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Top 7 Adorable Aussiedoodle Haircuts (With Pictures)

Top 7 Adorable Aussiedoodle Haircuts (With Pictures)

Ah, those doodle dogs! I just can’t decide which one is the cutest: the Goldendoodle, the Labradoodle, the Bernedoodle, or perhaps the Aussiedoodle?

What is special about Aussiedoodles? Let me just tell you one thing: you don’t have to go further from their ancestors to understand their uniqueness: Aussiedoodless present a cross between a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd.

In recent years, this dog breed has become very popular, which is no wonder, given how cute and smart Aussiedoodles are.

What about the look of this dog breed? The Aussiedoodle’s coat comes in a variety of colors, such as sable, black and tan, blue merle, and red merle. Their coat is also diverse: some Aussiedoodless have tight curls while some have wavy ones.

Are you interested in finding out what would be the best idea for the hairstyle of your Aussiedoodle’s beautiful coat? Take a look at our list of the top 7 Aussiedoodle haircuts!

In addition, we will give you some tips for your dog grooming at home!

A List Of Popular Ideas For Aussiedoodle Haircuts

So many haircut styles and you only have one cute dog! How do you choose one? What are the most important benefits of each haircut?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, or for inspiration for a new hairstyle for your dog friend, we invite you to check out our list of 7 popular ideas for Aussiedoodle haircuts.

1. Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

aussiedoodle laying on the ground outdoor

If you want your Aussiedoodle to look like a fluffy teddy bear, the teddy bear haircut will be especially interesting to you. What are the main features of this haircut?

With this haircut, the hair of your Aussiedoodle will be around 1.5 to three inches long, which means it will be short enough for easy management, but at the same time, long enough to keep the Aussiedoodle’s natural waves and curls.

This haircut is perfect for winter months as your Aussiedoodle can have his coat long enough not to allow him to get too cold. If you have an Aussiedoodle puppy, this is one of the best options for his hairstyles. However, it is not a bad option for senior Aussiedoodless either!

Extra tip: if you decide to go with this hairstyle, make sure you have the proper slicker brush and be prepared for regular brushing of your Aussiedoodle.

2. Aussiedoodle Kennel Cut

Portrait of a cute Aussiedoodle

If you want the bathing and brushing processes of your Aussiedoodle to be easier and quicker, the kennel cut hairstyle is an excellent option for you. With this haircut, your Aussie will have his hair long – around one inch.

This haircut is not very creative, so if you want your Aussiedoodle to look a little more stylish, you should try some other ideas from our list.

However, this haircut is very handy if your dog struggles with matting.

This look is very easy to maintain, but before you try this at home, maybe try Googling the best ways to maintain the kennel cut grooming style, or even contact a professional groomer just to make sure you are doing it the right way.

3. Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

adorable black aussiedoodle sitting indoor

Photo from: @jordiandjaychen

With your dog being a mixed breed, I am sure you have a favorite between his two ancestors. If your answer is the Poodle, we have the perfect hairstyle for your pet: the Poodle cut!

This hairstyle consists of your dog’s hair being cropped all over his body, and his face, but left longer on his tail, ankles, and head.

If your Aussiedoodle has the remarkably tight poodle curls, trust me… try the Poodle cut. He will get some seriously flattering comments!

4. Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut

cute aussiedoodle puppy with tongue out

The puppy cut is one of the most common hairstyles for Aussiedoodles, and it looks good on each of these dogs. With this hairstyle, your Aussiedoodle will have a ½ inch or ¾ inch long coat, while his feet will look unbelievably cute, clipped in a way that makes a round shape!

This look is pretty simple to gain. If you have an elderly Aussie, give him a try with this haircut and make him look like the cutest puppy again!

5. Aussiedoodle Summer Cut

aussiedoodle with summer hair cut

Many Aussiedoodle dog owners would agree that the summer cut is the perfect hairstyle in order for your dog to be comfortable, especially during the summer months. If your dog is playful, loves to get into the mud, or enjoys swimming, you should try this short hairstyle!

What are the benefits of the summer cut hairstyle? Firstly, this hairstyle is very easy to maintain – your dog will be clean and you will not have to brush him very often. Furthermore, having the summer cut hairstyle means that your Aussiedoodle will be tangle-free.

If you are thinking about getting this haircut for your Aussie, the best time to go with it is the beginning of the summer. If you do, your dog will be cool during the warm months, and will have his fur grown again right in time for the winter season.

6. Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut

cute aussiedoodle standing in the garden

Photo from: @georgette_starlette

Your Aussiedoodle looking like a Terrier – sounds funny, right? Well, it is possible! One of the most unusual hairstyles for Aussiedoodless is the terrier cut.

This haircut means that your dog’s hair will be trimmed around his muzzle and his eyebrows, too, in order to give your Aussie the look of a real Terrier! The rest of his hair will be equally short or long, whichever you prefer. The key factor for this haircut is that all of your dog’s hair is exactly the same length.

Try this haircut and we will assure that you will have a real cute Aussiedoodle looking like a Terrier!

7. Aussiedoodle Lion Cut

aussiedoodle dog with lion haircut in the garden

Photo from: @stella_and_clifford

In addition to making your Aussiedoodle look like a terrier with a haircut, there is another animal that your Aussiedoodle can look like if you choose the following haircut: the marvelous lion!

If you go with the lion haircut, your dog’s coat will be around ¼ inch long, where only his face will be lightly trimmed in order to make his head fur look longer, and to make your dog look like a lion.

If you like trying new ideas, and you don’t want your Aussiedoodle to look like most of the dogs of this breed, you should definitely try the lion cut!

What Types Of Aussiedoodle Coats Are Out There?

Before you make a decision about which of the Aussiedoodle haircuts is the perfect one for your Aussiedoodle, be sure you know everything about the type of coat your dog has.

Let’s find out all about three different Aussiedoodle coats.

Fleece Coat

The Aussiedoodle with a fleece coat resembles an Angora goat. The fleece coat is very soft to the touch, and it is characterized by adorable spiral curls.

Aussiedoodles with this type of coat require the least maintenance, and are most suitable for people prone to allergies. Also, Aussiedoodle dogs with a fleece coat shed very little or almost not at all.

Curly Coat

I believe most Aussiedoodle owners would prefer their pet to inherit the iconic poodle coat – curly and recognizable everywhere.

In addition to being beautiful in appearance, this type of coat is also suitable for people who adore dogs, but suffer from allergies. If your dog has curly fur, he will not shed much, which is, of course, very positive.

However, there is a downside to a beautiful curly coat. Since it is extremely prone to matting, you will have to spend a lot of time brushing your Aussiedoodle.

Straight Coat

While some Aussiedoodles inherit more traits from Poodles, others have more similarities with the other ancestor – the Australian Shepherd.

Such is the case with their coat: some dogs inherit curly fur, and others end up with a straight coat.

What is the key difference?

The straight coat is soft and beautiful to the touch, but its disadvantage is excessive shedding.

If you love to try new haircuts for your dog, then a better option for you is an Aussiedoodle with a curly coat since a straight coat doesn’t require frequent haircuts.

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Aussiedoodle Grooming: DIY Tips

I’m sure you fall in love with your Aussiedoodle over and over again every time a professional groomer makes him even cuter with some new hairstyle. If you are ready to try to groom your dog at home, we bring you some tips and tricks on the necessary tools and ways to keep your pet neat and fresh.

The first thing to know is when you should start grooming your dog. The sooner, the better! You can take him for his first haircut when he is around four months old.

Keep reading and find out what grooming tools you need in order to become a fine home groomer!

Tools Needed

What to start with? With a good and quality bath!

Dog Shampoo

Make sure to use the proper dog shampoo, and don’t leave your dog wet for too long.

Slicker Brush

Your first and most basic tool for home grooming is a high-quality slicker brush for the best care of your Aussiedoodle’s hair. A good brush will help you get rid of tangles that are quite a problem for the Aussiedoodle dog breed.

Dog Clippers And Scissors

If you want your grooming to become faster and more efficient, your next step should include dog clippers. Using them, together with scissors, your Aussiedoodle will get professional grooming at home!

You can use the scissors on some areas such as your dog’s paws, ears, and face, while you can groom the rest of his body with the dog clippers. Before you start trimming, first, brush the dog’s coat very thoroughly. Start the trimming on the belly area, and then continue to the tail. Be especially careful around their ears and their eyes.

Detangling Spray

Since all Aussiedoodles struggle with tangles, an additional tool that could help you a lot is detangling spray. Use this spray and say goodbye to all of those tangles!

Grooming Table

If after a few grooming sessions you realize that grooming your dog is not such a demanding job, you may even decide to take care of your dog yourself without professional help in the future. If this is the case, we recommend that you purchase a professional grooming table that will significantly facilitate and speed up the grooming process.

How Often Should You Groom An Aussiedoodle?

sweet aussiedoodle looking at distance

You want to know how often you should groom your Aussiedoodle?

As these dogs don’t shed much, they are easy to maintain, but regular grooming is still necessary. You should bathe and trim your Aussiedoodle at least once every four to 10 weeks, while you should brush your dog as often as you can.

Everyday brushing is probably hard to achieve, but try to brush your Aussiedoodle at least two or three times a week in order to make sure there is no tangling of hair.

With regular brushing, not only will you stop the tangling, but you will help your Aussiedoodle get rid of the dirt from his fur. One more plus: your dog’s coat will look shiny and beautiful!

At the end, we remind you not to forget the following steps in Aussiedoodle home grooming:

• Teeth brushing: dental hygiene is equally important for dogs as it is for humans.

• Nail trimming: we suggest you ask a professional groomer about which nail clippers will be the best option for your Aussiedoodle.

• Ear cleaning: don’t forget that this sensitive area is very prone to infections with dogs.

To End

aussiedoodle laying on the couch

Being such a loyal companion, therapy dog, and incredibly smart dog at the same time, the Aussiedoodle has indeed inherited the best characteristics from both the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd.

An additional benefit of this dog breed is the fact that it is widely believed that the Aussiedoodle is a hypoallergenic dog. It is a great option for those who love dogs, but suffer from some allergies!

Along with their great personality, these dogs have amazing looks, too! There are so many different hairstyles that will make your Aussiedoodle even cuter. Our list of the top 7 Aussiedoodle haircuts offers you all the features and benefits of each haircut.

To make him comfortable and cool during the summer, you should give your Aussie the summer cut. If you want him to look extra cute, go with the Poodle haircut. If you are also a fan of Terriers, try the terrier cut. See… There are so many options for Aussiedoodle owners!

Choose your favorite, and either you (or a professional dog groomer) give your dog a breath of fresh haircut!

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