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Aussiedoodle Colors – The Art Of Doodles

Aussiedoodle Colors – The Art Of Doodles

What do you get when you cross an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle? You get a giant Teddy Bear you can call an Aussiepoo, Aussiedoodle, or Australian Poodle.

This mixed dog breed is truly a beauty with coat color combinations so interesting, that no one can say no to their staggering looks.

Breeders understood the benefits of having a mixed breed dog with one purebred Poodle parent and another purebred Australian Shepherd. They’ve got hypoallergenic, highly intelligent Aussiedoodle puppies with an amazing set of different colors and coat patterns.

And, on top of that, they are descendants of the retriever group of dogs, which means they have a strong work ethic and are very loyal to their owners.

But, it’s their looks that have got our hearts racing fast.

11 Most Common Aussiedoodle Colors

Because Aussiedoodle dogs are a mixed breed, there are practically an infinite number of possible coat color patterns.

Tri-color, bi-color, solid, mottled, speckled, parti, you name it – an Aussiedoodle has got it!

Let’s start with the most common Aussiedoodle colors.

Black Tri-Color

Aussiedoodle running across the field

This tri-color Aussiedoodle comes in a black, white, and red color combination.

The white patches are on its forehead, snout, chest, feet, and a bit of white going upwards on the legs.

The red color is present as a patch on the eyebrows, on the face sides, and on the sides of the legs.

The rest of the coat is black.

Black tri-color is a very popular Aussiedoodle coat.

You can also get a tri-color Pitbull, so check out this color combination on a Pittie too!

Red Tri-Color

Just like the Black tri-color, these Aussiedoodle dogs have a white patch on the snout, forehead, feet, and up the legs.

The eyebrow patch is a tan color or copper color, and it can be present on the sides of the legs too.

The rest of the coat is red or brownish color.

Black Phantom

The base color in this coat color variation is black.

It is called a black phantom aussiedoodle because of the tan color patches on the eyebrows, bottom part of the snout, and the sides of the face. Besides this mixed dog, there is also a straight up Phantom Poodle!

The tan color patches are present on the legs too, and as a smudge on the chest.

White patches can be in the form of a smudge on the chest, as well.

Black Bi-Color

These dogs have two colors, black and white. They are similar to the black tuxedo Aussiedoodles, but the black bi-color Aussiedoodle dogs have a lot more white color present.

The white color is located on the forehead, snout, going down across the chest and belly, and up the legs.

They are as cute as a button!

Red Bi-Color

Red Bi-Color Aussiedoodle

Photo from: @kytheway

The color combination of this variety is red and white. The white color is present a lot, which differentiates them from the red tuxedo Aussiedoodle dogs.

Similar to the black bi-color dogs, they have white color on their forehead, snout, chest, belly, feet, and legs.

The rest of the coat color is red.

Any bi-color coat pattern does not have any other color mixed in, except for the two base colors.

If it’s a red bi-color coat, the only colors are red and white.

If it’s a black bi-color coat, the only colors are black and white.

Blue Merle

This coat pattern in Aussiedoodle puppies comes from the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd genes.

It means they have a mixture of black, gray, and white colors in numerous combinations, making a unique coat color pattern.

The blue merle color means that there are black mottled or speckled patches all over the base color.

These Aussiedoodles usually have blue eyes or heterochromia (one eye is blue, the other is dark colored).

Blue Merle With Tan Points

This is the blue merle Aussiedoodle with tan color or copper color present as eyebrow patches or patches on their legs and chest.

The tan color can be present on other parts of the face, but ony in small amounts, more like a blotchy mark.

This merle pattern offers limitless possibilities of color combinations, making each and every merle aussiedoodle puppy completely unique.

Blue Merle With White Points

Blue Merle

Photo from: @ari.the.aussiedoodle

When it comes to this merle coat, I am biased.

They are my favorite Aussiedoodle coat color!

These dogs are simply gorgeous with their blue merle coat and a lot of white color on their chest, snout, feet, and forehead.

They can also have blue eyes which gives them even prettier looks.

Blue Merle with white points is one beautiful puppy gift ready to be delivered!

Red Merle

Once again, the Australian Shepherd genes have kicked in and showed their beauty.

The red merle aussiedoodle puppies have a mixture of red, gray, and white colors.

They have red speckles, freckles, blotches, or smudged spots all over their bodies, without an apparent pattern.

Just like all merle puppies, this gives them looks that cannot be copied and transferred to the next generation.

Each puppy has its own unique coat pattern.

Get yourself a red merle aussiedoodle and have your own one-of-a-kind dog.


With the Aussiedoodle being a Poodle mix too, their Poodle genes can become dominant, giving the aussiedoodle puppies more solid color looks.

Sable dogs are in fact black dogs with light hair roots.

Because the darker pigment is present in large amounts, the sable color is almost a shade of brown color.

There are three sable coat colors: clear, tipped and shaded.

Clear sable color refers to a solid reddish coat with lighter hair roots showing all over the body.

Tipped sable color refers to a color change showing on the dog’s head, back, and tail.

Shaded sable color refers to a color change only on the top of the head or on the back.

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When the aussiedoodle puppy has two colors, with more white (more than 50 % than the other color or an equal amount of the two, then the coat color is called parti.

The second color can be red, black, blue, apricot, or any other solid color typical of the Poodle.

So, the biggest difference between the parti-color aussiedoodles, and the tuxedo or bi-color aussiedoodles, is the fact that parti puppies have 50% or more of their body covered in white.

There are no speckles, blotches, or mixes of any other colors.

It’s solid white combined with solid black, blue, apricot, cafe au late, brown, etc.

The 3 Rarest Aussiedoodle Colors

When you have a crossbreed puppy where both dog parents have a lot of coat color variations, the chances are that some of their offspring will have a unique coat pattern.

These color patterns do not happen too often and are quite valuable.

Here are the rarest colors of the Aussiedoodle dogs.

Red Phantom

The red phantom aussiedoodle is a particularly rare coat color variation.

The base color is red with tan color patches on the face, legs, and chest.

The tan patches on the face appear as eyebrow patches, smudges on the snout, and sides of the face.

They can have a white patch on the chest.

With such color traits, they look absolutely gorgeous!

Solid Color

The solid color gene, once again, comes from the Poodle.

They have beautiful solid colors – black, white, brown, red, gray, blue, silver, and cream.

Aussiedoodle puppies can come in any of these color variations.

They are quite rare, because of their other dog parent, the Australian Shepherd, which is famous for its beautiful merle color patterns.

One of the rarest colors is a white aussiedoodle dog.

They can be a pure, solid white, or they can come with a gold hue on the tips of their ears, paws, and snout.

Both versions are absolutely gorgeous and very rare.


Another very rare color in Aussiedoodle dogs is the apricot color.

This color can come in two forms:

• apricot tuxedo

• apricot bi-color

The apricot tuxedo coat color can vary from puppy to puppy. They can come in all shades of apricot, and their tuxedo part means they have a little bit of white color, too.

The white color can be just a small patch of white on the chest. Sometimes the white patch can show up as a speck on the forehead or the snout of the aussiedoodle puppy.

The apricot bi-color coat pattern on the other hand, refers to a larger amount of white. These puppies can have all kinds of shades of apricot color too.

The white patch on the chest is much bigger, and often the white color can show up on the tip of the paws and on the forehead.

Why Are There So Many Aussiedoodle Colors?

Aussiedoodle dogs are a cross between two purebred dogs that have a lot of coat color variations of their own.

The AKC accepted standard colors of a Poodle are only solid colors, and those of an Australian Shepherd can be blue merle or red merle. The usual solid colors of a Poodle are black, white, red, and silver.

Besides the standard coat colors, these purebred dogs can come in non-standard colors which are not AKC accepted but are AKC registered, and are very much present in kennels all around the world.

That means there is an infinite number of color patterns in an Aussiedoodle dog.

Their coat types, however, can be wavy or double, depending on the more dominant gene.

Being a Poodle mix, the Aussiedoodle coat can have a more dominant Poodle gene and have a more expressive solid base color.

If they have a more dominant Australian Shepherd gene, their coat colors usually come in merle patterns.

The more colorful the dog parents are, the more variations of the colors can be present in the puppies.

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The Price Depens On The Color

Many things are considered when the breeder is deciding on the price of their puppies.

Some things include:

• how rare the breed is

• who were the dog’s parents

• how many puppies the breeder sells a year

• how big the litter was

• coat color

The usual price for the most common Aussiedoodle coat colors is between $1300 and $2500.

But, some breeders sell their pups for just $500! Whereas others will set the price as high as $5000.

One reason for such a high price is the fact that they can inherit their Poodle hypoallergenic gene.

This trait, combined with some of the rarest colors in Aussiedoodles, like Red Phantom or Apricot, means you get a very pricy pup.

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The Conclusion

As you can see, these giant Teddy Bears come in a variety of coat patterns and colors.

The Aussiedoodle colors are everything from solid to tri-colors with speckles of white or tan, and all the shades in between.

But, though some people might prefer red merle to a black tuxedo aussiedoodle, they are all wonderful dogs with amazing traits.

Choosing the aussiedoodle color you prefer is relevant when buying a new puppy, but, your new aussiedoodle pup will make your life brighter, no matter what the color of their coat is.

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