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11 Places To Hide Easter Eggs From Dogs In Your Yard

11 Places To Hide Easter Eggs From Dogs In Your Yard

Want to become the master of hiding easter eggs from your doggo? You’re in the right place!

An Easter hunt game can be a great way to bond with your pet and have lots of fun, but it can also help you train your pup and practice both obedience and socialization if you include pets from your family or neighborhood.

If you’re new to dog Easter hunts or don’t find yourself overly creative, let me help you find out how to hide Easter eggs from dogs.

#1 Egg In A Flower

Flowers from your garden can be a great hiding place. The Easter egg might easily blend in with the flowers, which will encourage your doggie to use his scent skills to find it.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this place if you or your family members are sensitive about plants and don’t want any traces of the doggo on them.

Also, I’d avoid rose bushes in order to prevent any scratches on your dog’s face or paws from thorns.

the female hides the eggs in the flowers
Source: Cafe Mom

#2 Something’s Hiding Behind The Tree

If you have trees in your back yard, why not use them as hiding places for Easter eggs? 

This spot is perfect because it won’t be too complicated for the dog to get to the egg, but it’s still not too obvious, so he’ll have to use his hunting skills while searching.

You can also practice basic commands with your pup during the search by navigating him through the yard until he reaches the tree.

Easter eggs by the tree
Source: Houstonia Magazine

#3 Is It A Flower Or An Egg In The Bush?

Bushes are great for hiding easter eggs, but it will take your dog more time to find it, especially if you don’t navigate him to the right bush.

Make sure that you stay near your pup during the bush search so it doesn’t swallow any branches or leaves, as some plants might be poisonous for dogs. [1]

Easter egg on a branch
Source: Hard Drive

#4 Hiding The Egg In Plain Sight

Dog trainer, Jenny, came with brilliant ideas for hiding spots in this video, such as leaving an Easter egg on the porch, wrapped in some sort of green rubber band.

If you have any green ribbons or rubber bands (long ones so your pooch can’t swallow them), you can place them on your porch, terrace, or grass and put the egg inside it.

Just make sure that you don’t tangle the egg too much so your doggo can reach it easily.

Easter egg wrapped in green twine
Source: YouTube

#5 Stuff A Toy Or A Harness

To be honest, I’m not really sure whether this is a toy or an Easter dog costume in the picture, but I think it’s a great hiding spot either way.

You can go with the costume if you have one or choose your dog’s harness instead.

The latter one might even be a better option, especially if your pooch is still not completely used to the harness

By finding Easter eggs (treats) within the harness, he’ll relate this piece of equipment to a fun and positive experience, which might make it easier for him to wear it later.

Easter egg in a wicker bowl
Source: YouTube

#6 A Fence Is Always An Option…

But, only if it’s well secured.

Kira, a Siberian Husky, found one of the eggs near the fence during her first Easter egg hunt without much trouble, so I’m sure your pup will find it quickly as well.

However, if you have an escape artist that you can’t stop from jumping the fence, I’d suggest you rather skip this place completely.

the dog found an Easter egg in the garden
Source: YouTube

#7 The Egg That Climbed A Tree

A tree might just be the right place to hide more than one Easter egg, especially if you own a big doggie such as a Husky, a Cane Corso, or German Shepherds that love celebrating Easter and other holidays.

Kira’s owner used the lower branch on the tree to put an egg on it, and it didn’t take long for their dogs to notice it.

But, if your dog isn’t able to find it on his own, you can navigate him to it by using commands.

the husky is looking at the Easter egg on the tree
Source: YouTube

#8 Easter Egg Enjoying The Playground

If you have a dog playground in the yard, the first thing your doggie probably does is go and play as soon as he gets out.

That’s why this can be an excellent hiding spot for Easter eggs, which won’t take a long time for the doggie to find them.

Husky found an egg on the roof
Source: YouTube

#9 Secret Spot In The Yard

Kira’s owner has firewood in the back yard, which they decided to use as a spot for Easter eggs.

I think it can be a great hiding place as well, but just make sure that the egg is positioned in such a way that your pooch can’t get hurt.

If you don’t have firewood in the yard, you can find another secret spot near the house (next to a wall or in a small hole in the ground).

Easter egg hidden among the trees
Source: YouTube

#10 An Egg In A Flowerpot

If you don’t want your doggie to dig around the flowers, you can simply use a flowerpot filled with soil, like Kira’s owner did.

Put an Easter egg in it, place the soil wherever you want, and watch your pooch have fun looking for it.

the husky found the easter egg in the skasia
Source: YouTube

#11 A Basket Filled With Treats

I think it’s a great idea to let your pup have a feast at the end of the Easter hunt. He’ll probably already be a bit tired of running around and the basket will come as a great reward for a good boy.

However, don’t make it too simple to find either. Let your doggie make the final effort to get the basket full of treats. But, don’t exaggerate with the number of eggs inside the basket, so your pup doesn’t end up with a full meal instead of a few treats.

Easter eggs in a basket in the garden
Source: YouTube

Wrapping Up

Your back yard is filled with places that can be perfect hiding spots for Easter eggs that you prepared for your doggie.

I’m sure this article will help you become the best Easter hunt host for doggies, so don’t be surprised if more people want to join with their pets.

I hope that you’ll have a great time with your pooch on Easter Sunday!


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