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15 Dogs In Easter Outfits That Are Cuteness Overload

15 Dogs In Easter Outfits That Are Cuteness Overload

Easter is everyone’s favorite holiday. And, when I say everyone… I mean dogs, too! Our four-legged buddies love to feel included in our holidays. Technically, they’re their holidays, too! 

Pups can’t do much to help around Easter. We can’t make them busy with painting the eggs or putting up the decorations. But, we can dress them up in their Sunday best and admire their looks. 

Nothing beats a pawdorable pup wearing bunny ears and posing next to a basket full of eggs! 

1. Bunny Ears FTW

You can’t have Easter without the Easter Bully… Oh, I mean bunny!

bully wearing easter outfit sitting on the bed
Source: Etsy

2. Transmorphing Into A Bunny

Easter is the perfect time to embrace your inner changes. This doggo is accepting his inner bunny and channeling it in the most pawdorable way. 

dog as easter bunny walking in the park
Source: Flickr

3.  A Fluffy Easter

We love everything cute, fluffy, and pastel around Easter. This cloud of tutu is a wonderful, minimalistic outfit for Easter.

dog wearing fluffy skirt for celebrating easter
Source: Etsy

4. Chickie Yorkie

You can’t have Easter without Yorkies… I mean chickies!

dog wearing chicken costume for easter
Source: Etsy

5. Double Is Better

What’s better than one Easter chicken? Two Easter chickens! 

two dogs wearing chicken costume for easter
Source: Etsy

6. As Fluffy As It Gets

Nothing beats a fluffy Easter bunny look.

dog wearing bunny costume sitting in the garden
Source: Etsy

7. The Spring Queen

Easter is the time when spring finally wakes up and blesses us with its beauty. This lovely Pitty girl enjoys her floral crown with bunny ears and a lilac tutu. 

pitbull dog with floral crown wearing easter outfit
Source: Etsy

8. The Mad Hatter

We’re all mad here about that huge Easter bow and the top hat featuring a tiny carrot!

dog wearing hat with carrot and easter bow
Source: Etsy

9.  Sunday Best

Look at this gorgeous girl wearing her Sunday best!

white dog wearing easter outfit sitting in the garden
Source: Etsy

10. Cute As A Carrot

Let’s keep this lil’ boy safe so the Easter Bunny doesn’t snatch him.

dog wearing carrot costume sitting indoors
Source: Etsy

11. Ducklings Make Easter Cuter

Add a bunch of ducklings and your Easter will look so much cuter!

small dog wearing chicken costume for easter
Source: Etsy 

12. The Ultimate Easter Bunny

Stop everything! The real Easter Bunny is here.

funny dog in bunny outfit for easter
Source: Moa Dickmark

13. Mary Had A Little Lamb

Do we want fluffy little lambs for Easter? Absolutely yes!

small dog in lamb costume sitting on the floor
Source: Daily Mail

14. Mr. Rabbit 

No, he’s not bothered by the costume. That’s just how he usually looks.

dog in rabbit costume sitting in the garden
Source: Pinterest

15. So Ducking Cute

This Doxie duckling is so ducking cute!

small dog wearing duck outfit sitting on the couch
Source: Pinterest