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15 Funny Dog Memes To Wish You Happy And Joyful Easter 

15 Funny Dog Memes To Wish You Happy And Joyful Easter 

Easter is just around the corner, and even though it’s a holy holiday, there’s still an opportunity for a good laugh. For us dog lovers, our furry friends are also a part of the traditional Easter festivities. 

Sharing Easter dog memes with our friends and family is a great way to spread some joy this holiday. If you’re looking for the perfect Easter meme that will make everyone smile, you’re at the right place. 

And, if you celebrate the holiday, we hope you have a hoppin’ good Easter!

#1 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold 

These pups have the perfect Easter present in mind for their owners. 

dogs wearing bunny ears meme
Photo from: Pinterest

#2 A Bunny Savior

Thank you, pup! You did a good thing. 

dog with a bunny toy meme
Photo from: Pinterest

#3 The Perfect Easter Bunny

“I’ll just add some chocolate eggs to this mix, he-he”

dog as easter bunny meme
Photo from: Pinterest

#4 Pretty Easter Dog

Petition to have Easter dogs this Easter as well!

easter dog meme
Photo from: Pinterest

#5 I’m So Egg-Cited And I Just Can’t Hide It!

We found eggs in a hopeless place…

dog looking an egg meme
Photo from: @mini_bullterrier_iv

#6 Justice For Doggie

“Please, hooman, I didn’t sign up for this.”

#7 Who Said That? 

Don’t listen to any-bunny. We think you’re the prettiest Easter bunny we ever saw. 

dog sitting in easter basket meme
Photo from: Bullwrinkles USA

#8 Are You An Easter Eggs-pert?

This Easter bunny has some special eggs for you…

dog and easter eggs meme
Photo from: Twitter

#9 Pug Bunny

dog wearing bunny ears sitting in snow meme
Photo from: Flickr

#10 Happy Early Easter 

“Do you think I’m funny? I think I’m bunny!”

dog looking like a bunny meme
Photo from: Imgflip

#11 There Might Have Been A Misunderstanding

There can’t be any fowl play on Easter Sunday!

dog with bunnies meme
Photo from: Facebook

#12 Oh No, Bunny!

I’m afraid that this Easter Sunday, there won’t be any Easter bunny… this good boy took care of it. 

dog with bunny ears in his mouth meme
Photo from: Facebook

#13 This Good Boy Deserves A Treat

Give this good boy a bone! He clearly worked really hard for it!

funny dog as easter bunny meme
Photo from: Pinterest

#14 Seriously? 

“Seriously? What’s next, a Santa outfit?!”

serious dog with bunny ears meme
Photo from: BuzzSharer

#15 Some-Bunny’s Excited For Easter!

Just stay cute, pretty boy, as always!

dog as bunny with carrot in his mouth meme
Photo from: Pinterest

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