11 Gorgeous Pomeranian Colors


Pure black Poms are a gothic dream, with their elegance and beautiful looks. Just make sure to keep them out of the sun!


Choco Poms are sweeter than many things in this world, including chocolate!


While this is a fairly common color, its none the less adorable!

Cream Sable

This color is considered one of the most beautiful shades of a Pomeranian’s coat - and it's easy to see why.

Orange Sable

While similar to cream sable Poms, dogs in this shade are much more vibrant and cheerful-looking.


White Poms cannot go unnoticed, although they might be confused with mini Samoyeds!


Parti Pomeranians are very popular among canine owners and breeders for their fun appearance and amazing personalities.

Wolf Sable

This type of Pomeranian coat makes the doggie look like a true wolf, but a charming little one!


While not as popular as solid-colored Poms, they are still gorgeous and entirely unique!

Blue Sable

This quite rare shade gives Poms a truly one of a kind appearance that is rather uncommon.

Blue Merle

The blue merle Pom is one of the most expensive canines of this breed - despite the many controversies surrounding it.