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7 Best Brushes For Basset Hounds On The Market

7 Best Brushes For Basset Hounds On The Market

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Basset hounds are lovely dogs that were often used for hunting and tracking. Because of this, general grooming takes quite a bit of effort for such a small dog breed, with brushing being one of the important steps. But, what is the best brush for Basset hounds?

To be dubbed one of the best brushes for Basset hounds, one would need to be able to handle short hair with delicate care, and would need to be able to dust off any latent debris and the like.

For all that, you’d want a slicker brush with soft bristles – one that won’t risk skin irritation while still scooping up loose hair and the rest of the mess your doggo has picked up on himself during your daily walk.

Trust me when I say that these little devils can and will find the worst places to get themselves into due to their exploratory nature.

A slicker, soft bristle brush for a Basset also needs to last long without losing its own ‘hair’, so durability is one of the other important factors.

This does condense the pool of available candidates quite a bit, but the pool is still quite large. Regardless, I’ve made sure to do the research required, and have looked through sites like Chewy and Amazon to create, in my opinion, a list of the most viable candidate brushes for your Basset hound’s delicate fur and skin.

So, read on if you’d like to find out what they are as well as some potential grooming tips and other frequently asked questions that you may not have thought of or known before.

7 Best Brushes For Basset Hounds

1. Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Brush

Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Brush
Key Benefits:
  • Made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone
  • Serves as a deshedding, grooming, massaging, and bathing tool
  • Easy to clean, and it’s dishwasher- and washing-machine safe
  • Highly durable
  • Made by veterinarians
  • Can remove fur from clothing and furniture
  • Pricing is somewhat average, if not a bit on the higher end
  • The fur removal feature from furniture and clothing doesn’t seem to be as effective as stated

First on our list is a rather unique approach to a dog brush – the Vetnique Labs Furbliss brush.

It’s made entirely from high-quality, medical-grade silicone, which makes the brush itself both durable and easy to clean; otherwise, it wouldn’t have long bristles nor would you risk any of them falling out over time.

The silicone makes it usable in all conditions, whether it is dry or wet fur, as it collects loose fur and other debris, which makes it the perfect companion for doggy bath time.

It’s soft and gentle on a dog’s fur and skin, acting as a massager rather than something that may risk irritation regardless of the brushing technique, which is within reason. This also makes it ideal for more delicate, short-haired dog skin.

Outside of helping deal with stray bits of fur here and there, it also picks up any dander, which keeps you and your family safe from that allergy-inducing nonsense.

You can even use it on furniture and coats that have a few stray hairs on them in order to help clean them up, too – it’s not just exclusively for your dog’s coat.

The silicone construction makes it easy to clean, too – all it takes is a cycle in the dishwasher or even the washing machine and it’ll be as good as new.

It’s a true, 4-in-1, multi-purpose grooming tool for your groomer duties, and a staple of dog grooming communities nationwide that helps bathe, groom, deshed, and even massage your dog if need be.

It may seem like it’s too good to be true, but you have to remember that this company is run by veterinarians whose goal is to make sure that dogs and other pets can have access to the best products at an affordable price.

While you can be the judge of that yourself, I will say that the pricing is relatively normal for a brush of this quality, and that you won’t regret getting it.

That said, from the friends that have this brush, they do claim that the “getting fur out of clothes and furniture” bit doesn’t really work all too well.

2. The Benjamin Brush

The Benjamin Brush
Key Benefits:
  • Gentle bristles designed to handle short fur
  • Transparent bubble on the back of the brush, with a six-ounce capacity for shampoo
  • Disperses shampoo while taking care of any tangle and loose fur along the way
  • Compact and easily portable
  • On the pricey side

Next up, we have somewhat of a fancier, big-ticket item with the Benjamin brush – a fancy option that works well for short-haired animals of any kind, whether it is cats, dogs, or even horses.

Designed as a brush for bathing time, the Benjamin brush is fitted with a container on the back that has a capacity of six ounces to hold any sort of dog shampoo, which can be released through the other side with a gentle squeeze.

This makes spreading the shampoo a breeze while the gentle bristles softly brush your doggo’s short fur, picking up any loose hair and getting rid of any tangle along the way.

While not entirely packed with features, the gimmick that it does have is executed well and serves its purpose.

That said, I can’t really say that the price tag itself is worth it personally, but outside of that, it’s a really good brush compared to some of the other offers on the market.

3. Frisco Deshedding Dog & Cat Brush

Frisco Deshedding Dog & Cat Brush
Key Benefits:
  • Wide, 4.5 inch stainless steel deshedding blade
  • Angled teeth help deal with tangles and scooping up dead hair easier
  • Extremely durable
  • Silicone, non-slip ergonomic handle reduces strain on your wrist during longer grooming sessions
  • Somewhat pricey

Here’s something more affordable this time around, and very flexible – the Frisco Deshedding Dog Brush.

While the stainless steel de-shedding blade may initially put people off and make them think it’s harsher on their Basset’s fur and skin, it’s actually quite the opposite, thanks to the angled teeth that help detangle fur and pick dead hair up with ease.

Just make sure you don’t put too much pressure on it, and your canine companion will be just fine.

The steel construction of the deshedding brush is primarily there to ensure durability so customers get their money’s worth. Wooden and plastic brushes that are standard will break long before this one will, making it an excellent investment.

The blade itself is also quite wide, measuring 4.5 inches, allowing you to cover a wider area and make grooming periods shorter in the process.

The handle itself is covered in a soft silicone, non-slip grip to make the whole process easier. It’s ergonomic and lightweight, too, so you won’t feel much strain on your wrists for using it on a regular basis over longer periods of time.

Overall, it’s a great deshedding tool that’ll help keep loose hair build-up to a minimum, and should reduce the need to resort to a vacuum cleaner to clean up after heavy shedding sessions if used regularly.

Price-wise, it teeters around the average to expensive-ish side, but I personally believe that it’s worth every penny if you want a brush that lasts and shows good results. Just remember to practice a gentler approach with it in order to avoid potential harm to your doggo.

4. FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool
Key Benefits:
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction
  • Blade reaches both the topcoat and the undercoat without harming the dog
  • Great at detangling fur and scooping up loose and dead hair
  • Designed by a professional groomer
  • Aimed specifically for use on dogs
  • Soft, non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Regular use can reduce the amount of shed fur overall
  • Really expensive

Here’s one of the most praised brushes in the grooming community, and a contender for the best dog brush for not just Basset hounds, but short hair dogs in general – the FURminator.

It’s a brush that was designed by a professional groomer solely with dogs in mind, unlike others who seek to generalize with other pets like cats, guinea pigs, horses, and similar.

Similar to the Frisco, it has a stainless steel blade with teeth designed to get both the topcoat and the undercoat at the same time, and comb out loose hair and help detangle the rest of the fur.

The edge is slightly curved in order to better contour to a dog’s body shape and do a better job in combing his hair without the need to pass over the same spot multiple times, while also providing a more comfortable experience for your darling doggy.

The handle itself is designed to be soft and comfortable on your hand, with a non-slip texture and an ergonomic shape to better fit your hand, making it easier to handle longer brushing sessions.

The steel construction allows for durability, and if you follow the given instructions, your furry friend and his droopy ears should be safe from any potential harm while remaining perfectly content with a well-groomed fur coat.

Frequent use of the brush claims to reduce shedding, but take that as you will, given how every dog is different, and the amount of shed fur is influenced by several other factors.

While the brush does seem perfect in every way, it does stand on the pricey side – much more so than some of the others on this list, but if you’re willing to pay for a quality product, you certainly won’t regret it with this one.

5. Wags & Wiggles Dual Sided Bristle & Wiggle Pin Brush

Wags & Wiggles Dual Sided Bristle & Wiggle Pin Brush
Key Benefits:
  • Two-sided, with black bristles on one side for dealing with the topcoat, and the other, with softer pins to gently comb the undercoat
  • Made of plastic
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip handle
  • Picks up loose hair and removes tangles
  • Regular use can help reduce shedding
  • An extreme budget option
  • The durability of the bristles is known not to be the best sometimes

For more of a budget option, look no further than the Wags & Wiggles dual-sided brush.

Designed for doggos with a short coat, this colorful brush helps manage both the undercoat and the topcoat with its two sides – the one with softer, flexible pins for the under, and the other, the black-bristled one, for the top part of your furry friends’ double coat.

It picks up loose hair and other debris with ease while detangling knots and ironing out matted fur.

It’s made out of plastic so it’s relatively durable, and it has an ergonomic handle with easy-grip textures to make brushing and overall grooming less taxing for the dog owner.

Regular use is said to help reduce overall shedding and loose hair around your living space.

While plastic can’t compare to stainless steel in terms of quality and overall sturdiness, it is safer for the dog, not to mention the attractive and colorful doggy design of the whole thing.

Price-wise, it’s extremely affordable, going into the middle of the single digits, which is a whole lot cheaper than the vast majority of the market, without compromising too much on the quality of the product.

That said, some users have reported that the bristles don’t last too long, and tend to break or fall off entirely, so do keep that in mind when buying the product.

6. Safari Nylon Coated Tip Short Hair Dog Brush

Safari Nylon Coated Tip Short Hair Dog Brush
Key Benefits:
  • Nylon-coated rubber tips and bristles for a comfier brushing experience
  • Said tips help massage your dog’s skin and stimulate the production of natural oils that keep it healthy
  • Easily brush both the undercoat and the topcoat, picking up loose hair and removing tangles and matting
  • Regular use is said to reduce shedding, and will turn the coat back to looking pristine
  • Affordable pricing
  • Some dogs simply don’t enjoy it
  • Only good for short-haired canines

A simpler entry this time around – the Safari nylon coated dog brush.

Specifically designed for short-haired dogs, this brush treats your pooch with the respect he deserves.

The nylon-coated tips gently brush through his fur, picking up loose hair and debris while giving him a massage.

They even stimulate the skin to produce the natural oils needed in order to keep it healthy and irritation free, which is especially useful after a bath since shampoos, no matter how gentle, will always remove some of those oils.

With regular use, it can shape matted and shaggy fur into a beautiful and pristine coat for your dear Basset buddy, and reduce overall shedding due to the calming effect the brush tends to have with grooming sessions.

Price-wise, it’s nothing too steep – it is relatively standard priced on the market for a quality product that’ll provide a good amount of comfort for your doggo, and will make him love getting groomed.

Though, despite Safari’s efforts to make the brush comfortable for any short-haired doggo, some simply don’t like it. Hopefully, your canine companion will.

7. Warren London Short Hair Deshedding Dog Brush

Warren London Short Hair Deshedding Dog Brush
Key Benefits:
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel blade for durability and for reaching down to the undercoat
  • Quick-release button for easy blade cleaning
  • Regular brushing will help reduce the amount of shed hair over time.
  • Pricey
  • Blade isn’t curved to adhere to the dog’s body

The final entry on this list is a great grooming brush specifically designed to be a dog shedding solution – the Warren London Deshedding Dog Brush.

Like some of the other options on this list, it has a wide, stainless steel blade that’s known to be durable, and it is made in a way that’ll help deal with tangled fur easily while also getting any loose fur out of the way.

The handle is ergonomic, making it easier on your wrist for longer grooming sessions.

It’s relatively easy to clean, too, as it features a quick-release button to just push out all the shed hair it has scooped up from your doggo afterwards.

The price is a bit on the more expensive side, but not nearly as much as some of the deluxe options on this list, so you should be alright.

The one problem I can see, though, is that the blade isn’t curved so it may take longer to groom your dog as it won’t adhere to his body all that well.

Before You Buy: What To Look For In A Dog Brush For Basset Hounds

While a brush doesn’t really have as many bells and whistles as some other products might have, like dog food or beds, it does have a few key characteristics that you’d want to keep an eye out for if you go looking for a product on your own.

They are:


This one is primarily oriented toward the user more than the dog, and it boils down to how well the handle fits in your hand, if it’s ergonomic, and whether or not the brush is easy to handle.

A good brush will have all of that for you and other quality-of-life improvements, as well as being relatively simple so you don’t end up hurting your wrist with prolonged use.

Overall Design

The purpose of a brush is to get all the loose fur out, along with debris and fleas and ticks, and the best designed ones do that well.

You want to look for ones that make it easier for you to cover a larger area of your dog’s body, like ones with curved steel blades, and ones that can reach all the way down to your Basset’s undercoat in order to get everything out of the way.

The better the product is at doing that, the higher quality it is overall.

Brush Maintenance

Finally, while a small detail, it is important that the brush is easy to clean, whether it is washing machine- or dishwasher-friendly, or that it has something like a quick-release mechanism to get all the fur out – anything that makes it less tedious to keep the brush sterile and ready for use next time around.


What Is The Best Brush For A Basset Hound?

Personally, I think that either the Furminator or the Frisco are the best options with regard to short-haired dog care.

They’re both durable and gentle on the Basset’s skin, and will get the job done, not to mention they’re easy to use and don’t require much time or technique to do well with.

I’d say Frisco if you’re more on a budget, while the Furminator should be your target if you really want to keep your Basset buddy in top shape.

Do Basset Hounds Need To Be Brushed?

Much like every other dog with fur, the answer is yes. Sure, they don’t have long hair like some other dog breeds, but Basset hounds do shed and will leave fur all over the place, which can lead to a messy home or allergies if dander is involved.

Make sure to brush your dog regularly so you don’t have to spend every day with a vacuum cleaner cleaning up after him.

How Often Should You Brush A Basset Hound?

About once a week should be completely fine. Short-haired dog breeds don’t really produce that much hair, but regular fur care is necessary for improving your dog’s quality of life, and it creates a nice bonding experience between the two of you.

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding?

You can’t really stop a dog from shedding, but you can mitigate it through regular brushing, as mentioned in several of the products above.

Make sure to do regular grooming sessions with your canine companion in order to catch any larger clumps of hair before they end up all over your carpets and furniture.

What Else Does Grooming Involve?

Apart from regular brushing, the Basset hounds’ coat will require regular baths, preferably with shampoos that deter fleas and ticks to keep it healthy.

Aside from the fur itself, you’ll have to trim his nails with clippers every so often, and make sure you’re feeding him a proper diet.

After all, Basset hounds are on the smaller end, and a few pounds for them is a lot more than it would be for a larger dog like a German Shepherd.

In Conclusion

The best brush for Basset hounds is one that’s easy to handle and that can get all the fur, dander, and debris out without causing harm to the dog or irritating the skin of your long-eared companion.

While there are lots of options on the market, only a few can do this job well, which is something that many dog lovers and breeders alike would agree on.

Hopefully, the ones I picked out will end up working well for you and your doggo, and that he will start enjoying your weekly grooming sessions. Until next time!


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