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Miniature Basset Hound: A Full Guide To The Cutest Low-Rider

Miniature Basset Hound: A Full Guide To The Cutest Low-Rider

Floppy ears, a droopy face, and puppy eyes to die for — the miniature Basset Hound sounds and looks like the perfect mini dog to have around!

This small dog is a miniaturized version of the standard Basset Hound, and it is becoming very popular.

Miniature Basset Hounds are good-natured, gentle and affectionate small dogs that are almost always friendly and very playful.

This fun guide will help you understand the unique characteristics of the miniature Basset Hound, as well as give you ideas on training, care, feeding, and much more.

Is There A Such Thing As A Miniature Basset Hound?

Basset Hounds sitting on the grass

Almost any dog breed in the world can be miniaturized to some extent, and so can the purebred Basset Hound. So, yes! Miniature Basset Hounds do exist.

There’s even an official name for the miniature Basset Hound and it sounds as profound as this little puppy dog looks! Say hello to the Parva Os Lux Basset, which basically means short dog with light bones.

Many people believe that the miniature Basset Hound is a different breed, but they are wrong. It’s the same breed of dog as the standard Basset Hound, but miniaturized (only if two small purebred Basset Hounds are crossed).

Any version of a smaller Basset Hound adult dog is considered a miniature Basset Hound.

What Two Dogs Make A Basset Hound?

Let’s go way back to St Hubert’s Hounds that were bred in Belgium around 900 AD. These ancient pooches passed their genes to Norman Staghounds that were developed around 1000 AD, also in Belgium.

It is said that the purebred Basset Hound we know today derives from the Norman Staghound. Now, the Norman Staghound does not exist anymore, but the Basset Hound, Bloodhound, and the St. Hubert Jura Hound are all of its descendants and they are all incredible scent hounds!

The modern Basset Hound is a purebred dog which means that only two purebred Basset Hounds can develop this dog breed. If there’s another dog in the mix, then the Basset Hound puppy is considered a hybrid dog.

How Are Miniature Basset Hounds Developed?

Basset Hounds standing on grass

The miniaturization of the Basset Hound dog breed is almost the same dog breeding process like in any other breed. Basset Hound breeders are working hard to fulfill the requests of Basset Hound dog lovers who want a smaller version of this scent hound.

However, the whole story about making this breed smaller comes with its fluffs and downs.

All miniature dogs, including the mini Basset Hounds, are prone to developmental and other health issues.

We will talk about the specific health issues that mini Basset Hounds inherit or develop, but let’s talk about what’s behind the breeding program that makes these pups less healthy.

Breeding Runts Of The Litter

Consciously choosing runts of the Basset Hound litter and breeding them to create a mini Basset Hound is a very controversial topic.

Firstly, runts of the litter are considered extra-small Basset Hound puppies that were born tiny when compared to their littermates. This raises concerns as to whether or not the Basset Hound runt puppies are healthy.

Secondly, unethical breeders opt for inbreeding these puppies just to meet the market’s needs. Technically, brothers and sisters from the litter can have puppies, but it’s never a good idea.

Dog inbreeding, especially inbreeding runts comes with serious health consequences to the whole litter of puppies. Moreover, mini Basset Hounds that are produced using this breeding method grow poorly, live shorter, and may be born infertile.

Say Hello To The Dwarfism Gene

Another way to produce a mini Basset Hound is by introducing the dwarfism gene. This gene is responsible for small, dwarf growth in all dog breeds that are closer to the ground than they are to the sky!

When we look at breeds like the Corgi, Dachshund, Pug, Pekingese, and the Basset Hound, it’s obvious that all of them inherited this gene. These dog breeds are often referred to as achondrosplastic breeds.

Short legs are not the only trait dogs with dwarfism have. They also come with bigger heads and larger joints. All in all, dwarfism in dogs comes with some health concerns as it can have bad effects on a dog’s growth and development.

Due to the fact that purebred Basset Hounds already carry this gene, all of the mini Basset Hounds that they produce are dwarf puppy dogs.

Adding A Smaller Breed Into The Mix

This is perhaps the best way to develop a miniature Basset Hound A.K.A the Parva Os Lux Basset. Why? Because the smaller breed that’s mixed with a purebred Basset Hound may carry positive traits that will make the mini Basset Hound a healthier pup.

But, this also means that the mini Basset Hound will inherit a part of the personality and looks of the smaller breed.

This changes its appearance and the mini Basset Hound doesn’t look exactly like the miniature version of the purebred standard Basset Hound.

Most Basset Hound mixes that I know of are medium dogs, while a few grow up to be small dogs.

Miniature Basset Hound Vs. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds and Miniature Basset Hounds

There is one obvious difference between these two. The standard Basset Hound is larger than the miniature Basset Hound and that’s for sure. The standard Basset Hound also inherits larger and heavier bones, a sturdier framework, and a larger head. The miniature Basset Hound, on the other hand, is all of that but with a smaller and more petite body structure.

There might be some differences in height and weight of a miniature Basset Hound depending on whether the European or the American Basset Hound was in the mix.

When it comes to other characteristics like personality and distinct physical features, mini Basset Hounds practically look like their standard Basset Hound parents.

However, if the miniature Basset Hound is a result of crossbreeding, these features change according to the other dog breed in the mix.

The purebred Basset Hound is a medium to large pooch that stands up to 15 inches in height. Male and female Basset Hounds are different in size, with males reaching up to 65 pounds and females weighing around 40 pounds.

How much does the miniature Basset Hound weigh?

What Is A Miniature Basset Hound’s Height?

Depending on how short the parent breeds are, the miniature Basset Hound stands between 12 and 14 inches at the withers.

It inherits the signature short legs, but its bones and framework are less sturdy than the standard Basset Hound dog.

If there is a smaller breed in the mix, for example the Chihuahua, then the miniature Basset Hound Chihuahua mix (Houndahua) is going to be even smaller!

What Is The Average Weight Of A Miniature Basset Hound?

Basset Hounds walk on the beach

As its name implies, the miniature Basset Hound is a mini dog that only weighs from 10 to 35 pounds.

The miniature Basset Hound is no exception when it comes to weight differences between females and males. Usually male miniature Basset Hounds are a bit heavier than their mini female counterparts.

Due to the fact that the Basset Hound breed is prone to canine obesity, the miniature Basset Hound may also suffer from this health condition if not taken well care of.

Miniature Basset Hound Coat Type

Miniature Basset Hounds are small, compact, and elegant dogs. They have a short, single-layered coat that is thick and dense throughout the whole body.

Due to the fact that the miniature Basset Hound has only one layer of fur, it may not be a big fan of colder days! In addition to its single-layered coat, the small size of a miniature Basset Hound doesn’t help much in keeping this pooch warm!

But, the coat of a miniature Basset Hound is quite tough. Its structure and stiff short hairs keep the mini Basset Hound safe from different weather conditions. It is also water-resistant!

Miniature Basset Hound Coat Colors

The miniature Basset Hound thick coat comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. They are known for their distinctive markings that come in three colors. Having said that, the miniature Basset Hound comes in a tricolor pattern that includes shades of black, brown, white, red, and tan.

Any of the various Basset Hound colors can be passed down onto the miniature Basset Hound puppy.

Although rare, if there is a blue Basset Hound in the mix, chances are that the miniature Basset Hound puppy will inherit this rare coat color pattern.

Do Miniature Basset Hounds Shed

Miniature Basset Hounds shed moderately throughout the whole year.

In fact, these little hunting dogs shed just as much as standard Basset Hounds and other single-coated breeds like the Greyhound and the Pitbull.

Comparison wise, Greyhounds shed moderately throughout the year, while Basset Hounds shed a bit more, but not as heavy as Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds. I’d say that they are somewhere in between!

You may notice more hair during fall and spring, but other than that, mini Basset Hound owners always find short and straight hairs on their furniture and clothes.

Are Miniature Basset Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Basset Hounds lie on grass on shoes

Photo from: @shortstaxbabysnax

Short answer is no!

Despite the fact that it inherits a short coat, the miniature Basset Hound sheds moderately and also drools a lot!

And, we all know that people who are allergic to dogs are not only allergic to their hair, but to all of their excretions including saliva and urine.

Due to the wrinkly body of a miniature Basset Hound, pieces of dead skin and dander may be stuck within these wrinkles, which worsens the allergy symptoms in dog lovers.

Miniature Basset Hound Health Issues

Here is the most important part when talking about any dog breed, especially a miniature dog breed.

The miniature Basset Hound is all cute and adorable, but its looks and personality are not the main things to consider during adoption. Before adopting or purchasing a miniature Basset Hound pup, it’s extremely important to know about its health status.

Due to their size and physical characteristics, purebred Basset Hound dogs are susceptible to various skeletal and eye problems.

Miniature Basset Hounds can inherit any of the following health conditions:

• Elbow dysplasia

• Hip dysplasia

• Glaucoma

• Hypothyroidism

• Obesity

• Ear infections

Mini Basset Houndsexpressive eyes are at risk of developing canine glaucoma which may lead to blindness (if left untreated). Its droopy face doesn’t help the fact that it pulls the lower eyelid downwards, making the interior eyelid susceptible to infections.

Other health issues with the mini Basset Hound are skin conditions and ear infections. Wrinkly skin creates moisture which is great for bacteria and fungi to live on.

Mini Basset Hound’s long ears fall downwards and cover the whole ear canal. Its floppy ears are making a moist environment with little to no airflow, which again, leads to bacterial and fungal ear infections.

How Long Do Mini Basset Hounds Live?

The average lifespan of a miniature Basset Hound is anywhere between 10 and 12 years. They may live longer, depending on the quality of the breeding program and competence of the breeder.

When we look at the bigger version of the mini Basset Hound, despite its various congenital health issues, purebred Basset Hounds life expectancy ranges between 12 to 13 years.

The lifespan of a mini Basset Hound depends on more than just a good breeding practice. Mini Basset Hound breeders are there to provide this small dog with a great start in life.

If you decide to adopt or purchase a mini Basset Hound, then you are responsible for providing it the best life possible!

Are Miniature Basset Hounds Cuddly?

a woman sits on a pier and cuddles with a basset hound

Oh yes! You are probably never going to meet a cuddler mini dog than the miniature Basset Hound! Not only does its small size make it one of the best lap dog breeds, but it also makes it easier for the miniature Basset Hound to fit into any chair, sofa, bed, or pillow.

This miniature scent hound is such a couch potato that loves to nap and cuddle with all of its family members. The mini Basset Hounds gets easily attached to its owner and will want a lot of attention!

And, this is nothing to be surprised about. The standard Basset Hound is also one of the biggest cuddlers in the canine world!

Basset Hounds are similar to Beagles in terms of affection and the need for constant cuddles and attention!

Are Miniature Basset Hounds Good Family Pets?

The Basset Hound is a calm and gentle dog. They make wonderful companions and are known for their intelligence and loyalty. They are also very protective and have a very high level of self awareness.

Miniature Basset Hounds are a lot of fun to play with, which make them great playmates for children. But, they are quite small, and it can be a bit tricky when small kids are around. All family members must be careful not to unintentionally harm their mini Basset Hound!

Overall, if you are looking for a lovely family pet, you can’t go wrong with a mini Basset Hound. They are affectionate and charming with children, protective of the family and the home, and loyal to a fault.

Like all dogs, miniature Basset Hounds must be trained and socialized from an early age to develop the best traits possible

Where Can I Find A Miniature Basset Hound?

Due to the fact that miniature Basset Hounds have become very popular during the past few years, they can be found at many places.

From online dog markets to adoption and rescues, these miniature hunting dogs seem to be the canine everyone wants. But, not a canine that everyone can own and maintain.

This is why there are many Basset Hound rescues in the U.S. where you can find both standard and mini Basset Hounds.

Miniature Basset Hound Puppies For Sale In The U.S.

Luckily, there are reputable miniature Basset Hounds in the U.S. that keep this type of dog as healthy as possible.

Taking into consideration that this miniature breed has taken the internet and the dog breeding world by storm, many dog lovers are searching for these pups.

So, it’s pretty difficult for ethical miniature Basset Hound breeders to produce many litters in a short period of time.

However, they have still managed to come up with quality breeding programs that aim to preserve and improve the miniature Basset Hound dog breed.

An important thing to note is that miniature Basset Hounds are not eligible to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

How Much Does A Miniature Basset Hound Cost?

While they are less popular than the average Labrador Retriever dog, mini Basset Hounds are still a lot of fun to have around. Their cost is still not as high as with other popular purebred dogs.

Miniature Basset Hound’s cost ranges between $800 and $2,000. The price range is so wide because mini Basset Hounds may derive from smaller purebred Basset Hounds (hence the higher price).

But, these mini puppies can also derive from a combination of the purebred Basset Hound and another smaller breed of dog, which lowers their cost.

Should I Get A Miniature Basset Hound?

woman bathing Basset Hounds

Photo from: @csinivava

Despite the fact that they are usually laid-back, mini Basset Hounds love to play and run. With a lot of energy and willingness to play, these small dogs need lots of mental stimulation and attention.

If you are thinking about getting a miniature Basset Hound, there are some things to keep in mind:

Healthy Diet

Miniature Basset Hounds require lots of protein, healthy fats, carbs, and vitamins in their everyday diet. Even though they are small dogs, mini Basset Hounds need lots of food to keep them going.

I mean, three meals per day should be enough for a miniature Basset Hound that is in its phase of development. Once it hits adulthood, the miniature Basset Hound should be fed two meals per day.

Choosing the right Basset Hound dog food for its mini version is a good start to developing a healthy diet.

You can use our Basset Hound feeding chart as a guide for this smaller pup, too.


The miniature Basset Hound is one of the best low-maintenance breeds. Well at least when it comes to its coat.

Any high quality Basset Hound brush makes a good pick to help keep this small dog’s coat in best condition.

Besides regular brushing, keeping miniature Basset Hound’s skin folds and ears clean is a must.

Training And Exercise

Sometimes mini Basset Hounds seem lazy and sluggish, but they are still an active dog breed. Just like their standard Basset Hound parents, mini Bassets follow their tiny noses to reach whichever smell they’ve picked up.

Due to their strong scent and prey drive, mini Basset Hounds might get carried away and get further from their owner. In the worst cases, they might get lost! Or they might even jump off the fence to follow the smell.

This is why mini Basset Hounds must go through early socialization and regular training as early as eight weeks of age. Training is most effective with positive reinforcement and Basset Hound toys to keep things interesting!


Miniature Basset Hounds are an ideal choice for people who want a small dog but don’t have the space for one. These mini hunting dogs can be slightly shy at first, but they become huge cuddlebugs once you’ve won them over.

Even though they seem sleepy at times, miniature Basset Hounds are very attentive and they make amazing watchdogs!

The best way to describe miniature Basset Hounds is by saying that they are small dogs that are still big in attitude. They are energetic and loyal, and love to be a part of the family.

So, if you want a lapdog, hunting dog, watchdog, guard dog, affectionate cuddler — get yourself a miniature Basset Hound!