getting more and more popular solely as family pets and not working dogs, they are still one of the most used shepherd dogs in the States.

A blue merle Australian Shepherd is the most usual and popular color variation of this dog breed. But, this dog can have other merle variations, like a red merle Australian Shepherd — very important for our red merle Aussiedoodle.

Some other coat colors include the black Australian Shepherd, red tri-color, black tri-color, and others. Once again, we realize there are many coat colors and patterns that the Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix can inherit.

These dogs are also very loyal and protective of their human family… another kind of trait that the red merle Aussiedoodle will inherit.

How Do You Get The Red Merle Color?

red merle aussiedoodle sitting on the floor
Photo from: @albadventures

Having a dog with any type of merle coat color means one of the dogs had a merle allele present. An allele is a mutated form of a gene. There are even dogs that have the merle allele, but don’t have the merle coat color. They will produce a merle dog when bred with a dog without a merle allele.

These dogs are called phantom merle (or ghost merle) dogs. There can be a phantom red merle Aussiedoodle or other phantom colors, like a black phantom Aussiedoodle. What does that mean?

It means that this dog doesn’t exhibit a merle pattern, but it carries a gene for it. The merle gene can show up in the ghost merle dog offspring.

But, what about a true red merle Aussiedoodle? You’ll need a red merle Australian Shepherd for that. A Poodle can basically be of any color because the important part is the merle allele. It does help, of course, if the Poodle color is also similar to the red merle coat pattern.

What does a Red Merle Aussiedoodle look like?

Let’s say a breeder wants to breed mini Aussiedoodle puppies. They’ll need a mini or a toy Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. There is also a mini and a toy Australian Shepherd that can be used to produce smaller Aussiedoodles.

If they want to have a red merle Aussiedoodle, they will need a red merle Australian Shepherd. If they want a blue merle Aussiedoodle, they will need a blue merle Australian Shepherd.

The first generation of Aussiedoodles is called F1. By mixing an F1 Aussiedoodle with a purebred dog — in most cases, a Poodle will result in having an F1b Aussiedoodle.

The F1 red merle Aussiedoodle will have:

  • A solid base color (reddish or brown)
  • Lighter patches or blotches (lighter red, gray, or brown)
  • Patches all over the body without order
  • White parts that can be seen on the chest and belly
  • A red nose, lips, and eye rims
  • Brown eyes, blue eyes, or heterochromia

There is no way of telling what shape these patches and blotches can be or where they will show up on the red merle Aussiedoodle. This is what makes these dogs so unique-looking – that, and the fact that they are less common than other merle variations or coat colors of Aussiedoodles.

Coat Type

Depending on the dominant gene, Aussiedoodles can have four different coat types.

  • Curly coat
  • Straight coat
  • Wavy coat
  • Flat coat

In most cases, the Poodle gene is more dominant, and the Aussiedoodle puppies inherit the curly coat type. But, any variation that is in between curly and wavy or curly and straight is possible. In any case, grooming Aussiedoodles at least once a week is necessary.

What Is The Temperament Of The Red Merle Aussiedoodle?

cute red merle aussiedoodle dog
Photo from: @juniebeloise_too

Whether you have a red merle Aussiedoodle, a bi-colored Aussiedoodle, a red tri-color Aussiedoodle, or any other coat color variation — Aussiedoodles are smart and loyal!

The coat color does not affect the temperament of the dog. It can have an impact on a dog’s health, but when it comes to family life or social traits, color has nothing to do with it.

What matters are other types of genes coming from both dog parent breeds. These genes are not connected to genes that influence the coat patterns or colors in a dog.

So, what can you expect from a red merle Aussiedooodle?

Easy To Train

This is one of the reasons why people think these Doodles are the best Doodles. They get their high trainability from both Poodle and Australian Shepherd dog parents.

Of all Doodle dogs, and there are many Doodles (e.g., Labradoodle, Sheepadoodle, Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, etc.), these are the easiest to train.

You can start training your red merle Aussiedoodle puppy when it’s about eight weeks old. They can learn simple commands, and you can definitely start teaching the pup what is allowed and not allowed in the house.

They love to please their owner, and they will be more than happy to show you they understand what is asked of them. Of course, they are not magical puppies — you will need to use positive reinforcement as a teaching method.

Other Dogs And Pets

Coming from two dogs that were bred and developed to be able to work in a group involving other animals, the red merle Aussiedooodle is not a highly territorial dog.

They will need proper early socialization if you want to avoid hunting instincts getting in your way. But, in most cases, this dog won’t have any problem getting along with other dogs or other pets. Once again, it doesn’t matter if you have a red tuxedo Aussiedoodle or a red merle Aussiedoodle — color doesn’t have an impact on their social behavior.

Young Children

If you plan on bringing a new Aussiedoodle pup to your home and you worry if they’ll get along with your children — no need to worry! Aussiedoodle dogs are great with children of all ages.

They are gentle and patient, and they will be perfect playmates for your children. However, as with any other dog breed (no matter how small or big it is), they will need to be socialized in order for you to fully enjoy their playful and friendly nature.

Are There Any Health Issues?

redmerle aussiedoodle standing on the leaves
Photo from: @stella_the_aussiedoodle_

If you get yourself a red merle from the best Aussiedoodle breeders, chances are very high that your dog will never develop serious health issues.

But, we can never be absolutely sure, as after all — it is unreasonable to say a dog cannot get sick because you got it from the most reputable and responsible breeder.

There are so many external and internal factors that can influence your dog’s health, no matter if you have a black tuxedo Aussiedoodle or a red merle Aussiedoodle.

Some of the health issues are:

There is another problem that is connected with the merle gene — a hearing problem.


Dogs that have a merle coat color can have hearing problems. These hearing problems can be mild or severe (total loss of hearing – or deafness).

The hearing impairment can affect one or both ears. The chances of getting a deaf red merle Aussiedoodle are higher if you crossbreed two F1 Aussiedoodles.

Actually, breeding two merle dogs in the UK is banned by The Kennel Club. The reason for this is not just deafness, but other health issues that a puppy can be born with. The AKC (American Kennel Club) does not specifically ban breeding two merle dogs, but condemns such actions.

Eye Problems

Besides deafness, other common health issues in red merle Aussiedoodle dogs are numerous eye problems. From small to undeveloped eyes, to pupils that cannot dilate — these are all common eye problems in merle dogs.

There have been reported cases where merle dogs were born without eyes! Not to mention that most of the time, a merle dog that has eye problems has a hearing problem, too.

Common eye problems in red merle Aussiedoodles are:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Small eyes (microphthalmia)
  • Microcoria (pupils cannot dilate)
  • Corectopia (eyeballs are not centrally positioned)
  • Cleft in the iris

These problems are even more severe if we crossbreed two merle Aussiedoodle dogs. Because of these and many other health issues, breeding two merle dogs is considered unethical.

The Conclusion

If you want a dog that looks stunning and is a gentle and friendly pooch at the same time — getting a red merle Aussiedoodle is the right choice!

They are loyal, friendly, and affectionate dogs that will quickly learn what to do and what not to do in your home. Of course, they will need proper socialization to fully shine when they grow into adult dogs.

They are also low-shedding dogs that can look like true Teddy Bears with the right haircut. Low-shedding, along with the Poodle parent means they are hypoallergenic — perfect for allergy sufferers. And, they look gorgeous!

The red merle Aussiedoodle is one of the prettiest Doodles, and even I dare to say one of the prettiest Poodle mixes in general.

If you decide to get this dog, you will have fun with it and you will gain a new best furry friend. They will enjoy spending time with you no matter if it’s a walk in the park or lounging on the sofa.As you can see, the red merle Aussiedoodle should be called the red merle Awesomedoodle.