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40 Rat Terrier Mixes You Never Thought Were Real

40 Rat Terrier Mixes You Never Thought Were Real

If it wasn’t for former President Teddy Roosevelt, we wouldn’t have Rat Terriers today. And if it wasn’t for Rat Terriers, we wouldn’t have pawmazing Rat Terrier mixes!

These Terrier pups have come a long way from breeding using dogs like Manchester Terriers, Bull Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, etc. to being used as the breeding stock for the next generations.

The Rat Terrier mixes you’re about to meet are mostly small animals with big hearts. Occasionally, they will step out of the standard box, but their awesomeness will still remain.

Let’s meet the 40 incredible Rat Terrier mixes you’d wish to own right now!

1. Beagle Rat Terrier Mix

beagle rat terrier mix

Photo from: @kellyaschultzie

The Beagle and Rat Terrier mix puppy is called the Beagat.

These smooth-coated dogs aren’t hypoallergenic, but they’re generally easy to take care of.

Beagle Rat Terrier mixes are some hard-working dogs. The Beagle parent is known for being a terrific hunting dog, while the Rat Terrier was even named after its rat-killing capabilities.

Beagats are energetic dogs with a big prey drive. You might want to think twice before you skip training lessons with them. Give training a chance! Beagats are intelligent hybrids and will prove to you that spending time teaching them will pay off.

2. Jack Russell Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

jack russel rat terrier mix

Photo from: @ciaobowwowbklyn

The Jack Russell Terrier mix is called the Jack Rat.

Imagine naming a Jack Rat simply Jack. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

You know what else is hilarious? This Rat Terrier mix! The Jack Rat is a playful buddy. Of all the Jack Russell mixes, this one with the Rat Terrier is definitely the quirkiest one. Jack Rats are very loud and have cheerful temperaments. But, they know when it’s okay to play and when it’s not.

Jack Rats are excellent hunters, especially when they have to hunt down rats and vermin.

3. Poodle Rat Terrier Mix

The Poodle Rat Terrier mix is called the Poorat or the Roodle.

This is one of the Doodles people aren’t used to seeing every day.

Roodles have inherited their low to non-shedding feature from their Poodle parents because Poodles don’t shed. Rat Terriers are shedders but in a moderate amount. Your Roodle should be fairly easy to groom. That is if you manage to find a Roodle.

Unusual hybrids are extremely hard to find. So, maybe you should check out shelters first, then some of the reputable Toy Poodle breeders. Since the Rat Terrier is a small dog breed, it’s only natural to breed them with Toy or even Miniature Poodles.

4. Pug Rat Terrier Mix

pug rat terrier mix

Photo from: @mamaaaks

The Pug and Rat Terrier mix is called the Prug Terrier.

Almost sounds like a real dog breed, doesn’t it?

Prugs are miniature in size since both parents are small breeds. They have small bodies, with broad heads and flattened muzzles, much like Pug muzzles. Prugs are great family pets for those that don’t have lots of space around the home.

They’re not too demanding, don’t need much exercise, and only care about you and the signs of affection coming from you.

All in all, Prugs are generally good pets, but they’re likely to inherit major Pug skin problems.

5. Shih Tzu Rat Terrier Mix

shih tzu rat terrier mix

Photo from: @riotheratshi

The Shih Tzu Rat Terrier mix is called the Shizurat.

This unusual combination has an even more unusual name. The Shizurat sounds quite exotic, don’t you think?

Although it may sound like a brand new designer dog breed, the Shihzurat has actually been around for a while. The first specimens of this Rat Terrier mix were introduced back when the Shih Tzu breed was so close to extinction.

The crossbreeding of the Rat Terrier and the Shih Tzu brought us another wonderful hybrid, proud of its Shih Tzu hypoallergenic genes.

If you’re looking for a pooch that’s a tad more active than a purebred Shih Tzu, this is your ideal dog!

6. Dachshund Rat Terrier Mix

dachshund rat terrier mix

Photo from: @pepperbaby0216

The Dachshund Rat Terrier mix is called the Dachrat.

As loud as Dachshunds, Dachrats are definitely dogs you can’t miss. They’re feisty, energetic, and overall playful. You can absolutely bring them into a home with children, just make sure your Dachrat isn’t herding your little ones or trying to nip them. Early socialization is in order.

Dachrats usually resemble Rat Terriers in terms of their appearance. The muzzle resembles a Doxie’s, as does the body shape. These will turn out to be dogs with elongated bodies, and we all know what kind of troubles that brings along.

Regular checkups at the vet for dysplasia and back issues are in order.

7. Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier Mix

rat terrier italian greyhound mix

Photo from: currienahurry

The Italian Greyhound Rat Terrier mix is called the Italian Rat Terrier.

Or, you might as well call him the Italian Rat. Let’s keep things fun around here, okay?

What’s not fun is the fact there are only a few Italian Rat dogs present today. This isn’t one of the popular Rat Terrier mixes. People often have prejudices about Greyhounds because of their history as race dogs. It was a particularly cruel sport and most countries have banned it.

The Italian Rat will most likely have a short coat like its parents, but it won’t be hypoallergenic. Meaning, it will shed just like Greyhounds do.

8. Golden Retriever Rat Terrier Mix

The Golden Retriever Rat Terrier mix is called the Golden Terrier.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a miniature Golden Retriever being bred with the Rat Terrier. The small size of the Rat Terrier demands a partner of a similar size. Breeding contrasting breeds is possible, but it’s better to keep it as natural as you can.

The Golden Terrier usually inherits Golden Retriever colors, but the body size, shape, and coat texture will remain the same as with the Rat Terrier.What does change is the character.

Golden Terriers are cheerful, but they seem like much better family pets thanks to their Golden Retriever genes.

9. Corgi Rat Terrier Mix

corgi rat terrier mixes

Photo from: @mike.photography_

The Corgi and Rat Terrier mix is called the Corgi Terrier.

Sadly, we don’t have a fun name for this hybrid, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your attention.

The Corgi Terrier is one of the dogs that will feature elongated bodies. They come as small dogs, fast and agile, and always ready to chase after something.

As far as appearance goes, the Corgi Terrier looks more like the Rat Terrier, with big and erect ears and a sleek coat.

Corgi Terriers are genuinely good boys and girls. They’re sweet to children like Corgis are and are a good choice for family pets.

10. Blue Heeler Rat Terrier Mix

blue heeler rat terrier mix

Photo from: @heidimusiclover62

The Blue Heeler Rat Terrier mix is called the Blue Terrier.

Ask any Blue Heeler breeder and they’ll tell you that they’re one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. I can’t help but agree: Blue Heelers are truly stunningly pretty, and they have even transferred the good looks genes to their crossbreed puppies with the Rat Terrier.

The Blue Terrier is a beauty among all Rat Terrier mixes. They’re energetic dogs of good health. So healthy, in fact,they might even live up to 15 years! That’s a lot of happy years to spend with a remarkable dog like the Blue Terrier.

11. Boston Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

boston terrier rat terrier mix

Photo from: @mallooory95

The Boston Terrier Rat Terrier mix is called the Brat.

But, this dog is definitely not a spoiled little brat. Brat Terriers are super cool doggos with pawesomely good looks. And, if the puppy inherits the lovely color from the blue Boston Terrier pawrent – even better!

Brats will never be brats. They’re happy-go-lucky dogs that respect everyone around them. This is one of the Rat Terrier mixes that will never show signs of aggression. Brats are born to be loyal sidekicks.

If the Rat Terrier side of the family prevails, you’re going to end up with a friendly dog with an impeccable work ethic!

12. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rat Terrier Mix

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Rat Terrier mix is called the King Rat.

No, this isn’t the king of rats. This dog doesn’t have a magical impact on rats like the fiddler. The King Rat is simply a toned-down version of the Rat Terrier. They’re not as feisty as Rat Terriers. They’re more sweet and calm. The King Rat is one of the cuddliest lap dogs of all Rat Terrier mixes.

If you breed the teacup King Charles and a Toy Rat Terrier, you’ll get one of the tiniest pups ever!

13. Labrador Retriever Rat Terrier Mix

labrador rat terrier mix

Photo from: @suh_wa_row

The Labrador Retriever and Rat Terrier mix is called the Labrador Terrier.

The combination of the retriever and terrier parent breeds has resulted in a pretty obedient pooch. Both retrievers and terriers are energetic, working dog breeds. They love serving humans and completing tasks, whether it’s retrieving a thrown ball or toy or chasing down unwanted tiny visitors.

You can only imagine how hard-working a Labrador Terrier would be.

This is one of those Rat Terrier mixes that will amaze you with its intelligence and eagerness to learn.

Labrador Terriers usually sport Labrador coat colors, while the general appearance resembles a Rat Terrier.

14. German Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix

german shepherd rat terrier mix

Photo from: @thedoggypsy

The German Shepherd (GSD) and Rat Terrier mix is called the German Terrier.

The German Terrier does already exist, but it’s a purebred dog breed also named the Jagdterrier. Do they have anything in common with this Rat Terrier mix? Not so much.

A cross between a GSD and a Rat Terrier is quite an unusual one. These dogs look as if someone shrank the GSD and kept the GSD coat color options, while adding Rat Terrier’s wiry coats and floppy ears. It’s an adult dog trapped in a puppy body situation.

While this hybrid’s outer appearance is unusual, the personality definitely isn’t. German Terriers will exceed your expectations no matter which task you give them.

15. Wire Fox Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

fox rat terrier

Photo from: @jennacostadeedy

The Fox Terrier Rat Terrier mix is called the Fox Rat Terrier.

And, yes, they’re bred to be excellent hunters!

You can add “wire” to the name of this terrier pooch to describe its lovely wiry coat. They may not be the smallest breeds in the world, but Fox Rat Terriers are quite small and thus, great for those families that live in small homes.

You can absolutely bring a Fox Rat Terrier into a city apartment, but make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, playtime, and mental stimulation to avoid anxiety.

The Fox Rat Terrier puppy is a terrific family dog.

16. Pitbull Rat Terrier Mix

The Pitbull Rat Terrier mix is called the Pitrat.

This is definitely a mix that looks a lot like the Pitbull breed. What this hybrid has from the Rat Terrier side of the family are its small size and playful nature. Pitbulls are generally calm by nature, while Rat Terriers are feisty, always on the move, and looking for fun.

When you combine the Pitbull and Rat Terrier natures, you’ll get a sweet dog with a somewhat tenacious attitude.

Pitrats are agile dogs and love to stay active. They’re small, but muscular and strong. If you don’t have much space in your home, but want a dog that looks like a Pitbull, the Pitrat is the pup for you!

17. Catahoula Rat Terrier Mix

The Catahoula Rat Terrier mix is called the Catarat.

Both parent breeds are 100% American breeds and proud of it!

The Catarat is a love puppy coming from two strong characters. Neither the Rat Terrier nor the Catahoula will easily give up when they’re on to something. This crossbreed puppy usually inherits a stubborn trait from the Catahoula side of the family.

You can expect lots of energy from these puppies, a good health status, and an incredibly long lifespan. You’ll be pleased to hear that a Catarat can live up to 14. That’s impressive even for a hybrid!

18. Newfoundland Rat Terrier Mix

The Newfoundland Rat Terrier mix is called the Newfoundratterier.

Looking for the ideal watchdog that will never lose its guard or alertness? Go with the Newfoundratterier!

Thanks to the Rat Terrier’s strong work ethic and the Newfoundland’s watchdog instincts, you’ll not only get a good working dog, but also a dog that will always put your safety first.

The Newfoundratterier isn’t the mix you can often see on the streets. Of all Newfoundland mixes, this one with the Rat Terrier is definitely the most unusual one, especially given the fact that the size of Newfs and Rat Terriers are so different.

19. Siberian Husky Rat Terrier Mix

The Siberian Husky Rat Terrier mix is called the Ratsky.

Usually, when we mix dog breeds, we get puppies that look like one parent on the other. It’s not too often to see such a good blend of both parent breeds in one. The Ratsky is truly a remarkable crossbreed dog. This buddy looks like a mini Husky, but it doesn’t have a wooly coat.

The Ratsky has a Husky’s head placed on a Rat Terrier’s body. The outer appearance is perfectly blended, but on the inside, the parents are completely the same: energetic, playful, a bit goofy, but still loving and caring dogs.

20. Bullmastiff Rat Terrier Mix

The Bullmastiff Rat Terrier mix is called the Mastiff Terrier.

This is one of those Rat Terrier mixes we don’t know much about because there aren’t many specimens of this hybrid available. The biggest problem behind this mix is the contrasting size of the parent breeds. It’s highly likely that the puppy will inherit the Rat Terrier’s size and the Bullmastiff’s colors.

However, as such, it will be prone to genetic health problems, i.e. patellar luxation or hip dysplasia.

Considering how hard it would be to find a sweet Mastiff Terrier, it would be a better idea to choose a pup from another one of these Rat Terrier mixes.

21. American Bulldog Rat Terrier Mix

american bullrat

Photo from: @ke_fulford

The American Bulldog Rat Terrier mix is called the American Bullrat.

Of all the Rat Terrier mixes, this is absolutely the least common one. However, since they’re both from the States, and somewhat similar in size and appearance, mixing them is possible.

When you compare the American Bully and the Rat Terrier, you’ll notice that the American Bully is much more muscular and has a sturdier build. The Rat Terrier is small and agile and doesn’t stand obesity.

If you manage to find the American Bullrat, you’re highly likely to find a tiny dog with Bulldog coat colors and a smushy face.

22. French Bulldog Rat Terrier Mix

The French Bulldog Rat Terrier mix is called the French Terrier.

Considering the number of puppies a Frenchie mom can have, you can’t expect a lot of puppies in one litter of French Terriers. They’re supposed to be small dogs with lively temperaments once they grow up.

The French Bulldog’s sweet nature and affectionate character go hand in hand with the Rat Terrier’s energy. You’d get a puppy that’s bursting with joy and excitement anytime you’re around.

French Terrier puppies should have the same big and pointy ears as both parents, and lovely sleek coats, waiting for your strokes.

23. Doberman Rat Terrier Mix

The Doberman Pinscher Rat Terrier mix is called the Doberat Terrier.

You don’t get to see Dobermans mix with small-sized dogs too often. The Doberat is one unusual combination that turned out to be quite a score. This hybrid has the Rat Terrier’s small size, while the appearance is a mesh of both breeds used in the crossbreeding process.

Usually, a Doberat puppy should feature Doberman’s colors, mostly black and tan.

Doberats are happy-go-lucky dogs. They have a permanent smile stuck on their faces which proves they’re never thinking of being aggressive or a danger to society.

24. Whippet Rat Terrier mix

whippet rat terrier mix

Photo from: @perla_the_rat_terrier_whippet

The Whippet Rat Terrier mix is called the Whippet Terrier.

We must continue the list of most unusual Rat Terrier mixes, enter: the Whippet Terrier.

You might as well call it the Whipperat. It does sound better, doesn’t it?

What else sounds good is the fact these hybrid dogs are super friendly and outgoing. Of all Rat Terrier mixes, this is definitely the most sociable one, a true social butterfly!

The Whipperat will be a small to medium-sized dog. Usually, these doggies will resemble Rat Terriers, but the small floppy ears and Whippet coat colors surely tell who the other parent is.

25. Border Collie Rat Terrier Mix

border collie rat terrier mix

Photo from: @abbiemcmillen

The Border Collie Rat Terrier mix is called the Collie Terrier.

If you need a dog with a crazy high prey drive, you should go with the Collie Terrier. It’s always a good idea to have some diversity when mixing dog breeds, but in this case, the diversity isn’t that rich. The Collie and the Rat Terrier parents are very similar in terms of their behavior.

The parent breeds love to keep on going. The high energy levels these puppies have are absolutely impossible to drain. It seems like the Collie Terrier never stays idle – that’s why people love them.

With their scruffy-looking coats resembling Border Collie’s colors, Collie Terriers are dogs to lay your eyes on and soak in the beauty and the brains.

26. Great Dane Rat Terrier Mix

The Great Dane Rat Terrier mix is called the Rat Dane Terrier.

Who thought mixing one of the biggest dogs with one of the smallest dogs was a good idea?

I’m not saying these hybrids aren’t good, but combining contrasting sizes doesn’t usually end up well. That’s the reason you don’t see Rat Dane Terriers a lot. You can consider yourself lucky if you ever see one.

The Rat Dane Terrier is subject to problems with its growth and mobility. But, other than that, they should be generally sweet and caring, thanks to Great Dane’s gentle giant temperaments.

If you’re a fan of American-based breeds, you should look for the Rat Terrier American Great Dane mix.

27. Cocker Spaniel Rat Terrier Mix

cocker spaniel rat terrier mix

Photo from: @siba.thefoxspaniel

The Cocker Spaniel Rat Terrier mix is called the Spaniel Terrier.

I know the name isn’t very special, but the dog carrying it definitely is.

When terrier breeds meet spaniel dogs, the end result is always a dog with impeccable abilities and eagerness to work like a maniac. Both Spaniels and Terriers are hunting dogs by profession. But, thanks to Cocker Spaniel parents, the Spaniel Terrier can also be a pawdorable companion.

Because they’re so small in size, Spaniel Terriers should be ideal lap dogs, with a silky soft coat and long, floppy ears. Sadly, they will shed as much as Cocker Spaniels shed, but you won’t be bothered by it unless you’re allergic. Nothing a good brush session can’t solve!

28. Shar Pei Rat Terrier Mix

The Shar Pei Rat Terrier mix is called the Sharpeit Terrier.

The Sharpeit Terrier awfully resembles the Shar Pei parent, with its floppy ears at the ends, a blocky muzzle, wrinkly face, and Shar Pei coat colors. The only thing this hybrid has from its Rat Terrier parent is the size. Okay, the temperament too!

The Sharpeit can be a bit stubborn and – I’m not gonna lie to you – it can be a handful to train. The only reason why they’re so stubborn is that they’re so intelligent. You’ll need a dominant approach to make a Sharpeit obedient. Once you manage it, you’ll get the best dog you could possibly ask for!

29. Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix

aussie rat terrier mix

Photo from: @spider.evan

The Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier mix is called the Ratterrier Aussie.

Beware, cats, dogs, hamsters, and mice! There’s a new doggo on the streets, and its name is the Ratterrier Aussie.

Those who don’t train and socialize their Ratterrier Aussie will have a dog with crazy energy and an even crazier prey drive. It will try to hunt down any small thing l that moves, just because it comes from the Shepherd and Terrier breeds, and their strong prey drive is insane.

Ratterrier Aussies are small, feisty, too energetic, and love moving around. Cuddling is hardly ever on their list. If you want to breed an Aussie Shepherd to a Rat Terrier, it’s always better to use a toy Aussie Shepherd to achieve puppies of a similar size.

30. Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix

chihuahua rat terrier

Photo from: @edenloveshoomans

The Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix is called the Ratchua.

Also, you can call these bad boys Rat-Chas.

Those Ratchuas that aren’t socialized and trained will end up a bit territorial and aggressive towards new people like Chihuahuas. That’s why it’s highly important to have these hybrids fully obedient and taught how to react in public.

As far as their appearance goes, the Ratchua looks like a big Chihuahua. The only thing is they have a more wedge-shaped muzzle like the Rat Terrier, instead of the Chihuahua’s pointy one.

Want a dog with a character? Go with the Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix!

31. Yorkshire Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

yorkshire rat terrier mix

Photo from: @angelslifediary

The Yorkshire Terrier Rat Terrier mix is called the Ratshire.

When two terrier dogs meet, the result is a puppy with a textbook example of terrier behavior. It’s playful, maybe too energetic, but overall friendly and eager to help humans.

The Ratshire is definitely one unusually cute pup. With the Yorkie’s appearance features and the Rat Terrier’s size, you can expect a somewhat enlarged Yorkie. These dogs will sport a Yorkie’s silky hair all over their bodies, but Ratshire owners usually keep the head hair a bit longer.

Since the puppy mostly takes after the Yorkie, hypoallergenic Yorkie traits are in order.

32. Blue Tick Coonhound Rat Terrier Mix

bluetick rat terrier mix

The Blue Tick Coonhound Rat Terrier mix is called the Bluetick Rat Terrier.

I know, the name isn’t as creative as with other pups on this list, but this is one of the prettiest Rattie mixes.

It’s a good thing that dogs can see only blue and yellow because the Blue Tick Rat Terrier mix puppy can see how pretty it is. With a lovely ticked coat pattern, these hybrids are the envy of the entire park.

Also, they’ll create envy in all dog owners because rarely is any mixed breed pup as loyal and smart as this one.

33. Bichon Frise Rat Terrier Mix

The Bichon Rat Terrier mix is called the Rashon.

Of all Rat Terrier mixes, the Rashon is the most playful one. This is a friendly dog that can only serve as a companion pet. Seems like the terrier genes of the Rat Terrier are hidden deep away in this crossbreed pooch.

Rashons are ideal as playmates for families with small children. They’re friendly and affectionate, and they expect the same in return.

Besides the lovely temperament, the Rashon is a sight for sore eyes. These pups are gorgeous, usually taking after the Bichon part of the family, and inherit Bichon coat colors and textures. So, yes, hypoallergenic traits are in order with this Rat Terrier mix!

34. Brussels Griffon Rat Terrier Mix

rattle griffon

Photo from: @ladylatadji

The Brussels Griffon Rat Terrier mix is called the Rattle Griffon.

The Brussels Griffon is already a rare breed of dog and you don’t have many Griffon breeders in the States to rely on. Imagine how difficult it would be to find a Rat Terrier Brussels Griffon mix!

The Rattle Griffon is one of the rarest mixes out there, and you’ll definitely have issues even seeing this pooch in person.

If you get the chance to see a Rattle Griffon, you’ll recognize it by its scruffy appearance. This pup looks like it’s always shaking or afraid, but once it barks loudly, you’ll see that’s only the cover.

35. Basset Hound Rat Terrier Mix

The Basset Hound Rat Terrier mix is called the Rat Basset.

Terrier dogs and Basset Hounds are quite similar. They’re both excellent hunters and love to feel like they have a purpose.

When you combine these genes, you’ll get the ideal small hunting companion, especially if the Basset parent is a mini Basset.

Rat Bassets will be playful and need lots of exercise. If you believe you can’t handle the tempo these doggos have, pick another Rat Terrier mix. This one, featuring a Basset, will exhaust you and ask for more!

36. Pomeranian Rat Terrier Mix

rat basset

Photo from: @fionatheratbasset

The Pomeranian Rat Terrier is called the Pomerat.

This is one of the smallest Rat Terrier mixes ever.

Also, it’s one of the most expensive mixes on this list, considering the cost of a Pomeranian parent.

When you combine the Pom Pom and the Rat Terrier, you get a cuddle buddy that’s slightly bigger than an average Pomeranian. The feistiness and energy won’t be lacking because both parent dogs are energetic and playful.

The Pomerat is a rare mix. Usually, they resemble Pomeranians with their wonderful Pom colors, but they’re not that fluffy thanks to the Rat’s sleek coat genes. Groom it the right way and you can still have a pup worthy of admiring.

37. Miniature Pinscher Rat Terrier Mix

miniature pinscher rat terrier mix

Photo from: @pinto_barkn44

The Miniature Pinscher Rat Terrier mix is called the Rat Pinscher.

Sounds like a pawfect name for a rat-chasing doggie!

The Miniature Pinscher is one of the finest examples of the German dog breeds. They may be small, but they’re so energetic and eager to work and learn. Other dog breeds could really learn a thing or two from Mini Pins.

That’s why I’m not surprised by this mix-up of the German Mini Pin and the American Rat Terrier. The puppies from such parents are oh-so-friendly and oh-so-devoted!

A dog with an attitude that won’t be used in vain. Yup, that’s our Rat Pinscher!

38. Maltese Rat Terrier Mix

maltese rat terrier mix

Photo from: @aris.liara.adventures

The Maltese Rat Terrier mix is called the Malrat.

Okay, you can call it the Mal Terrier too, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is another cuddle buddy on this list of best Rat Terrier mixes.

The Malrat is not a working dog. This is a companion pooch that will stick with you through thick and thin. Of all the Maltese mixes, this is probably the most unusual one because people often try to crossbreed pups with similar interests. Maltese’s only interests are to love and to be loved.

When you combine those traits with Rat Terrier’s working capabilities, you’ll get a pup that will cuddle with you one moment and jump to do things together the next.

39. Papillon Rat Terrier Mix

papillon rat terrier mix

Photo from: @my_rootsgrowdown

The Papillon Rat Terrier mix is called the Papirat.

Or, you can call it the Ratillon.

This is still a mix in progress, with the fewest specimens of the breed available in the States. We have to blame that on the fact there are not many good Rat Terrier breeders or Papillon breeders at all in North America.

Still, having a Papirat or a Ratillon becoming famous in the future is still an option. The Ratillon would be a loyal companion for your cuddle session on the couch.

40. Pekingese Rat Terrier Mix

The Pekingese Rat Terrier mix is called the Pek Rat.

The last mix on the list of Rat Terrier mixes today is the rarest of them all. For starters, the USA can’t brag of many Pekingese breeders, thus there won’t be many Pek Rat puppies either.

This is a mix still being worked on. But, what we can say about the Pek Rat is that they’ll definitely be loyal friends that will keep an eye on you so nothing bad happens.

To Sum Up…

Now that you have met the 40 pawmazing Rat Terrier mixes, tell us which is your favorite!

Raising a Rat Terrier mix takes more than just good dog food, comfy dog beds, and vet visits. It takes time, care, and commitment to raise it to be one extraordinary hybrid dog!

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